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Post Info TOPIC: celebrating womens day with shweta gulati

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celebrating womens day with shweta gulati

This topic is forthe incredibly talented shwetagulati. Whether you reveled in the true love and romance of tia andranveer in remixOR have been ORbewitched by her role as TIA thoroughly enjoyed various cmeo appearences in other serials roles..shweta gulati has touched your life at one point that has made you a fan for life.....we as herFANS
care about her,love her and proud of her... and that wouldn't happen without shwetas... special ability to bring her character to life.. whe we see shweta potraying a he various roles as an actress. we can relate to..she is like a fine wine. She only gets better with time. Although, having recently watched some of her early work(coutseyrachel,) shes been good from the beginning.... lets talk about shweta gulati the person.;It is difficult to be the good actor and the worthy person. shweta is just thatthat SHWETA beauty is not only skin deep. She is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside.t, despite her enormous tlent she comes across as warm and simple human starry tantrums ....

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y state youur reasons for why you think shweta desernves to be your ideal women....
hhers my reason

i really admire shweta fot nt succubing to ssas bahu crap having the courage and coviction tostad by what she believed

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now to quote raaksha and sushma with their permission

hola everybdy moi wud like to share wid u guys as to y do i admire shweta so much ...

frankly speaking moi neva eva really noticed shweta before remix n as i dont know her personally da reason i like her is da way she potrayed da character of tia so really idolise tia

firstly for her style statement da way she dressed oooolalala i used to love da dresses she used to wear n da way she carried herself it was amazing n tats wat actually matters u can wear ny damn thing but u shud know how to carry urself i remember her wearing dis yellow tacky dress so much not tia types during dis shyla devi thing but she still was looking sooooo pretty n da b'day thing wid dat garland n all god she looked like an angel on dis earth n even moi love shopping n dressing so who betta idol for dis den ms.tia dis is da topic i can go on n on n on so will stop here

secondly her love for her dearest pappa dat was soooooooo sweet da way she hugs him da way she says pappa da way she irritates him n moi i love my dad a lot though m close to my mum but i really love my dad n even moi i call my father pappa

den comes da second imp.. person in her life ofcourse after her dad da very own prince charmingRANVEEERRR her love for him was sooooo beautiful like her it was so pure n so true no expectations da way she supported ranveeerr was amazing weneva he needed her ya except wen he was in jail but still she wanted to help him out but she did wen he did needed money in sanganer she said tat she was performing for da band but she did actually for ranveer n also did she give some money to meher which dey wer short of widout even giving ranveer a clue abt it n also da way she handled da situation wen she tell ranveer da truth abt his datta's death she also took care of him wen ranveer was at soniya's place even dough dey had parted on a sour note da bst part was u cud see her being jealous wen ranveer was surounded wid so many pretty gals around him n tats wat actually show how much u love da person godd it was so sweet .even moi wud love to do dis but da million dollar question is will moi get a guy like ranveer

n den her love for her frens was so amazing she cud do everything for dem even though pri n vrinda were her projects but dey were her best frens she cared so much for dem she helped dem weneva dey needed her n she even corrected dem weneva dey were wrong

she was so so perfect a wonderful singer n dancer

so in all she was a perfect n an ideal daughter gf fren and an epitome of graciousness

so i guess dis why i think tia has to be da ideal women on da oder hand yes shweta is a stong willed gal n i totally go by wat aparna has mentioned abt her n oder den tat really have no clue abt wat is all will go for tia but i guess she wud b pretty similar to tia tooooo .....

love raksha


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to quote sushma
heyr aksha you totally said everything about tia and smileys you have kept are so beautiful and cute totally agree to every words you said about tia

ok here are my reasons to for shweta being best she is best women and idle women in whole world

she never potrays that character which she doesnt like and as aparna said she never get carried away by sass bahu craps and always go on her own way

she would happily wait for a year for a project rather than doing any project

she always wanta change and a new image and she always coordiante properly with co stars and every co stars of her become her friends

she always has a great rapport with her producers directors and all of them who worked with her are keen to work with her again cause of her good nature

she is best caretaker as she takes care of her dog very carefully as she loves dog so much

she always go for different kind of roles and want creative satisfaction rather than doing nay kind of cheap roles she said this one time that she is happy do serial which give her popularity and through which she can get along to people rather than doing films that dont work from this we can see that she is dedicated to her work so much and want her best in every field as she gives her best to everything she is satisfied with soaps and for just money she wouldnt do flop or cheap films which wont take her anywhere

she would only do those films which she can recognise and has some meanings
and she is openly accepting challanges and has hearself gone into so much changes from shagun kyun hota hai pyar to remix jigar ma and all soaps

from potrayal of a unglamourised girl tara with glasses to beautiful angel tia shweta has got so much versatitlity in her

and she never gives up this could be seen for dedication she gave to become like tia she had to change her voice be soft and delicate in her body language and slim all she is totally harworking and when she was tired after pratising a lot in workshop directors told her to choose different role if she want but stil she fighted it out and did that tole which she wanted and suited her a lot and got so much popularity through tia she became an total angel cause of remix and i am so proud of her to give her 100%

and she is totally goal oriented from doing marketing engineering then working in a call centre and then becoming a role icon through television and doing theatre films

she potrays every character to her best and shweta is best no one can be like her


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awesome topic hun
why couldn't raksha and sushi posted themselves here..

anyways coming back to the topic..shweta is my ideal doubts abt that....

its the way she handles herself in public..if u see she seems to be d darling of the media...of all the actors from remix..shweta was the one most featured it interviews or articles..thats cos she's a lively person to be around..she's always cheerful..and opinionated and funny too...

i love d fact that she's always smiling..watever she's doing she has that ready smile on her face..and she's so confident and well-aware of her strenghts..

since i first saw her as tia and den def came as a surprise to me that she's so starkly diff from the character she played in remix...actually it was more of a shock..cos it was hard to differentiate tia from shweta..dat is how talented she is...

for sumone who can adapt into any profession and still excel in much confidence d person has in himself....and dat is d main thing i love abt shweta..and dat is wat i learned from her..nuthing is impossible until and unless u believe in urself...

also u don't have to compromise with ur make it to the top..d fact remains she and karan are d only ones from d remix cast who haven't joined d kekta karan is relatively new..shweta stands out cos she really had to struggle to survive in d industry

shweta's truly class apart

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