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RE: Updates of the old epis

In the principals office jumbo forces nakool to sign on his expulsion document but nakool plead for forgiveness. Jumbo tries to convince him and at the same time he hears students shouting outside his office. He goes out and sees tht all the students was shouting tht black gang ko bahar nikalo ek ko nahi sab ko nikalo (I guess tht was the naara they were shouting dun exactly remember). Jumbo comes and tries to talk to them but they keep shouting. Ranveer ask jumbo tht whether he will expel other students also or not but jumbo tells tht he is not answerable to him. Jumbo calls for arjun to keep them quiet.

In the hospital MP is taking good care of varun and then MP thnx him for wat he had done for her so tht she doesent get expelled. Varun says sorry to her coz his father addressed MP ah varuns gf. MP says itsok. Varun then goes to sleep.MP keeps atring at him and tells I love u varun and kisses him .varuns suddenly gets up and ask if all tht was true mp first tells tht ur medicines r affecting u but then she says yes and runs away frm there.

In the school all students are standing with their hands up (felt like in a kg class ) coz arjun the great had punished them. Then arjun says to come fwd who wants to get expelled and not to hide in the crowd. Ranveer comes first followed by yuvi and ashi. Tia comes there and asks wats happening over there. Ranveer tells tht they r fighting for truth and justice. RD comes over there and scolds arjun. Arjun tells RD tht there were jumbos instructions. Nakool was again about to sign the document and RD sir enters and tells nakool to go back to his room and tells jumbo tht he not being fair and ask bout the black gang file. Jumbo says tht its with singhania.

Singhania meets nikhil and tells him to dissolve this black gang but nikhil is like they dont get scared and they r proud of it. Singhania tells him to stop all this nonsense. He is helping him coz he is his friends son and then gives back tht file to nikhil so tht he cud destroy it. Ashi sees it all . she tells vrinda everthing and goes to nikhils room.
She starts looking for the file and nikhil appears.

Ranveer yuvi and all others r sitting with RD and tells him tht how they had found tht secret file and wats being going on in school. Vrinda comes and says tht ashi is missing. They all splits up to find ashi.

Arjun (the chugalkhor ) goes and complaints about raghav dutt to ayesha.

Nikhil takes ashi to sum jungle(maybe the backyard of the school) and ties her up. He then removes the file and burn it. (but I guess only the cover page of the file is burnt not the whole file but not sure).

Ranveer goes to find ashi but tia stops him and says tht she wants to talk sumthing very imp. Ranveer says he has no time gor her nonsense and he moves. He meets ira and ask her for nikhils room. He goes to nikhils room and tia also come there .she tells him tht he has to listen to her but ranveer says tht there r more important matters and tells her everything bout the file and ashi. They goes on with a very cute conversation where tia tells tht if nikhil is the president of black gang then they wud find sum proof in his room. and then at one moment both stare at each other and ranveer keeps smilimg at tia(wished I was tia at tht time ) , come back to their senses and strts finding.

Sid is lookingf for ashi but he cudnt find her.he tells raghav but ayesha enters the canteen and tells students to go to their classes. In the class ayesha continues the punishment given by jumbo where they cant sit. RD comes there and tells tht he wants to see the preparations and tell all the students to sit down and pay attention. Ayesha shows the steps and raghav vrinda and sid talks bout ashi.

Yuvi is outside school where arjun comes ( guess he is Like some bhatakti aatma kahin bhi pahunch jaata hai)and tells him to go back to his class. Yuvi pushes him and runs frm there(GOOD WORK YUVI KEEP IT UP ). While running he finds ashis band and then he spots ashi with nikhil. He comes there and tell nikhil to let go ashi but nikhil says he has a gun and its better for him to leave. Ashi too tells yuvi tht nikhil is a pshcho he shud leave but yuvi keeps standing there.
Thts it guys I know it went quite long today but the episode was too good to miss any scene.
Next episode will be rocking coz of ashi and yuvis chemistry and also they have shown RD kissing ayesha (COOL)
Tia comes to ranveer to thank him. ranveer ask her tht whether she really likes arjun or its something more than like. Tia juss stare at him and arjun coms there. Even he thank him. ranveer moves from there. He turns back and see arjun and tia hugging each other and gets hurt.

Sumeet ahuja tells pallavi bout ranveer and tia. Pallavi is shocked. She dont believe it and thts why tell sumeet ahuja to call tia and ranveer for the dinner. Sumeet agrees and calls tia. Tia refuses first but sumeet forces her to cum for dinner.

Ashi is mad at mp as she told varun tht she likes someone else. Mp tells tht she had done this coz she knows tht he likes ashi and she dont want tht when varun wud be with her he thinks bout someone else.

Arjun is not happy with the idea of having dinner with ranveer. He says tht he will now tell everything to sumeet ahuja. Tia requests him not to coz than maybe she wont get permission to play in the band. Ranveer comes there and sees both of them together and get jelous again. Tia tells him bout the dinner very sarcastically. Ranveer says tht he is not interested and he is not his fathers servant to act upon his orders. Later he says tht he will think bout it . Tia really gets pissed off by this attitude.

Ayesha comes to the canteen and tell allstudents to go to the class for the dance workshop but no student moves from there neither they speak anything . Ayesha gets really angry on this rebel and calls singhania to school. She tells singhania to fire raghav dutt otherwise she will the truth bout singhania to everyone. Singhania agrees and call jumbo to tell his decision.

Kukki calls ashi and tells her tht sonia is planning to settle abroad. Ashi is shocked and she goes to tias room where she is getting ready for dinner. Ashi insults her and says tht its all coz of her. Tia herself gets a shock when she hears tht sonia is sttling abroad. She messages to her to call her back asap.
Sumeet ahuja is getting ready for the dinner and he totally blives tht tia and ranveer r dating but pallavi doubts it and thts why tell him to observe during dinner. She tells sumeet ahuja to move and then she calls rewa .

Raghav go and meet nakul and tell him to fight for his rights. He assure him tht he will be taken back in school but he has to stand for himself.

Aman tells sid to take care of vrinda and warns him against hurting her. Sid does not understand and then aman tells tht vrinda told him tht they were dating. Sonal hears the conversation.
Vrinda goes to latty and ask tht did she planted the gossip column in the jumbos office. Latty agrees. Meher and pri overhears the conversation, comes there and strt insulting latty. Vrinda tells latty tht she betrayed her trust.
Sid comes to vrinda and ask her why she told tht they were dating. Vrinda tells tht aman was bothering her thts why to shut him up she lied. Sid kisses her on the cheek and tells tht he wants this lie to be true.
Sonal talk to vrinda tht as now aman has broken up with manmeet then why she is dating sid.
Ranveer comes in tias room and tell her darling and sweet heart (practicing for dinner ). Tia tells him to stay far away frm her and keep this words for dinner.
They go for dinner and ranveer keeps teasing her and tia keeps getting angry until rewa appears over there. Sumeet ahuja gets a call and he excuses. Rewa tells ranveer tht the shirt he is wearing is gifted by her. Out of jealousy tia drops a drink on pallavis dress. Pallavi get mad at her and sumeet tells her to calm. He tells tia to go with pallavi to the wash room and help her cleaning. Tia goes to the wash room and tears off pallavis dress .
Sumeet again send her out. When she comes she sees tht ranveer is flirting with rewa thts why she comes and sits on ranveers lap and strt kissing him . pallavi is surprised and sumeet is satisfied coz now he is sure tht both were dating.

Sonal ask ashi bout vrinda and aman and ashi tells her everything bout the conversation between amans mom nd vrinda.
Jumbo gives the dismissal letter to the raghav but raghav refuses it was unfair. He was dismissing him without tany reason

Ranveer drops tia to school and tells tia tht she can say anything to him but will not kiss him as she was not pretending tht time. Tia gets embarrassed and tells tht she can pretend very well. Ranveer catches her by arms and kiss her on the cheek and arjun sees it.
Anyway starting from todays update this episode of remix was average though very interesting.
Yuvi , ranveer, aman and RD sir opens the door and finds varun unconscious. They call for the ambulance and is taken to the hospital. Aman insists to go with him but jumbo denies and RD sir goes with varun. Ranveer , yuvi , sid, aman goes to principals office and tell him to take some action against black gang. jumbo denies the existence of the black gang saying tht there is no proof (such a loser). At the same time Mr.singhania enters and all 4 of them are asked to excuse.
Ashi tells puneet tht soniya is two timing him. She tells tht even dheeraj is soniyas bf. Soniya comes over there and gets totally confused . dheeraj then tells ashi tht she is taking it all wrong he is not her moms bf but he is a detective who soniya ray has hired to find leo. Ashi gets really ashamed of herself and soniya is deeply hurt.
At the hospital varuns dad comes over there (varuns mom is really sick she didnt even come to the hospital ). Doctor tells them tht varun is very serious coz he caught some bronchitis infection also.
In the school ashi , yuvi , sid , ranveer , aman ,MP, vrinda are sitting together and talks about the issue. Aman tells MP tht varun did steal ayesha mams wallet but he was not the one who kept it in ur bag . moreover he saved her frm expelling by stealing all others professors wallets also. MP feels really guilty for cursing him at tht time. Ranveer gets an idea of catching rest of the black gang . he says tht they will spread the rumors tht he came to know all the names of black gang and then they will cum after him .it will bcum easier to catch them. Yuvi is not convinced tht the plan wud be successful. He says he has a better plan. Ashi spreads the rumor .
Tia goes to her place along with meher where sumeet ahuja tells her tht pallavi is moving in wit them. Tia starts acting very childish and says tht she will die if pallavi will stay with them . sumeet gets very angry and furiously gets out of the room. Meher tells tia tht she shudnt have given this type of reaction . she shud expose pallavi by playing her game only . she shud get frenz with pallavi so tht she trust her and then expose her. Tia then gets frenz with pallavi.
Rewa writes a fake letter to tia and in which her band is mentioned .(which she will now give it to sumeet ahuja)
Mr. singhania asks jumbo about the attack and jumbo tells him tht students r convinced tht it is done by the black gang . Mr. singhania tells him tht there is no such black gang. RD sir calls n tells tht varun is very serious. And he wants to give this information to the students . jumbo was about to give this information to students but singhnia stops him and tells tht he shud tell students tht varun is better. Jumbo calls for arjun.
Nakool tries to get up from the bed but is in a really bad shape. Sid and yuvi comes over there. Yuvi is really angry with nakool and tells him tht now he will take them to the black gang . nakool refuses saying its to dangerous. Yuvi gets really angry with him and says he is a coward and their friendship is over.
Nakool goes out to the canteen and ashi treats him real bad and tell him to get out from there . pri really feels bad for him . arjun comes over there and informs every one tht varun is better and everyone is happy.
Soniya is upset by her daughters behaviour and plans to go away frm her. She thinks of accepting Hollywood offers .
Black gang now plans to trap ranveer .
MP comes to the arjuns room to ask him a favor which she wud return it with another favor. She tells that if he wud allow her to go out of the school today then she will stop investigating his real identity. Arjun agress and permit her to go out .
MP goes to the hospital to meet varun but there she comes to know tht he is quite serious. MP is shocked as she was told tht he is much better. Nurse tells hertht she is not allowed to visit varun but varuns father allows her asa special visitor. MP goes to varuns room and tell him tht she loves him (while varun was unconscious). Doctor tells tht varuns condition is degrading as he is not reacting to any antibiotics. MP asks varuns father that why varuns mom is not here. He replies tht she is not well.
Rewa gives tht mail (written by herself) to sumeet ahuja and ask whether tia plays in a band. Reading tht mail he furiously goes to tias room and starts questioning her. Tia says tht she doesnot play in any band its a conspiracy agains her.
While reading the mail rewa comes there and asks kya koi fanmail padh rahi ho tia is like how do uknow and she understands tht this mail is written by tht stupid rewa. She attacks her violently(it was so funny I loved tht scene ). And pallavi comes to save her. Tia goes back to school and tell everything to ranveer.
Ranveer calls rewa and ask her abouit it . rewa ask him to make a choice th twhether he trust tia or her. Ranveer tells tht tia cud be childish, selfish,selfcentered or anything but he knows tht she is not a liar and he believes her. (tht was a million dollar scene). He breaks up with rewa (yuhoooooooooooooooooo ) and goes away.
MP goes to varuns place and try to convince his mom to cum to the hospital.
Ranveers plan to catch the black gang doesent work and they all think wat to do next. At the same time nakool comes theer and tells them tht he knows where all the secret files r kept and he wud take them to it. Ashi thinks tht it cud be a trap but ranveer and yuvi prefer to take chances. Nakool ranveer and yuvi goes to the room where files r kept and as they strt reading the names ..nikhil comes over there. Ranvir and yuvi tells him tht they r now finished as they now have solid evidence against them. Nikhil syz its not tht easy. He locks tht room ans set fire to it .
Anvesha aman vrinda and sid are about to go to find them but jumbo enters. Ashi tells him again bout the black gang and he gets angry . he gives them the punishment of detention and locks them in the class so tht they study.
Ranveer yuvi and nakool are inside the hut coughing and calling for each other coz of fire. Ashi , sid , aman and vrinda r in the class coz of detention given by jumbo. Latika comes there and vrinda ask latty to talk to jumbo to take back his punishment. Latika refuses tht its not possible as her dad even hate the name of black gang. our great ashi full of ideas ..get another idea and tells her tht vrinda wants to talk to her something imp. Vrinda understands and take her in her room locks her in the cupboard. Ashi goes to jumbo and tells tht she forgot to tell but latty also went with ranveer yuvi and nakool to chase the black gang. (god ashi u r toooo much ) jumbo runs with her to save latty. When they reach near the hut ashi tells him tht not latty but ranveer , yuvi and nakool r inside.
Jumbo tells aman to call for fire brigade and he goes inside to save them. Ashi juss calls for yuvi(knowing tht 2 other people r also inside she just cared about yuvi . this clearly shows tht howmuch ever she denies but she is in love woth him. )and was ready to go inside but sid stops her. Jumbo gets them outside. Ashi finds a box inside where all the names of the black gang members and their activities were written. She shows it to jumbo and jumbo takes it frm her.
Varuns mom comes to the hospital and she cums to know tht varun is feeling better and guesss tht crisis are over. she meets varun but was as rude as always coz of which varun gets another asthama attack.
In school doctors say that ranveer nakul and yuvi r perfectly alrite but they do need little rest so jumbo gives them off. Sid comes and tell tht they shud come out coz they bcame the hero and everyone ischeering for them. Ranveer and yuvi goes out but nakool prefers to stay in his room. They go out and everyone cheers for them. Ranveer says tht they shud not forget varun he is the real hero. Bcoz of him only all this was possible.
Jumbo tells singhania tht he had to expel all those who were the members of black gang but singhania tells him tht as all those students are from such influential families tht they cant afford to mess with them and moreover they all r mostly seniors so they will actually pass out in few months. And to make tstudents quiet they can expel any one member of black gang whose parents are not influential i.e nakool (such a coward this people r ..).
Awesome episode ..a lot happened in this epi. Hey guys I guess they r wrapping up the show coz everything is going back to place.
Starting with updateyuvi tells nikhil to let go ashi and ashi tells yuvi tht he shud leave coz she can take care of herself. Nikhil starts hurting ashi and yuvi tells him tht plz dont hurt her. He keeps on telling this to nikhil and goes near him and grabs him by his waist. He yells at ashi to run away but ashi says tht she cant leave him alone. She strts kicking nikhil and nikhil goes and dashes with the tree and falls down.


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In the school ayesha is showing dance steps and raghav tells sid to call her mom. Sid tells tht he cant until ayesha is distracted. Raghav goes to ayesha and asks bout tht step. Ayesha irritated shows him again and in the meanwhile sid calls his mom and tells her to cum to school asap and to get other parents also. By tht time ayesha gets really irritated by raghav and jumbo appears. Ayesha complaints to jumbo tht raghav is disturbing her. Jumbo tells raghav to go out of the class but raghav says as member of coordinating committee he has a rite to see wats going on. Jumbo tells students tht class is dismissed and tell them to go back to their classes but raghav says tht no one will move.
Sids mom enters the class with yeshwent dev and nakools dad and ask sid why he called them urgently. Raghav explains those parents bout black gang (cud have seen jumbos face ). Yeshwent dev asks jumbo whether its true and at the same time yuvi and ashi comes theer with nihil and tells him everything is true but the evidence is already burnt by nikhil so they cant prove it. Ranveer and tia enters and says tht they have the evidencei.e the duplicate of tht secret file was found in nikhils room. They give tht file to yeshwent dev. Yeshwent dev reads the file amd looks furiously at jumbo. He tells tht until this issue is not solved school will be closed. Jumbo refuses tht its not possible as schools reputation wud be in danger. Yeshwent dev orders him to expel all the black gang members. Jumbo helplessly reads all the name frm the file and tell them they r expelled. When he takes nakools name his dad gets really shocked. Raghav and other students tells jumbo to forgive nakool as coz of him only they cod destroy black gang.
Yeshwent dev wants to call police but raghav convince him to take them under his political department of welfare and mental health instead of giving them to police.

Yuvi and ashi r talking to each other and ashi ask yuvi tht why he risked his life for her. She moreover tells him tht she thinks he sstrted liking her but thts not his fault sabhi ladke uske pyar mein pagal hai . Yuvi tells tht whatever he had done it was for skool not for her. He dont love her. So our ashi also make a awesome dialogue tht if the world wud be full of monkeys she will love those monkeys but not him (if anyone remembers tht dialogue word to word plzz post it). Yuvi tries to tell something and ashi gets a call frm varun. Varun tells her tht he wants to talk to mp.

Nakools dad asks nakool tht why he had done all this. Nakool says he wanted to be someone. Here everyone is something or the other, someone is a politician som , someone is of actor and someone is of great businessman but I m noone.
His dad gets hurt. Nakool is then called by principal. Nakool is getting expelled. He again pleads for 2nd chance but jumbo rudely tells him to get lost. Nakool leaves school with his dad.

Ashi teases mp with varun (awesome scene). Mp gets really embarrassed. Ashi calls varun and tells tht he shud come out of the hospital to meet mp.

Ranveer thx tia tht she helped him to find the file but tia says tht coz of his gf her father will not let her play in the band and its all his fault. Gloria enters and tells ranveer tht he got a call frm sumeet ahuja. Sumeet ahuja is very angry with ranveer coz he didnt tell
him bout the band and tia playing in it. Ranveer tells him tht he is not a snitch and he is not here to spy on anyone. Sumeet tells tht its not about spying but bout her daughter. Ranveer gets angry on him and tells tht he wont work for him anymore and he will quit. Sumeet is shocked by this reaction.

Varun fools the nurse and gets out of the hospital. Raghav and ayesha again have a fight and ayesha tries to slap him coz he linked her with singhania again. Raghav catches her hand and tries to kiss her(but he dont kiss her). Ayesha embarrassed leaves frm there and tells him tht she wont tell this to singhania coz they dont waste time on such faltoo matters.
The epi was damn good showed about every one and mainly black gang is finished in this episode

17th march - Varuns dad comes to know tht his wife is here. He meets her and tht sick woman says tht varun is doing all this purposely to get their attention. Varuns dad is really pissed off. He goes and meet varun. His dad says tht he is sorry for whatever they had done to him. They have anice father son chat. MP & RD sir goes to meet varun. MP gets a call frm ashi about wat all has happened and happening in school. MP gets very happy and tells this news to RD sir and varun and tells varun tht he is a real hero. When RD comes to know tht all the evidence is with jumbo he gets really upset and moves frm there.
Students ask jumbo tht when he will take the action and jumbo tells tht investigation is going on. He will soon do tht but they will have to wait. Ashi gets angry but yuvi is like its better to wait.
Yuvi , ranveer and sid r talking to each other about wat all happened and ask nakool tht why he joined black gang. yuvi is still angry with nakool but ranvir tells tht he shud get a second chance. Nakool was bout to explain (bout why he joined black gang) just then Gloria enters and tells nakool tht he is called by the principal coz he is going to get expelled.
Singhania tells jumbo tht he shud take nakools signature on the paper where its written tht there is no such black gang and everything was planned by nakool ! (how cheapppppppppppp ) . yuvi and ranveer meets Gloria bout who all r getting expelled but Gloria tells them tht only nakool is getting expelled. They both gets shock of their lives. They go to ashis room and tells her about this.
In yesterday's episode, Ashi calls up Ranvir and gets him to go with her to the Lakme Fashion House. She doesn't want Tia to know this. Ranvir tells Tia that he is going to Lakme Fashion House, and tia thinks itz because of Mr Ahuja. Ranvir says no... and then tells her that there's a surprise for her.
Here Yamini comes visiting Yuvi and they sorta get close. and yuvi is almost caught by Chaudhry sir... but fibs... and escapes.
Maria calls Sonia Ray to the school.
Sonia meets Nameet Saluja (oops... Sumeet Ahuja smile.gif) and they are fighting when Raghav sir catches them... Sonia acts like she is Sumit's very very close friend (get touchy)... and sumit gets all flustered ... at the end of which Sonia remarks that he can't handle it if a woman touches him.. what is the matter... smile.gif LOL...
then we find MP telling SOnia that she fibbed to Varun that Ashi loves Varun and that she wasn't able to talk to Ashi.
Here Tia's chit which she gave to Pree lands up in Mr Chaudhary's hands. Sumit ahuja is upset at his girlfriend (the lawyer) coz she maligned Tara to Tia. He tells her that whatever happened, Tara is not as bad as shez portrayed it to Tia and that he knows what to say about his wife to his daughter and she better stay out of it.
Mr Dev comes and talks to Gloria... he also talks to Yuvi about his suspension. Ranvir and Ira share a heart to heart talk, during which ira accuses him of loving Tia. Ranvir refutes it and says that he hates Tia. So Ira tells him that there is a very thin line between Love and Hate... and you won't know when the line disappears. (How true)... Ranvir gets thinking. Ira I think has broken up with Ranvir...
In between they show some dumb scene of Jumbo and Latty...
and Meher gets a pack of drugs outside her room... she is shown taking a shot.
hey im just givin the jist of wad happened in the episode - aman and vrinda get selected for the dance competition - yuvi finds a book in which there is a pic of RD sir and his wife n sun - ranveer overhears ayesha tellin the other staff members dat RD murdered his family - yuvi asks his dads secy to find out abt raghav - the entire class go to vrindas masi to find out more abt RD[considering shes alwys got her ears wide open while sitting in the canteen ] then she tells them that they shud not doubt RD coz he stood by them wen they needed help - RD is arguing with singhania in jumbos office saying that he doesnt wanna go away wen all the students barge in and take his side and tell Singhania that he has to face them first -sonia ray[im gonna address her as SR frm now on] is leaving and sumeet ahuja {SA} finds that out from his bro he also puts his relation with palavi on a hold after she takes him to revas place saying that ranveer is there with reva and tia was lying at dinner but wen they reach there hey no ranveer !!!!!{cos arjun dint give him permission to go out } - SA goes to SR house to find kookie there in tears and she tells SA everything abt SR shifitng to US -ashi and tia reach the place where SA and SR r talkin and there ashi thinks SA is troubling her mom so she throws a glass of water on his face and tia stands up for him so basically tia and ashi have a violent fight over their parents wen SA tells SR " look at ashi fighting for u and u thought she dint luv u ... dont do this plz" - next scene at SA house where pallavi comes for the 2nd time to fimd SA but he s out again only this time round she finds out dat he is with SR and not in ne meeting as she was told and she goes all - back to SA place where ashi tells her mom that u r perfect and i just get an inferiority complex everytime im with u im always compared to u dat is wad i dont like then SA tells her dont worry there ll be a guy who will luv u , understand u and ashi says then wad " then he ll see u and fall in love with u" she tells her mom she wants to be like her beautiful and perfect

15th june It starts with ashi and vrinda convincing mp to meet varun but mp says she doesent want to meet him. Sonia ray comes to school say hi to ashi, mp and vrinda and goes to meet tia. Ashi gets really jealous.

Tia tells sonia ray bout her dads denial for the band and sonia ray tells her tht she will talk to sumeet ahuja. Arjun comes over there and tells tia to go to her class but tia says she will like to bunk coz its very imp to talk to sonia. Arjun very sweetly gives the permission. Sonia is shocked and says tht she heard this arjun is really arrogant and rude but to her he was really nice then tia tells her tht she is dating him. sonia tells her tht she knows she still loves ranveer then why she is dating him. tia changes the topic.

In the class yuvi ranveer aman and sid r worried about nakul coz they have no clue bout him. ashi tells vrunda to make some bahana n go out of the class and when she cums back to give a letter to mp saying tht Gloria has given her. Vrinda does it. Mp reads the letter and its written tht her guardian wants to meet her in the café.

Sonia ray meets sumeet ahuja and tells him tht even she feels cheated and even ashi didnt tell her about the band but now they dont have any choice as they hav signed a contract and the ashi had forged their signatures. She convinces sumeet ahuja to let tia play till the contract ends i.e 10 more shows.(it was an awesome scene .sonia ray is too much and acted really well was laughing very hard in this scene )

Mp goes to the café and sees varun. Varun again ask her bout tht day when she said tht she loves him but mp says tht it was all his imagination and he misunderstood everything. She likes someone else(this mp is such a fool). Varun gets hurt and ask her tht who is he but mp refuses to tell him anything.

Vrinda meets Gloria and sees tht Gloria is reading something. Gloria tells tht coz of this news there will be a tsunami in maurya tht paper its written tht tiai s dating arjun and arjun is being partial to her as she is his gf. Vrinda is shocked and shows it to tia. Tia is shocked as well. Meher and vrinda decides tht they destroy all the copies of this gossip column. Latty comes and says to vrinda tht she will like to help them in finding the copies and gives tht wicked smile and goes with vrinda.

Aman and sid goes to Gloria to ask bout nakul. Latty goes to jumbos office to keep those papers(gossip column) in his office. Aman sees latty coming out of the office.

Jumbo sees those papers in his office. He gets shocked

Aman tells vrinda tht lattyhas kept those papers in jumbos office but as usual vrinda dont blive him. aman says tht he cares for her and thts why he broke up with manmeet but vrinda says she cant do anything bout it as now she is dating sid.
Yuvi and ashi r sitting in the café and yuvi is really mad at her as he got F in sum subject he tells he r to get lost but ashi says tht even she got F and the yhave to work together to overcome it. At the same time aditya comes to school and strts hurting her. Yuvi comes to her rescue. Ashi tells aditya tht yuvi can defeat him in roller blading.yuvi is shocked and ashi fixes the competiton for roller blading for yuvi and aditya ( poor yuvi ).

Sonia ray and summet ahuja comes to school to inform ashi and tia tht tia can play in the band only for 10 more shows coz of the contract. Ashi tells sonia tht she has opened sum rescue team for tia but sonia still upset with ashi refuses to give any explanations.

Ashi calls puneet and tells him to help her and ashi for the roller blading but he refuses. He then says ashi to make up with sonia.

Yuvi ranveer aman and sid r theer with raghav and talk bout nakuls sudden disappearance. Ayesha comes over theer and informs them bout some dance workshop.

Tia and summet ahuja is talking and jumbo comes theer with the gossip column. Arjun is called and sumeet ahuja is very angry on both tia and arjun. Arjun says tht its all lie but sumeet ahuja tells tia tht he will cut her off with everything and blah blah blah . ranveer and co. coming out of the raghav sirs room hear everything. Ranveer tells them to move and he goes inside. He tells them tht he is dating tia and they love each other a lot( to save tia ofcourse). He says sum dialogue and tia gets emotional gets tears in her eyes. Jumbo says tht if thts true then everything bout arjun and tia is wrong so the matter is over. Arjun and jumbo leaves and sumeet ahuja says tht he is very happy with this and hugs them both.


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The 3 robbers tie up Nakul, Sid n Yuvi n steal d whole house in
front of deir eyes.
Tia n Ranveer as usual r havin an argument wen Vrinda comes n tells
Tia dat she jus saw Pri outside...Pri waz very rude 2 her n Vrinda
said dat she saw a packet in Pri's waz frm some chemist n
Vrinda says dat mayb Pri is ill n also mentions dat Pri bhaves d
normal way only wid Tia...not wid any1 else. SUmwhr sumthin is
definitely wrong.
Meher n Tia spy on Pri n dey c her eatin a slimmin pill n den eatin
a chocolate. Tia confronts her n Pri asks Tia 2 stop meddling in
her life or else she'll never talk 2 her.
Sid still has his cell phone wid him n he calls up Tia so dat she
can help dem. However, Tia has left her cell in d game-room n it is
Vrinda who picks up d call. ALl d guyz ask Vrinda 2 come 2 Nakul's
apartment n help dem. Vrinda accompanies RD Sir 2 Nakul's apartment.
Tia n Arjun r complainin abt Ranveer...Tia is as usual addressin him
as "Cactus" and "Dat Bloody Camel".
RD Sir frees d boys n demands an xplanation. Vrinda is very angry at
Sid 4 lying to her.
Aman calls up his home n leaves a msg askin his mom 2 come n meet
him in school. He also calls Rinku n thanks her 4 writin d letter.
Rinku is confused n says she never wrote him any letter. Aman is
Ranveer asks Varun abt MP n Varun tells her he really likes her but
is not sure. Ranveer says dat 2 confirm his feelings, Varun shud
watch Maria n Karan wen dey r close n c how he feels. Jus den Tia
comes n as usual complains 2 Ranveer 4 not helpin her out. Ranveer
answers back sayin he's not d head of the department of romance 4
Arjun n Tia. Jus den Arjun comes. He 'congratulates' Ranveer as he
has been chosen d New Gym Monitor n he'll hav 2 clean, polish all d
gym equipments. He leaves. Ranveer is mad at Tia but Tia tells him
dat since Ranveer started it, he shud deal wid it. After Tia leaves,
Ranveer jus tells more 2 himself dan 2 Varun "Ye to bas shuruat hai
Tia Ahuja".
Raghav Sir is disappointed wid d boyz wen GLoria comes. She tells
Raghav Sir dat sum1 wants 2 meet him. It is d lady (Geeta...her
name) wid whom Nakul had chatted wid d name of RAghav Dutt. She is d
warden of some hostel n says dat d 3 gals(whom d guyz had ditched d
previous nite b4 hangin out wid d 3 so-called "chicks") had said dat
Nakul, Yuvi n Sid were harassin dem. The boyz deny it n Raghav Sir
blieves dem but Geeta is not ready 2 listen n she says she'll call d
police. Jus den Jumbo comes n on hearin d lady he asks Raghav 2 go
after her n sort things out. He also asks Nakul 2 leave.
Jumbo den speaks 2 Yuvi n Sid n says dat he'll call deir parents.
Tia n Meher try 2 cheer Pri up. Varun asks Tia y she hates Ranveer
so much.
MP goes 2 ask Ranveer if he needs any help but he says its ok. Jus
den Karan comes. At 1st MP is rude 2 him but wen she sees Varun at d
door, she accepts d roses he has got 4 her n complements him 4
bein "cute, sweet". Varun is not happy 2 c all dis.
Geeta is makin a call wen Raghav Sir stops her n he calls her 4 a
cup of coffee. HE says even he can make a complaint 2 d police abt
her gals n cin dat she has no choice She agrees.
Mr. Chaurasia is dere 2 meet Ms. Sharma n he tells her he never sent
her d bouquet. Ms. Sharma is embarassed n leaves. She thinks dat d
students hav tricked her n she announces she's takin a surprise test
on d 1857 Revolt n d marks will b added 4 d finals.
Vrinda hears Sonal n AMan talkin n wen Aman tells her dat atleast
now dey hav a chance of bein 2gether, she walks off sayin she is not
interested in deir being 2gether. Gloria comes 2 d canteen n tells
Aman sum1 is dere 2 meet him in d staff-room. Aman leaves.
RD Sir n Geeta chat n Raghav is successful in sortin d matter out.
Geeta is impressed n says dat Maurya HIgh is indeed very lucky 2 hav
sum1 like Raghav Dutt. Ayesha over-hears dis.
Arjun comes 2 d gym whr Ranveer is workin. Ranveer threatens him.
Jus den SUmit Ahuja comes n says he wants 2 talk 2 Ranveer 4 jus 5
minutes. Arjun is not able 2 stop dem frm havin a conversation..he
is forced 2 leave.
MP n Ashi find a chit on d floor...Ashi exclaims "It's from Santa
Claus" and both of dem cheat in d test.
In Jumbo's office AMan sees dat it is his dad who has come 2 meet
Yuvi n Sid r worried. SId is thankin God as his parents r in
Mauritius but Yuvi is worried. Jus den Yashwant Dev enters. Yuvi's dad Yashvant is furious.
Ashi thinks dat it waz Karan who sent her d chits n asks MP 2 THANK
Meher tells Tia dat her test waz horrid. Jus den Arjun comes. He
tells Tia dat Ranveer at d moment is talkin 2 her dad n he is goin 2
tell him everythin. Tia is scared coz her dad wont let her perform
in d band if he gets 2 knw of all dis. Den all of a sudden, sumthin
strikes her n she tells Arjun "2 leave everythin 2 Tia" n walks off.
Ranveer is requested by Sumit Ahuja 2 accompany Pallavi n Tia 4
shoppin 4 Tia's 18th b'day n after much persuasion, Ranveer agrees.
He does not tell Mr. Ahuja anythin abt Arjun n Tia.
Aman tells his dad dat he broke up wid Manmeet coz he loves Vrinda.
Aman's dad says he'll do anythin 4 his son's happiness n he tells
Aman not 2 worry abt Balli Uncle.
Ranveer n Sumit Ahuja r talkin wen Tia comes n tells her
dad "Watever Ranveer said is a lie". SUmit Ahuja cant u'stand wat
she means n says Ranveer told him nuthin.
Sid n Yuvi manage 2 pacify Yashwant Dev....dey say every1 is takin
advantage of d fact dat Yuvi is d son of Yashwant Dev n Yashwant Dev
blieves dem. He agrees 2 tell Jumbo dat he had given d boyz
permission. Yuvi asks his dad 4 nuther favor.
Ranveer(in front of MR. Ahuja) asks Tia y she called him a liar. Tia
realises dat her dad knows nuthin n she manages 2 make up an xcuse.
Sumit suspects nuthin n says dey make a gud couple n also tells her
abt his shoppin planz.
MP thnx Karan 4 helpin him in d test.
Ayesha is roamin aimlessly talkin 2 herself, askin herself y she
keeps thinkin of Raghav all d time. She enters a class-room whr Ms.
Sharma is correctin d papers. Ms. Sharma den finds a chit lying on d
floor. At dis Ayesha xclaims out loud "Aapna unhe cheating karte hue
nahi pakda?" Ms. Sharma jus smiles n says "Kabhi-kabhi students par
bharosa kar lena chahiye" and leaves.
Ashi sees Vrinda upset n asks her 2 come 2 class. Vrinda takes out
all her frustration n AShi tells her all dis happ only coz Vrinda
potrays herself as an idiot. Although helpin others is gud, one must
alwayz think of one's ownself too.She shud not jus help dem blindly.
Mr. Chaurasia asks RD Sir 2 find a place whr dey can talk...a place
where Ms. Sharma cannot find dem.
Sid asks Vrinda 2 4give him n Vrinda tells him abt d test(The boyz r
havin a re-test)...she hands him d chits so dat he can do well. Ashi
who has been watchin all dis screams at Vrinda 4 doin her saintly
act again but Vrinda jus smiles n says she purposely gave Sid d
chits havin wrong answers..WICKED! Jus den AMan comes...Vrinda says
she needs 2 talk 2 him.
Tia tells Arjun dat Ranveer din't tell her dad anythin. At dis,
Arjun is a lil surprised n wonders out loud as 2 wat is Ranveer's
big plan. He says if he waz in Ranveer's place he'd hav told SUmit
Ahuja everythin. Tia dismisses d matter sayin dat he does not hav
brainz nor d guts bt Arjun is not convinced.
Ashi introduces Yuvi 2 her skating partner----> it's KABIR. Sid
again reminds Yuvi of d bet.
Raghav Sir tells Mr. Chaurasia dat he had sent d flowers 2 Ms.
Sharma n had not cleared her misconception coz he never thought
she'd react in dis manner.
In d dance class, Yuvi gets a call frm his dad...he has got a
membership 4 d skatin club. Yuvi asks 4 nuther favor------> he asks
his dad 2 send a person coz he needs 2 teach sum1 a lesson. Yashwant
Dev sends sum1 called ANand.
Sid n Yuvi xcuse demselves frm Ayesha as dey hav 2 take d history
test. Dey tell MS. Sharma dat dey're ready 4 d test. She jus smiles.
Vrinda asks AMan how he felt wen dey were 2gether. Aman says he
still loves her. Vrinda suggests dey get back 2gether. Both of dem
patch up!
Sid n Yuvi r discussin abt d test wen Anand comes 2 meet dem. Yuvi
xplains dat all he needs 2 do is send Kabir 2 bed-rest so dat he
cant practice skatin. Anand says dat d job will b done.
Ms. Sharma comes face-to-face wid Mr. Chaurasia in Jumbo's office.
He tells her dat he needs 2 talk 2 her n so she does not leave.
Vrinda is waitin outside d rest-room...she hears Pri vomittin...Pri
does not tell her anythin, makes her promise she wont mention abt
dis 2 any1. Vrinda agrees but is puzzled as 2 wat cud b wrong wid
Ms. Sharma tells Mr. Chaurasia dat she has left her past well is like a closed book 4 her...n its better dey leave d
book closed as she does not wanna hate herself by rememberin d
mistakes she had committed in d past. HEnce, d 2 of dem cant b frenz.
Anand meets Ashi n Kabir n introduces himself as sum1 workin in d
competition organisation committee. Ashi is suspicious wen he asks 4
deir ids...but Kabir asks her 2 calm down. He says dat d id card is
fine n asks 4 deir skates. On d pretext of examinin d skates, he
fiddles wid Kabir's skates n den hands dem back.
Vrinda is tellin Aman abt Sid bt PRi thinks dat Vrinda waz talkin
abt her n she calls her a tell-tale n den leaves in a huff. Vrinda
is now at wits' end n feels dat sumthin must b done as she is really
worried abt Pri. She also makes up wid her maasi.
Jumbo is not pleased wid Nakul bein in skul. Raghav Sir says Nakul
is joinin as an employee, he'll help SOnal in d canteen n b4 Jumbo
can make any objections, SOnal comes n asks Nakul 2 come wid her.
Arjun confronts ranveer n questions him as 2 y he dint tell Tia's
dad everythin. Ranveer tells Arjun dat he's a Rajput, he'll fite
Arjun face-to-face n he will get a lot of opportunities 2 do dat.


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Ranveer searches Tia room for Arjun photogaph but Tia enters there so he hids behind the wardrobe , suspecting who has left open it Tia closes it which bangs on ranveer head(pooor Guy). He gives a loud yell . Tia ask "you gawaar , you are spying on Tia" To this Ranveer says tat he came to see how she is ? since his father had cancelled the birthday.Tia threatens to Tell Arjun but Ranveer grabs her hand and there is romantic moment Aman says Sorry to ranveer as he cudnt stop Tia from entering but Ranveer got a pic fro tia room(smart guy) Puneet meets Sonia and she lies her tat Ashi's dad wanna spend time wid Sonia in US discussing about Ashi future and tells puneet to accompany her to US. Puneet is excited!! Yuvi is playing guitar in his room wen Ashi enters and tell him to practise Skating and she abuses his guitar. Yuvi says tat he loves his guitar it is his live , passion and only love Ashi tells him to take proper care of it wid a grin on her face(poor yuvi) while Mp is excersing, Vrinda enters her room and says its so exciting to be in love , but Mp laughs away all this saying Excersing is more exciting!!1 Pri mom takes her to doc. there they Check her wait , she has lost 3 kilos.doc and her mom are very happy Pri pleaded her mom tat as she has lost so much weight so she shud be given an award and tat is she shud be freed from her tests!! her mom agrees!! Here is class mrs Jumbo taking English class, she asks a question and ask Lati to answer it , and whole class laughs at her. Poor lati she is very heart broken Ranveer takes photo to old age home, There at first they dont recognise him but moments later an old man says tat he is APARNA'S BHATIJA and his name is "KRISS" lati complains Jumbo about the happening in class and blames her mother Jumbo gets angry and asks Gloria to bring Resume of New teachers Pradyuman takes his first class , all are very impressed with him He ask Yuvi to bring his guitar , there Yuvi realises tat its lost He accuses Ashi . Ashi says tat she has gives the guitar to Kabeer Yuvi threatens tat if anything happen to his guitar he wud kill kabeer MP by mistake confesse tat she struck a deal wid Arjun tat she wud stop spying her , he wud allow her to meet Varun ranveer hears this and is sure tat MP loves Varun a lot Tia And Meher ask pri about his Doc results but she leaves from there Sonia meets Tia and Tia tells her to organise her bday Sonia ask wen is the date, She says August 16 at this sonia is dumb bcoz Ashi has got bday on same date!!!!! Tia says tat she will change her bday date as she dont wanna share her bday wid tat "Red headed Monkey" but sonia promises to organise her bday Here Aparna calls ranveer and gives him her address and tell him to meet tomoro RD sir pleads Sonia to teach dance in school as she is very popular and all student have voted for her,, to this Sonian says tat one student(ashi) must have voted against her ... and she wants her "khushi" Cookie calls ASonia and tell tat Puneet at their Home and asking in which hotel will thy stay together(wat a mess) Sonia asks Cookie to control the matter Here Aman-Vrinda and ranveer-tia practise for dance but the music is too slow and boring so ask Ayesha madam for some song wid more Enthu!! they decide do a number of a young talented upcoming band!!(No guesses its Remix) all are very excited
Ashi tells kabeer sorry , she didnt mean tat wid yuvi she tells actually SHE LOVES KABEER .she just made frenship wid Yuvi bcoz she wanna win the race , its her ego on the stake!! She even promises tat after the race she wont meet Yuvi kabeer is convinced and he vows tat Yuvi wont be able to take part in competition Whole School discuss about the dance competition Ayesha wants them to win at any cost but RD sir says tat taking part is very well enuf and the whole school leaves for competition amid congratulations yuvi tells sid to wish Vrinda but he says tat he wanna dump Vrinda coz she doesnot value his time and wasting hers(LOOSER!!!) The Dance troupe performs and the danceis a hit but ayesha doesnt get to see it And The winner is MAURYA HIGH (YAA WAY TO GOO!!!) Ramandeep Chadha (Aman father) come to dance competition and ask Ayesha tat wats Vrinda full name , She tells Vrinda Bhatt(Aww MY GAWD) and tat she isnt Sikhni .Later she also tell Aman about this and he is worried Ranveer is very excited coz He wud know more about Arjun and Aman is happy too but he also worries his father reaction... Ranveer tries to calm him down but Aman decides to RUN AWAY FROM SCHOOL bfore his father comes there Ranveer promises tat he will save him some how Pradyuman reaches the house where RD sir has given the letter but Alas its miss Sharma house she tells pradyuman to leave but in the letter Rd sir has written tat She shud undersatnd her love accept it not run away Ashi is unhappy but Sonia guesses tat this must be some kinda boy problem and Ashi bymistake slips out kabeer name Sonia tells her she understand children at this age wanna hide thinks from parents but both of them are friend(HOW SWEEEET) Ashi tells tat she will take part in roller skating,to this sonia tells she will teach dance at Maurya high this upsets both of them and they pull of the deal tat neither of them will do tat MP tells Ashi wat have you done ,but Ashi tells tat Deal was fake and she wud surely race(NAUGHTY GAL) Varun calls MP at her hostel but she tell Ashi to move him away Yuvi and Aman discuss their problem and RD sir at last decide tat he will tackle mr Chaadha and will say tat Vrinda is Sikhni and he also does tat(COOL SIR) but he says tat Ayesha doesnot much about school to mr chaddha and she hears it .This makes her upset Tia and Meher discuss some fashion and at tat time Ashi enters and Tia tells her tat Ashi wont be celebrating her 18 bday and Sonia will help her in hers bday Meher also gives ashi a magazine and tells her to choose a costume but takes away saying tat she wont have a bday Ashi is understandabbly Upset ranvver gets written permission to go to old age home but Arjun try to stop him but cudnt Geeta (ladies school dean) brings flowers and cake for RD sir and tell Ayesha tat he is so good and he has taught her a new way to think Mr Dev comes to meet Yuvi at school, and gives Yuvi his new skates and also meets him wid 7 time world champion Skater as him coach(WAY TO GO)!!! Ayesha tells RD sir tat he is hypocrate and also tells tat he changes his principle at his will(HOW MEAN) RAnveer reaches old age home there he meets the lady and Ranveer wants to know about Kriss(Arjun)!! Tat lady at last agrees to tell him the truth and calls her inside she goes inside to fetch some water for him when suddenly a Voice flashes "Panni garam chahiye ya Thanda you flunky"...Ranveer is starteled Voice is most probably of Arjun...
Arjun in the room.. ranveer shocked.. Suprise Suprise Sasodia, says arjun. Ranveer is shocked to see him.Ranveer ask him "what r u doing here. Arjun says ul understand soon. Arjun calls the lady "aparna" out and pays her. Arjun tell ranveer he is not fool and he always followed ranveer.. being a mod he know what everyone does. Arjun at maurya high with Mp.. is very angry with her.. warns her that he will make her life hell now, just then varun steps in to save her from arjun. Tia - Chacha at canteen. Chacha says summet some times does foolish thing. Tia is happy that chacha is helping her but she becomes sad when chacha tells her that SonyaRay is going to US. But Tia tells chacha that she has some works here so how she can go.. chacha(puneet) is confused. Kuki is doing some kinda yoga.. "om.... OM...." Sonya comes in. A lot of things, bags are lying packed, Sonya is ask what is this. Kuki says her bags to go US. Kuki says she is confused, and that sonya only told her she is gonna go to US. Sonya says she must know that she is not going. Also Kuki tries to convince sonya that she does not love puneet, but sonya tries to end the topic. Puneet alone.. SAD.. Ashi come hey puneet!! Puneet asks ashi that is Sonya going to US.. and asks her to tell the truth coz he feels sonya lied to him. Ashi says mama did not tell her abt the trip.. but puneet still is sad and angry y sonya is making mazak of him! Kuki and Sonya again .. Tia's phone call that Ashi comes to know that she is organizing Tia's 18 party. Sonya is worried. Varun and Mp at maurya high,... varun wants to know y did mp deal with arjun. MP says she did coz she could not see him alone in hospital. He also asks her y did she kill him and hospital, MP refuses and says she is not intrested in varun. Varun's heart broken his sad. Arjan again troubles MP regarding y she broke his deal and takes her some where. Yuvi at skate place. learning things.. first goes for jogging. Pooor.. Ranveer sweeping the park.. now the responsibility goes to MP.. and ranveer asked to fix the fence. Ranveer planning something with MP to find truth abt arjun. Punnet sad and angry at sonya's place.He is angry, Y did sonya lie to him abt going to US. Sonya is sorry. Yuvi over with jog.. Adi comes in. Looks like Aditaya is now demanding more money.. he tells Yuvi only if he gets more money he will lose the race. Yuvi is angry.. they start fighting...Mara-Mari... Disshoom..Disshoom. Summet with kaka..tells sumeet that puneet was sad and he has taken all his bags and told me (kaka) bye and I might not come back. Suneet worried on hearing this and wants to ask sonya abt it. Summet at sonyas place to ask abt puneet.. ashi comes in with Tia.Ashi says taunts her mom as always, but sumeet stops her.Both shocked to see sumeet taking sonya's side and sonya is happy that sumeet is taking her side. Varun's dad to meet him, looks sad. Shoes him some papers.. Varun is shocked. Yuvi starts his skating.his wheel goes lose the same way and he falls down as kabir had. Varun and his father...discussing something that y she(mama) is leaving them. both r sad. Puneet at maurya high to meet ashi before going. Finally all patch up and all tia, sonya, sumeet decide to leave puneet to airport. Just then Yuvi calls up ashi and asks her to meet him. Ashi goes there and is shocked to see yuvi hurt and skates broken, she screams at yuvi's instructor. Instructor says his not at fault and it seems yuvi's skates have been tried to been tampared and yuvi tells ashi is knows its only aditaya who and do this.. Ashi says "What............???"


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It started with yuvi and ashi discussing about aditya and both decides to teach him a lesson.
Ranveer mp and vrinda are in a café . mp tells them theer is sumthing wrong with varun and unless and until we get tht letter we wont be able to know wats wrong . aman enters and ask vrinda to cum out. Sid tells nakul to leave café and lets freak out but nakool first denies but then gets ready and closes café 2 hrs earliar.

Puneet tells sonia tht he realized tht she dont love him thts why she is sending him away frm her . sonia and puneet both cries and puneet says tht she is in love with sumone else.

Arjun tells tia everything tht how ranveer wanted to trap him but he trapped ranveer. He tells tia tht he bribed aparna as she can do anything for money. Ranveer overhears this conversation and calls up aparna. He tells her tht if she will give him info bout arjun then he will pay her double.

Aman and vrinda r talking with each other and raghav sir comes n tell vrinda tht aman had lied top his father bout vrinda being sikh. Vrinda first angry with aman but then decides to supprt him.

Pri and tia makes up with each other. Ashi comes in tias room and tell tht sonia will not organize her party as even ashi decided to celebrate her bday.

Nakool and sid r out and meher calls them. Meher tells them to cum to school immediately. Café was in really a bad position but nakool and meher together clean it up. Sonal maasi comes in the canteen . nakool and meher hides and sonal locks them in the canteen and goes away.

Sonia is upset cpz puneet went to us . she cums home with sumeet ahuja and pallavi talks very rudely to her. Sumeet thnks her tht coz of him she sent puneet out but sonia says tht she had done nothing for him.

Yuvi comes to ashis room early in the morning and tells tht they shud go to skating club ans there will be no one over there and they can screw aditya skates coz he cameto know adityas locker no.

Ranveer is hunting for money so tht he can fool aparna. He first ask sid but sid didnt have tht much money. Tia sees it and makes an offer tht she will give him the money but in return he will have to cover up for her whenever she wants to go out with arjun. ranveer is deeply hurt but he agrees.

Meher and sid r found in cantten sleeping when sonal massi come in the morning and she tells them tht she will report it to raghav .
Pri and tia r also furious with meher for spending the nite with nakool but meher tells them tht she did spend the nite but nothing happened between them

Sorry for the late update as I was out.
Starts with ashi having rose in her hand (given by yuvi) and smiling (lost in thoughts). Mp comes over there and ask her wats the matter. Ashi tell her yuvi is changed after tht accident and she is in love witrh him. mp is shocked. Yuvi message ashi to see him in café. Ashi agrees . they meet in café and decides to go in the prom nite together and then the song is played love is in the air (beautiful song waiting it to cum on remiixfgang so tht I can download it)
Ranveer tells tia to give him the cash according to the deal and tia gives him her credit card.
Kabir comes to the school and ashi tells him tht she is not his gf and she likes yuvi.
Kabir goes and tell this to yuvi . yuvi is stunned but very happy and tells sid to keep his cds ready as he is bout to win his bet. Yuvi tells sid tht if he still doesent blive then he can see them together at prom nite.
Ranveer meets aparna in the café , mp comes the ras a waitress , steal aparnas house keys , takes the impression of the keys on the soap and keeps the keys back (and foolish aparna didnt even notice).
Ranveer takes her to the school so tht they can talk nicely and mp goes to aparnas house to search for the proof.
Sid is confused tht if yuvi forgot bout ashi then how he remembers the bet. Yuvi tells him tht he remembers everything , this all natak was to win the bet.
Ashi and soniya r having the discussions for the party and tia comes. Soniya tells them tht the only solution is tht they share their party.
Tia is upset as she is getting ready for the prom nite. Sumeet ahuja comes there and invites her to come for the dineer but tia refuses. Sumeet ahuja tells them tht in no way he will let her throw her bday party. Tia then decides tht she will throw her party even if she had to share the party wit ashi.
Vrinda tells aman tht if its imp for amans parent tht vrinda shud be sikh then she is ready to change her religion
Mp goes to aparnas house but she dont get anything . at the same time aparna enters . mp hides . then there is another knock on the door and guess who its mps guardian.
It starts with mp coming out of the aparnas house. She meets ranveer and tells him tht her guardian is inside and talking to aparna but has no idea wat her guardian is doing with her. Mp tells ranveer to go in but ranveer says tht its not safe without planning.
Raghav and aayesha r having another discussion regarding raghavs lie to amans father but raghav tells her tht he wanted aman to tell the truth. Aman enters and tell them tht he told everything to his father and he is quite cool with it (liar). Aman gives the passes for the dance prom to raghav. Raghav invites aayesha to come along but aayesha denies. Raghav keeps the passes on the table and moves.
In the dance prom yuvi and ashi were carrying on their romance. Tia and he rangels r all seeing this and gets the shock of her life. They cudnt blive yuvi and ashi together. At the same time another shock nakool enters with a sexy female outfit !!!! (nakool was looking like uh-hhhh no words ) thinking theer is some fancy dress.
The whole pub was laughing and ultimately nakool understands tht this was all meher s plan and runs away.
Yuvi goes to the stage and proposes ashi in front of everyone.( I guess yuvi has gone too fa r ) everybody gets shocked and ashi embarrassed goes out. Yuvi follows her.
Ashi tells him tht he had forgotton everything bout her . he doesent even remember bout the relationship they shared. Yuvi tell her tht he doesent care he juss know tht he loves her and then few romantic scenes between them.
In the pub aayesha eneters and raghav is surprised to see her. They have some talk and then raghav takes her to the dance floor. They both dance nicely but tia and her company starts passing comments. Aayesha doesent likes it and leaves the dance floor. Latty comes (by god was looking like a big chudail) and tia tells her tht aayesha mam is trying to trap poor raghav sir.
Yeshwent dev comes to school hunting for yuvi and ask aman and vrinda about him but they tell him they have no clue.
Manmeet is looking for aman in pub. she then tells her father to call aman in pub . balli calls aman n tells him to cum to the pub urgently. Aman gets really pissed ofgf by this attitude
Aayesha is upset and raghav tries to console her but aayesha says tht at the end of the day I have someone with me tht is my fiancie but u r all alone , think wat u want to do with ur life.
Ranveer and mp r in school. Ranveer tells mp to call her guardian to school. They sit on net and tell her guardian to come to school as it was quite urgent. Mr ramchandani comes to school and mp asks bout arjun. he is shocked and tries to drag her and take her out. Ranveer comes theer and rescue mp. He tells him top tell everything bout arjun. arjun comes there and BLAST ramchandani was fake. He was not mps guardian. He was placed by arjun to keep an eye on mp. Ranveer and mp were shocked.
It starts with arjun entering mps room . mp is really disturbed by wat happened. Arjun comes there and says tht he didnt mean to hurt her. He juss wanted tht she stops investigating his identity. Mp gets really mad at him and says tht he has no right to interfere in her matter. Mp tells tht she really wanted to meet her guardian. Arjun gets pissed off and tells her tht why she cares bout her guardian when he doesent care bout her. why u want to meet him when he doesent want to meet u. He further tells her tht she shud not expect any family coz she is all alone and at some point of time even ur frenz will be busy in their own lives and blurts out or phir hum jaise log I mean tum jaise log akele rah jaate hai (tht means even arjun is an orphan then why he treats mp badly )
Mp asks him tht wat does he mean but arjun says nthing and moves.

Tia , meher , pri and sid r together discussing yuvi and ashi tht how cud yuvi date ashi . sid was bout to spill out everything but manages to control the situation and says nthing bout the bet.

Yuvi and ashi r lost in their own world and ashi says goodbye. Sid comes theer and congratulate yuvi tht he won the bet. Yuvi tells sid to keep the cds ready. Sid asks him tht did he dump ashi. Yuvi said he cudnt but he will dump her tomorrow.
Meher comes to the canteen and finds nakool crying. Nakool asks meher tht why she had done all this . meher replies tht coz he was spreading rumors bout her and to teach him a lesson.
Ashi goes to her room and tells vrinda and mp tht she is in love with yuvi. Vrinda is shocked and ask tht how cud she be in luv with tht monster. Mp thenm tells her wat arjun did to her. Ashi gets really mad at arjun and tells mp tht she shud not stop the investigation against her guardian and she shud find out who her guardian is and she cud start it frm her orphanage.
Aman and vrinda tells yuvi tht his dad was looking for him last night and was really angry. Yuvi gets confused but still plans to go out with her.
Tia meets ashi and tells her tht she is ready to share the party with her but ashi says tht it is ridiculous to share the party with timbo.
Tia meets arjun and tell him to go out for the date but arjun says he has sum work. Ranveer hears the conversation and tells tioa tht arjuin has criminal records. Tia says she dont trust him. ranveer tells her tht they will spy on him and see where he goes today afternoon and then truth will be in front of her. Tia agrees to go with ranveer.
Yuvi meets anvesha and tells her tht he is going out for the weekend and invites her to cum with him. ashi agrees.
Nakool calls meher in the canteen and apologises to her. He says tht he dont want to lose her friendship. Meher too says sorry and they both makeup. Nakul ask her out and meher agrees.
Sumeet meets soniya ray to tell her tht she shud not organis tia bday once he decided tht it shud not be celebrated. (I cant explain the whole episode between sonia and sumeet but god!! It was damn funny cudnt stop laughing ).
Soniya goes to school to meet tia but tia is out and tells pri to pass on the message. Soniya nd pri then discuss bout the arrangements fort the party
Yuvi tells ashi tht she shud celebrate her bday with tia coz this wud prove who is more cooler. Ashi gets the point and calls soniya to tell tht she is ready to share the party.
Soniya then tells pri tht its imp to have photographer as any party is incomplete without them. He calls her photographer but he says tht he is busy on tht day but his nephew is in the same field and is very good at it. He gets his nephew and guess who? Its tht aditya.
Soniya introduces him to pri . they shake hands and pri feels something.
Varun and mp accepts tht they like each other and all the prob between them were sorted out.
Ranveer and tia follows arjun and comes in the area which is very dangerous(told by taxi driver who got them in tht area.). they see arjun going in cheap pub. they enter the pub though tia was really scared and see tht some boxing math his going on. Then they show some punches and boxes and finally a person wins and tht person turns out to be ARJUN tia and ranveer were shocked..
It starts with tia and ranveer in tht pub where arjun is having a fight. Tia tells ranveer tht she is feeling sick over here and she needs to leave asap but ranveer refuses. He says tht if she wants to know arjuns reality then she has to be here. They both catch a man who is counting money. They they tell him tht they r journalist and want to know bout the person who won the fight. The man tells tht he knows nothing. Ranveer shows him some money. He keeps it and tells tht he only knows tht he comes here sometimes and he is pashas son.


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Yuvi and ashi are in some coffee shop where some people cum there, show him the gun and kidnap both yuvi and ashi. Later on when they reach at some office yuvi realizes tht it was his dad office and yeshwent dev kidnapped them. Ashi gets furious and tell him tht this is not the way to meet his son. Yeshwent dev clarifies tht he sent 1000s of messages to his son he went to school also but yuvi was not available and this was the only way. Yeshwent dev tells yuvi tht what they had done with aditya was not rite and he cuts off yuvis pocket money. Ashi tells yuvi to fight against his dad but yuvi says tht it is pointless. Lateron yuvi thx ashi for fighting for him aginst his dad.

Sonia tells aditya to click some photographs and show it to her. She senses pris feelings and tell aditya to click pris snap. Aditya agrees.

Ranveer and tia comes back. Arjun sees them together and asks tia tht wat she was doing with ranveer. Tia says tht she went out with him to buy sime band stuff. Arjun doesent blive her. Tia says tht even arjun is hiding something frm tia. God knows frm where very old fight comes into picture where arjun and ranveer had a fight coz of mp and arjun lies to tia tht the fight was not coz of mp but coz of tia as ranveer was insulting her and arjun cudnt take it.

Ashi comes back to her room and sits on sumthing and her pants get spoilt. Ashi comes in towel(not only towel shirt was there on top so dun take it otherwise ) and aditya clicks some pic (as he was taking some snaps of the corridor). Ashi sees him and strts insulting like wat r u ding here and why he is clicking her pic. Aditya and ashi were having a discussion and yuvi enters ashis room. (mind blowing scene ) yuvi strts yelling at aditya and ashi reminds him if u guys havent noticesd I m in a towel
Then even sonia and pri enters and she comes to know tht aditya is the same roller blading champ. She tells him to discontinue the bet and aditya agrees.

Yuvi meets aditya in the corridor and tells him tht he dont want to see him again in the school and aditya tells him tht he is bout to be the official photographer of the school.

Yuvi goes to his room where sid is giving shraddhanjali to his cds. Yuvi tells sid to be friends with aditya coz then they wud know bout his moves.

Ashi tells sonia tht she dont want aditya to be the photographer for her party. Tia comes in and she says tht she wants aditya only as a photographer for her party. Pri gets the snaps and shows it to sonia. Tia and sonia seems impressed.
Sonia goes to meet jumbo and convinces him( dun ask me how!!!) to consider aditya as the schools official photographer.

Sid comes to meet aditya and then ashi comes theer.sid moves and try to hear their conversation. He sees tht aditya is trying to flirt with ashi. He smiles and go back to his room. He tells yuvi tht when he will dump ashi. Yuvi tells tht after the show coz he doesent want any prob in the show. Sid then tells yuvi tht till ashi wud dump him coz aditya is getting interested in ashi. Yuvi gets jealous.

Ranveer meets tia and talks to her bout the investigation but says tht she wont investigate anything against arjun coz ranveer lied to her bout tht stupid fite. Ranveer telkls tht arjun is lying and tia has to decide tht whom she trust more. Tia says tht she trustr arjun coz arjun is her bf and she knows arjun will tell her everything at a rite time.

Aditya is secretly clicking ashis snap. Pri invites aditya to come to the band performance. Aditya agrees when he cums to know tht ashi is in the band ( wat this aditya upto)

Nakul and meher r together and nakul dad,s come over there. He tells tht he is ready to help him to get back in maurya but only coz of her mother coz she insisted him to do so
Arjun wants 2 accompany Tia 2 d pub as he's insecure abt her goin wid Ranveer...Tia agrees. SOnia is surprised dat TIa is still datin Arjun. Tia tells Sonia dat Ranveer Tia ko hamesha hurt karna chahta hai but Arjun is really carin n he protects Tia. At d pub, Sonia reached 2 watch d band perform n wen ppl surround her 4 autographs she says dat she's dere 2 sponser d band so no autographs. AShi drives d crowd away...on cin Arjun also dere, Ashi xclaims,"aaj hum zoo animals ke saamne perform karenge!". Manmeet tells her dad dat she cant 4get Aman. Ranveer is not happy on cin Arjun n Tia 2gether..Sonia sees dis n Ranveer tells her dat he's confident even Tia knows dat Arjun is not gud 4 her n yet she hangs out wid him..he jus does not get it. Sonia tells him he shud atleast try tellin her. Ranveer goes on stage n says dat d song on which dey r goin 2 perform is dedicated 2 sum1 special 2 make d person realise anger is not alwayz a solution 2 everythin
The band performance on "aaye hum jhoom ke yaha" receives a standin ovation...evry1 loves it
Meanwhile, in skul, Meher n Nakul r hangin 2gether. Nakul tells Meher his mom is d best in d world but he cant tolerate bein d son of an aayah! It bothers him. He tells Meher he wants 2 go sumwhr whr he can b far away frm dis truth. Meher says if she waz in his place she'd never hav lied abt her mom bt agrees 2 help him alwayz. Dey r interrupted by 3 guys who make fun of dem 2gether. Nakul catches a guy's collar but Meher drags him out of d place. Arjun tells Ranveer "meri gf se door raho" wen Sumit Ahuja comes n asks, "who is ur gf"...every1 is shocked but SOnia comes 2 deir rescue.She says dat she is datin Arjun!!!!!!!!!!(All of u dis scene is damn hilarious...if u missed it do watch it)...Sumit is stunned n even Arjun is taken-aback. Sumit is like..."r u mad? ye aapke beti ke age ka hai" n Sonia is like "ur jus jealous coz ur gf is not as smart as Arjun's." Sumit tells her 2 stay away frm Tia as she is crazy! He invites Tia n Ranveer 4 lunch but Tia makes up d xcuse of a test. But Ranveer tells dat dey'll come as Tia has a misunderstandin -d exams hav been postponed! Aditya asks Yuvi 2 4get everythin but Yuvi refuses 2 b frnz wid Aditya. Sid asks Yuvi 2 come along wid him n his cousin n her hot frnd but Yuvi tells him he hasnt broken up wid Ashi...he asks SId 2 carry on he'll come after dumpin Ashi. Arjun is not happy at all wid d idea dat Tia n Ranveer r goin 2gether. Sumit tells Pallavi abt SOnia n Arjun..she is amused n at d same time surprised n dismisses it as anuther of Sonia's madness. She tells SUmit he can file a case against SOnia if he feels she's havin a bad influence on Tia...n since Tia is a minor, if Sumit does not want her meetin Sonia..dey can get Sonia in2 trouble. Sid is angry at YUvi 4 ditchin him d previous nite. Nakul tells dem he's joinin school soon n also Meher is his new gf. D guys dont approve of dis. Tia n Pri also dont approve of Nakul but TIa agrees dat she has no probs wid dat as long as Meher is happy.
It starts with ranveer staring at tia going alone for dinner. Tears starts rolling from his eyes. Aman enters and he sees ranveer. He tells ranveer tum tia se bahot pyar karte ho na ranveer says nothing wiping his tears moves from there.

Ashi is sitting with vrinda and mp deciding the music fort he party. Yuvi comes with sum cds (those cds tht he took from sid) and show it to ashi. Mp and vrinda excuses themselves. Yuvi asks ashi tht wat type of music she prefers. Ashi answers tht now a dayz she just prefer romantic music. Yuvi and ashi gets romantic and ashi kisses him on his cheek. Aditya sees it and take their snap.

Tia is with sumeet ahuja and pallavi for lunch. Pallavi and tia as usual pass comments to each other. A call comes on tias phone. Its soniya. But she pretends tht its ranveer. Tia comes out of the restaurant and starts talking to soniya bout the birthday party arrangements. Pallavi hears the conversation. She goes back and tell sumeet tht they shud celebrate tias 18th birthday party and she has amazing plans for the party.

Ashi and yuvi r busy in themselves. They start dancing on slow music and strts getting closer and again tht aditya pops in. ashi tells him to get lost and show the pics to her mom if he wants.
After sometime soniya enters. Ashi tells yuvi to hide behind the sofa. Yuvi hides. Soniya comes and start talking bout yuvi. Ashi says tht yuvi is ugly and more (dun remember exactly) and soniya shows her the snap . ashi gets embarrassed and soniya pulls yuvi out frm the place he was hiding. She tells ashi tht how can she date a person like yuvi. She says tht she is immature and cant take decisions well. Ashi stand by yuvi and her love .soniya likes it and yuvi at the same time feeling guilty. Soniya respects ashis decision but also tell her to be careful. Yuvi then hugs ashi.

Aditya meets pri and shows her the snaps. Pri notices tht adi had taken only ashis snap. Adi then invites pri for a coffee. Pri asks him the reason and he says tht he wants to know more bout ashi. Pri gets hurt and refuses to go out with him.

Meher meets nakuls mom and convinces her tht nakool has realized his mistake and she shud forgive him. nakuls mom is really happy. Meher tells his mom tht not to tell nakul tht she met her.

Tia comes back and joins sumeet and pallavi. Sumeet tells tht the yhave decided tht hey will celebrate their part in newyork. Tia is shocked and frustrated with pallavi. She makes the bahana of stomach ache and moves from there.
She then calls soniya ray and ask hr to do sumthing bout it.

Aman ,ashi and vrinda r sitting and listening to music and sid joins them. He looks at the cd and saystht its his cd. Ashi corrects him by saying its yuvis. sid then says oh ya ye toh wahi cds hai jo main ashis bet main haar gaya tha after replying he realizes wat he said. Yuvi comes their and handles the situation.

Yuvi later on tells sid tht wat he was doing. Sid says tht as if he was going to dump ashi. Then only a phone rings. They see behind and its latty. She heard their conversation.

Varun and mp r in the park getting closer and again tht bhatakti aatma(latty) sees them . seema cums their and says tht its not coz of them but coz of her own attitude she is alone.
Latty then promises to herself tht she will no more be alone and she will date the cutest guy of the school.

Meher comes back an see nakul with another gal. nakul tells her tht he is doing the same thing wat she does wit other guys. Meher is shocked and nakul goes with another gal.

Ranveer is damn upset and hitting the boxing bag. Aman comes there and tell him not to hit with his hands but with his heart. Ranveer does so and he remembers all the snapshots between arjun and tia. He gets more angry and hits harder. Aman stops him . ranveer says tht he wants to take part in tht boxing with arjun coz he wants know b out arjun asap.

Ranveer is walking the school and thinking about tia. He imagines some moments he spent with tia and then thinks bout the moments tia spent with arjun. ranveer then promises himself tht he will prove tht arjun is not a good person.

Sonia ray enters the school and sumeet ahuja and pallavi sees it. Pallavi then tells sumeet tht ki maine tumse pehle hi kaha that ht ur liitle princess tumse jhooth bol rahi hai sumeet gets angry and goes behind sonia and pallavi gives withcy smile .

As sonia enters tias room tia strts telling her bout the newyork plan made by pallavi then there is a knock on the door . its obviously sumeet. Tia tells soniya to hide in the cupboard and then opens the door. Sumeet keeps talking to tia and at the same time looks for soniya in her room. He then strts telling wrong things bout soniya like she dont have any morale. She is selfish and much more and soniya comes out frm the cupboard . she tells sumeet tht she does have morales and people respect them too like his bro and daughter. Sonia turns and strts moving but sumeet tells him tht he wants to talk. Sumeet tells her and tia tht he will take her to new york coz tia is still minor . sonia tells him tht she will talk to jumbo as tia wud miss her studies and goes frm there. Tia strts crying and tells sumeet tht she hates him.

Yuvi is in the common room. He got a big teddybear for ashi and latty comes there. Latty tells him tht she wont tell ashi anything but only on one condition tht he wud help her with sid. Yuvi denies saying tht he cant do tht bad with sid and if she wants to tell everything to ashi then she can as he is sure ashi wont blive her.

Ashi is in her room with mp and she finds tht football story made by yuvi bit weird. She is suspiscious. mp goes out with varun.
Ashi goes to meet yuvi and bumps into aditya. Later she bumps with latty. Latty was bout to tell her yuvi comes theer and stops her. Yuvi tell ashi to wait for her in the common room. Ashi agrees. Yuvi tells latty to stop all this. Ashi reaches common room and sees a teddybear. She likes it a lot and is very happy. Yuvi also comes theer and tells her tht he wud do something special for her birthday. He will write a song for her . ashi gets really amzed and happy. Yuvi hugs her and and sees latty again. Yuvi tells ashi tht he wants to talk to his dad and moves from theer.
Yuvi then agrees to help her with sid and latty agrees tht she will keep her mouth shut.

Yuvi goes to the room and challenges sid to date latty . and if he will manage to do tht then he will give all his cds back. (I guess he shud hav told the truth to sid. Sid wud hav definitely helped him). sid agrees .

Meher finds pri vomiting and is really worried bout her. Pri tells her about adi tht he likes ashi and strts crying ( God this gals!!! They think boys r everything . these gals r so silly !! )

Meher tells everything to tia and they both r worried.

Mp and varun comes back and jumbo comes there. He tells mp tht her guardian sent a car for her she has to go whete the car takes her. Mp dont want to go and tells varun to help her.

Ranveer is tht pub and tells manger tht he wants to have a fight with pasha or cobra. Tht manager tells him tht he can talk to pashas son. He looks behind and there is arjun. they both talk to each other (cudnt hear what as I got a call). Then someone else enters , quite a mucular man and arjun tells ranveer tht he has to fight with him. ranveer agrees and strts fighting with tht man. Obviously our super hero wins. Tht man then tells ranveer tht he is quite impressed with him as he was never defeated and he defeated him. he tells tht he will tell him bout arjun. then arjun enters and ask him to fight with him. they shake hands and the rest tomorrow
Ranveer tells tia tht there is only one way to now tht frm where arjun get all the money. She shud ask money from arjun and being her bf arjun wont deny. Tia says tht she wont do it. Ranveer is really angry on her.
Yuvi goes to ashis room to tell her bout the bet but end up saying tht the fooltball thing he told was not true( wat he meant by such a big lecture bout his image and his so called other personality went above my head). Ashi tells him tht she completely trust him. yuvi is touched.
Ashi comes to ask sid bout the bet again. As they strts talking she sees aditya and tia talking bout her. Ashi and sid hides. Aditya ask tia bout ashi. He says tht he wants to know bout her. Tia gets suspicious and ask him tht why he is so interested in ashi. Aditya tells her tht he wants to settle some scores. Ashi gets up frm her hiding place and hits aditya with a pool stick and tells tht he can count this also in previous scores. Sid had a gr8 time laughing and tia tells him tia ne pehle hi kaha tha ki who pagal hai and adi replies haan par mujhe nahi pata tha itni.
Nakool is thinking bout meher and smiling to himself.
Mp is waiting for her guardian but some headmistress frm her orphanage enters and tells her tht her guardian is very powerful and she shud stop investigating bout him.
Meher gets some cards and flowers by sum unknown person and she is really worried.
Aditya shows his portfolio to jumbo and tells wat he is expecting as salary. Jumbo feels tht salary he is expecting is much lower than the previous photographer and therefore hires him as maurya highs new photographer.
Yuvi and ashi enters the class where sharma mam (as usual) taking another surprise test.
She ask sum questions and at the same time praduman is standing out of the class. Sharma mam doesent pay any attention to wat ashi and yuvi r aying ( n they all talk bout shahrukh and aamir in the test and whole class laughing..hell of a funny scene).
Jumbo enters and inform them about the new photographer. Aditya also enters. He requests tht he want to click ashis pic first. Yuvi is damn angry as ashi gets up to go with adi.
Tia tells arjun tht her dad is not giving her money for the party and cud he lend some money to her. Arjun tells her tht he wud orgainise the whole party for her.
Tht stupid timbo (tia) lies to ranveer tht arjun told her tht he dont have tht much money. (cant understand why she lied)


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It starts with tia and meher in the canteen. Tia ask meher abut her secret admirer an meher tells her tht she has no clue. Arjun is talking on the phone tht it is his money and he can spend as he likes. He tells him tht he is organizing a party. Ranveer hears this conversation.

Aditya comes to the table where tia and meher are sitting. Aditya tells tia tht he wont be taking pictures for the party.

Adiya and sid r talking where aditya tells sid tht he has a crush on ashi coz she is really beautiful and different from others. Sid advices adi to ask her out. He also tells him tht there is nothing serious between ashi and yuvi.

Sid goes to the jumbos office. Jumbo threatens him tht if he ever hurt latty then he wud fail him 5 times and also flood him with assignments.

Ashi is in the locker room and aditya enters. He strts bugging her and yuvi enters. He gets really angry on adi and tells him to get lost. Adi goes away. Yuvi and ashi then talks bout the English test . ashi tells him tht she is not prepared for the test.

As sid comes out of the office latty catches him and gives him the English test papers. Sid gets happy and at the same time yuvi and ashi also comes there. Sid tells them bout the papers. Sid ask latty to give one to ashi as she is not prepared but latty tear the last copy and doesent give it to ashi. Seema comes theer and tells everyone to go to the class. Ashi excuses herself as she wants to go to the restroom.

Ashi enters the canteen and see aditya over there. She thinks of using him for bunking her test. She tells aditya to take her out for the photosession as she wants to bunk her test. Aditya strikes a deal tht in return she has to spend the whole afternoon with him and ashi agrees.

Nakools mom comes to meet nakul and they have a nice mother son talk. In the end his mom tells tht she really liked meher and they r perfect for each other. She also tells him tht meher likes and cares for him a lot so dun let her go away frm u.

In the class yuvi is waiting for ashi and worried bout her. Seema comes there and tells them tht she is strting with the test and removes the map hanging on the blackboard. Below the map it was written. MEHER U R THE GREATEST I LOVE U. everybody gets shocked and meher is embarrassed.
Ashi comes in the class followed by aditya who ask permission frm seema to take her out for the shoot. Seema agrees and yuvi is jealous.
Test begins. Pri gets the message on her mobile frm anvesha tht dun go with adi coz he is lying. Pri gets confused. She gives her paper and moves out. Sid tells yuvi bout his conversation with adi and tells him tht adi is interested in ashi. Yuvi again gets angry and wants to get out of the class but seema doesent allow him.

Aditya is taking ashis pic and pri comes there and ask ashi tht wat she means by this message. Ashi tells her tht adi had striked a deal with timbo tht he will ask her to cum to the party and then he cud bcum the photographer of their 18th bday party. Pri really gets mad at ashi coz adi had told no such thing to pri. Adi then tells ashi tht tia did offer him but he denied.
Yuvi after the test is still looking for ashi but she is nowhere. Sid is unable to understand tht why yuvi is getting so hyper.

Ashi and adi goes out for coffee. There adi tells ashi tht he likes her. Ashi tells him tht she will never ever cheat on yuvi. Aditya then tells her bout sid telling him tht they r not serious. Ashi gets suspicious again and moves frm there.

Ashi reaches school and ask sid tht wat is this all about. She also tells him tht she loves yuvi a lot and yuvi is her first love. Sid tells ashi tht yuvi doesent love her and tells her everything bout the bet. Ashi is deeply hurt.

Yuvi ask vrinda about ashi . vrinda tells him tht she had seen her with sid. Yuvi then ask sid and sid tells him tht he told everything bout the bet to ashi and now he is a free bird(he is such a duffer). Yuvi is shocked and gets furious wth sid. He then covers his face and takes ashis name.

Ashi goes to soniya and tells her everything. She is crying and tells her mom tht yuvi had made a fool out of her and ask her to take her away. Sonia promises tht she wud do whatever she will like. She will take her away frm here.
It starts vd sonia talking to jumbo in his office.sonia says to jumbo that ashi won't be coming for school for few days and says him to coverup for ashi.but jumbo asks for reason and sonia says someone broke ashi's heart,her feelings.,then jumbo says he needs sometime to think about it. yuvi comes into jumbo's office and asks sonia about ashi and asks where is she, sonia: woh jahan par bhi hain achi hain,aur usne tumhare liye kuch bheja hain and slaps yuvi(kaske tapad marthi hain).yuvi is shocked.and sonia: agli baar ek masum ladki kho hurt karne se pehle is tapad kho soch lena aur meri mamam se door rehna, saying this she leaves jumbo's office.varun and m.p are sitting in common room and chatting,and varun says to m.p: u got to be strong. m.p to varun : we have lot of similarities like my guardian dosen't want to meet me and ur mother has left u.varun:whatever difficulties we get in our life we gotto to face.(it was a boring part actually unwanted part).arjun enters and sees them together and says:do losers saath main hain,dis must be my lucky day.and says tum dono ke against bahut saare warning notes hain and arjun gives all m.p's warning notes also to varun.and varun accepts it.(i told u guys boring part).
vrinda and frens are sitting in cafe and worried about ashi they are trying to call her,no sooner sonia comes thier and says them that ashi has gone for a trip coz she is stressed out and wants to take rest.sid comes over there and says sonia to tell ashi to get him gifts .
gloria gets a call from ayesha asking sumthing about raghav and gloria says it's private and can't say it.
sonia is in tia's room and says tia to do all her birthday preparations on her own, tia:tia hasn't arranged such a big party and tia needs u.sonia:ashi needs me so i can't do it.tia:is ashi alright aunty.ashi is very lucky to have such a caring mother.(ranvir in mean time peeps into tia's room and sees sonia there and goes away),sonia leaves.ranvir comes in and says to tia and why did she not tell truth that arjun was paying for her whole party and says that arjun is gunda to which tia gets angry and says mind ur own langauge and tis trusts arjun.ranvir:aap humse tho jhoot bhol sakthe hain par apne aap se toh sach kahiye.tia asks him to go away.ranvir:tia(screems),humne kabhi aap jaise ladki khe baare main socha tha(vd anger),kyunki aap iske kaabil nahin hain(tis in tears )and gives her chain and goes away.tia is crying badly
arjun enters and says that all preparartions r over and only her selection is pending and tells her he vl give the cheque.tia dosen't agree for it and asks him to say all the truth about himself now tia :kuynki tia tumhare baare main bahut kuch jaanthi hain aur tia ne tumko us tacky place main bhi dekah that jahan tum boxing kar rahe the aur tumne hi toh bedi ko paisa diya that so that he keeps quite.and asks him to tell her the truth now, to which arjun denies and says vl tell her later.tia says u and me r mystery now the end tia:tia doesn't want to c ur face and leaves.arjun gets angry and screems like junglle jaanwar
aayesha sees r.d's mail in which is wriiten "we recieved all ur documents and v vl consider ur case"aayesha is shocked.
yuvi is desperate about ashi and is messaging her.sid comes in and sees what's happening and sid comes to know that yuvi really liked ashi.yuvi is praying "anvesha plz forgive me aur main usse har haal main doonde khe rahoonga",and calls up yashwant .
ashi is about to leave (which is a touching moment),sonia says im vd u ashi.and ashi is crying crying and crying.
arjun cals tia and says the truth that he struggled a lot in his child hood days and to earn money he had to do all this,to which tia timbo beleives .sumit comes in and sees arjun and tia together and arjun says him that sonia was not his g.f and tia is his g.f to which sumit is very angry.and says to leave the room.sumit says to tia that she gave him a dhoka and that arjun vl be expelled from school.
sonia is upset in her room and aditya comes to her and thanx's her for getting him a job and asks for usual sonia says she has gone for trip.adi leaves and yashwant comes in and says that yuvi wants to talk to ashi and that i hav to help him.sonia says he has already hurt ashi and asks him to not to hurt others lke this(actually she is in angry a lot she scolds).and yash goes away.
here sumit comes to meet ranvir and asks him why did he lie and now that he has come to know everything about arjun and tia he wants ranvir's help.
It starts with sonia ray leaving for her farmhouse. Yeshwent dev and his man are in the car so tht they can follow sonia. Sonia leaves for her farmhouse. Yeshwent dev was bout to follow her but at the last moment he changes his decision and tell his man tht let yuvi handle this situation. his car then bumps into adityas bike.

Tia is thinking bout ranveer and pri enters. she show her some samples for the party but as tia was in real bad mood she throws it away. Tia tells pri tht she wants to cancel the party as sonia is not here and even pri is not cuming to the party. Pri then tells her tht she has decided tht she will cum to the party. Tia then agrees to throw the party.

Arjun meets ranveer in the canteen and threatens him to stay away from tia otherwise he cud cross any limit.

Anvesha is really hurt she thinks bout the moments she spent with yuvi. She takes his guitar and strts playing and crying at the same time. She then gets angry and throws the guitar. And guess who appears ! aditya !
Aditya comes there and starts clicking her snaps. He says tht its very difficult to get the pictures of crying anvesha ray bannerjee. Ashi gets furious and tell him to stop taking the pictures and runs behind him. aditya also runs and keep clicking.

Yuvi is really worried about ashi and wonders where is ashi. Sid is lost in his own problems tht how cud he dump latty and starts writing letter on tht. Yeshwent dev comes over there and tell tht he is going to bcum the chiefminister. Sid was really happy and enthu but yuvi showed none of the emotions.

Nakul comes and gives a gift to meher saying tht it is given by ur secret admirer. Meher irritated opens the gift and sees its a vas. She throws it away.

Tia asks arjun bout his real name but arjun tells tht he will tell her soon. Both hug each other and ranveer keeps looking at them.

Raghav is on his computer and aayesha comes there. She ask him tht wat he is doing and he says tht he is writing a book. Aayesha doesent belive him and after raghav is gone she goes and check the cd he was working on.
Next day she requests Gloria to tell her the stuff tht was in the cd as she cudnt understand anything. Gloria tells her tht it is sum educational project.

Seema tells jumbo tht she is a good teacher as every student got excellent marks in English.

Sonal masi is clearing the canteen and meher tells her sorry for tht vas. Sonal tells its ok. Sonal tells nakul tht she came to know tht he is mehers secret admirer.
Nakul writes a love letter to meher and as meher is reading it sonal masi tells her tht her secret admirer is nakool. Nalul tells meher tht he feels for her but meher says tht its not possible.
Tia comes to ranveer and tells him tht she now knows tht arjun is not rich and he bets and fights but he does this to survive. Ranveer obviously doesent believe all this crap. Then our miss chee chee enters the party planner.

Sonia ray gets a call from sumeet telling tht he wants to meet her regarding tia and its urgent.
Ashi comes to sonia telling tht how cum tht moron aditya is over here. At the same time sumeet comes over there. Ashi gets really pissed off and goes from there. Again a mind blowing scene between sonia and sumeet. Ashi comes down and sees adityas bike and plans to ride on it . she starts riding on the bike and meets with an accident. Sonia and sumeet sees this and runs and ashi lies ove there unconscious.
Sonia and sumeet runs to reach ashi and aditya comes over there. Ashi is lying unconscious and adi pats her on her cheek to make her conscious. Ashi open her eyes but was full of pain. Sonia comes there and ask her whether she is hurt. Ashi says no. sonia is really scared and scold her for driving the bike.

Ranveer is with aman in ihis room. Aman tell him to sort out the differences with tia nad stop messing with arjun. he tells him to live for himself. Ranveer replies tht now he will live for himself and complete the mission he came for tht is to take revenge frm sumeet ahuja. For tht he will again join sumeet and regain his trust.

Ashi sees sumeet and aditya aand gets wild at sonia tht why these people are here. She came here to be alone and to be in peace . sonia also strts telling them tht it happened all coz of them.

Meher , latty vrinda and others are in class and wonders why they have bee ncalled . jumbo comes there to make an imp announcement. He tells tht nakool is readmitted in school as we shud forgive peoples mistakes. All the students get very happy . nakool enters with his parents. Thank everybody and then thank his dad and introduce his mom top everyone. He also tells tht his mom was a aaya at sids place and now he is proud of his mom.

Later on in the canteen meher comes and give some notes to nakool. And nakool declares his love for meher in front of every one. Meher gets very happy and accepts his love.

Sonia and sumeet are talking and sonia tells sumeet tht she is aa bad mom as she left ashi alone when she ws stressed. Sumeet wants to divert her attention and tells her tht he is losing tia and needs sonias help in it.

Ashi is with aditya and adi scols and lectures ashi tht she shudnt have drive when doesent how to drive. Ashi tells him tht she wants tht roll back but adi tells tht he will give the roll back but only on one condition tht she will confide in him th twhy she was so sad. Ashi attacks him and fights for the roll (my god wat the fight) but does not succed.

Sonia and sumeet r in some park or garden maybe and sonia tells him tht even she doesent like arjun and tia actually loves ranveer. They shud together team up against arjun. sumeet tells tht he doesent want her to get involved. Sonia gets angry and goes frm there leaving him alone.

Tia meher and pri called with their partners for a dance practice. Pri doesent have a partner and thts why is sad. Ranveer sees this and gets ready to be her partner.
They start dancing and arjun is unable to dance. He was dancing horribly and on the other hand ranveer was dancing very nicely. Chee chee comes and sees arjun dancing badly and pairs up tia with ranveer. They both start dancing and get lost in each other eyes and seeing this arjun gets jealous and tell every one to go back to their classes.

Sumeet gives a call to kukki tht he gota sprain on his leg so plz come there and pick him up. Kukki first denies telling tht sonia wont like it as he is not permitting her to help in tias matter. Sumeet agrees on tht and tell them them to come fast. Sonia goes there and again an amazing scene between sonia and sumeet. Pallavi gives a blank call to sonia to check on sumeet (and looks like she is practsing to get a role for ramsay brothers horror show !)
Ranveer meets tia and tell he rtht he knows tht she still feels for him . tia says tht she hates him and when he touches her she feels sick. Ranveer is really hurt.
Good episode or I shud say it was quite a tearful episode. It starts with ranveer holding tias hand telling her tht she is lying, he knows tht she feels for him. tia says no and try to resist but ranveer again catches her hand. Tia looks at him and ranveer looks at tia. Wat a beautiful scene! U cud see emotions in both of their eyes. Then, tht jalkukda arjun enters and obviously get jealous. He comes there and ask tht yeh kya ho raha hai looking at arjun tia tells ranveer to get out. Arjun gets angry and punishes him. he tells ranveer tht he will look tht he doesent get any free time and he doesent care even if he had to repeat the class. He will ground him with punishments. Tia try to defend ranveer but arjun didnt let her talk. He snatches her hand and takes her away. Tia keeps on looking behind.

Ashi is sitting at her couch and radio is on where yeswent dev is talking bout his party and government. He then says tht his son wants to say something. Yuvi announces tht he wants to dedicate a song for her gal anvesha and ask for forgiveness. He plays love is in the air and ashi remembers all the moments she spent with yuvi and cries.(they also show the video of love is in the air).

Sid is still busy writing letter to latty (to dump her in style !!). nakool comes there and tell him tht if he is unable to write he will help him out and write it for him. sid gets happy, thank him and moves. Meher comes there and ask nakool th **** he is writing. Nakool says tht its a surprise and excuses himself. Meher gets reallt curious. She tells pri to spy on him and tell her tht wat was nakool writing.

Tia is in the canteen and vrinda comes there. She tells tia tht arjun was not fair to ranveer. Vrinda tells tht aman told her tht ranveer is leaving for rajasthan for ever. Tia gets tears in her eyes and starts thinking bout him. vrinda keeps on blabbering bout how caring he is and wat a good frend he is , he treats her like her sis and much more(except tht ranveer loves her and she was wrong wat to do with this vrinda). Tia starts crying.

Aditya comes to meet ashi. Ashi ask him tht why he is bugging her and why cant he get lost. Aditya picks her up(I say kidnaps her) and takes her out and tell her tht he will teach her how to drive a bike. Ashi denies tht she dont want to learn. Adi then insist tht he will drive and she can sit behind him.(the scene between the 2 were very nice).

Raghav is in the corridor and ayesha is following him . raghav vetches aayesha following her. Aayesha warns him to tell her everything bout whatever he is hiding. Raghav tell tht he is not hiding anything and she is free to think and do wat she wants.

Aditya and ashi are on bike and after the ride ashi really enjoyed it. She thanks adi and adi ask her tht when she is going back to maurya. A****ells th tshe is not going back ever. Adi tries to make her understand tht she cant let yuvi rule her llife. She cant let yuvi to break herself. She shud fight. And he doesent know this sad ashi but the ashi who is stronger. Ashi gets irritated and tells him to go away.

Yuvi is thinking about ashi and sid and nakool asks him tht wats wrong with him. yuvi tells tht he is missing very badly. Nakool nad sid comesto the conclusion tht he is in love.

Soniya and sumeet r together and sumeet examoining his leg. He tells soniya tht he will stay back as he cant go in this condition. Kukki comes there to remind soniya bout her shooting and soniya tells tht she will go in sumeets car.


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Tia comes to ranveers room. Tia tells ranveer tht she came to help him as arjun was unfair. Ranveer tells her tht he dont need her help and she can leave. Tia tells ranveer to say sorry to arjun but ranveer says he wont and tells tia to go away. Tia tells tht she will say wat she wants to and then she will go. She returns all the gifts ranveer has given her. Ranveer gets shocked and gets tears in his eyes. Tia also giving those giftha was crying (both of them acted very well ). She saysd tht she doesent feel for him anymore and thts why returning his gifts. Ranveer too says tht even he is not interested. tia tells tht he is lying coz she can make out frm his expression(I dun understand one thing tht tia broke up with ranveer when she came to know tht ranveer was not serious and now she knows tht ranveer loves her then wats the prob). Ranveer says she can think whatever she likes but he dont love her. Thts it for today
It starts with tia moving out from ranveers room but ranveer stops her. he says tht he doesent care for her and doesent even love her. he can live without her. tia keeps crying and ranveer also cries. Then, its shown tht ranveer is crying in his room(real hard!) and tia is crying in ccds badly . Ranveer then sees the teddy tht tia returned ipes off his tears , picks up all the gifts and go out of his room.

Nakool is sitting in the canteen and writing the letter for sid and pri comes there. Pri tells him tht she strted liking him since he is dating meher and she keeps on peeping tht wat nakool is writing. Nakool tells her to leave him alone. Pri after too much struggle leaves without seeing in the book.

Tia is crying and ranveer enters ccds. tia looks at him ,wipes her tears and asks him tht wat he is doing here. Ranveer tells tht the gifths she returned was gifted by him to her and thts why she can do wat she wants with it , she can either throw or give it to someone else he doesent care. Tia keeps screaming at ranveer to take the gifts back but ranveer leaves.

Tia looks at the teddy and goes in the past where they show tht tia is lying sick. Ranveer comes there and gives tht teddy to cheer her. tia returns to present. She kiss tht teddy, keeps it in the bag , hugs the bag and go frm there. Te whole scene is seen by ranveer and he smiles.

Tia is going to her room and arjun comes. He asks tia tht wat she is carrying. Tia tells tht its not necessary tht she tells him everything asks him to give her some space.

Pri comeds to her room and tell meher tht nakool was writing some poem for her. meher gets excited and tells pri tht she really does love nakul.

Sonia and sumeet gpt stuck in a jungle coz sumeets car breaks down. Sumeet starts blaming sonia for it and sonia starts blaming sumeet and I need not say who wins the argument as usual sonia.

Meher and pri findsthe book . meher starts reading and finds out tht nakuls love was fake. Nakul comes there and gets a slap from both meher and pri.

Yuvi keeps missing ashi and thinks tht why the hell he is acting like a romeo. Why he is missing ashi so much. Nakul comes and tell wat happened with meher. Yuvi sympathize with him. sid comes and all other students too come and welcome nakul. Yuvi gets irritated and leaves.

Ranveer is sitting in ccds again and thinking. Aman comes there. He sees ranveer upset and asks the reason. Ranveer tells wat happened with tia and also tells tht she cudnt throw the gifts and took them with her. aman then tells him tht it means tht tia still loves him (tht loser aman knows it and tht duffer ranveer !! GOD ! dun have any words for him)
Aman also tells him tht tia cud come back to him. ranveer gets happy and decides to talk to tia.

Sonia drops sumeet at his place and another awesome scene between them. Tht chudail comes there and starts questioning. But our sonia ray as usual has all the answers and pallavi keeps staring.

Yuvi goes in the shed and meomorize bout ashi. He was bout to leave and sees ashi. He comes near ashi and pleads for forgiveness. He tells her tht the bet thing was right but he truly loves her now. He never felt any thing before like this. He tells he rto forget bout the bet and strt again. Ashi asks him tht why he chose her for the bet. Yuvi tells tht may be it was challenging thts why or maybe coz deep inside he always loved her. he again tells ashi to forget bout the bet. Ashi says tht if he wud have told her bout the bet himself she wud have forgiven him but she came to know thru sid. She became the laughing stock in front of his frenz and now she will never forgive him.

Tia is in her room crying and arjun comes. He tells her sorry and says tht he shud have known tht u need some space. He then sees teddy in tias hand and thinks tht she got tht teddy for him. he takes it and hugs her. tia is still crying. Ranveer comes there and sees tia and arjun hugging and the teddy in arjuns hand.
It starts with ranveer watching tia and arjun hugging each other and tht teddy in arjuns hands. Arjun looks at ranveer in the teasing manner and closes the gate. Ranveer goes from there. Tia then tells arjun tht this teddy is not for him. its nakuls gift tht he wanted to give it to meher and takes the teddy back. Tia also tells him tht if he wants thten she will definitely get the same teddy for him.

Aman is waiting for ranveer in the ccds. ranveer comes there. Aman asks him tht wat did tia say. Ranveer tells him wat happened. He also tells tht tia loves arjun and she took the gifts frm him to give it to arjun. he then starts crying and hugs aman. Aman tells him tht he has to move on. He tells him to cum for nakuls party. Ranveer tells tht he cant cum in this condtition but aman tells tht if he wont cum nakool wont like it and finally ranveer agrees.

Tia is in her room and meher and pri enters. meher is upset bout wat happened with nakul. Tia and pri insists her to go for nakuls welcum party. Meher denies. Tia says tht she shud cum for the party and shud ignore nakul. She shud not show anyone tht how much hurt she is as nobody can say wat tia is feeling. Pri and meher ask tia tht why she is upset. First tia doesent tell them but when they force her tia tells them everything. Pri tells her tht there is something wrong as she knows ranveer very well but meher says tht ranveer is wrong this time as he hurted tia. She advices tia to open up with arjun more to forget ranveer.
Nakul enters tias room ant ask meher to come to his party. Meher tells him bout the poem he has written and then nakul clears off the misunderstanding by telling the truth tht it was for latty coz sid wants to dump her. pri says if this whole drama is going to happen in the party then she cant miss the fun. Tia and pri leaves for the party.

Everybody is enjoying in the party. Nakul all of sudden makes an announcement. He says tht sid has written a poem for latty. He then reads the whole poem. Latty gets really embarrassed. Everybody tells her to get lost frm the party. She looks at sid and goes away frm there.

Tia was on the way for the party and she bumps into anvesha. She tells ashi bout chichi but ashi was not at all interested in her silly talks. She juss moves frm there. Tia goes to the party and tells mp and vrinda to check on ashi. She says tht something is wrong with her. mp and vrinda leaves the party. Tia hugs pri and her eys meets with ranveer.

Ashi is in her room alone banging her head with the pillow and saying tht I m stupid .. I m duffer mp and vrinda enters the room and ask her .tht wats the matter. Ashi tells them tht the main prob is tht she is in love coz her love has betrayed her. yuvi had cheated her. she again tells tht she is a fool. Mp vrinda and ashi then hugs each other. Mp says tht she will go and punch yuvi and teach him a lesson. Ashi denes and tells them tht she will handle yuvi alone and will start with her kalika plan.

Latty gets her dad to the party and jumbo gets really angry seeing them all enjoying during tht time. He tells them tht all of them wont be allowed to go out for weekend and this wud be their punishment. Latty smiles( By God ! she looks like a lady Dracula in it !)

Next day, sid is in the canteen. Nakul comes there. Sid is really angry with nakul coz of last nite. But nakul says tht he did this only to help him so tht he can get rid of latty.
They then see yuvi sitting alone depressed. They both goes there and ask him tht did he talk to ashi. Yuvi says tht he did talk and also said sorry to her. he even told tht he loves her a lot but she didnt hear a word. Yuvi tells them tht ashi was talking bout kalika to teach him a lesson. They all 3 wonders who this kalika is.
Vrinda and mp comes to the canteen and strts the conversation bout kalika. Mp tells tht whatever ashi is doing with the help pf kalikaa is rite and vrinda tells tht kalika is too dangerous and ashi shud think once more. Yuvi hears all this and ask vrinda bout kalika. Vrinda instead asks him a question tht kyat um jaadu tona, bhoot prêt mein believe karte ho yuvi after thinking refuses. Vrinda then smiles and tell him tht then he shud not worry (but man! Yuvi was really worrying)

Pallavi ask sumeet tht why he always changes his decision as he decides to celebrates tias bday party and they have a conversation(cudnt hear as I got a call!)

Tia and arjun are talking. Tia tells arjun bout the party. Arjun asks bout ranveer and tia says tht he need not get jealous of ranveer. Tia requests him to take back his punishment but arjun denies and ask tht why she is so much concerned about him. tia tells him tht he doesent trust tia but arjun says tht he does trust her but cant trust tht sisodia.


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It starts from where it ended yesterday. Tia is telling arjun tht she wont go close to ranveer and now they dont even need to take ranveers help to meet each other as her papa now knows the truth. At the same time, sumeet and ranveer comes there. Sumeet says hi to arjun and meets both of them warmly. Tia gets confused. She ask tht wat is he doing here. Sumeet replies tht he came to meet ranveer and as he dont want to disturb them he will go to ranveers room to talk to him. he again shake hands with arjun and both of them leaves. Arjun is happy tht sumeet has finally accepted him but tia says tht she knows her dad very well and there is something wrong.

Finally after so many dayz they have shown tht dance class is going on. Ayesha gives them a dance paper to solve. All the students get irritated but have no choice. They start solving the paper and simultaneously looking at each others papers. Gloria comes in and tells ayesha tht someone has come frm yeshwent devss office and wants to meet yuvi. Yuvi gets frustrated, leaves his paper and goes with Gloria. And ashi giving weird expressions. Ashi then notices yuvis paper lying there and thinks of some prank.
Yuvi goes out and meets a young gal with a gift. She says tht there r giving these gifths to all those people who r supporting his dads party. Yuvi accepts the gift and thamks her. yuvi when goes back to class he sees tht his paper is ruined. Someone (and tht someone is obviously ashi) spreaded the whiteout on his paper. He gets disturbed and ask nakool and sid bout it. They say tht they dont know. Ayesha sees them discussing and ask tht wats the matter. Yuvi explains it to him but ayesha doesent believe him. she tells him to write the paper again. Ashi ,mp and vrinda r happy.
Sumeet is with ranveer begging him to help him in tia- arjun matter. Ranveer denies but sumeet forces him and finally ranveer gives up and he agrees.
Arjun is in the class. Sumeet calls him and tells tht he wants to talk to him. arjun tells sumeet tht he loves tia a lot and will take care of her. he wud never hurt her. sumeet first looks angry but then controls himself. Sumeet tells arjun tht he has a request. He gives a letter to him saying tht jumbo has signed to take back ranveers punishment. Arjun is confused and ask sumeet tht why he is doing so. Sumeet tells otherwise he wud be in trouble coz ranveer works for him and if he is given this punishment then ranveer wont be anble to help him. arjun agrees to take back his punishment. Sumeet gives the letter to arjun asking him to give it to ranveer.
Yuvi sid and nakool opens the gift and they finds a letter where it is written shaitan ki kasam .(dun remember) and is signed by sum jaydevi. He also finds some nimbo mirch in the box. Nakool and sid gets damn scared and thinks tht this is all done by kalika.
Arjun tells tia bout the conversation with his father. Tia gets mad and goes to confront his dad.
Ranveer is thanking sumeet for this favor and sumeet says tht he has to come back for work but he can take a leave when his exams wud be there. Tia appears and starts yelling tht why he is doing this to her. she says tht ranveer does only one work over here I.e of spying on her. ranveer replies tht his life doesent rotate around her but its hers life tht rotates around him as she knows wat he is doing, why he doing and why she is concerned wat he is doing here with her dad and sumeet agrees on this. Sonia enters and break the news tht sumeet had agreed for tias party. Tia gets very happy and hugs sumeet.
Yuvi comes out of the bathrrom in juss a towel and there is a knock on the door. He opens the door and there is gal who starts hugging him(awesome scene ! yuvis expression was worth watching !) poor yuvi tries to free himself but cudnt. Aditya is peeping from the window and taking snaps. At the same time, sid and nakool comes out from the same bathroom and thts too in towel.(cant understand this ..all 3 were having bath in single BATHROOM). They see tht gal and starts flirting with her. tht gal when satisfied tht the pics has been taken she leaves. All 3 runs out from the room trying to stop her and guess who ! arjun comes there. Tht gal tells arjun tht she is yuvis galfrend and leaves. Arjun stares at all 3 of them from top to bottom. He warns yuvi but yuvi says tht its non of his business .
Jumbo tells seema bout the paper leakage. Seema is shocked(oh god! This jumbo and his family is so irritating ! why dont they go to Himalayas!) seema storms out frm the room. Latty comes there and tells everything wat sid had done to her. jumbo calls sid and fails him. seema goes to the canteen and ask tht who leaked the papers but no one speaks. Later vrinda goes to meet seema and tells her tht it was lattika.
Tia is talking to meher and pri tht his father is the best. Ranveer comes there and tells her tht she is so selfish. Till her father was not with her she hated him and when his dad agree wat she wants to do he is the best. He says some dialogues which were really very toucy and gets emotional.
Arjun over there is talking to someone. He tells to go to rajasthan and get all the info bout him coz he has a doubt there is some connection between ahujas and sisodya.
Meher meets arjun in the school where arjun ask her bout tia. Meher says she doesent know . ranveer sees them and hides behind the wall to hear their conversation. Arjun asks meher bout the teddy nakool had gifted her. meher is confused as well as ranveer. Meher controls the stuation and tells arjun tht she did liked tht teddy and excuses her self.
Ranveer goes to tias room and starts searching. He sees tht bag where all the gifts given by ranveer was lying. He picks up tht bag and removes the teddy. He smiles and at the same time tears rolls on his eye.
Seema is questioning latty bout the papers. Latty says tht she didnt do anything. When seema tells vrinda told her everything. Latty gets really mad at vrinda and tells her chugalkhor. Seema tries to defend her. jumbo who was calmly listening to the whole conversation now gets up and tells tht even this is possible tht vrinda is trying to frame latty and they shud give a fair chance to her. seema says tht she had done wat she had to. She already sent a complaing letter to the board of directors. Latty andd jumbo r shocked.
Latty is really angry and she goes to vrindas room. She attacks at vrinda. Mp comes and save vrinda frm latty.
Latty comes out and meets pri. Latty tells everything wat vrinda did to her. pri says tht even she hates her and they strike a deal tht they wud make impossible for vrinda to stay in maurya.
Ranveer is out and sees arjun going sumwhere and was he was very much in hurry. He takes karans bike and follows him.
Sid still cudnt overcome by the shock tht he got failed.he thinks this is all done by kalika. He is in bed and yuvi and nakool tells him to get up and come for the class in a very hilarious manner.
Yuvi tells sid tht he will talk to his dad coz whatever is jumbo doing with him is unfair.
Aditya comes to meet ashi and they r hving a chat and ashi sees yuvi staring at her. she gets really disturbed. Aditya ask her to be cool and invites her out for coffee. He shows her the snaps and ashi gets really happy.
Arjun halts at some financial institution and ranveer sees this.
Tia is in the room with meher discussing bout the guest list. Pri cums there and tells wat vrinda had done to latty. Meher tries to defend vrinda but pri was really angry. Tia and meher moves and tia hands over the guest list to pri. Pri looks at the guest list and cuts off vrinds name.
Sonia and sumeet r planning for the party and pallo comes there. She exchanges some awesum dialogues with sonia. Chichi cums and hands over the bill to sumeet. As it was too expensive sumeet insults chichi and chichi goes from there. Sonia tells sumeet to say sorry to her for tia. Sumeet runs behind her. pallo challenges sonia tht he will get married to sumeet and sonia laughs and tells her to stop dreaming.
sid and nakool are in the canteen. they see ashi cuming and ask her bout kalika. ashi scares them by saying tht she can do anything as she associated with jaadu tona.
History class is going on and mam sharma ask bout ranmveer. Ranveer comes late and mam sharma ask him to sit near tia. Yuvi was really uncomfortable and tries to move frm the class. Ranveer and tia were discussing sumthing and arjun sees them together. He ask mam sharma to take tia out as he wants to to her but she denies. Ranveer tells tia to ask arjun tht where was he in the morning.
Ditya and ashi r talking and yuvi comes there . he tells aditya tht he has some of his pictures and he wants them back(he was talking to aditya ..but his eyes were on ashi wow the way he was looking at ashi !!!i cant explain) he gives the whole camera to yuvi . yuvi de;lets the snap not knowuing tht snaps r already developed.
Tia tells arjun tht ranveer asked her to ask him tht where was he since morning. Arjun is shocked and tells tht he was in a bank. He tells tia tht if everything goes according to the plan tht he wud give her the best gift on her bday. He tells tht he wud remove ranveer forever from her life . tia gets upset
It starts with ashi , chichi and tia having a meeting regarding the party. They r looking certain fabrics but no one cud reach any decision. Ranveer enters and says tht before choosing all this they shud decide a theme. Tia comes up with the theme of fairytale which ashi turns down and comes up with the 70s look theme. Every body agrees to this. Soniya comes. She too loved the theme. Sumeet and pallavi enters. Sumeet tells tht pallavi wants to help tia for her party but tia gets upset and leaves.

Aman is looking for vrinda. He meets ashi. Yuvi and ranveer comes and tells her tht they have to decide a farewell song for which they need to go out of the school. Ashi says tht aditya will manage. Yuvi refuses to take his help. Ashi tells him tht she will then see him the pub and leaves. Ranveer asks tht wats the matter .yuvi says nothing.

Vrinda gets the letter which latty and pri planted for her. She reads the letter and starts crying. Pri sees this and smiles. Aman comes theer and ask her bout it but vrinda doesent say anything except tht she needs to go to Chennai.

Mp and varun r talking where mp tells him tht if her guardian doesent want to talk to her then even she is not interested. Gloria comes there and tells mp tht her guardian is on phone and wants to talk to her.

Meher , nakool and sid goes to meet raghav sir and ask him to permit them to go out. Raghav denies. In the meanwhile Gloria cums there and tells raghav tht jumbo is calling him. sid and meher thinks wat to do and sid finds a blank paper signed by raghav and plans to use it.

Meher ,sid and nakool shows the permission letter to Gloria and moves out frm school. Gloria tells jumbo tht they have have gone out without his permission.

Meher nakool and sid goes to meet kalika (the part was a big bore so wont explain it but will tell tht she scared them a lot.)

Raghav enters the staff room and sees sharma mam sitting over there. He ask her tht why she is being so rude to praduman. Sharma mam tells him rudely tht b4 matchmaking he shud hav known the background of praduman. She then says tht there is someone else in pradumans life. Raghav is shocked.

Raghav then ask praduman indirectly tht why he and shanty got separated. Praduman tells the story tht he, shanty and rati (another teacher at tht time) was very good frenz but after sum time shanty strted thinking otherwise tht there was sumthing more than frenship in praduman and ratis relationship and broke off wit him. praduman then left school and then was in no contact wit her. Raghav ask bout rati and praduman says tht she is happily married with 2 kids. Raghav is surprised and tells praduman tht shanty thinks tht he is married to rati and thts why she is not accepting his love.

Sumeet meets ranveer and tells him tht arjun has links wit underworld. Sumeet ask bout arjun as he wanted to talk to him. but ranveer says tht he is on leave. He tries to get info frm Gloria but doesnt succeed
Tia is talking to arjun on phone saying tht she is missing him and blah blah to make ranveer jealous. Ranveer now wants to know tht where exactly arjun has gone.

Sumeet soniya and chichi goes for shopping leaving pallo behind.
Sumeet and soniya reaches restaurant where soniya ask ahuja bout his wedding. Sumeet gets confused. Then soniya tells him tht pallo had contacted chichi to oraganise their wediing. Sumeet is shocked.

Vrinda meets tia. Tia ask vrinda bout the invitation card but vrinda says tht she aint received any invitation. Tia understands tht it is all planned by pri. Tia talks tp pri regarding this issue and the letter ones too. Pri tells tia tht if she said anything to vrinda regarding the letter then she will break her friendship wit her.

Ranveer goes to class and check tias cell. Tia enters and strts insulting tht how dare he touched tias cell. Ranveer tells her tht her bf is in his city sanganer and tells her to message arjun tht he dared go close to his family and leaves in anger leaving confused tia behind.
It starts with chee cuming up to tia and telling her bout wat sumeet told cheechee. She told tia tht according to sumeet she wont be arranging the party. Tia gets upset and calls up sumeet. She tells him tht he juss wants to spoil her party or he dont want to throw it only. Sumeet tries to make her understand but tia slams down the phone.
Sumeet is thinking bout wat to do next and pallavi comes there. She sarcastically ask bout tia but sumeet tells her tht tia is upset and he needs to go to the school.
He reaches school and meets sonia ,ashi .tia and cheche. Another good scene between sumeet and sonia where sonia tells sumeet kanjoos , fickle minded etc.
All 4 of them team up together against sumeet.
Sid , nakool r really scared and thinks tht everything is done by none other than kalika but yuvi tells them tht there is no such kalika it is all done by ashi. Gloria enters and tells them tht jumbo is calling them
All 3 r shown in jumbos room and jumbo is screaming at them regarding the snaps. Yuvi tells tht someone is framing him but jumbo doesent blive him. yeshwent dev cums there and jumbo shows the snap to yeswent. Yeswent dev screams at yuvi. Gloria then tells him to read wat is written behind the snap. Yeshwent dev reads. It was written tht the same photograph is sent to his election campaign and the person whose son breaks the rules is not fit to be a politician.
Latty is suspended for a week by singhania and latty is really mad at vrinda. She tells pri tht she will see to it tht vrinda is expelled.
Latty and pri r making their plans where pri is telling to latty tht she striked off vrindas name frm the lparty list. Ashi cums theer and attacks latty for wat she has done to vrinda.
Yeswwnt and yuvi comes there where yuvi tells yeswent dev tht all this is done by ashi. Ashi denies . she says tht she can never forgive yuvi but she knows wat image yeshwent dev carries and she wud never do anything to spoil tht image. She says tht its possible tht latty had done it as she is interested in other peoples work. Yeswent dev threatens latty.
Yuvi tries to tell yeswent tht it was not his fault and yeswent dev slaps him. everybody is shocked.
ashi is in her locker room and yuvi comes there. He asks her tht why she is doing allthis. Ashi tells tht she dont have time to waste on all this and she hadnt done this. She tells himtht she tore off all the pages of her life where he was there. Yuvi again feels guilty. Ashi moves frm theer. Sid and nakool comes over there and yuvi tells them tht ash is not behind all this. Nakool again strts with the crap tht kalika has done it. He tells tht he wil send meher to ask mp bout kalikas no. (bakool addresses ashi by saying who chic and yuvi really gets angry by tht)


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sumeet goes to ranveers room and tell him to deal with chichi and to see tht the arrangements r proper. He says tht by this he wud be testing his business skills. Ranveer agrees as he was getting the chance to prove his ability in front of sumeet and to gain his trust. Sumeet breaks this news to sonia , tia and che che. Tia first disagree but when sumeet takes pallavis name she agrees.
Arjun is talking to someone on phone where he cums to know tht ahuja and sisodiyas were having their business together some time ago. He registers his ticket for sanganer.
Pri is frustrtated with vrinda as she again poked her nose in her matter and tell latty to do sumthing bout it. Latty wrote a letter to vrinda in her moms name and asking her to cum to Chennai without giving any reasons to this way she cud be expelled.
Ashi is talking to aditya tht she can make any one as kalika as her mom is having several contacts. They r talking and yuvi comes there and starts fighting wioth aditya. Sonia cums there but ashi says tht adi is certainly stronger than yuvi . yuvi juss keeps looking at ashi and aditya keeps hitting yuvi. Yuvi and ashi both memorise the moments they spent together. At one point when aditya was grabbing yuvis neck ashi gets tears in her eyes by seeing yuvis pain and tells him to stop it. Sonia realizing the feeling of ashi takes her away.
Yuvi then lies over there crying ..
Arjun is in sanganer. He ask a person bout ranveer and tht person informs arjun tht a big businessman cheated ranveers dad some time ago coz of which he committed suicide. Arjun tries to ask the name of tht businessman but tht person refuses to ans.

Ranveer is in ccds thinking and aman joins him. ranveer tells aman tht in no way he let arjun destroy the aim for which he came here. But rite now he has to think bout remix coz tht is more imp.

Aman ask vrinda tht why she is going to Chennai suddenly. She replies rude4ly tht its not his matter. Sonal masi comes theer and tells tht she shud talk properly to aman and also tells tht her mom called and everything is fine. Vrinda doesent reply and leaves. Aman tells sonal tht sumthing is definitely wrong.

Jumbo suspends raghav for signing the permission letter. He gives his post of a study coordinater to ayesha. Ayesha smiles and looks at raghav.

Raghav , praduman and shanty is in the staff room. Praduman tries to talk tp shanty and ashi enters. She invites them to her bday party. Praduman and raghav semmed excited bout the theme but shanty refuses to come to the party. When raghav forces her she tells raghav tht he is no more a study coordinater and leaves. Ashi and praduman r stunned hearing this.

Tia is in the room and meher enetes. Tia tells everything to meher bout wat pri is doing. Meher advises tia tht she shud tell everything to vrinda coz pri is wrong but tia is not convinced as she dont want to lose pri. Ranveer comes and informs her tht there is a band meeting. Tia says tht she is no mood to attend any meeting. After ranveer leaves tia gets an idea tht she can take ranveers help as he is the pnly one who can convince pri.

Sid and nakool tells yuvi bout kalika but yuvi dun blive them. Aman cums and tells tht balli incle told them tht they have to perform on fri instead of sat and therefore meeting is held in the shed.

Ashi is in the shed with kalika telling her tht her main aim is to scare yuvi. At tht time yuvi, nakool and sid enters (awesome scene guys ..cant explain the whole scene but seeing yuvis and ashis reaction I was rolling down wit laughter ). Yuvi tells kalika tht she shud find sumone else to fool and makes fum of her. Kalika then starts with her acting of a witch which ashi was thouroughly enjoying. Those 2 namoonas were getting scare but yuvi was not scared knowing tht it was all planned by ashi. While saying sum mantra by kalika mp is at the door. Ashi sees her and signals her and she throws yuvis guitar. This time yuvi also wonders tht how guitar was on the floor. Sid and nakool r scared to death and takes yuvi away. Ashi and kalika laughs.(tried my best to explain)

Ashi goes to the room and she and mp have a nice and cute chat.

Tia tries to talk to ranveer bout pri. She infact follows him. but ranveer doesent listen to her.
Sonal gives chennais tick to vrinda dated after ashis bday but vrinda request her tht she wants to go asap. Latty and pri sees this and is very happy.

Aman tells ranveer bout vrinda. Meher overhears and tell them this si all planned by pri. Ranveer then remembers tia tht even she wanted to talk bout pri and goes to her room. Tia first thinks tht she is imagining him but then ranveer says hi and also sorry for how he behaved with her.

Sumeet ask pallo bout the estimation she asked to chichi. Pallavi is shocked to hear this as she didnt blive tht chichi actually told him everything then sumeet clarify tht it wasnt chichi but it was sonia who told him everything
It starts with soniya , ashi and ditya entering a restaurant. Sonia sees adi and ashi having fun and thinks tht she shud leave them alone. Yuvi comes over there and ask sonia about ashi. He says tht he wants to talk to her. Sonia says tht ashi is busy wit her bf and indicates towards them. Sonia then leaves. Yuvi sees ashi and adi together and gets jealous. Adi moves to get sum drinks and yuvi comes near ashi. Yuvi tells ashi tht he sincerely loves her and how can she date a creep like adi and he kisses ashi. Ashi pushes him. She says tht she have forgotten him so plz stop bothering me. Yuvi then gets angry and tells her oh mujhe nahi pata tha ki tumme yeh bhi talent hai. Cds ki tarah bfs badalne ki. Ashi replies haan or tumme cds pane ke liye apni gf bet par lagane ki.
Yuvi feels guilty. She tells him tht he is no more in his life and she has forgotten him.

Yuvi goes to school and tells sid tht ashi has forgotten him. sid sympathize with him.

Arjun meets tia and tell her tht he has to on a trip very urgently for few dayz. Tia gets upset and tells tht then whu wud be her date on her bday (timbo ! ranveer obviously) arjun smiles and tells tht he is going to get a surprise gift for her.

Balli uncle calls all 4 of them to the shed. Ashi cums with aditya telling tht he is her manager. Balli uncle tells them tht they wont playing any more coz he is shutting down his pub and moving to jalandar. Everyone is shocked. Balli uncle says tht they have to perform next sat as their farewell show. Aditya then tells tht nobody can stop us frm playing and they will find a way out. Yuvi again strts arguing with adi and ranveer tells them tht remix is more imp than their fites.

Praduman is teaching music in the class where he teaches how music is related with love. Raghav sees this and tells praduman tht though he is teaching this to students but he himself is not following. He tells him to talk to sharma mam.

All the students , raghav and praduman goes in front of sharma mams house and starts singing mere samne wali khaki mein sharma mam comes out and splashes water on all of them.

Tia and pri r talking and tia is asking sum lipstick frm her. At the same time latty enters and calsl pri out. Pri excuses herself and tia decides to find the lipstick herself. She searches in drawers and gets the letter which latty had written for vrinda . tia is shocked reading this.

Ranveer meets sumeet. Sumeet tells tht many big businessman goes in tht financial institution where arjun was there. He tells tht he will ask pallavu to find it out. Ranveer shows the expenses of the party and sumeet gets happy as the cost was less than half of wat chichi showed him.

Chodharys class is going on. Tia gets the message frm chichi to meet her. Choudhry doesent allow her. She sms ashi regarding this. Ashi gets an idea and tells choudhry tht jumbo first considering him as a vice president but coz of sumones influence he changed his decision. Choudhry gets disturbed and leaves the class giving the lecture free. Ashi and tia then calls chichi. Tia is too upset with pri regarding tht letter.

choudhry then goes to staff room and fites with raghav. jumbo comes and choudhry tells them tht he is leaving this school.

ayesha goes to the meeting where raghav was called. a lady tells ayesha tht there is a good news for raghav. ayesha insists to tell her. tht lady then gives a document. ayesha reads it and is shocked and tells tht "this is impossible!"

Chichi gets the invitation cards and show it to tia. Tia and ashi doesent like it but ranveer said it is this way coz the card she chose was too expensive.

Pallavi finds bout arjun and tells sumeet tht arjun is having a link with underworld. Sumeet is shocked.

Aditya is photoshooting some gal and yuvi enters. He asks aditya tht is it true tht he is dating ashi. Adi says its non of his concern. He shud only keep this in mind tht ashi hates him. yuvi gets disappointed.

Nakul calls kalika and kalika scares the hell out of him. meher fixes the meeting with kalika.
Ranveer asks tia about Pri . Tia tells him that she doesnt want to breakPri's trust and friendship totally , yet she has beenbehaving very badly lately and she is the one who sent the letter to Vrinda . Ranveer asks Tia to talk to her but she says she cant So ranveer says they will both go . Tia says , if i do go with you , dont you dare later tell me that i try to follow u . Ranveer smiles . They bopth meet Pri but Pri as before behaves badly firstly with Tia and then with ranveer she says sumthing like... tia tumne ranveer ko bata kar mera trust betray kiya and stuff like tht [honestly speaking.. i dunno wads got into pri.. i mean like i think she over reacted with the entire vrinda issue...and to try to get her expelled for helping... was a bit too much
anyways im glad she did come around... which basically showed tht she is a good person at heart... ] . Seeing that Tia scolds Pri it was nice to c tia standing up for ranveer....... , saying Ranveer is being nice with you and you are abusing him ..!! Pri in the heat of the moment discloses that Tia still has feelings for him . She tells Tia to go away . Then Ranveer talks to her and gets her back to senses [ honestly i think ranveer is pretty mature.. i mean the way he handles things is amazing... and this is not just the first time that hes helped sum1 out]. The Pri asks him, you are advicing me ... but why are you and Tia unable to see that both of you like each other . [ranveer made this really cute expression here.. ]

Aditya meets Ashi.... and tells her that he will yet make Remix famous , he will put up Posters of Remix all around the city and then other ppl will come begging them to do a show for them in a big stadium
Ashi laughs it off , but Adi tells her that she should not leave dreaming . [honestly the only one dreaming here is u aditya.... dreaming that you have a chance to hit off with ashi]
One can only achieve what they dare to dream. Ashi finds this very sensitive....
She then goes off and scares of Sid and nakul a little more....
but also tells them that because of them RD sir got suspended ( false sigfnature ) .
They go to gloria and find out that RD sir is gone on leave . Ayesha overhears this and on digging finds out that RD sir has left Maurya High for good ......
Ashi decides to bug Sid and nakul some more and gives them a potion , using which if they take baths TOGETHER - Sid , Nakul and Yuvi , then only the curse of kalika will go away . Yuvi is indignant about all this and says he would never do that . But the other two get him convinced .


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Sonia is getting a massage to relax , only to find out that it is Pallavi who is giving it . Pallavi is crazy as she tries to strangle Sonia . When Kuki etc . come along then only she leaves her , but not before threatening her seriously . Sonia is shaken .
Pri goes to Apologize to Vrinda , in front of Ashi and MP . Pri says she is sorry and she did all that on Latikas ushering . Vrinda says she forgives her , but Ashi is still angry ... She tells Vrinda , how can you be so good and nice . [ well all of us agree on one thing i believe... that if pri is really good at heart.. then vrinda has a heart of gold... i mean to forgive someone who was trying to get you expelled and that has hurt you so much.... welll its amazing....]
Tia is hiding under a table [this was too funny... i mean tia's expressions and all ] as she doesnt want to show her face to Ranveer , now that her feelings for him is out of the bag . Meher brings in Pri and Pri again apologizes to Tia . Tia says of course she will forgive her and she will always be Tia's Angels . ......
Tia finally bumps into ranveer where he asks her about what pri had said . Tia is stunned .
Tia says that she doesnt have any feelings for ranveer.
obviously Ranveer feels sad and then he remembers wad tia had said tht night .... when they broke up ... that it was just a bet... so he says the same thing to her....
Tia is also angered and says that ranveer dint actually love tia and it was all just a play to take sum sorta revenge from her....cos of the way she had first inslted him in skool....
tia tells ranveer that u tried to fool me thinking that i'll fall into ur trap... but i dint ...and no you never meant anything to tia.... ur rite when u say tht u were just a bet for me.....
ranveer gives a very very depressed look.... [seemed like he just needed a good hug...any ranveer fans near by..... ]

now coming to yuvi ashi
yuvi was like damn surprised and angry... he was also shocked ... cos aditya had stuck the posters of remix all over the city and so if his dad came to know he'd be killed......
he couldnt believe that ashi cud have let aditya do that .... i mean let him get into all that trouble...
and obv sid and nakul... get back to their normal.."yeh sab kalika ka shraap hai.... ya yuvi dude yeh sab kuch kalika ki wajah se ho raha hai.."
nakul can do the entire "kalika" thing so well... he's so funny....
i just hope he starts shooting again soon...

then some female calls up sonia ray apparently this lady is some lawer frn some high court or sumthing..... but cookie thinks its pallavi... so she just speaks rudely to her and cuts the phone....
later on this same lady calls up again.... and this time sonia ray ans it...
cookie is surprised to c that it is actually sum lawer... then sonia ray tells her that she will meet her at the high court and when she goes there she signs sum papers... i think they were some custody papers... maybe sumthin to do with leo or sumthing with ashi and her dad.... no idea wad this was about..

well then yuvi comes to meet ashi .. shes talking to aditya on the phone... as always.... so then he tells her that she has to help him out of this entire posters fiasco... cos she is partly responsible for it.... well so ashi agrees...
they make a plan of sneaking out of the hostel at night... ashi takes a torch n tells sid nakul n yuvi that when she signals it to them they shud run out of the gate.... she then goes to the gate and distracts the watchman by saying that there are gonna be sum shooting stars in the night .. so she makes him face sum other side and tells sid nakul n yuvi to run... she later joins them
they walk for a long time and cant find any posters... anyways when they do find them .. they c that none of the faces on the poster are clear... in the sense they hv been blurred..... so ashi thinks that aditya is a genius
and calls him up/.....[doesnt he sleep at night.... yeh to confirmed ullu hai..] well wadeve...
later aditya comes to meet ashi and goes on to tell her that half the tickets of their show r sold and that he has also planned out the entire ladakh trip for them as a brthday present....[OMG ashi..... where r ur brains,,,..... did u gift them to tia.. ]

mp's guardian sends some dress for her for the party....
tia insults all her friends ka clothes and tells them that if they wanna wear these kinda clothes then they shud forget coming to her party...
sonia comes and asks tia that y is she being so mean .. to which she says.. that she has a surprise for all her friends.. cos her dad isbuying the dresses for them...
but too late tia.. vrinda goes n tells mp n ashi wad tia told her so then they take tias dress n dig up a pit n hide it in it
sonia tells tia about wad pallavi said to her the previous day abt staying away frm tia... tia gets worried but sonia ray gives a mischevious smile...
so sonia ray is upto sumthing...
she also goes to sumeet ahuja and maska maros him for sum reason...
[sorry i missed tht part... i was on the phone..]
there is a band meeting and they r all excited about the amount of people tht are gonna turn up for their show due to the posters .. but yuvi is getting scared of his dad....
also i forgot to mention varun invites ayesha on ashi's behalf for the party... so ayesha thanks ashi in class.... so tia comes to know abt ashi calling the teachers for the party...

then tia [who wasnt there in the meeting] comes in and tells ashi tht she shouldnt hv invited the teachers without askin her r sumthing....
ranveer takes the blame...
tia storms out
ranveer follows
tia says tht she knows tht ranveer dint do it... it was ashi
phone rings..... arjun on the phone...
ranveer sad...
arjun to tia - "i cant come for hte party".....
ranveer happy...
tia goes sum distance..... glances frm the corner of her eyes at ranveer.....
smiles........ and thinks of the na jaane kaise song........
it starts with ashi being asked to rest by vrinda and mp.she says she is alright and that she wants to meet and vrinda afraid that they will end up in the fight ask her to lie down and rest.someone knocks the door and yuvi enters.he asks ashi how is she for which she says chale jao.vrinda and mp echo together chale jao.ashi pretends like not bothered abt him and closes her eyes and lies down.yuvi says that he require 2 minutes alone with ashi for which mp and vrinda give ashi a look,ashi says ok and they both leave the room.yuvi comes and sits beside ashi.ashi asks him rudely kya hain?for which he answers tumhara b'day hain.she looks at him quite affectionately.yuvi places a peck on her face and wishes her happy b'day.and them he removes a ring and presents it to her.they both keep looking at each other for a few minutes[man!wt a cute scene....].then uv gets up and and vrinda wish her happy b'day.she says thanx and looks quite sad thinking abt yuvi.
tia in her room is covered up in her bedsheet and pri and meher wish her happy b'day but tia is upset abt her dress.there is a knock at the door and when tia comes to know it is ranveer she asks him to leave.meher and pri in order to leave them both alone make a bahaana and leave.ranveer comes in with a breakfast tray containing a glass of juice and something wrapped in foil and a rose.he says that arjun has sent tia a card for which she removes her bedsheet immediately and asksas to how come arjun ranveer's biggest enemy sent tia something via ranveer says that aaj ke din hum hamhare jhagda bool jaate hain kyunki aaj aapka b'day hain.tia asks him y he is giving tia a present for which he says that agar woh unka bf hota tho woh yahi karta.and gives her the rose tia and ranveer keep looking at each other for other cute scene today.
mp,meher,pri and vrinda discuss and decide somehow to avoid ashi and tias when ashi asks them where tia is they make some bahaana.tia and ashi finally encounter and ashi tells that she is sorry abt wtever happened and tells her that she just wanted tia to realise that there r better things to worry abt than dress and make up.tia at that time says that she doesnt want any opinion from her at that time their friends enter the scene and forcefully seperate them thinking that they were fighting.ashi explains that she was only telling tia sorry.adi comes there and shows the angels some photos of dresses which tia ashi says that tia can keep that dress.tia asks y ashi doesnt want that dress for which she says it isnt her types,so ashi gifts her b'day retro dress to tia.tia thanx ashi.
sonia is in ahuja's house and she is trying to convince kaaka to lock up reva and pallavi in the room for tias party.ahuja and pallavi enter the room and are shocked to c her there.on asking she says that there is water problem in her house so she will be staying in tias room for today.saying this she coolly walks off.pallavi is very angry but sumeet asks her to forget it as today is a special day.
pri is eating secretly a sandwich when ashi spots her.pri asks her not to tell abt it to neone but ashi says y she cares abt others and that she should do wt she wants.pri doesnt want to listen to ashi although she want to talk to pri but walks and dashes against adi.adi asks her to chill.pri goes off giving adi a look.ashi tells adi that pri likes him for which he replies that but he likes someone else looking at her.ashi tells that he should dance with pri during her party for which he says no.then ashi says that he has to do it for her.chee chee enters the scene and asks adi to help her.he leaves reluctantly and ashi raises her finger and looks at the ring yuvi gave and is almost on the verge of kissing it.
ashi is in her room wondering where her mom is when raghav comes and wishes her and gives her a small gift which he said was sent by sonia.ashi opens it and finds a bracelet and mocks at the gift.for which raghav says that it is a goodluck charm.ashi is dissappointed.
tia,her angels,mp and vrinda are going to the parlour where they r stopped by jamwal and he doesnt allow them to go out of the campus as they r under detention.all r dissappointed and sonal masi comes to their aid and says that she had a parlour before so they will set up their own in the changing room.the girls agree.
tia is in her room and wishes her mom was with her.vrinda asks her to remove the parcel that tia had of her mom and check the things probably she will find something.tia takes the parcel and finds a ring there and wears it.
sonia knocks the door of ashis room but ashi is angry and says that she doesnt want to meet her.she says she has got her b'day gift something that she badly wanted.ashi reluctantly opens the door and is very happy to c leo.she says that this is wt is called a gift.
tia gets a letter and she starts crying after reading it.she goes away from the room and is spotte by sonia.sonia asks her wt happened and tia shows her the letter.sonia says that it is a disgusting trick that someone is playing on her and that this time it is not reva but pallavi.tia gets a shock.sonia says that she need not worry as she will keep pallavi awy from her b'day.
now comes the hilarious scene.sid and karan are inquisite to know as to wt is happening in the changing room as they see many girls flooding in there.they try peeping and sonal masi catches them and shoos them off.yuvi comes by and sid asks him to come along with himto see chicks.yuvi says that he is not interested.sid asks him whether he is not interested in ashi also.yuvis bulb flickers,his face brightens and he rushes.sid says slowly since sonal masi is in a bad temper.ranveer comes by and asks where tia is.they both answer that she is inside and asks even him to try looking.they try to hear wts going on when mp hears a sort of thud at the door.the girls along with sonal maasi go near the door.masi suddenly opens the door and thud the 3 of them fall.they give them a stupid look and say that they werent doing nething.they r forced to sit and vrinda,mp and meher show them waxing knives and remove hot wax and apply it on their legs and wax off the hair.the way they scream and their expression shown in contrast red background was really hilarious.ranveer gives a stupid look to tia and smiles and tia gives a wt will i do look.
it starts with ranveer getting a call from his sanganer friend.he tells him that someone there is enquiring abt him at different places.ranveer guesses that it is arjun and wants to speak to his mom.but doesnt know how to go out to make a trunk that time varun comes and tells him that he will go and get the std open code from glorias office.arjun reaches ranveers house and there he is tells that he is ranveers friend and that he is worried since ranveer looks preoccupied and worrried abt some issue probably related to mr.ahuja.his mom is abt to say something when ranveers call comes at the correct time and he tells his mom not to tell arjun nething and tells her that he is his biggest dushman.


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tia in the class keeps two covers adressed to meher and vrinda and tells them that it is tias secret surprise...ashi is shocked to hear this and she feels guilty abt wt she did.she runs from the class suddenly telling mp that she has to remove wt she had dug.tia is surprised at the way ashi runs and asks pri to go behind her.pri sees ashi digging out the dress and runs with the dress to show it to tia.but ashi stops her saying that she will give motiroli two full boxes of creamy chocolates.but still when pri seems reluctant she tells her that if she is a true friend and doesnt want her friend to die then she must not tell ne thing to her.pri agrees to this but asks ashi wt abt the dress.ashi tells her not to worry abt the dress.tia is telling pri that she has to pay a visit to her dress.pri tries to stop her.then ashi comes and tells her that if she looks at the dress again and again it is some kinda badluck.but tia doesnt listen.then she tells her that u can speak to my mom abt it as she was the one who had told me this.tia agrees and says that she has to go to meher.ashi looks very tensed and aditya comes there and asks her abt the problem and assures her that he will find some solution and tells her they both will go out together .at that time raghav sees them and asks wt she is doing since its his class then.ashi tells him that this will be her b'day gift and that she be allowed to go.raghav agrees and after they leave he says ayesha hope u dont report this to singhania.ayesha comes out from her hiding and tells him see ur students require u.think abt ur decision again.
yuvi and sid r sitting at the cafe.sid tells yuvi that he has changed a lot and he knows that it is b'cos ashi has broken his heart.yuvi tries to avoid the question but sid tells him that he knows that he knows wt yuvi feels for ashi and also that yuvi is trying to hide it from them[how i wish he knew this two weeks before!]yuvi just asks him to shut up and that he doesnt want to talk nething abt that time nakul comes with a bucket and says that it contains the bhoothy that ashi gave him.yuvi asks them to chuck it.but sid and nakul take him away to bath with that water.
it is ms.sharmas class and tia asks miss sharma whether she will attend her party for which she snaps at her saying that dressing ,makeup aur parties ke aage bhi kuch duniya hoti hain.that time sid yuvi and nakul keep itching in a very odd manner and miss sharma gets irritated with them.she asks them abt wt she thought them today.sid keeps on repeating twice"aurangazeb ne"then nakul says this is some tribal good luck dance.miss sharma cant stand it anymore and sends them outside the class.they r itching themselves and each other really very badly and then nakul takes the garden pipe and they try to stop the itching.that time adi and ashi come there and mock at them.yuvi shouts back at ashi and adi asks him whether he doesnt know how to talk to girls[which he himself must have learnt only now.that idiot]yuvi yells back at him asking him to just shut up.yuvi and sid are in their room where he tells sid that he is really sorry for wtever is happening since its b'cos of him that his two friends r suffering.sid tells him that after all they r friends and that they will help him get back at ashi for which yuvi says that wtever ashi is doing with him he deserves it since he has really hurt ashi and that he deserves something more worse for wt he had done with ashi[ashi pls understand him soon!]he asks sid why he is such a big looser.
meher and tia are talking.meher asks tia to close her eyes and feel whom she wants to go on a date with and dance in the party.tia closes her eyes and she thinks abt her dance with ranveer.ranveer she says.tia ranveer ke saath jaana chahthi hain.meher asks her then y she doesnt ask ranveer for a date for whish she says that will not be possible.tia and meher are checking out matching shoes for tias dress.they r not able to decide then tia decides to take out her dress and decide.pri tries to stop her but then tia opens the cupboard and is shocked to see that her dress is missing.pri tries to say something to cover up and it slips from her mouth that ashi ne kuch nahi kiya.tia is more angry and shocked.
pri,meher and vrinda talk to raghav abt miss sharma attending the party and he tells them that he cant be of any help but probably ayesha can be.ayesha comes in that time and asks wt they r talking abt her.raghav explains to her and says that it is a time to prove to the students that u r not as hard hearted as u seem.ayesha decides to help and tells miss sharma that since the party is taking place in the campus she will have to monitor it.miss sharma refuses and that time ayesha says that she was not asking her but informing her.pradyuman walks in and miss sharma angrily leaves the room.cookie and sonia are talking and cookie enquires her abt the high court thing.which sonia says is a huge surprise for cooks and ashi and asks her to wait.
ashi is tensed abt tias dress and tells mp that she is getting scared when tia storms inside the room really angry and starts fighting with ashi and pushes her and she tumbles down and falls to the ground floor[wonder how adi took her photos in towel.that time it just seemed like a corridor outside the window.]mp is shouting and that time our very own her yuvi comes in the scene.ashi sweetheart wt happened he is confused and tensed as to wt to do and then he places a peck on her forehead..and after shaking her she is conscious.adi enters the scene[seems like he doesnt have any other work.he is a photographer rite then how many will he take?]yuvi shouts at him telling that uski koi zaroorat nahi hain since he is there to handle the situation.and they start fighting.vrinda tells them that this is not the time to fight and yuvi and aditya carry ashi and take her to provide aid[aditya y were u there?]
tia is very tensed that all this has happened and says that tia ek murderer hain and that agar ashi ko kuch ho jaata tho phir tia ko jail jaana padega .......that time pri asks tia whether she doesnt have any other dress.that time tia says that tia has but none of her dresses r special.
arjun is talking over the phone to someone and says that he will give him loads of money for information and proof on ranveer.for which the guy on the phone agrees.
sorry guys missed out on this one:ashi and adi seem very happy after the yuvi itchy incident.adi tells ashi that she should feel happy abt the revenge with yuvi.for which ashi says that the revenge is through but she is not feeling good abt wt she has done.for which adi tries to tell her that she shouldnt give importance to such loosers .uska matlab tha yuvi[how dare he!].and that she should promise him that she wont look or talk or do anything concerned with yuvi.she should forget abt wtever happened as it can't be changed and look for better things in front of her[thinking abt himself]and then tells her that wt he means by this is that she should stop treating herself badly and completely forget abt the incident.ashi agrees.
PRECAP:yuvi comes inside ashi's room.ranveer gives tia b'day card from arjun.tia is going to slap ashi but ashi stops it and twists tias and varun,aman and vrinda r in some sort of argument.
it starts with chee chee giving an intoduction abt the party.......
next scene shows sonia ray giving pallos room keys to kaka and asking him to stay tight lipped abt it and telling him ki aap kal subah tak darwaaza nahi kholenge.sumeet comes and asks where is pallo for which she comments saying pallo ko tyaar hone mein waqt lagega lekhin sonia ray ko sirf 20 minute lagte hain.natural beauty u see,she says.she says she will drive for which he sarcastically says that after the haalat in which she left his car last time he wouldnt allow her to touch his car.
now comes the hilarious part.the ppl enter and wt an entry!
sid enters singing "i am a disco dancer"
from behind jamwal enters as GABBAR SINGH perfectly suited him.tries to imitate gabbars voice and says"aap logon ko jamwal se sirf jamwal kudh bachaa saktha hain.itni enjoyment ke badle kya huan agar aap logon se hw karvaaya ...etc"
mrs.jamwaal enter as i couldnt guess but in retro style and says aaj tho in bacchon ko chodh deejiye."
aman enters as amitabh in khuda gawah saying some dialogue[he looked like osama to me ]with vrinda as guddi beside him.
pri enters as basanthi and tells her dialogue[she looked pretty decent]
meher as miss hawa hawaii
sumeet ahuja enters as anthony gonsalves[he looked the only thoda proper amitabh]followed beside by sonia ray as anaarkali.
yuvi enters as amitabh[it is tough to believe but he wasn't on stilts ]with disco lights in his dress the yaarana kind.
ranveer enters then saying the deewar amitabh dialogue.
raghav and ayesha entered next as rajesh khanna and mumtaz in the song jai jai shiv shankar[man both looked so funny ]
aditya enters next some villain of course[but couldnt guess who?]
karan enters next as the villain who says"robert","mona darling sona kahaan hain?"
sonia flirts with ahuja who is busy receiving guests and she says romantic umrao jaan dialogue.she gives him a wink too.sumeet doesnt know how to react to it.
sumeet thanx ranveer for disabling arjun from attending the party.ranveer says even he didnt want arjun to attend.
arjun in rajasthan is trying hard to find abt ranveer and a guy gives him some information abt an old lady who worked in their then haveli knows everything abt them[to show it is rajasthan everyone is roaming in huge turbans and rajasthani outfit ]he gives that guy money.
sumeet ahuja receives pallos call but a waiter dashes against him and the phone falls down and splits.sonia ray taking the opportunity smashes the phone with her leg.ahuja looks at the dead phone killed by sonia and starts arguing with her for which she tells she will buy him a new one.
sid finds some hot gals who pri tells is tia's cousins.sid goes to flirt around with them yuvi follows suit[coming out of depression.hurray!]but both of them make fools of themselves and walk off from there.
pradyuman enters as mehmood of padosan.he discusses with rd and syesha abt whether shanthi will come when ms.sharma enters.pradyu goes and talks to her but as usual she gives a rude comment and walks off.
chee chee announces tia and ashis entry.tia enters in style and ranveer looks at her.
yuvis eyes search for ashi .the lights go off.ashi speaks anarkalis dialogue and enters lying down in a couch.yuvi goes ahead to bring her down.aditya is jealous.yuvi offers his hand to ashi.she receives it and gets down.she then offers yuvi the rose in her hand.yuvi receives it but only the stem.ashi smirks at him.aditya laughs out loud very happily.she then sees sonia and shouts.she says no mama aap bhi anarkali.sonia goes and hugs her and says"yeh prove karta hain ki hamhari pasand kitni milthi hain"and she says hain na juniour anarkali.
then comes ravinders performance[the starting music was good but the song was horrible i felt]
jamwal goes behaving around like gabbar.he goes and asks the waiter"kitne aadmi the?"
wait:mein tho ek hi hoon.
chee chee sees this and is disgusted .she asks the waiter to put vodka in the fruit punch and offer it to him.he does so and jamwaal is almost knocked out.
pri is depressed and trying to eat out junk complaining as usual that no guy is looking at her.indicating adi
chee chee announces that it is time for some soft and romantic music now and couple dancing.
yuvi and ashi dance.adi is jealous[and i was happy seeing him jealous]he asks pri for dancing and dances near ashiyuvi.he then tells yuvi"dude.ab mera chance hain ashi ke saath dance karne ka.for which yuvi replies ki ashi is dancing with him and chee chee has given him the responsibility of ashi and that dance karna sab ki baat nahi hoti and adi who only knows monkey dancing"adi says even he wants to dance with ashi.for which ashi tells"cut it out adi.mein yuvi ke saath dance karoongi[hurray.that was one smart lass.loved this scene.]pri gets angry seeing adi's interest in ashi and she leaves.adi looks and finds neither pri nor ashi[he deserves none].
ranveer secretly looks at tia dancing with mr.ahuja.ranveer goes and asks ahuja whether he can dance with tia for which he immediately agrees.god!reva enters and spoils their dance....god knows from where she was transported.ranveer gives tia an uncomfortable look and tia gives him an angry look.reva gets pallos call but she is not able to hear nething.
precap:ranveer and reva r dancing and tia watches it jealously.they show someone pointing a gun at someone and raghav sees it.sid tells vrinda good tum atlast woh lamboo ko chod kar mere paas aa gayi.sumeet ahuja asks sonia wt she is doing alone when everyone is dancing there and asks her to dance.lati comes to the party and ashi asks her wt she is doing here?then there is aasmas performance shown.
ranveer and reva r dancing.ranveer enquires to reva abt pallo and says she should call her back since it can be urgent.reva tells if it is that important she will call sumeet and they continue dancing.ranveer is very uncomfortable and trying to look away from her while she again and again makes him look at her.tia looks at this and is burning with jealousy.she calls vrinda and asks her to help tia and somehow take reva out of the party and that this would be tias biggest b'day gift.vrinda asks sid to help her and she introduces sid to reva saying that sid is the owner of kriya fashion house.reva is shocked and surprised and starts talking to sid.sid says her fq[fashion quotient]is very good.and they go chatting.
tia is in her room and talking to the teddy given to her by ranveer.ranveer enters and he pics the teddy and says hum keval aap ke liye aaye hain.tia turns and sees ranveer talking to the teddy.tia says she had come to the room not b'cos of ranveer and reva but b'cos she wanted to just make her hair and leaves.ranveer smiles and says ki yahin baatein humhe bohot acchi lagthi hain,dil mein kuch aur zubaan par kuch aur.
pradyuman and ms.sharma as usual argue.ashi and yuvi try bringing them together by bringing them on the dance floor.
sonia receives kailash kaakas phone call and he informs her that pallo knows he is there and that she expects him to open the door.sonia asks him to put her in the car and take her somewhere else and to stay cool and handle.
sumeet says"itni badi actress aur dance floor se door khadi hain?"and he twirls sonia and she falls and he catches her.he says she is out of shape.sonia suddenly twirls sumeet and he slips and she asks who is out of shape?sumeet just laughs.[they look cute together.]
sid asks reva to come out with him.she receives pallos call who tells her that she is locked in the room.reva goes and tells sumeet abt it.sumeet asks sonia y she did it for which she removes the letter tia got from her cap and shows it to sumeet who reads it.
there is some dark room conversation shown of tias mom with some guy.her face is not shown.


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raghav is dancing with ayesha when he sees the gun.he goes and catches lati and asks her wt she was trying to do for which she replies she was trying to shoot the music system and nothing else.raghav gives her some piece of advice and asks her to join the party.raghav then complains to mr and mrs jamwal abt the incident and says they have to take lati to some psychiatrist.
ashi leaves yuvi while dancing and goes and dances with adi.lati enters.and ashi invites her to the party saying she hoped it wasn't any of her tricks.
aasmas rocking performance.
the aasma band meet the remix band.appreciation flies in both the direction.just a publicity stunt.
mrs.jamwal and raghav r discussing abt lati.ayesha sees this and is jealous.there is a small altercation that follows.
tia is sitting outside dreaming.ranveer comes and asks her wt she is thinking abt.she says she is thinking abt this 1 it passed and all the good and bad things that happened to her.ranveer says ki tia ko hamesha accha hi hoga for which she replies ki jo dil chahta hain woh hamesha milta ranveer says aaj aapko jo bhi chahiye usse kuch bhi milega.she says kuch bhi?and approaches near ranveer .ranveer says haan kuch bhi and approaches tia.seems like a kiss is in the offspring.then the epi ends.they r just shown approaching.
precap:sumeet and sonia r on the stage talking abt tia and anvesha.
tia tells pri she wants to invite vrinda[probably for some party],tia and ranveer r on the verge of kissing.
ranveer is on the verge of kissing tia.but tia gets up and turns.she asks him whether he will dance with her.they both dance.pri and meher watch them and meher tells tia that they r calling her in for a surprise.sid sends away reva asking her to go in the taxi to a particular place and wait for him.yuvis mood is out and he doesnt want to dance with neone.s.ahuja and sonia speak abt tia and ashi and there r some emotional moments.
kaka is driving pallavi on the way he pretends the car has stopped and tells pallo he doesnt know in which place they r.another car comes their way and some hideous man walks towards them.pallo gets scared and she runs away.that man tells kaka that the area is dangerous and asks him to leave.kaka finds the opportunity and leaves pallo and drives off.pallo is walking all the way crying,scared and cursing kaka in the lonely strret.
yuvi is finding ashi and sees her lost in that time adi comes[he knows probably by his esp that yuvi is going to come ]and tells ashi that he wants to show her some pictures and asks her to wait in the shed.ashi agrees.a guy comes and asks yuvi abt adi and he tells him that he is gone to show pics and the guy asks him how?since he has the pics.this shocks yuvi and he goes to the shed.there he sees adi proposing to ashi.ashi says she doesnt feel anything for him and that he is just a good friend.she tells him that wt yuvi did to her is still fresh in her mind and that she hasnt forgotten the incident and that she is not ready for another relationship.adi being adi tells her the same dialogue which he has repeated 'n' no: of times that "tumhe yuvi ko apne dil aur dimaag se nikhaalna chahiye".aur ab mein jo tumhe doonga usse dekhkar tum kush ho jaaogi.ashi is not happy by wt is happening and shows her a ring.ashi stares at yuvis ring and remembers the moment yuvi had gifted her the ring.adi instigates her more.she tries removing the ring yuvi gave him and it falls on the floor.she tries to search but by that time adi comes and slips his ring in her yuvi watches heart broken. he cries and when they leave he pics up the ring holds it and again weeps.[my heart goes waah waah waaah. .i hate adi]
tia asks vrinda whether the plan was succesful.vrinda says yes while sid comes there to explain wt he did to reva.ranveer comes from behind and tells them that soon reva will get bugged of waiting and come back to find sid.sid gives a dumb look.ranveer gives him an idea and tells him to send a msg saying sid will meet her at some other place.
sumeet gifts tia air tickets to london for her and two of her friends.and she tells pri that she wants to give one of the tickets to vrinda and that pri can afford a ticket to london but vrinda cant.pri gets angry and walks off.
ashi is chatting with mp,vrinda and aman when adi comes and tells them that ashi is dating him [forcefully]and says that ashi and he r and vrinda say it doesnt look like they r together but still congratulate them when sonia comes and asks them abt wt they r congratulating ashi and adi.ashi gives her a rude comment asking her not to interfere in her private life and leaves.sonia feels very goes behind ashi and tells her that wt she did was wrong and that she should understand the importance of having parents and being loved and that sonia wants to know everything abt her only b'cos she cares for her.ashi tells mp to leave her alone and mp tells that on her 18th b'day she is behaving like an 8 year old.she says if she doesnt tell sonia sorry she will not stay in the party any longer and saying this she leaves.ashi goes and sees sonia's mood out.she goes and tells her sorry sonia is angry,but ashi consoles her and tells her that she is dating adi.sonia is shocked and says how come she didnt know abt it for which ashi answers even she didnt know abt it[how will if someone forces and doesnt care abt others emotions].sonia asks her wt abt yuvi ,which question ashi avoids and says she is feeling very hungry.sonia reads her face.
chee chee announces the paper dance game.yuvi asks ashi by that time he comes and ashi goes off with him[i told u his esp in regard to yuvi! ]
tia says she wants to talk to talk to ranveer and asks him y he helped her sending reva away from the party.he says he hates neone who is a liar.tia asks him whether that was the only reason.ranveer says no but he cant tell wt the other reason is.tia asks him y?ranveer tells her that"dil se kahin huey har baat poori nahi hoti.tia tells him ho sakthi hain and closes her eyes paving way for ranveer to kiss him.ranveer says he cant do this cos he doesnt want to repeat the same mistake again.
PRECAP:tia gifts ashi a gift and ashi tells tia that she too has planned a gift for tia.yuvi is heaqrt broken and tells ranveer that he has lost ashi forever[hope he comes out from this devdas situation soon.just cant bear to c him].jamwal asks sonia to tell him abt remix.[thats some twist]tia is leaning against the tree and ranveer comes there.there is obviously the 2 pending performances.
pri tells sorry to vrinda and asks her to take the london tickets.vrinda agrees.tia gives ashi a gift and says that she knows that ashi had lied to her abt the dress and she gives ashi a gift and thanks her.ashi says she plans to give her too a gift and pronto says that she knows she loves ranveer.tia gets a shock and is panicky and tries to stop ashi but ashi says everything is clearly seen and asks her not to worry and that she will take care of the entire thing.
pradyuman tries talking to asks him to leave her alone.pradyuman gives her some piece of asks him to forget eveything.gloria comes and tells praddy that she overheard them and that she feels ms.sharma feels strongly for him.and tells him to follow a strategy and try avoiding shanthi and give her a i don't care abt u attitude and to start that asks him to dance with gets angry and jealous seeing them dance.
mallaika aroras rocking performance.she calls yuvi on the stage for a few secs to dance with her.loved to hear the mast mast hain samah song again.she calls ranveer too and he dances closely with mallaika while tia darling watches jealously.and in the end the awesome foursome dance along with her.
yuvi is sitting fully heart broken while ranveer comes and asks him wt happened.yuvi tells him that he has lost ashi forever and that how he could be so stupid.ranveer asks him not to worry and that everything will be allrite.he asks him to get ready for the performance.yuvi says he wouldnt be able to perform.ranveer tells him that he knows how much music means to yuvi and asks him to believe him that the best way to forget the pain is music and says even now he wants to loose the courage and doesnt want to perform then it is his wish.yuvi gets up with a new josh on his face[that's like my good boy].sonia announces the performance of remix.jamwaal listens and asks sonia wt remix is.sonia tells him that remix is the name of a band.sid smartly takes him out saying alcohol,drugs!!!!even guys hold ur breath lati defends for remix.[seems like sunny will start loving her more now eh!]
there is dance dance dance as usual an awesome song............sumeet watches the perfo with a glum and something reminding him of the past kinda look.then at the end there is bappi da's entry..........
sonia teaches sumeet to clap and tells him its not difficult to clap.
then there is the cake cutting ceremony.they all close their eyes and this is wt everyone wishes.
mp-to c her guardian
varun-to c his mom
pri-that some cut guy likes her
meher-that nakul comes back soon
vrinda-that her sis comes back to her
aman-that he and vrinda always be together
adi-something that he wants ashi to like him[didnt bother to hear]
yuvi-to forgive him and that he loves ashi
ashi-help me forget yuvi[no ways!!!!!!]
ranveer-that he can sum up the courage to say how much he loves tia
tia-praying that ranveer for once tells tia how much he loves her.
sid:that he passes
ashi asks tia to go and stand outside near a tree and whispers something in her ears.ashi asks ranveer abt tia and tells her that tia is not feeling well as she feels that she is stoned.yuvi smiles at ashi which she replies with a frown
then tia and ranveer hug.there goes all ur wishes true tia ranveer fans.tia asks him whether he doesnt love tia.ranveer says hum kya karte hain aur kya nahi ye zaroori nahin hain.he says he doesnt want to take advantage of her situation and tia says she wont regret nething that is going to happen and she doesnt care abt wt happens tomorrow.they have some romantic moments.
arjun receives some file from some marvadi kinda person and he tells him everything abt wt happened with ranveers comes a blow.
well its morning and tia is remembering wtever happened to her on the b'day with ranveer darling and she says that was the best moment of her life and pri tells her that she will give the tickets to vrinda.tia says she is very happy.meher asks her wt she will do with ranveer and tia says she doesnt have any clue but all those moments are very precious.and tia goes on the dreaming spree.ranveer and varun r sleeping aman tries waking them enters and she takes varun and goes.ranveer still on the bed..........aman asks him wt happened with him and tia yesterday.he tells him that tia was drunk and that he was just helping her to not be noticed by sumeet.aman tells he feels summeet is probably not wrong and that he probably has misunderstood.but ranveer says he is trying but unable to find any clue to his doing.aman asks him whether he will hurt tia too.and ranveer with full of fury says he will do nething in order to take his revenge and that even tia will have to burn in it............
precap:yuvi asks straight to ashi whether she loves him..........or not[obviously she will say no ].tia asks ranveer wt the problem is with him and whether he is afraid of arjun.
yuvi asks his dad to keep his campaign in someother auditorium and spare the auditorium to the new upcoming band.arjun tells tia and sumeet ahuja abt wt he found abt ranveer in rajasthan.meher tells ashi that rd sir is leaving maurya high after this term.seems like next week is sur going to be interesting
Tia, Pree and Meher make a plan to trap sahil selling drugs. MP gets to know that she is suspended and still goes and attends a class, Jambo and Arjun make an entry and they insult MP. but Ranvir, Vrinda, Aman stand up for MP and tell Jumbo that Arjun is the one who keeps baiting MP. Sonal Maasi and Raghav sir also jump in. Everybody is against Arjun and when Raghav sir tells Jumbo that he might have to report Arjun to the board, Jumbo gets scared and asks Arjun to apologize to MP . He does it all the while giving a stare to MP. MP is very happy.
Yamini tells Yuvi that it was a bribe and she refused it so she now doesn't ahve a place to stay. Yuvi buys her story and tells her to use the store room because it is HIS place. He even keeps a Welcome Card for Yamini
Sahil is practising in the football ground and he gets tired and asks for a break, once the coach announces break, Meher approaches Saahil and asks him for drugs. Sahil gives her some. This is captured by Tia in her Handycam. Sahil goes back and collapses. Tia tells the boys, coach and Arjun(who has just walked in), that Sahil is stoned.
Jumbo and another gentleman hear the commotion and come out. They finally say that it was an unfortunate event and that Sahil is gonna be sent to Rehab and then suspended for one week. Tia is angry at this. She tells him that he should be given a more severe punishment. Jumbo tells her that it is not a crime to do drugs. It is his personal problem. Tia says that doing drugs might be a personal issue... but selling drugs to others is definitely not a personal issue and shows the proof to Jumbo and the other gentleman. They agree that it is a serious issue and will take it up.
Tomorrows Episode : Ashi comes back and MP is threatening Ashi that she will tell everyone that Ashi is back.

at last it is monday...the day of the week i wait for the most i hate thursdays as the next day is friday and there is no remix.shouldn't they make it a weekly?everyday i mean.neways forget my sad story lets go on with todays episode......................
here is wt ranveer fans should read..............
it starts with tia doing her usual naatak abt wt dress she will wear and that she wants to look perfect for ranveer.she says that she didnt know wt was between tia and ranveer but today she wanted to look the best after wt happened yesterday.............and[ i know u all will be r angry] but arjun enters......she is not at all happy to c him.he asks her wt is wrong as she is looking very low......and they show the so called kissing scene of tia........and tia says tia knows and has realised how much she cares for arjun when arjun was not here.......she says she cares abt arjun but just like a friend and that she loves ranveer and not tia.tia says she wants to breakup with him.arjun is shocked..........and that she can't be with neone but ranveer. ranveer is dreaming abt tia in the class[after all the ram kahani he made aman hear. ]he remembers their dance........and their encounters on the b'day.........pri comes and asks ranveer wt happened teasing him and she asks him wt happened last nite....and she tells him that tia never drinks .ranveer is shocked to hear this.he realises that tia wasn't drunk the other day.meher tries to hear wt arjun and tia r talking and ranveer comes by.but meher sends him away.ranveer tells meher that he knows she is asking him to leave because arjun has come and that tia doesnt need ranveer nemore.arjun says he can bear that she doesnt love him but can't bear that ranveer has filled something into his brains and that he cant bear that she loves ranveer.tia says her brains r not an empty make up box that neone fills nething in it[thats news].sumeet shuja thinks abt the letter sonia showed him.kaka asks him how is ahuja and asks him how she came back.he tells him that police van dropped her.kaka tries justifying to sumeet......sumeet says that it was not his fault and that it was a mistake.pallavi enters and shouts and yells and says that kaka and sonia plotted the entire thing.she says either kaka or the she will stay at her house.kaka says he will leave the house.
ranveer enters and says he wants to discuss abt last nite.he asks her wt and all she remembers and tia says that all she remembers is their kiss [well wt kiss they r talking abt?????did neone catch a glimpse of wt they r talking abt??? ]ranveer is very angry and yells at tia and says y she had played a trick with him and again hurt his feelings..tia says she doesnt know wt he is talking he says that he knows that she wouldnt dare to drink in front of her dad and in maurya high and in front of the teachers.tia says he has misunderstood tia and tries to explain but he says bas tia!and walks off............aman tells ranveer that he is waiting for tia and that there is a band meeting.he speaks rudely to tia and aman tries to change the topic saying ashi will be waiting.ranveer is talking with aman when arjun enters and the episode ends.

it starts arjun blaming ranveer for stealing tia.ranveer says he doesnt know wt he is talking abt and that he doesnt want to come in between tia and arjun.arjun tells him tia confessed to him that she is leaving arjun cos she loves ranveer.ranveer looks shocked.arjun gives him a warning telling him he knows everything abt his family and that he will tell sumeet ahuja everything.ranveer says he is not afraid of his dhamki.arjun tells him he has got proof.ranveer is taken aback.
sumeet tells pallo that he wants to give her a gift and gives her a necklace.she tells him that she never wants to meet sonia again and there sonia is standing.she tells sumeet that it was she who planned and she irritates pallo more who is already irritated seeing sonia.sonia tells her as long as she is behind ytia sonia will not leave her.she speaks abt the letter and shows it to pallo who looks baffled and she gets hyper and tells sumeet that she didnt do it.sumeet tells her that he believes her.sonia mocks at summet for his stupidness.kaka enters and sonia says kk[kaka]is with sonia and that he is sonia's driver now.
yuvi looks bugged sitting with his dad and asks him y he is spoiling his sunday.his dad tells him that some dongre named person is going to come there and they r going to rent the auditorium from him.he comes and asks yuvi whether he also like his dad wants to become a politician.yuvi gives him"wt the heck kinda "look.yashwant says he wants to book his auditorium for a programme for his after campaign programme.that guy tells him some band has already booked that auditorium and that all the tickets r sold out.yuvi enquires which band is playing and that guy tells some band called remix.yuvi is shocked!!!!
ayesha tells mrs.jamwal that she knows that raghav is leaving maurya and that she knows that there is something between raghav and her.mrs.jamwal says there is nothing between them and wtever was there was only a misunderstanding.sonia asks kk wt he knows abt the letter and the truth.
ayesha asks raghav y he lied abt seema jamwal.raghav says she has just made an opinion abt him and is just framing up things abt him.he says she loves him and that's y she is talking like that.....she denies it.
ashi and adi r at ccd and sid enters and asks ashi whether she will speakto yuvi.ashi frustated says yes she will and asks him to tell his best friend that she will wait for yuvi in the shed.sid then he turns towards adi and says that he wants to learn photography from him as classes r very boring.that time reva enters and enquires abt an explanation for last nit.[man this scene was damn hilarious.sid love u for doing yuvis job].
tia is crying and moaning abt ranveer when ranveer enters and hurts her all the more by telling he can't even imagine loving her in his dreams[well well well y is he beating the bush so much?]
reva hits sid and punches him and says he better not dare to play such a trick again.yuvi comes and pats him and sid asks whether he is a punching bag?and sid asks yuvi wt his problem is?yuvi sarcastically tells him wt his problem can be as his dad is behind that auditorium and that now he will be behind remix and that now he is dead.sid tells him before he dies listen to some good news and tells him news abt ashi.yuvi is elated.
pallo apologises for not attending tia's party and tells her she hasnt done it .sumeet asks tia to trust her,tia is confused as to who send the letter.
there is the dark room conversation of tia's mom.
yuvi is sitting in the shed and thinking abt ashi.adi enters and asks him whether he is waiting for his gf?they both argue and adi tells him sometimes u got to use ur brains too.yuvi tells him that ashi likes only him and adi asks who he likes for which he replies that he[yuvi]will do nething for ashi.ashi enters and asks wt adi is doing there and adi tells her that he should ask her that question.ashi looks at him and adi says he was just joking[well wt a bad joke!!!!!! ]
meher overhears seema and raghavs talk that raghav is leaving maurya high.
ranveer tells aman that if arjun will tell nething to sumeet then it will make a blunder and will spill milk over his hardwork.ranveer tells him his lie that he hates tia works.he says that he couldnt keep up his promise to his daata and that he is a looser.


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well ashi meets ranveer and aman and tells them yuvi will play in the band.yuvi comes and pulls ashi's leg[man!~good to c him back in proper yuvi framework]
ranveer and tia encounter and ranveer asks him to go and tell everyone that there is nothing between him and tia cos he doesnt want false rumours spreading abt them in the school.tia asks him wt his problem is and asks him whether he is afraid of arjun.
meher tells ashi abt rd sir leaving maurya high and ashi looks shocked.
rd sir gives the students a mission and tells them that they should help mrs.sharma and pradyuman patch up.
sumeet misses kk and pallo tells him not to bother abt a mere servant.but sumeet can't help but miss kaka.he receives arjun's call but he asks pallo to tell him that he is not there.sonia tries to take out the truth from kaka.
tia tells arjun that she lied to him abt their relationship.[how desperate can a person get to have a bf?? ]arjun asks him y and she tells him that tia was facing lot of problems and tells him abt the letter and that tia is too confused[wt an explanation........!!!!]arjun tells to himself that he won't leave ranveer and will expose him.tia talks to herself telling that she will also show ranveer that she doesnt care for him
ashi asks rd sir whether he is leaving the skool.for which he replies he is not going and how he can in the mid half of the term.ayesha asks him y he lied and tells her that he didn't lie but he just said half truth.
yuvi is elated and tells sid that he has fixed a date with ashi and this time all thanx to sid .yuvi walks out and encounters adi.yuvi tells him abt his date and tells him that he has ultimately got ashi and that time yashwant dev enters and takes him away embarassing him in front of adi in his usual manner.his dad tells him he got to be with him at the campaign and that the band members r to be tracked down and then there will be no problem.yuvi tells his dad he will be back in a minute and goes.ashi comes by meets adi who asks abt her date.she tells him this is a chance for her to completely forget yuvi and appreciates adi's maturity and tells him he is totally unlike yuvi and holds his hand.yuvi enters and informs her that he wouldn't be able to lunch with her.she says it's kool and that she will go out with adi.
well the guys and gals try a makeover for pradyuman sir.well the scene was quite hilarious.praddy with a inside turned out t-shirt and gues guess guess black gogs.
seema tells lati that she has to visit a psychiatrist after much coercion she agrees and lati asks her mom whether rd sir is leaving and she tells yes and asks her to keep mum abt it.but lati tells ashi but she doesnt believe it.
yashwant dev is trying to find out abt the band desperately and is trying to check his sms when yuvi takes it away from him and erases all his messages.yashwant dev gets a call on a different mobile and yuvi asks him whether he has 2 mobiles for which he answers it is a personal mobile.that guy tells him abt the pub and yuvis dad asks him to come along with him to the pub.yuvi returns to skool and is in the car and tries convincing his dad but in vain.
poora skool ranveer encounters tia and asks her whether she has told arjun that wt she said was fake when sumeet enters and asks him wt he was doing for which he replies saying that tia has lied to arjun abt him and that he hates liers.arjun enters and says he came to know abt something in rajasthan.
precap:pallo calls sumeet telling tia is leaving the house and going.
yashwant dev comes to skool and tells aman that he wants the band performance to be stopped yuvi standing beside with "wt the hell will i do now"kinda look.
there is some discussion abt the band.
arjun asks meher to give the letter he is holding to tia and tjhat then he will pass on some info abt pri to her.
tia reads the letter and cries.......
when arjun tries telling sumeet he says he is busy and leaves with ranveer.tia says she can't see her bear her dad nemore and that she will leave the house and stay with sonia aunty.arjun tries telling tia but she doesn't listen and walks off.......
kaka tells tia that her mom had written the letter 18 years back so that she could tell tia her fellings.tia is very happy and tia tells she wants to share the letter with her pappa and kailash kaka.tia gets very angry when she comes to know that because of pallo kk was out.tia tells tia won't leave her and she knows how to deal with it.sonia tells kk ki woh jhoot jiske wajah se tia khush hui koi galat baat nahi hain.
yashwant dev goes searching in the pub which is now a coffee shop.there he comes to know sonia ray is the manager of the band.yashwant dev is shocked and yuvi is all the more.
sumeet ahuja tells kk that he is not only a driver but a family member and calls him back.kk tells he is allrite with sonia.sonia enters and as usual there is altercation between them.and she tells him tia knows that he has removed kk.tia comes and behaves normally unlike wt sonia told makheeja.sonia is surprised seeing tia's cool reaction.
palo calls sumeet and tells tia is leaving the house and going.sumeet is too shocked and says it is impossible.sonia asks y tia didnt react abt kk.tia says she wants to do something and show it to pappa.sumeet comes there and tia tells him she has made her own decision and that tia will stay with sonia.sonia says she doesn't mind.tia says she doesn't mind and wherever kailash kaka is there tia will be.tia tells him atleast kk told him abt the letter and sumeet asks her wt he told abt the letter.sonia sends tia away and tells she will make her pappa understand.sumeet thanks sonia abt the letter but again they start arguing and sumeet tells him he can't allow her daughter to stay there and tells then he will make ashi to be with him.sonia says mamam will do nothing of that sort..when ashi barges into their conversation with tia and asks her mom wt tia told her abt she staying in their house is true.sonia tells her that it is not possible for neone to stay with sumeet and poor tia she had to help her.ashi gets angry and tells then she will stay with sumeet.sumeet is very happy.sonia says no.but sumeet drags ashi towards his side and ashi calls him"pappa" [man!!!this scene was damn hilarious.........]
leo tries to make kaka against sonia.
sonia tells ashi that she is sure that she was just kidding abt sumeet.ashi tells she is serious and that if sonia requires a new daughter she too requires a dad.yashwant dev comes in and asks abt the band and their members.sonia refrains from telling him abt the band members.he offers her a proposal which she refuses and she handles him very smartly and tells him that the band members r not from maurya high.yashwant dev says he will deal with them in his own way and leaves.yuvi thanx sonia and tells her that he knows sonia doesnt like him much and that he is really thankful that she didn't tell her dad.sonia tells him he is wrong as she doesn't like him even a bit and she didn't do nething for him but for remix.and neways she says she knows ashi doesnt have ne feelings for him ...and yuvi is left with a glum face.........
pri is sitting glum with a broken heart moaning for adi.meher tries cheering her up..tia gives a msg to meher and says she has got rehearsals and that meher cover up for her.arjun comes searching for tia.arjun writes a letter abt ranveer.
ashi tells she is dead serious abt going to sumeet ahuja's house.sonia says she will take some solution and tells her that ashi is not going newhere.she asks ashi abt adi's whereabouts,his parents.but ashi tells her she knows nothing abt him and that she doesn't care to know.sonia asks her wt they talk abt then for which ashi tells her that they discuss abt their dreams.and that they r planning to go to ladakh alone.sonia is shocked and tells her no but ashi just walks off.kk gives his resignation letter and sonia is pissed that no one wants to be with her and that everyone is leaving her.
arjun comes and gives the letter to meher and tells her abt pri that her health is not very good and that she give the letter to tia.tia reads the letter which has got everything the truth abt ranveer.....tia is shocked and starts crying knowing abt the revenge and all that arjun had written.

precap:ranveer tells his mom crying that he doesn't love tia and only has hatred for him.
yuvi is again pleading with ashi and the atmosphere is quite romantic[keeping my hands crossed.]
meher tells ranveer abt arjun's letter to tia.
arjun warns ranveerr and tells him this is just the start.
it starts with with tia crying abt the letter.meher enters.tia tells her ranveer has cheated everyone around him and he has done all this basically because he wanted to take revenge on her dad.meher tries to make her understand that probably wtever arjun has written is probably because he cant see tia with ranveer and tries consoling her.
Ranveer is talking over the phone with his mother and his mom guesses that he is in love with tia.she says he better stop thinking abt the revenge and let him dissolve his hatred as it will lead him nowhere .but dont they say an angry man has his ears and eyes closed well thas wt happened in this case.he didnt listen a word of his mom.although he was very much aware of the fact that he is in love with tia.
Yuvi is playing a new tune on his guitar.ashi enters and she gets lost.closes her eyes and remembers the scene where she and yuvi keep playing the guitar and search where the tune is coming from and then they see who is playing and sort of have a kinda fun competition.and then yuvi says a boo to ashi and asks her abt the tune.but ashi tells him she didnt hear.he asks her out for a midnight picnic but she refuses and tells him that she will never forgive him.yuvi says its allright but he wont stop trying.
Tia doesnt turn up for the rehearsals so ranveer goes finding her and comes to know from meher that she is not well after the letter arjun sent him and that she is sleeping.he enquires abt the letter but she tells him that probably he will know wt is written in it.
Sumeet is thinking abt ranveer going to rajasthan.pallo asks him to forget abt it as he is just a poor chap and doesnt have any right to study in a school like maurya.sumeet contradicts her.he says he is taking back kaka on job .pallo gets angry and tells him after all he is just a servant and he shouldnt give so much importance to him.sumeet tells her he is like a father to him and again contradicts her.
Ranveer asks arjun wt he had written in the letter.arjun tells him that was nothing and that he will make life impossible for him.
Ashi comes for the midnight picnic as yuvi called is in the shed.there r hearts,candles and balloons.he has decorated the entire shed.he tries convincing her that he loves her,that he is sorry,that he can handle is dad not alone but only in her presence,and all the things he has already said n no: of times.ashi doesnt seem to be affected by wtever he has said as she remembers only wt he had done to her.yuvi asks her to forgive him and tells her that he knows that she loves him too.he says it can be seen in her eyes.he says they both should make up.and asks her yes or no.ashi says she needs time to think and asks him a days time.
Yuvi tells sid abt the entire thing and tells him that he has seen the sadness and pain in her eyes but amidst that he has also seen the love in her eyes.and he says he has a feeling that ashi will surely say yes.and yuvi tells sid abt all the things he loves abt her.and also that he will face his dad now and tell him that he plays in the band.sid seems to get inspired by all this and says that ow even he feels he should think abt wt he wants in life.
Ranveer gets a check from ahuja and ranveer gets angry due to the fact that whether ahuja thinks he is some kinda bhikari.aman tells him this is some golden chance for him since he knows that ahuja doesnt trust arjun and trusts only ranveer.
Precap:mp asks ashi y she is running away from yuvi.
Ranveer knocks at tias door and enters.
Adi asks ashi how she can even think abt giving yuvi a second chance.
Ashoi knocks at yuvis room and is abt to enter
Ranveer is lost in tias thoughts .aman tries telling him something but ranveer is lost.aman tells him he knows he is thinking abt tia.ranveer denies but keeps staring at the no: 9 of tias room.
Pradyuman and Gloria do some amount of romancing and ms.Sharma gets irritated seeing this.[pradyumans makeover!!!man he looks like a blind beggar to me and his gogs.should say it put me into fits of laughter.]and the guys with paady make some plans for the further mission.
Yuvi is searching for finds ashi hiding and asks her y she is hiding from yuvi.ashi asks her to help her to make a decision on wt to say to yuvi.she says she is confused and wants mps help .mp asks her to give ashis mobile to her and tells her she knows wt she is doing.
Sid,varun and aman tells paddy forgot some heart medicine and ms.Sharma gets worried abt it and says she will take the medicine to the coffee shop where pradyuman had taken Gloria.
Mp gets adi and tells ashi that only adi can make her understand.ashi tells adi abt the patch up thing and says she found yuvi mature and samajhdaar for the first time.adi being adi gets very angry on hearing this and starts bad mouthing yuvi and asks ashi how she can even think abt giving him a chance after he had hurt her so much.ashi asks him for his support.adi tells he understands and that he knows she needs time to think.


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Yuvi says he is nervous to sid and says he loves ashi[that was probably the 100th time he said that since yesterday.] and she is no ordinary chic.sid tells she will say yes.ashi knocks the door.sid wishes him luk.they both find tears in their eyes.yuvi again starts pleading and promosing her.and says he will be the happiest person on earth if she says and he gets more senti and tells her he wont hurt her again and asks her to come back to life.he says sirftum mein aur music.and he says if her answer is no he will lose.ashi says she is sorry but she is no thing that he can throw whenever he wants and get it whenever he wants.she tells the differences between them have become so large that there is nothing left between them and that now they can be just friends inspite of the fact that she knows he loves her.she says crying that they r just friends and that everything between them is over.yuvi is left there crying and ashi leaves crying.ashi tells she has said no to yuvi .adi tells he knew he would choose him over yuvi and that now yuvi wont be playing in the band.ashi tells music was yuvis first love and came before anvesha banerjee ray and ashi knows and has full faith that yuvi will surely play.adi gets a little bit oh my god!kinda feelingu know the insecure kind.ashi tells him they wont talk abt yuvi ne more and that he start packing and that they were going to ladakh whether her mom wants it or not.yuvi is sadly playing the guitar.he tells sid everything is over.sid tells him adi is the cause for everything and that they will have to take all info abt adi and thats the only way he can win back ashi.he has to make ashi understand that adi doesnt love her but is only using her.yuvi tells sid to get lost as he wants to stay alone and athat he knows ashi loves adi.
Ms.Sharma takes the medicine to pradyuman and tells he has to take the medicine or else it may be bad for his health.Gloria makes an excuse and leaves and ms.Sharma and praddy are left gets a shock seeing eardrops in the packet.praddy tries making her understand hoe much he loves her but ms.Sharma fails to listen.
She starts telling him that he shouldnt think abt Gloria as he is very old for her.and their conversation goes on.and ms.Sharma tells he has to take care of his wife atleast.he tells her he is not married and that he has always loved her.
Ranveer is still dreaming and vrinda tells aman that probably tia is not feeling well and that tias friends r trying to hide something.ranveer hears all this and goes to tias room.
Vrinda and meher discuss abt pri.sonal masi gives vrinda money for the London trip.meher tells she has to tell maasi and tia that she is not going to London.
Cookie questions leo abt kk.leo tells her that he didnt like that budda and also that even cookie didnt like him.sonia tells they need not be insecure as cooks is like a sister to sonia and no one can take her place.
Ayeasha is dancing[I dunno whether it is called dance!!]raghav comes and tells her sorry.he tells he doesnt knopw how to tell the students that he is leaving.
Ranveer enters tias room.ranveer asks her y she is so angry with him that she doesnt want to even talk to him.ranveer says he loves her a lot and ranveer with a wicked look on his face kisses tias hand.well well well all was a dream.[gosh!!]tia is again sad and sirtting and now ranveer really comes.ranveer tries entering his room goes back and now again try entering.both of them feeling each other beyond the door.ranveer still pondering whether he should enter or not.he cries and still thinks should I enter or not and stop!!!
It starts with varun suggesting an idea to everyone for the protest. He says tht this trick is used by hisbro when he was here but it has a risk as many people were expelled a t tht time. Ranveer cums fwd and says tht he doesent care bout expulsion as he can do anthing for raghav. Other students sayz the same thing but pri and sid r shown scared.

Sonia is mad at sumeet and tells kukki tht she helped him so much but he doesent have any manners. He was really angry coz of tht vosa matter. She says tht if sumeet calls or cums here she is not interested in talking to him. There is a knock on the door. Its Charlie adityas uncle(hey guys one more bakra whom we can use in our if bakra post). Sonia asks him bout adityas personal life. Charlie refuses to give any info. He juss tells tht he doesent stay with his parents since he was17. sonia cudnt get any other info.

A professor tries to enter class 11th but its locked . arjun bangs the door but no one opesns. He gets a chit frm below the door tht they wont open the door. Sid pri and one more student is scared to hell and dont want to be a part of this protest. Jumbo cums theer and strts threatening them tht he will expel all of them. Ranveer says tht unless and until raghav is called back they wont open the door. Ayesha tells jumbo to call raghav back but jumbo dont listen.

Charlie meets adi and tells him tht sonia was trying to get sum personal info bout him. Adi is shocked.

Pri and sid decides to go out. Meher and yuvi tries to convince them tht this is the chance to prove ur self and show tht they r not a coward. But sid and pri says tht they cant risk their future for raghav and opens the door. They move out of the class. Jumbo singhania and arjun enters the class. Ranveer yuvi and ashi says tht they wont cum out of the class until raghav is here. Raghav is not only their teacher but he is like a frend and there is no one like him. They all join hands and tell them tht they r all together. Jumbo and singhania moves leaving arjun behind with them.

Raghav is having a meeting with sum people regarding his project. Ayesha cums there and tells him to cum along with him. Raghav denies as he was in sum imp meeting. Ayesha tells him tht he has to choose between students or this meeting, those students who r getting expelled coz of him.

Tia cums out of her room and sees sid, pri and another gal sitting in the canten. Tia ask them tht why they r sitting there. Sid and pri tells tht they don want to ruin their future therefore r not participating in the protest. Tia gets hurt and lectures them tht they r selfish who dont care bout friendship. They juss think bout themselves. And if they have any shame left in themselves than they will rejoin the gang.

Raghav cums to school and strikes a deal to jumbo tht he will make the students understand and he will resign too but he wont expel the students. Jumbo agrees.
Tia enters the class. Arjun ask her tht wat is she doing here. She says tht she came here to fight against injustice.seeing tia there ranveer smiles at her and looks happy.
Sid and pri too rejoin them and says sorry to all of them. Everybody gets happy and arjun is stunned.

Jumbo gets in with raghav singhnia and ayesha and tell them tht they r not firing raghav. He is resigning by himself. Students doesent blive him. Raghav himself comes fwd and tell tht he got a better job and getting more money. He has his future ahead of him. Ranveer is deeply hurt and tells tht how can he be so selfish. And every one gets really upset with raghav.

Yuvi , ashi, adi , tia and ranveer r in the canteen and thinks tht there is sum trick jumbo had played on raghav. Raghav is not tht kind of a person. Yuvi ask adi tht he met his gfs frend yest. Ashi is shocked and doesent blive him. She takes adi and moves frm there. Adi tells her tht her mom was enquiring bout him. He further tells tht he loves her and doesent want to hide anything frm her. She cud ask anything to him. Ashi says its not necessary.

Tia enters the class and finds ranveer sitting. She turns and ranveer tells her to talk to him. He tells to tell him tht wat happened and why she is so cold to him.
starts with ranveer at tias door. Tia is also looking at the door expecting ranveer and ranveer wants to go inside but somehow fight with himself and goes back. Tia then realizes tht ranveer wasnt there. She cries and thinks tht why wud ranveercum. He doesnt care bout her. She wud have blived ranveer if only he told her once tht whatever arjun told was false and cries.

Aman spots ranveer and ask him whether he had spoken to tia . ranveer blast on aman tht he cares a damn bout tia. If she keeps crying for the whole day also then also he doesent care.

Meher talks to pri and ask her bout last nite. She tells tht she knows she vomited last nite. Pri tells meher tht she doesent know why she first eat and then feels very bad and thts why she vomits. Meher tells her tht she has a disease called pulemia coz she has all its symptoms. Pri thks meher for the support

Kailash kaka cums to sumeet and sumeet is happy. At the same time sonia too cums there and tells tht kk will work wit him. Sumeet and sonia have a argument. Sumeet convinces sonia to let stay kk with him. Then only he gets a call where he cums to know tht his us visa is rejected. Sonia tells him tht she is responsible for such a blunder coz of tia . He gets angry with her and sonia again changes her decision bout sending back kk to sumeet.

Sid aman and varun asks Gloria bout praduman and shanty. Gloria says she doesent know as she left them alone in the café.

Latty enters the class room and ashi ask tht why she lied bout raghav. Latty tells tht she didnt lie . the news was true. Ashi and others call her a liar and doesent blive her.they strt fighting nd raghav cums there. Ashi asks him directly and raghav tells her tht whatever latty is telling is completely true. Ashi is shocked.

Arjun is in the locker room and ranveer appears. He tells arjun tht nobody blived him. sumeet bought a house Mumbai for him so tht his family cud shift theer. He also tells him mockingly tht sumeet blives him more than arjun. He taunts him again and leaves. Arjun watches him furiously .

Ashi is upset and latty cums theer . ashi tells sorry to latty. Latty tells tht she dont think tht raghav is leaving himself.

Raghav meets jumbo and tells him bout his decision to leave maurya . jumbo gets very happy and tells him tht he has certainly taken a very good decision.
After raghav leaves jumbo calls singhania and tells him tht after such a mehnat they shave succeded in getting rid of raghav. Latty overhears this. He goes and tells this to everyone.
Yuvi and sid goes to Gloria and strts buttering her to get adis phone no. Gloria denies. Yuvi then tells goria tht it was not him but yehwent dev who wanted adis no. gloria then gives the no. sid calls at tht no. and a gal picks up. Sid ask her tht who is she and she replies tht she is adis gf.
Ranveer cums to meet yuvi and sid and tell them to cum to the class. In the class they all decide to fight against jumbo and singhania and have to do sumthing big so tht they cant ignore.
Ranveer realizes tht tia still is not out of her room. He aask meher and meher replies tht she isnt well
Ranveer goes to tias room and tells her to open the door . but tia is crying and doesent open the door. Ranveer pleads to tia to open but she doesent. Ranveer then tells tia tht they r protesting against raghav she has to be there . atleats they owe this to raghav. Ranveer leaves and tia watces him going.
it starts with tia and ranveer staring at each other and going into a trance.and voila they both r shown doing some romantic ballroom kinda dancing.[am sure all tia ranveer fans would have loved it]........well they both were interrupted by our other couple yuvi and ashi...ashi and yuvi ask them y they r so sad...they say they both were thinking abt rd sir.ashi asks them to forget abt it and think abt the band performance as it is just a few days ahead and they haven't prepared anything.
rd sir gets a letter from the ministry saying his project is rejected.ayesha tells him sorry and says she is responsible for it.he asks her to leave him alone.
yashwant dev gets a call and that guy who is generally his rt hand kinda guy informs him that the remix band members r from maurya high and from yuvi's class.yashwant dev says now he will deal with it and goes to visit jamwal and enquires abt the band.jamwal first tells he knew his students have talent and then yashwant dev asks him how he can allow his school students to perform in a band without his permission.
the foursome r discussing abt the type of song for the performance when jamwal comes in and calls yuvi.he tells yuvi to give him the names of all the band members playing in remix.yuvi looks shocked!!
yuvi denies and tells him he doesn't know nething.he tells him his dad knows everything abt the band.jamwal tells him and forces him to give him the names of those who play in the band and that he should help maurya high and his dad by giving him info abt the band.ashi listens to this from behind.
singhania is angry with jamwal abt the behaviour of the students and also abt the fact that he had lied abt rd sir leaving the school.he tells him to keep him informed abt all the things that r happening.
jamwal enquires laty abt the band but laty tells him she doesn't know nething.[seems like laty is improving!!!]
yuvi is pondering on how to make ashi believe him.sid enters and yuvi tells him that if by chance they come to know his address and take ashi there then he can prove abt adi to her.sid tells him he cvan help him distract glo.
ashi comes and tells the band members that yuvi is going to spit everything to jumbo abt their band and he being a darpok he can confess everything abt remix under his dad and jumbo's pressure.everyone looks worried.
tia is too sad and srjun comes and tells her that ranveer is cheating on her.tia asks him y he lied abt ranveer.arjun asks him to believe her and also that ranveer is playing a big game with them and that he has convinced even her dad so much that her dad is ready to pay the fees for the next year and also getting him a house in mumbai so that their entire family shifts there.tia gets happy hearing this.arjun tells her such ppl are called bhikaaris and tia gets sort of angry and asks arjun not to call him that and leaves.


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