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Post Info TOPIC: shwetagulati adkaranwahi

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shwetagulati adkaranwahi

I dont know if this topic should be discussed in rf(shame on me!!) I'd like you to indulge me

I have spent a big part of my afternoon yester day going throiugh my collection of tr videos ...I've been able to see again many scenes thanks to our beloved TR FANS....I can't help but wonderwhether there was something more than "just" admiration and affection. between these two(shweta and karan)i do not mean they had something going on off set... butwhat triggerd off this particular topic is this scene( which iam sure all of you are very very familiar with) tia sitting on ranveer lap.... ranveer is supposed to be annoyedwith tia for barging in on him ...yet i feel that karan (couldnt hide his feelings in front of camara andactually see hin smile) may be iam reading too much between lines or let my imagination get the better of me)


Maybe it's because we're not actors (or at least I don't think anyone here has this kind of experience) and therefore we don't understand this profession because I personally can't imagine doing what these people do/did without getting involved emotionally somehow. I know that it's totally different than what we see on the screen, there are crew people, cameras, sets all around them. A director is probably instructing them on how to move about and such but this is what I think: Someone like tia and karan( I really think there had to be an intimate relationship between them without it crossing the line. their relationship was special, unique or it can't be defined. That's probably because it was a very unnormal's not just friends, it's not brother/sister, it's not boyfriend/girlfriend, it's not co-workers - maybe it was a combination of all those things. I really, honestly believe that karanwahi respected her so much he wouldn't fathom causing any kind of disturbance to her personal life BUT I also do think they held an attraction for one another and perhaps they did feel romantic feelings too, I'd even say they really loved eachother ... but I think they channelled those feelings into the characters. When in character, I think this was their opportunity to let go and let whatever was kept safely bottled away out. ...I think that's why tia and ranveer were so great. I think tia and ranveer mirrored what shwetha and karan had together and it was truly wonderful.

I always feel that shwetaandkaran had one of the most unique and special connections ever. No one on daytime or nightime in my opinion has ever even come close.


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nice topic..first of all..

but like u we r not actors we can never understand how dey manage to bring out so many emotions in the viewers's and d fans heart with their portrayal of the characters esp in d case of karan-shweta..but don't get affected themselves with the closeness and intimacy...

maybe der is an initial attraction..but den dey fight it off..lols we'll never know

but have to say whenever i have seen tia-ranveer scenes....i have always had this feeling that karan-shweta were a real-life was just way too good to not to be true...

in fact dey were quite many rumours indicating it..esp when tr's story was at its peak...and all of us didn't have any problem believing it


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according to me moi somehow dont think der were ny romantic feelings involved between karan n shweta although moi wud be da happiest person if dey start dating each oder as i still cannot accept karan doing ads wid diff gals going for some priya's or preeti's [dont remember her name] b'day parties n clicking pics wid dem infact moi even neva liked it wen ranveer mentioned dat he was very close to ashi n she was one of her bst frens moi really really didnot like it its not like i dont like ashi but da thing is i cannot see karan wid ny1 else except shweta m so used to of seeing dem but moi guess i read it in his interview in some forum tat who wud he pick tia or ashi he picked up tia moi was really happy abt tat n da scene u talking abt moi neva actually thought tat were karan's true feelings for tia infact i thought tat was da expression which his character karan demanded ie he actually loved tia but was wid reva so tat tia gets jealous n ranveer was still in love wid tia n he had dis mixed feeling going on his heart he was actually ecstatic abt tia doing all dis stuff n a bit surprised .....
n remix had dose beautiful tiara scenes tat u cud neva eva stop blushing seeing dem together n da director or da script writer showed us wat we wanted to see so according to me dey had no romantic feelings for each oder but we can still hope for da best
love raksha

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