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Remix Updates.....

hey guys..since i have volunteered to update at india-forum..i thought of posting my updates here too...i had updated from d 21st June episode i will be posting those..if u want updates from d very first episode till 21st June ..just lemme know..i wouldn't mind updating for them either...

so here u go...

Remix 21st June Episode:

tia is sorefrom the punch she received from ashi for rejecting her in the auditions,and laments her woes to her angels... just den vrinda enters and massages her feet.. she givestia hermom's photo frame which she had repaired (actually der's one scene before where tia tells vrinda dat she has not seen her mom and doesn't have a single pic of hers except 4 d photo frame..vrinda offers 2 repair it for her)..vrinda gives it to tia...tia is touched..smiley17.gif

ashi badkofies sum girls 2 form deir own dance group against tia's...smiley2.gif

ashi gets a call from her journo friend (sydney or sumthin).he asks her 2 cum 2 sum place and pick up a package he has left for her as he is going on sum trip...ashi agrees...

sonia and kuki meet sumeet's lawyer who convinces her for an out-of-court settlement regarding the harrasment issue...but sonia disagrees.after d lawyer leaves..kuki advises sonia 2 atleast talk 2 d journalist who wrote d story so as 2 know d actual truth..she also tells sonia dat ashi had demanded for a brand new stereo dat to through an express deliverysonia luks at the bill and is shockedsmiley36.gif( must have cost her a bombsmiley2.gif)

aman convinces ranveer 2 break off with pri (sum gud dialogues here abt the right path2 take and allsmiley32.gif)..ranny meets pri..but just then her mom and her sis comeher sis tells her dat dey just wanted 2 check whether she actually does have a bf..and her mom taunts her abt her upset pri leaves.smiley19.gif.

ok finally for the most beautiful momentsmiley9.gif...tia is alseep..and ranveer leans over her and runs his fingers on her cheeksmiley9.gif..she gets up surprised and luks into the mirror..but he grabs her and says sumthing like"hum batate aap kitne kubsoorat hain" smiley9.gifand leans her towards d bed 2 kiss her.smiley9.gif...just then with a jolt tia wakes up from her dream...pri enters and asks her wats wrong..tia says it was a bad dream(bad indeedsmiley2.gif)...pri tries 2 tell abt her mom when ranny cums obv foll pri..both d girls shout at ranny for entering the girls room..gloria knocks at the door as d door is locked..they hide ranveer and make sum bahana to gloria...glo tells pri 2 pack her bags as her mom is she leaves..pri goes 2 pack her bag..ranny cums to tia and thanks her 4 saving himsmiley17.gif..tia says she did it for pri...but her runs his fingers through her hair smiley9.gif(just like in the dreamsmiley2.gif) and thanks her again..after he leaves..tia smiles 2 herself..smiley9.gif

ranveer tells pri's mom dat pri is very special to him smiley4.gifand accepts deir invitation to spend d weekend at pri's place..

nakul tells yuvi and sid dat latty 's d one sending d notes...yuvi asks sid not 2 let latty know abt dis dey can use it as deir trump card latersmiley2.gif and tells him 2 invite latty 2 d party at yuvi's house as yuvi's parents are out..nakul offers 2 bring drinks..and everyone's excited(guess yuvi hasn't learn his lesson yetsmiley18.gif)..meher cums and asks yuvi abt his weekends plans...he lies dat his spending it at nakul's place...

sid asks latty 2 d party and asks 2 keep it as a secret....latty with d pretence of asking tia for a dress 2 wear at d party lets meher know abt d secret rendezvous at yuvi's place (once a snitch always a snitchsmiley7.gif)

sonia meets ashi at skool and tells her abt d article...ashi is smirking smiley2.gif..but when sonia tells her abt d defamation case against sumeet..ashi gets worried and blurts out d truth..(sonia's reaction was worth seeing.smiley36.gif.)

sonia & ashi are in a car..and she scolds ashi for d prank she played..but as usual ashi is unperturbed ...sonia asks ashi 2 apologise 2 sumeet...but d dramabaz ashi manages 2get out of it by spinning lies abt how tia called her names and punched her and dat she can't possibly lie 2 her dad after wat she did.smiley36.gif.

sonia calls up sumeet and apologises 2 him..but also asks him 2 keep tia away from ashi..sumeet is surprised at tia's behaviour and advises tia the same...

d party is in full swing at yuvi's place...apart from yuvi, sid and nakul..der's latty and 2 other girls...when meher suddenly cums uninivited...she gets upset on seeing d other girls and slaps yuvi and storms outsmiley5.gif...

ashi goes 2 d place where her jounalist friend had kept d package but 2 her surprise she finds a boy (leo) with a letter..d letter was from d journo asking her 2 take care of d boy as he was an orphan..for sum days as d journo was out of town...obv ashi is confused as 2 wat 2 be done abt him..she gives leo a chocolate and asks him 2 stay der till she returns..

sid manages 2 get latty into a room..and asks her abt d notes she used 2 send..but latty denies it..and she realises dat that is why sid invited her 2 d party..and gets upset...

at tia's place tia tries 2 get info abt her mom from kailash kaka but in vain.smiley19.gif..

an upset meher cums 2 tia's place and tells her wat happ...tia ia angry and asks her 2 dump yuvi..but meher doesnot want 2 dump d most popular guy in d school (gosh..dis girlsmiley5.gif)...just den yuvi cums..he tells her dat he knew he would find her der and aplogises for his behaviour..tia insists meher 2 dump him..but meher doesn't listen..tia is disgusted (i was 2)..

mp and vrinda are d only ones at school during weekend..dey sneak into jumbo's office..coz mp wanted sum info abt her secret guardian..just den jumbo enters..and dey hide..minutes later latty cums running into jumbo's arms..asking him 2 expel yuvi and sid stating dat dey misbehaved wid her.smiley18.gif..jumbo is shocked but he tells her dat he can't possibly expel dem..dis is heard by m.p and vrinda from deir hiding place..

ashi returns 2 d place where she left leo only 2 find him missing..she is very much worried..

d weekend is over... its next day at school..teacher tells d students dat sumone named Raghav Dutt who was supposed 2 take deir class 2day has not arrived yet.....(yippe raghav dutt is here!!!smiley4.gif)

after class tia taunts meher abt her behaviour last nite..and tells pri how she let yuvi off d hook so easily after wat he had done..and dat she has no dignity when it cums to boyssmiley18.gif..and would let yuvi walk all over her only for d fact dat he was popular & gudluking.smiley5.gif.

at the cafe ..aman is irritated with ranveer 4 notbreaking off withpri yet (i am 2smiley7.gif) the other table..yuvi makes sum santa-banta jokes to take a dig at aman...ranny gets up and cracks sum comments on yuvi's dad and his corrupt ways..yuvi stand up, both ranveer and yuvi face each other readying for a fight.................



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Update of Episodes from 25th June:

The episode continues where it ended last week..
Ranny- Yuvis fitesmiley5.gif

Pri tells ranny dat she is more in love with him than beforesmiley18.gifranveer doesnt seem too pleased on hearing thissmiley18.gif

Ashi is all worked up abt leo and his well beingsmiley5.gifmp tells ashi abt yuvis dad and wat she overheard in jumbos officesmiley2.gif

Latty tells meher dat sid mistook her for d one who sends him love letters..

None of d girls are willing 2 join ashis dance group over tia's which bugs ashi 2 no end.smiley18.gif

Ashi thinks she saw leo outside her window..d girls search for him in d school

Ranveer and Aman along with other boys are playing football..and aman sucks at it btwyuvi pushes aman to d ground and again a fite ensues between ranny and yuvismiley5.gif..when d coach intervenesyuvi puts d blame on amansmiley7.gif

Pri cums 2 meet Ranveer and invites him 2 accompany tia and her for sum outing..ranny is not very pleased on going out wid tiasmiley9.gif ..but pri convinces him and asks him 2 meet het at d cafeteria where she and tia will be waiting

Yuvi and sid are making sum girls do their homeworksmiley36.gifwhen sid gets dis letter from his secret admirer..who asks him 2 meet her at sum place in d school..sid is obviously very excitedsmiley36.gif.

Tia is rehearsing wid d dance group..when ashi enters and dey again quarrelsmiley5.gif

Just when Gloria tells tia dat der is sumone 2 meet herit is Kailash kaka who gives tia her moms picand asks 2 keep it a secret from her dadtia is moved 2 tearssmiley19.gif

Ashi and Mp discuss abt d dance group tia passes them by..dey make fun of hersmiley2.gif..

As tia waits for pri..ranny cums tooranny and tia quarrel abt manners and stuffsmiley36.gif and tia leaves..all dis is seen by ashi and mp from d other table

Ashi asks Ranveer 2 join hands against tia and her dance group..Ranveer agrees and dey hugsmiley17.gif..

Pri sees this and gets really mad at both of themsmiley18.gif..

Pri tells tia abt wat she sawbut tia tells her dat should have trust in ranveer and accept his friendssmiley32.gif..

Sid waits for his secret admirer at d said placewhen wat seems like a ghost enters and falls on sidsid removes d hood and it turns out to be meher!!!smiley2.gif

Sid is really scared abt d prospect of dating yuvis gfsmiley5.gifbut meher convinces him 2 stay mum abt it

Students her given a project to be done for philosophy.Ashi and mp discuss abt it at d cafe when dey find leo hidden under the tabledey manage 2 sneak leo into deir rooms..and decide 2 keep him there until dey can find sum better option

Yuvi asks sid abt his secret admirer but sid says dat it was a jokesmiley2.gif..Meher cums and sits wid yuvi and sid at the cafand tries to get close to sid when yuvi is not looking..which scares sid moresmiley36.gif

Ranveer reminisces abt his dads death and throws darts while thinking abt Sumeet and tia..when Sumeet entershe is pretty impressed by the marketing project done by rannysmiley4.gifranveer requests him for a job in his office..but Sumeet asks him 2 concentrate on his studies

Sumeet meets tia and is all praise for ranny and his projectsmiley17.gif..but tia tells him dat dey were asked 2 do a project on philosophy and not marketing..sumeet also tells her dat ranny had visited him at his house which makes tia suspicioussmiley2.gif.

Meher meets Sid in sum secret place again..d place is all decorated wid candles and stuff and is filled wid music from a stereo..and meher dances and tries to woo apna sidsmiley9.gif(but dey were luking very cute 2gethersmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif)

Tia confronts Ranveer abt his lie to Sumeet and also abt his visit to her housebut ranny is not telling anythingsmiley2.gif (it was very cute when he keeps on repeating hum kuch nahin batyenge to her every questionsmiley36.gif)

just then Nakul cums and tries to hit on tiasmiley5.giftia ignores himNakul tells Ranveer that girls like tia are hard to getsmiley9.gif..but ranny says that she is hard to handlesmiley36.gif

Pri apologises to Ranveer for her behaviourranny is sent for by jumbo

Ranveer finds Sumeet is d principals office..jumbo asks him why did he lie to Sumeet abt d projecthe makes sum bahana dat he wanted to work for Sumeet badly coz he wanted cashsmiley5.gif.

At class..d students submit their projectsd teacher asks ashi abt d subject of hers..and she says its the heman syndromesmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gif..yuvi gets suspicious ( his reaction on hearing it was so funnysmiley36.gif)sid chides him saying that he thinks d entire world is against himsmiley36.gif but yuvi tellssid dat ashi calls him hemansmiley2.gif so maybe d project is on himsmiley36.gif

Nakul asks sid abt tias likes and dislikes..but sid tells him 2 get in d line as dey r a lot of boys interested in tiasmiley2.gifnakul clamis dat he will get her one daysmiley18.gif.

Yuvi asks Meher to find out the topic of Ashis projectmeher is angry at yuvi coz he seeks her out only when he needs her helpsmiley7.gif..but yuvi denies itmeher agrees to help him

Vrinda finds lice in leos head..and suggests sum remedy for himleo keeps sneaking in and out of the roomsmiley36.gif

Yuvi tells sid dat meher will ask Vrinda abt ashis project..which is overheard by leosmiley5.gif.

Ashi convinces Ranveer to join her dance groupsmiley17.gif.

At the dance class..the teacher is all praise for tias contribution in forming d dance group and also winning at the competitionssmiley17.gifjust then ashi enters wid her group which has Ranveer , Aman and MP

dey show deir steps and d teacher is pretty impressedsmiley32.gifRanveer also dances wid Vrinda..Tia seemed to be more bugged by that than anything elsesmiley2.gifsmiley36.gif

Tia asks pri how can her bf form a dance group against herwhich again leads to a quarrel between pri and Ranveersmiley18.gif..

Meher very smartly gets info abt ashis project on yuvi from Vrinda and tells yuvi abt itsmiley5.gif..

Yuvi swears to teach Anvesha a lessonsmiley2.gifhere too meher tries to get close to sid behind yuvi's backsmiley2.gifsids expression was priclesssmiley36.gif.


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Episode Update 26th June:

Nakul sneaks into tias room and goes through her diary(how cheapsmiley7.gif ....though when ranny did was so cutesmiley9.gifsmiley36.gif) nakul finds a very cute pic of herssmiley17.gif which he keepssmiley5.gif.latty sees him sneaking out of the roomsmiley2.gif..

Latty also finds meher and sids secret place wid d stereo and d candlesshe also sneaks into ashis room and finds a bottle of medicine for removing lice..all dis appears in her bulletin ofcoursesmiley7.gif

Nakul tells sid abt d stuff he found abt tia..but sid tells him that tia will only date yuvismiley2.gifand d entire school is waiting for dis day..(and dey can wait for eversmiley36.gif)

Vrinda assures Tia that she will be in her dance group and not ashissmiley17.gif..Pri reads out d latest edition of maurya masalavrinda is shocked on hearing abt d medicinesmiley5.gif..and tia on hearing dat Nakul has sneaked into her roomsmiley18.gif..(she makes such a cute face of disgust on hearing datsmiley36.gif)..

Nakul confronts latty abt his name in d masala..but latty denies any hand in itsmiley7.gif.

Tia confronts Nakul for sneaking into her room and mistakenly thinks dat Ranveer asked him to do sosmiley9.gifd dufer doesnt deny itsmiley5.gif

Vrinda tells ashi and MP that she'll rather be in their group with Ranveer than in Tia's but she likes tia and can't ditch her too...MP taunts vrinda abt her goody-goody wayssmiley5.gif

Ashi is wid leo in her room..when meher cumz and tells ashi dat yuvi has asked her to meet him at sum place.

Yuvi confronts ashi abt the project..but ashi feigns ignorancesmiley36.gif..leading to a squabble between the two..he grabs hersmiley9.gif..but leo attacks yuvi from behindashi cums to leos rescue..and all three are fighting it out on the d midst of this leo runs away.

Yuvi grabs ashismiley2.gif (he is practically sitting on her by this timesmiley36.gif) and blackmails her dat if she didnt rewrite the entire projecthe will report to jumbo abt leos presence in d school premisessmiley5.gif

Ranveer is thinking abt his revenge agenda in his roomsmiley7.gifwhen tia enters. She accuses him of getting close to her dad and pri and cuming to her house and also sneaking into her room for sum ulterior motivesmiley2.gif..Ranveer ofcourse denies all this..and as usual a quarrel ensuessmiley9.gif..

Ranveer insults her which invites a tight slap from tiasmiley5.gif..In retaliation Ranveer grabs her hair from behind and pulls her forward towards him as if abt to kiss hersmiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif. Both just stare into each others eyes waitng for the next movesmiley9.gif (both of them have beautiful eyes, I must saysmiley17.gif)..then suddenly they move the opposite ends of the room..facing the wallboth seem very uncomfortable abt wat just happenedsmiley9.gif or was abt to happensmiley2.gif....

Tia tells him that he was crazysmiley9.gifand asks wat did she ever do to him??smiley5.gif..ranny says nothingsmiley9.gifshe asks him the reason why he went to her house..he liessmiley5.gifthen they make a pact that they wont trouble each other againsmiley9.gif(lets see how long dis pact lastssmiley36.gif)

They also agree dat dey wont let pri know abt wat just happenedsmiley9.gif .ranny tells her whatever happened was not importantsmiley7.gif..dis hurts tiasmiley19.gif..but she agrees and leaves leaving a confused Ranveer behindsmiley5.gif(wow..dat was the first civilsed conversation they had yetsmiley32.gifsmiley36.gif)

Leo lets Mp and Vrinda know abt wat yuvi did to ashi..he also tells dat he overheard yuvi telling to sid dat Vrinda will give info abt ashis project to mehersmiley5.gif...vrinda is shocked on hearing this..and mp is very angry at Vrindasmiley19.gif..

Yuvi is gloating over d fact dat ashi will have to rewrite the entire projectsmiley36.gifyuvi and Nakul pester sid abt his secret admirersmiley2.gifand sid blurts out lattys namesmiley5.gif..

Sid makes fum of ranny and aman for being a part of a dance groupsmiley2.gifranveer tries to hit him..but pri intervenessid tells pri dat everybody wants ranveer out of the school.

Sum professor gives ashis project back to her as yuvi told him dat ashi wanted to rewrite it..but ashi denies..and submits d same project

Dat professor yells at yuvi for lying to him abt ashi's project and Yuvi is shocked at ashi's audacitysmiley2.gif

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Episode Update 27th June:

Pri apologises to Ranveer again..but asks him to maintain a low profile as he being a scholarship student can be the next target of the Black gangsmiley18.gif

Ranny tells her that he wont change for anyone and he doesnt expect her to change for himsmiley9.gifso maybe they should break dey belong to two diff worlds(nice which world did tia belong to.. ranveersmiley2.gif)

For the first time..the black gang is shown..where all the members are in a hoodsmiley11.gif..discussing abt d scholarship students and dey pick Ranveer as their targetsmiley7.gif

Ashi is summoned to jumbos officeyuvi is there 2jumbo asks her abt leo..but ashi turns the table on yuvi by reminding jumbo abt d wallet incidentsmiley36.gif(i loved ashi's line abt leo d lion, bhageera d cheeta and allsmiley36.gif)

MP tells ashi abt wat Vrinda didsmiley5.gifashi and leo sneak out of the room to some secret hiding place found by leo..(dats d shed guys!!smiley4.gif)

Yuvi calls up his dad for help ( as alwayssmiley5.gif)

Ashi and leo are at the secret placeand share sum cute momentssmiley9.gif

Sid asks latty to pretend to be his gf for yuvi and nakuls sakeas he already has one but cant let his friends know abt it..latty readily agrees coz dat means a lot of juicy stuff for her bulletinsmiley2.gif

Vrinda complains to Tia abt how meher used her..tia yells at mehersmiley17.gifleading to a quarrel between the angels which upsets maate vrinde moresmiley18.gif..

Vrinda tries to explain to ashi but ashi doesnt listensmiley19.gif

Jumbo asks Gloria why would Raghav Dutt ask to send him the projects done by the students before coming here

Ashi is digging up sumthingwhen RD makes his entrysmiley9.gif..he asks ashi d way to Maurya..and ashi says she doesnt know and tells him 2 leavesmiley5.gif

Nakul confesses to Tia dat Ranveer didnt send him to her roomTia advises him 2 ask her straight out whatever he wants to know abt her and not sneak into her roomsmiley36.gif

Raghav Dutt starts his first class on philosophy..when ashi entersRD is surprised to see her againsmiley36.gif but lets her in

YD cums into jumbos office and tells him dat yuvi had called him for help

At class..RD Sir is very impressed by ashis project and praises her for her courage to speak out the truthsmiley32.gif..he asks ashi to read out the project to the entire class..yuvi is not very pleased and tries to prevent ashi from doing so but in vainsmiley2.gifRd insist ashi to read out her work..

Before ashi could beginjumbo and yd enterjumbo asks yuvi to accompany himbut yuvi tells his dad that ashi has written an amazing project and he should hear it smiley36.gif(knowing full well that ashi would be scared to read it out in front of ydsmiley2.gif)..

Ashi does get scared but RD sir encourages hersmiley17.gif and she beginsshe wrote a story abt yuvi and yds and his corrupt ways in a fairy tale form.d story is very well writtensmiley32.gifd students clap for ashi but yd, jumbo and yuvi are very embarrassedsmiley36.gif

At jumbos officeyd yells at yuvi for making him listen to it..he tells jumbo dat he will take care of ashismiley5.gif

A tearful Vrinda calls up sonal massi and asks her to take her away from she cant cope anymoresmiley19.gif

At the class..d students are prasing ashi for her guts.yd asks ashi to cum with himsmiley18.gif..

Ranny tries to go with ashi but varun gives him a paper which contains the black gang symbol which was found in rannys roomsmiley18.gif

YD blasts ashi for wat she has written and threatens her 2 stay away from yuvi.smiley2.gif.but ashi gives him back and taunts him abt his corrupt waysand how yuvi gets away with anything(dis was one awesum scene..d dialogues was just was ashismiley17.gif)..

YD tells her dat he knows abt leo..and d moment he finds him..he will make sure that shes thrown out of the schoolsmiley18.gif

Ranny finds his room in a mess and all his things thrown abouta guy tells him dat dis a sign dat he is picked as the target by the black gangsmiley5.gifbut Ranveer tells him that he is not scared of anyonesmiley32.gif(brave guysmiley9.gif)

Tia and the angels discuss abt the black gang..when ashi, aman, varun and mp enter..tia makes fun of themsmiley36.gif and ashi returns in kindsmiley36.gif

Ashi n gang move 2 d next table..where dey discuss abt ranveers black gang episodepri offers to help as she is rannys official gfsmiley2.gif..but ashi makes fun of her and dey argue (dis is a very funny scenesmiley36.gif..)

Vrinda is packing her bags..when leo enters..and she tells him that she is leavingsmiley18.gif and asks him to take care of himself

Ranveer tells jumbo abt d black gang incident but jumbo as usual tries to make light of the situation and doesnot take it seriously( d jerksmiley7.gif)

Pri tells tia and meher how ashi made fun of her and how she wishes dat ashi was the target of black gang instead of Ranveertia chides her for wishing such a thing as the whole thing is very dangeroussmiley18.gif

Leo and ashi are at the shed..and leo tells ashi abt Vrinda leavingashi is shockedsmiley18.gif

Ranveer goes to sumeets place but Kailash kaka tells him dat Sumeet is not homehe also asks him why was he luking so dull..ranveer says nothing and leaves..(me thinks he is pretty shaken up by the black gang thingsmiley18.gifpoor guysmiley19.gif)

Ranveer meets Sumeet on his way backSumeet tells him dat he wants to hire him and has also taken jumbos permission for itsmiley32.gifRanveer is pleased as a punch and thanks himsmiley17.gifsumeet also asks him to keep dis a secret from tia..ranny gladly agreessmiley36.gif..

Ashi tells mp that Vrinda is such a fool for leaving Mauryamp is feeling guilty abt it.just then a huge dog jumps at them..d girls screamsmiley5.gif

YD cums and tells them dat d dog belonged to the police squadand it can sniff out any person hidden anywheresmiley11.gif

Ashi and MP get worried abt leojust then Mp runs after the dog leaving ashi to run behind herMP bravely dares d dog to bite her (to distract it or sumthing)d dog jumps at hersmiley18.gif

d camera freezes on ashis shocked facesmiley5.gif

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Episode Update 28th June:

Mp is being treated for the dog bite in jumbos office..yd is also presentd doc says ders nothing 2 worry abt..yd agrees saying d dog was vaccinated after angyr mp retorts dat it was so convenient for him as she was d one who was attacked and not himsmiley7.gif

Jumbo intervenes and takes yd outside..he tells him dat matters could have gone out of hand if mp was a non-scholarhip student(of coursesmiley18.gif) and assures him dat hell take care of leos matter if yd promises 2 remove d dog from d campus..yd agrees

Vrinda ia happy 2 be at her massis place..but her massi isnt..

Meher and Sid r canoodling in d locker areasmiley9.gifsid urges her 2 break up wid yuvi soon..but meher tells him dat yuvi will be very hurt and she needs time 2 end matters wid yuvi..

yuvi is playing snooker when ashi cums..he blocks her way wid d snooker sticksmiley2.gif.she asks him whether he was a psycho from birth or life made him dat waysmiley36.gifhe calls her names 2ashi retorts saying atleast she doesnt call her daddy cool to solve her problems referring 2 d dog incidentshe taunts him saying dat next time hell tell his dad "dad I am done, u can change my diapers now"smiley36.gif

Ashi leaves a fuming Yuvi behind when tia cums..she advises him to ignore ashi but yuvi laments dat he doesnt even know abt dat dogtia asks him why he isnt wid meher even though meher had sent him a note..on seeing yuvi clueless abt it tia gets suspicioussmiley5.gif..

Ashi bandages MP in deir room and thanx hersmiley17.gifMP asks her to forget abt Vrinda and help Ranveer out...apparently d black gang had burnt all his books and stuffsmiley7.gif..and d poor guy doesnt have anythingsmiley19.gifashi cums wid a plan and calls soniasmiley4.gif

YD and jumbo r in d princis office..and yd is all praise for dat dog and tells him dat its a superior breed..and promises him dat jumbo will def get one of d puppies of dat dog..jumbo is all smilessmiley18.gif(dis is called d height of bribery!!smiley21.gifsmiley11.gif)

Yuvi enters and tells yd dat he wants 2 talk 2 him alone..and jumbo leaves his own office so that d high profile pa & son jodi can have a private chat(jumbo is d limitsmiley13.gif)yuvi is very angry at yd for interfering in his problem wid ashibut yd as usual humiliates himsmiley18.gif..

Tia asks Meher where was she..Meher lies dat she had a rocking time wid yuvitia asks her whether she was rocking alone all by herselfsmiley36.gif..coz yuvi was wid tia and had no clue abt mehers whereabouts..tia calls her a liar.meher is embarrassed on being caughtsmiley5.gif..Tia demands d truth..but meher tells her its personal which makes tia very angrysmiley7.gif

Ashi thanx her mom on d phoneand tells MP dat shes got a plan 2 help Ranveershe tells her ders dis happening hangout called hellshell keep a party der on Friday nite andl make everyone 2 chip in by giving books as charges to go theresmiley4.gif

Pri tells Tia dat d boys talk very cheaply abt meher and dat she isnt fit 2 be in deir groupsmiley18.gif..tia tells her dat its not imp wat others think of her and she should not pay heed 2 such things as Mehers deir friendsmiley17.gif..pri asks her 2 stay away from Vrinda 2but tia doesnt pay heed and leaves 2 find vrindasmiley17.gif

Jumbo asks RD 2 be extra strict wid Ashi as she is very rebelliousbut RD sir doesnt listen and he thinks ashi is very intelligentsmiley17.gif

Latty is distributing sum pamphlets ..she gives one to tiaTia thinks its d latest bulletin of Maurya masalabut latty tells her dat its an invitation by ashi 2 a rocking party at hell on Friday nitetia is not very impressedsmiley2.giflatty also tells her its for charitytia is like "charity for wat? plastic surgery for ashis mom?"smiley36.gif

Just then Nakul cums and tries 2 act fresh wid Tiasmiley36.gif and asks her 2 be his date for d party..but tia tells him not 2 bother as shes not goingsmiley5.gif

Tia asks MP abt Vrinda..MP tells her dat shes gone back home.

Vrinda tells massi she doesnt feel dat she belongs at Maurya and feels dat everybody is laughing at her as shes differentsmiley18.gifmassi chides her for giving up so easily and tells her dat she deserves a better life dan nursing her handicapped sister

RD sir talks to ashi and asks her wat was she doing at a private property..ashi liesbut RD sir tells her dat shes an intelligent and brave girl but she should be sensible 2..and fight for only those causes which her worth fighting forsmiley32.gif..ashi promises him dat shell keep dat in mindsmiley4.gif

Pri shows sum books to tia which shes going to gift Ranveer..tia tells her dat shes too looney behind rannysmiley39.gif(looney was not wat tia used but I think it fits pri to the teesmiley36.gif)pri gets angry and tells her dat ranny was right abt tia after all,,dat tia was hysterical and can never be happy wid any guysmiley5.giftia storms out

Nakul is very upset coz tia rejected him and is worried abt who is date will besmiley19.gifsid is like I am not going anyways..yuvi tells sid dat dey r def he has dis perfect plan for ashismiley2.giffor dat he asks sid 2 take meher wid him as his date..sid is all flusteredsmiley36.gifbut before sid could say yes yuvi thinks sid would rather go wid latty and asks Nakul to take meher wid him 2 d partynakul readily agreessmiley36.gif..but sid tells him wat if tia agrees to go out wid him at d last min..and offers to take meher wid him insteadsmiley2.gif

Ashi is all smug abt her new plansmiley17.gif to help Ranveer but bana is not happysmiley5.gifashi tells him not 2 be a MCP (i.e a male chauvinist pigsmiley36.gif) and accept help gracefully..Ranveer agrees..and dey have dis very sweet moment where Ranveer pulls her hair playfully and ashi grabs his neck....

Pri sees itand gets all pri-likesmiley5.gif and asks Ranveer to cum wid her..ashi makes a face from behindsmiley36.gif..

Meher apologises to Tia for lyingsmiley9.gifand tells her d truth abt yuvi and sid..and dat it was her plan 2 get back at yuvi..tia is shockedsmiley3.gif..but meher tells her dat she wont let wat happened to her mom happen to her 2smiley19.gifapparently her dad left her mom and them for sum other woman who keeps him on a tight leash and doesnt let him 2 keep in touch with his familysmiley19.giftia tells her dat d situations of her mom and her are different and dat wid dis kind of attitude she wouldnt be happy wid any guysmiley5.gif..but meher doesnt agree

Ashi gets books and toys for leo from her momsmiley4.gifand tells MP dat she has 2 somehow get out of d school for sum hoursjust then jumbo catches them wid d bag..and goes through it.ashi gives sum bahana dat her mom still treats her like a child..hence d toyssmiley36.gifjumbo doesnt buy itso ashi tells him dat shell return it to her and gets permission to go out of d school

Tia goes to Vrindas housesmiley17.gif but Vrinda sees her and hides inside leaving her massi 2 lie that Vrinda has gone to her moms place..

Latika asks her dad i.e jumbo for sum money..he doesnt agree..latty tells him dat for next 2 days shell sleep at Maurya and wont cum home..

MP gives d stuff given by sonia to leo in the shed.leo is very happyMP tells him dat shes an orphan 2smiley19.gifand tells him abt dis secret guardian whom shes dying to find out abtleo promises dat hell find info on him he tells her dat since shes a girl she doesnt know how 2 stealsmiley36.gif..but he can easily sneak into jumbos office and get d file...MP discourages him from doing such thing

ok dis ones my fav scenesmiley36.gif..As Tia is about to leave Vrindas place..ashi enters..dey r both shocked 2 see each other dersmiley36.gifAshi asks massi abt Vrinda but even she gets d same answerAshi takes Tia to a corner and tells her dat Vrinda is hiding sumwhere coz Vrindas books r on d tableAshi tells massi dat dey wanted to style deir hair..and forces tia 2 go firstsmiley36.gif

Pris as usual telling Ranveer abt his feelings for him and ranveers just smilingshe gives him books..but ranny is not happysmiley18.gif..

Latty happily tells Sid that shes def going to the party wid him..but sid tells her dat yuvi has no problem if he takes meher wid him so he doesnt need her to pretend 2 be his gfsmiley5.giflatty is very hurtsmiley19.gif(poor girlfor the first time I felt really bad for hersmiley19.gif)

Tia is all hyper as she didnt want to get a hair washsmiley36.gif..again ashi and tia have a tiffd argument reaches to whos more close to Vrinda and who was responsible for making Vrinda leavesmiley9.gifdis forces Vrinda to cum out of d hiding 2 make them stop.Tia and Ashi r happy dat deir plan worked and r about to do a hi-five when dey realise who dey were and stopsmiley36.gifMassi sees all dis and gets all emotional and happy 2 know dat dey care for Vrinda so muchsmiley9.gif

As Ranveer-Pri are talking, Nakul cums and tells Ranveer dat ders sumthing waiting for him near d laundry room..ranveer leaves to check it out

Tia and Ashi try to convince Vrinda to cum with thembut Vrinda says she cant and takes them into Sheetals room and introduces them to her younger sister who can neither walk nor speaksmiley19.gifAshi tries too make Sheetal walk and tells her dat shes just afraid..all this time Tia is yelling her to stop..

Vrinda does agree to cum back to school wid them after allsmiley4.gif

Jumbo informs Gloria that sum people from the board r cuming to check whether leo is still there in d campus(is it arjun??smiley18.gif)all dis is overheard by leo from d other side of d closed door..

As jumbo and glo leave d room, leo sneaks in and searches for d file abt MPs guardiansmiley2.gif

Ranveer goes to sum place only to find d black gang waiting for him..dey surround him and start beating d hell out of him and later hang him upside downsmiley7.gif


Coming up: I guess the party where ders a dance competition between tia and ashi will be up next... in d next episode that issmiley4.gif

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