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RE: Updates of the old epis

Idea thought by Yuvi
Yuvi goes to that sir and tells that there was a very important meeting at Jumbo`s office but he was absent yesterday. Yuvi tells that sir that he should find about the meeting and then stops him from going to the staff room and then Ashi is relieved.
Mitra asked Ranveer the answer of the question and then Ranveer with a confused look says Gravitational pull * Karan`s weight, Mitra says that he was a genius. The bell rings and Mitra goes out and Ranveer tries to follow him but then the new teacher comes and tells that he can`t go anywhere.
Fire Alarm
A fire alarm rings and Yuvi shouts loudly saying Fire fire, every one hears it and comes out of the class running and puffing . Tia gets worried about her makeup kit left alone in the room(Tia was looking so cute) and Pri and Meher tells her that first let them go out.
Mitra comes out after hearing the alarm. Yuvi takes Ashi out from the staff room and both of them sit somewhere
Tia goes to the canteen and is sad about her make up and Ranveer comes and tells her that Tia is more important than her kit and he takes her.(Such a cute scene)
Sid is confused about the alarm and doesn`t know what is happening(Sid was so cute that I can`t explain to u guys) and he sees Sweetu Motu(Pri)and Pri says that there is fire in MAurya High. Sid faints on Pri after hearing it(I really luved that scene)
The trio goes to the place where every one was thr. Jumbo , Gloria and Mitra come over there and tell that some one had rung the alarm and asks who was it. No one answers so Jumbo tell that every one will get a punishment. Every one was shocked. Mitra tells Jumbo to let them go this time so Jumbo agrees and leave them.
Preview- Ranveer was thinking was was Ashi sounding upset. He thought she was in trouble. Raghu offered Tia for help for the fashion show. Ranveer tells Sumeet Ahuja that Tia is busy with the fashion show and Ashi is fine . Sumeet phones Tia and tells that he is glad she is taking interest in his business and Tia is shocked to hear that.
1.Ashi n Yuvi are walking in the coridoor n suddenly Mr. Mitra catches yuvi aka ranveer n tells him that therz
a bad news for him..seems his guitar is stolen[which is afcors stolen by ashi n yuvi] Yuvi gets a little tensed...but ashi says him to stay calm.. 2.In the shed...Yuvi is mad at himself..saying that his life n life problems are bestfriends...uske lyf ke
problems kabhi khatam hi nahi hote...n he is all upset...woh apni Mom ko yaad karta hai aur kehta hai that she's
the only one who can understand Yuvi n no one else.....ashi hears this.. 3.Ashi is in her room...shouting on bhaggu....n speaking to herself abt soniya ray...she tells"mom yahan hai
toh problem.... nahi hai toh bhi problem...hey bhaggu! mein kia karu" 4.suddenly Vrinda enters n asks ashi wat's the problem ..but she shouts at vrinda n goes away.. 5.vrinda quickly goes to ranveer n informs him abt ashi's state that she is missing her mom.. ranveer goes to summet ahuja's office n informs him abt ashi..that she is missing her mOm!!
6.Tia is all paniked thinking wat to do abt the fashion meher n pri console her..jst then ashi comes in
n tia n ashi have their regular fight as alwayz!![in the canteen] 7.Tia anyhow is happy now...n calls sumeet ahuja[actually i donno whether she calls him or sumeet ahuja calls
her] she's talking to Sumeet Ahuja abt the fashion show...n Sumeet Ahuja is happy to see that his daughter is
doin so much for charity.. 8.Tia fixes a dinner date wid her dad oh ya one more thing...i forgot.. That dehati raghu is asking tia for notes in the loker room...she gives him n avoids raghu n then she goes.. shyla over hears their conversation...n raghu sees that...he scolds shyla ...n then shyla tells raghu that Tia is
not at all interested in him.. here tia is all set for the dinner date wid papa...she goes to her house...she's talking to papa abt her fashion
show ... tia is asking for a prduction manager for her fashion show..when sumeet ahuja calls ranveer n ashi in n
tells tia that both of them will be the production manager ...Tia is abt to faint...n sumeet ahuja tells her that
this is true..both[tia n ranveer] will be ur co-ordinates in the fashion show...
Dec 28 update by kudi420: Hey guys .as theer was no update for yesterday and ppl are asking for update so I thought of doing the honour today Well dont remember properly wat happened ..but I will try to recollect and put up a good update. Ranveer ashi and tia are upset coz of the new responsibilities given by sumeet to ranveer and ashi. Ashi and tia again starts fighting and sumeet gets fed up and gets angry on them. sumeet says tht now they have to keep their egos aside and work together for the cause. Ashi gets the idea and ask sumeet tht if the yall 3 r working together tht means tia cannot take any decision alone. Sumeet nods and ashi gets happy. They promise to sumeet tht they will be together and will do their best. Tia is really upset. Ranveer is in tension tht how he will manage such a big responsiblilty. Vrinda tells him not to worry and everything wud be done. Shyla overhears their conversation. Mitra enters the class and gives sum practical project in which they have work in the group of 2. mitra goes out and vrinda starts talking to ranveer bout the project. Mitra sees her talking and group her with varun and tells ranveer to be with shyla. Shyla gets happy. Tia is upset and pri consoles her. She tells her tht she shud take it positively as sumeet told ashi and ranveer to help her and tht means she is the boss and they hav to do wat u say. Ti thinks bout it and gets happy. She gets up and look for ashi. She give ashi the list of wat had to be done and ashi gets irritated. Shyla and ranveer r discussing bout the project and tia enters. She tells ranveer tht he has to cum with her as she and ashi again had a fight and he has to bcom a mediater. Tia grabs ranveers hand and take him away with him. Yuvi gets ready to take ashi out and they meet at the corridor. He takes her at a restaurant where there is no one. Ashi gets angry on him and was bout leave and at the same time yuvi starts performing. He invite ashi and ashi joins him and they sing the songlove is in the air and dance too. After the yreach school ashi thanks yuvi for such a good time. Yuvi tells her tht noone here understands her but he knows tht how good and sweet she is by heart. He was bout to tell he rI love you but stops in between and says I mean I like u the way u are and hugs her.
Dec 29 update by spikypriya: guys srry for d delay but still im yet to write the last part of todays epi it starts with yuvi hugging ashi but then they dunno why get apart n yuvi"hello tumhari problem kya hain??" ashi"tumhe kya problem hai meri problem se???" yuvi"matlab,ashi ur wacked out screw dhela hain tumhara. ashi"tumhara screw dhela hai yuvi.kal aaj aur kal mein farak nahi dekh sakte ho???kal yani jo beeet chuka hain.aaaj kal nahi hai!!!!!dont u get it???????" ashi leaves n yuvi yells"ashi" poor him next scene: latty"kya soch rahi ho tum,shy????" shyla"mein yeh soch rahi thi ke maurya ko rule karne main litna mazaa ata hain!!!!!!" latty"mazaa to ayega.lekin jitna easy tum ise samaj rahi ho itni easy woh hai nahi" shyla"latika,thats where the diff. lies ek loser main (pointing towrds latty)aur ek winner mein" latty"kya matlab hain tumhara???main kuch samaji nahi" shyla"matlab yeh ke ek loser woh nahi karta jo ek winner karta hain" latty"kya???" shyla"focus.yes latika ek winner hameha apne target par focus karta hain.well mera pehla step hoag tia ke fashion show ko ruin karna.chahe kuch bhi ho jay yeh fashion show ko fail hona hi chahiye latty"but hum yeh sab karenge kaise??" shyla"mere paas ek plan hain aur is plan ko carry out karogi tum" latty"mein!!!!magar kaise??" shyla"no questions.ek bhi sawal nahijaisa mein kehti hun waisa karon" next scene:yuvi near his locker n sid enters sid"hey rockstar kal raat ka concert kaisa tha??woo open n shut case??" yuvi"exacty dude" sid"but dude exactly hua kya??" yuvi"exactly yeh tha dude ke sab kuch plan ke according tha.i just wish ke maine itna plan nahi kiya hota.wat a waste for ashi" sid"dude im really dien to know hua kya??ab madam ashi ne kya kiya??" yuvi"well sid it was a perfect evening,sab kuch tha music, moments,madness aur phir usi madness mein maine ashi ko hug kar diya,aur usne usne mujhe dur hata diya" sids mouth wide open"hug n push" yuvi"shut up sid.mujhe toh kuch samaj mein nahi aa raha hai.i mean wat did i do wrong??ashi ne mere saath itna strange kyun behave kiya?? next scene;science class shyla n ranveer shyla"hey ,hey ranveer" ranveer"shy kahiya" shyal"ranveer mujhe lagta hain ki hume project ki details kahin beth kar discuss kar leni chahiye" ranveer"aap bilkul thik keh rahi hai.aisa kariye aap chaliye hum thoda kaam show ke liye to teen cheeze manage karni hai.use khatam karte hi hum aapse milte hein" shyla"uh ranveer.dont worry ill manage the reseach work.phir hume milne ki zarurat nahi hai.aur tum show ka kaam bhi khatam kar sakte ho,alrite??" ranveer"no shy.aap humara intezaar kijeye common room mein hum ate hain" shyla to herself(pagal log apne aap se baten karte hain)"aana hi padega tumhe ranveer sisodia.mujhe paat hain ki tum zaruur aoge" next scene :srry guys missed sum part i think,tia n ranveer in canteen ranveer"creative input ke saath budget management bhi toh saruri hain" tia"tia ko sochna padega" two ppl with wierd dress up style enter along with ashi tia"ranveer woh dekho cartoon carnival,maurya mein live!!!!!!!" ashi"tia n ranveer meet syam aur shyam.guys confuse mat ho actually yeh dono twins hain,isiliye syam aur shyam" mean while pri n meher enter all get pretty confused gettin bored of writin dilouges so jus writing out in para meher asks how so u knw when sumone calls out shyam.who answers to the namee??? one of the person says my spellin is yes y a yum(syam) n his is yes eh y a yum(shyam)thats how he says meher leaves ashi" guys meri mom ne mujhe syam aur shyam ke bar e me bataya humare set decoraters,timbo tumhare relatives" tia faints sayin"oh tias god" next scene:shyal w8in for ranveer n latty enters latty"tum kiska w8 kar rahi ho??" shyla"nahi bas aise hi" latty"mujhe pata hain ki tum kiska w8 kar rahi ho.air agar mein yeh kahuin ki tum jiska w8 karrahi ho woh nahi ane wala hai shyla"really aur tumhe kaise pata??" latty"mujhe sab pata hota hain aur tum yahan beth ke apna tim waste kar rahi ho,kyunki wo us tia aur us silly show ke saath busy hoga" shyla"woh oh ranveer ne mujhe kahan tha ki woh im sure woh it ,u better" latty"thik hain to tum yahan w8 karo kyunki im sure woh nahi ayega ,so im gone" next scene:canteen pri ashi ranveer ryin to wake up tia ranveer"tia aap thik toh hain na??" tia"puhless koi yeh tia ko bata do ki yeh sab ek bura sapna tha ashi"no wya tia,twins koi saona nahi hai ,woh asli hai 100% shudh" ranveer"tia hume lagta hain ki apko aaram ki zarurat hain" ranveer gets up n tia wa abt to fall ashi n ranveer handle n pri her head rannveer"ashi ek min,(goin away frm tia)hume lagta hain tia ko aaram ki zarurat hain,hum sab baad me milte hain" ashi"baad mein matlab??raat ko?" ranveer"nahi ashi hum raat ko nahi mil rahe hai,yeh mitra sir ke rules ke khilaaf hain" ashi"i knw but its very cool" ranveer"ashi apke is cool-vool ke chakkar mein hum mitra sir ke samne freeze nahi hona chahte" ashi"very funny.thakur gud one.par u understand na kal tak bahut late ho jayega.hum aaj raat ko milte, hain kuch nahi hoga trust me" ranveer"theek hain,aap yuvi se jaa kar baat kijiye hume music aur theme select karni hain.common room mein theek 8:30 " shyla overhears everything next scene:ashi talkin with yuvi ashi "yuvi mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai ,hey there" yuvi"par mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni,nahi tumpe apna time waste karna hai" ashi"hello,meri bhi ki hpbby nahi hai apna prrecious tme tumpe watse karna.ranveer ne messege bheja hai,aaj raat 8:30 hum sab common room me mil rahe hai,timbo ka fashion show discuss karne" yuvi"cool...... thnx" ashi"hey mr cool meri baat suno,yuvi stop,hold on yuvi.........." yuvi"kya hain??" ashi"aaaaa kal raat ke behavior ke liye im really srry" yuvi"its ok" ashi"hey bhaggu yeh ladka kya seriously bimaar hai!!!!!!tum aisa kabse feel kar rahe ho?i mean koi cool lines nahi koi cool speech nahi......aaaa i get it .tumhe sharam aa rahi he,thats cool yuvi mein hi keh deti hoon.kal raat jo tumne kiya mujhe bahut acha laga,kyunki tumhare effort ki wajah se im feelin better,isiliey im sooo cool ki mein react nahi karunga.mein ashi is back to normal aur mein tumhe bhi normal hone ki anumati deti hoon" yuvi"luk ashi mein kal raat ke bare me na koi baat karna chahta hoom na sunna chahta hoon..soo plzz jus forget it k !!" ashi"maybe u hav but i cant.uhhh mera matlab hai kal raat ke bare mein tum bhool sakte ho par mein nahi.common yuvi frends ke beech aisi baatein hoti rehti hain,par close frends woh hoe hain jo aisi batein bhul kar life main move on karte common yuviiiii" yuvi laughs ashi "sab theek na physco" yuvi"common room 8:30 rtie?" ashi"u bet" next scene: shyla n latty latty"nahi aya na woh agar ranveer ko tumhare aur tia ke aur tumhare beech mein option mile toh woh tia ko hi choose karega" shyla"yeh sab tia ki hi galti hai usne hi ranveer ko yahan ane se roka hoga,otherwise ranveer yahan zaroor aata.its all tias fault" latty"but" shyla"no but!!!now onlt tia ahuja .tia ahuja u gonna be sorry very very sorry next scene:vrinda n varun in canteen with sonal masi varun"hey vrinda tumne tumhara paper khatam kar liya?" vrinda"haan maine toh dusarawala bhi shuru kar diya" varun"gud mujhe bas check karna hai ki tumhare answers aur mere answers same he ke nahi" vrinda"sure" sonal masi"yeh lo,varun zara is ladki ko samjao,jab dekho padhie karti rehti hain,areeeee pagal ho jayege itna padhegi to" vrinda"masi aap bhi kisko bol rahe ho,yeh bhi sara time padhta rehta hain" sonal masi"tum dono sun lo aaram bhi zaruri hai" vrinda"ji masi ,pakka promise hum aaram karenge,haina??(to varun)par abhi yeh khatam kar le vana hostel jane mein der ho jayegi,air aap toh mr.mitra ko jante ho" sonal masi"ek min,unka naam mat lo,mein bhi unse darti hoon"
Jan 2 update by remixrulz: The episode begins with Mitra going to the common room and finds Ashi,Yuvi,Tia,Ranveer,Meher,Pri and Sid there... He starts scolding them abt breakin his rulz He asks them to tell him what they were doing there at this time....Ashi begins saying but he stops her and says that he wants to hear it from Ranveer(Yuvi)... Yuvi tells him that they were discussing abt the fashion show.... Mitra says that he had given permission only to organise the show and not break his rulz.... He sayz dat if he wants he can cancel the show....but Tia starts her thing dat plzzz sir dont do this... Mitra finally sayz dat he'll let them go this time but they should remember not to break his rulz from the next time... Shyla and Latty are overhearing all this and Shyla says dat their is no problem if they lost this one but they will hav to think of a better plan... 2nd scene: Varun and Vrinda are discussing abt their science project and Vrinda sayz dat they can research on photographs and their development and all dat stuff.... Varun goes to d library to find out d history abt all dat and meets sonal massi in d way and tells her dat Vrinda is in d classroom.... Sonal massi gives Vrinda a letter that her mom sent....Vrinda reads the letter and gets kind of tensed but tells maasi that its nothing.... 3rd scene: Tia is coming down the steps and meets Ranveer and Ranveer tells Tia not to worry and that everything will go really well........they were headin towards a romantic moment when Shyla comes and tells Tia that if she can help Tia can ask her and tells Ranveer that if he has time they shud head towards the project... 4th scene: Tia,Yuvi,Ashi,Pri,Meher and Sid are sitting in the canteen when Yuvi brings up the topic that how come Mitra gets to know everything...when Ashi suggests that mayb he has an agent but Yuvi makes funout of it when Sid says dat there has to b a sneak... Tia sayz dat she has to leave with her angels b4 her creativity stops flowin wen Ashi sayz dat only Tia's creativity should flow and not Tia herself.... Sid too leaves leavin Ashi n Yuvi alone....First they luk into each others eyes but then Ashi breaks the contact and goes and sits next to Yuvi....Yuvi sayz..."Ashi sweety plzz mere liye tum ek dimaag ke doctor ke saath appointment fix kar lo" and they start workin on the ppl who were there when they decided the meeting.... They scratch out Shyla's name too.....but end up with two ppl hum they suspect....Latty n Raghu and say dat they hav tp prepare a trap for them.... 5th scene: Vrinda is outside alone wen Varun comes and asks her wats wrong but Vrinda makes an xcuse and leaves from there.... 6th Scene: Tia and her angels and Ranveer are sittin in the canteen to decide the choreographer for d show and Tia sayz dat she'll rate the candidates on her TIA"S SCALE....... the first candidate is some1 hu has choreographed showsd in London and Paris and Tia is impressed on hearin this.... but wen the girl comes she says somethin like hii handsome or somethin to Ranveer hearing which Tia gets really jealous and rates her really low.... Next candidate is this really fat person hu comes and starts sayin stuff like wen she was young she was as slim as Tia and wen Tia grows up she will bcome like dat lady.... Tia has this oxygen xpression on her face...and then the lady says dat ppl still call her for walkin on d ramp but once the ramp broke and Tia is in d state of fainting and then d lady says dat ppl call her "elephanta" mayb coz she luvs travelling.... 7th scene: Vrinda calls some1 up and all dat she says ios haan ji.....nahi jii....and par.... After Vrinda leaves Varun comes out there.... 8th scene: Ashi n Yuvi go to the locker area where Latty is and on purpose start sayin dat they hav to b careful this time and dat they wud meet at 9 in d entrance hall..... Latty overhears all this as planned and leaves.... Ashi n Yuvi are in the hall and see Raghu and say dat he is their next target.... Precap: Tia decides dat some old lookin guy and weird guy would choregraph her show and then the same guy says........"Ashi sweety kya tum mere saath date par chalogi?" and Ashi is like Kya?? Shyla n Ranveer are talkin and Ranveer sayz dat he deserves it and is ready to accept any punishment that Mitra gives him... Comments:Well.......according to me it was quite a gud episode....there was some chemistry and i think in the future there will b a lot of chemistry between Vrinda and Varun..... The Tia-Ranveer scenes were quite gud and the Ashi Yuvi scenes werent bad either... All in all it was an above average episode.....mayb ill giv it a 9/10 The best scenes 2day was the scene wen Tia and her angels and Ranveer were sittin in the canteen and the two candidates came over and the scene dat followed....
3rd jan update (tuesday)
I am doing this update on behalf of namz, namita (aasma_remix) as she is busy with her exams nowand she was unable to do 3rd Januarys update
Well here goes what happened.(guys this my 1st time so dont mind if its not that good)
After ashi yuvi finish giving latty the wrong info abt the meeting in the common room, they set out for their next target i.e. raghu.ashi decides to follow latty, while yuvi follows raghu.(.latty ka walking style to dekhne layak tha..kaise kamar matak matak ke chal rahi thimano ke jaise ramp pe walk kar rahi thi )anyway ashi finally loses the track of the meanwhile, yuvi was following raghu(according to me there was no point in following raghu.bechara, he was looking innocent) but tat yuvi still followed him..and he ultimately ended up in his own room to find raghu..peacefully snoring in his bed.lost in his dream world (abt tat timbo of course!!!)
Tia finally selects a guy called rajat(he is very much like maddy of jassi jaisi koi nahin) for choreographing the show(I think no one else was left, so timbo had to choose the last resort).he then agrees and all..then when he is abt to leave the canteen ashi comes in.rajat thnx her many times(like we ppl thank the ppl who upload the pics & videos )..ranny also comes then.rajat suddenly tells ashi tat he will do the show for free only if ashi goes on a date with him(1st photographer aditya, and now choreographer rajat )ashi agreesrannny is very apprehensive abt it ..he didnt wnt her to agree(so considerate of him )..but ashi tells him to chill.
Then in the next scene they show, latty slipping the letter thru the staffroom door, but a hand stops her.(it looked like a guys hand to me).. but it was none other than bow-wow shyla.(I cant believe tat her hand looks like a boys).then shyla as latty par apna dadagiri jamate hue kaha ki.yuvi and ashi are already suspecting tat sumone was snitching abt their meetings and allif shy had not stopped latty in timethey wud hav been caught..(lattys khaali dimaag then realizes the repercussions of her actions)then the fast forward yet spiteful mind of shyla, thinks up of another planshe says that this plan was no longer good, coz due to this tia and ranveer were coming closerand tat will never do for her ,( bow wow),..she then says tat if she cant defeat the 4some by going against them.she will hav to join them and defeat them from within.and to do this she will hav to take part in tias fashion show..but then lattys khali dimaag jaag uthaand she said that there were no more vacancy for modelsthen how will tia accept shyla????????as usualis prob ka solution bhi shy ke paas tha .she said she will hav to move another modelthen they decide tat the model, had to sumone very important and had to be close to tiadono chureil then came to the conclusionmeherthen latty said that she had sum fayda of being an old student.she knew all abt meherand her past & stuff.she wud see to tat, tat meher was out of the show..shy said, ab mein jo chachti hu, who mujhe milega.seeing then latty realized tat she was being deprived of her share..she asked shy,itna kar karne ke badle, mujhe kya milega? shy said, ab tumhe kya chahiye?.latty with a sneering face said,mujhe yuvi chahiye ( I will kill latty for this..whatsoever happened to her crush over sid?????????????)
Then ashi yuvi are shown in the common room waiting for mitra to turn up.eventually he doesnt.yuvi then starts smirking saying tat he was always rightno one was snitching on themall had happened out of coincidenceashi says ,,ok..for once her intuition did not work ..then as she readies to goyuvi reminds her tat they hav to plan the music for tias show...and they both go to do tat
The next day starts.ppl are busy organizing tias showshyam aur shyam are busy putting up balloons all over.and then suddenly, sellotape falls out of shyams mouth..and he topples..and the other shyam who was standing on a stool fixing ballons, falls over himtia and pri come to find out wat had had happened ,(both shyam were trying to vie for her attention)then tia is as usual not satisfied with balloons, she tries to make them understand tat the theme is T-style (wats tat??)and balloons dont go with it.but shyam & shyam are still trying to convince her with all sorts of spooky ideas ..and tia as usual was fainting at the drop of a hatraghu sees it all..and he suddenly comes and starts shouting at the twinsin a bad lingotia tries to stop him, but he doesnt listen..the twins are bewildered..then ranny comes (like a filmy hero ) and holds him by the shoulder and tells him to stop.raghu doesnt want toand their was a battle of words and eyesight between them..then tia calls out for ran..and seeing this raghu is disgusted,and he pushes ran and goes away...ranny is upsetthen shyla comes and tells rannny tat she has finished the project..ranny thanks her but says sorry he was not able to help her with the project due to the fashion showshy says its all fine with her..and when ranny leaves..she is left bow-wowing to herself
In the common room yuvi, ashi sid, and other ppl are seated while yuvi puts on a cd into the tape..then they all start dancing to the was soo funny.yuvi aur ashi ka dance was sufi .and funny..then they select tat cd for tias show. Then varun comes and tells ashi, tat he think vrinda is upset abt sumthing..and he wants ashi to look in to the matter. Ashi agrees
In glorias office latty goes to look for some papers (her office was empty..i dont understand..whenever latty wants to snitch sumthing glorias table is empty, but whenever others want sumthing glo is always sitting like a statue) she finally gets the no. which she wants
On the other hand, varun senses tat vrinda is upset abt sumthing, he asks sonal masi, but she tells its nothing. He then goes to vrinda directly. She as usual is busy in her own world, and when she snaps into reality she started blabbering abt the project..wasting no time varun asked her directly abt the letter(smart boy) but vrinda, says she cant tell him..( this vrinda, always interested to help others, but never lets anyone else help her I think sumthing will happen between varun & vrindaas both their pairs hav gone off..and they are shown spendingtime with each otherand now this letter thing)
In the canteen, they all are rehearsing for the show, tat rajat was choreographing them.even pri is a model( I thought she was giving proxy for sumone, but realized .noooo. she was actually a model)then came mehers turnsids mouth was open when she came ...yuvi had to close it for him.then tia got up on stage and started giving an intro abt meher (whatever happened to pris intro?????)..then suddenly from nowhere (as if aasman se tapak pada tha), mehers stupid looking brother(pris one time crush & bf), asim came there..and said meher wont partcipate
upadte of 4th jan by anvesha rulz
the epi starts with asim stopping meher from becoming a part of the fashion show.shyla and latty r happy that they succeeded in throwing meher out of the show
all the angels r in their room crying over what happened.just then shyla enters and offers to be a part of the fashion show.and tia agrees coz she doesnt want that her designs should go waste
ashi meets vrinda in the corridorand asks her abt her probvrinda tries to avoid telling ashi abt it but eventually agrees
she tells ashi that her mom cant take care of sheetal alone coz she is facing some financial prob..and so she needs vrinda to take up a job and leave maurya
now comes my fav scene of the day
ashi enters the classroom. now sid ashi and yuvi sit in such an order that sid is between ashi and yuvi
ashi wants to tell yuvi abt vrindas prob(how sweet she thinks only yuvi can help her in this )
so she sends the 1st chit to yuvi saying I need ur helpand she passes the chit to sidasking him to pass the chit to yuvi
sid passes it to yuvi.yuvi writes abt what
and the chit is passed once again to ashi via sid
ashi writes its abt vrinda she is leaving college..and then yuvi writes I have a solution
and then ashi in her trademark manner writes "du huh tum aur tumhare stupid ideas "(something like that)
and then u should have seen yuvis reaction on reading this.he is really pissed off on ashi and turns towards her and ashi has a wicked grin on her face
yuvi writes "wait and watch".and sends it to ashi via sid..ashi writes something and passes the chit to sid and while sid is passing the chit to yuvi the professor catches him and reads it.he tells sid now u wait and watch (poor sid)


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this was followed by the tia ranveer scene which has been updated by lamina in another post.I am just copying it over here
The scene starts with tia getting down the stage and telling shyam and syam that this stage is perfect. pri is also there. shyam and syam say that there is more that they r going to do. tia say please dont..this is perfect looks good just the way it is just then pansy rajat walks in and puts his arms around both shyams ka shoulder. they are like "TIA!!!" us kinds... Then rajat says today is a great day for him...and pri is like what happened...rajat says that he is going on a date...Tia is worried because of this...the two shyams are even more worried..coz they think they r in danger ...tia asks him who is he going out with. rajat says they have to guess. first clue - the person is from maurya pri is like...this isnt a real clue...tell us more second clue - the person is helping with the fashion show now tia is extremely worried tia is like next clue third clue..the person is cute tia is totally shocked her mind she says "OH TIA'S GOD - RANVEER!!!!!" and dashes away from there Meanwhile ranveer is just going somewhere...tia sees him and call out for him...tia is like...woh woh rajat ne kahan...tum rajat ke saath... ranveer is totally confused for a minute...then he remember the date discussion between ashi n rajat and realises that tia think that he is going out with rajat...he is now in a totally mischievious mood as he sees tia is totally worked up by this so he says...toh kya hua..tia is like this isnt naturnal...tum tum uske saath nahi ja sakte..ranveer say...kyu..hum toh aab sirf friends hai...tia is like...tia ne kaha na...tum nahi ja sakte..kyuki....ranveer say "becoz???" really softly..he whispers it so was really sweet...tia is like tum rajat ke saath nahi ja rahe ho...and gives him a really angry look..and ranveer is smiling mischieviously all this while...but then that stupid shyla comes in n a is like...shyla...ek problem aayan hai clothes ke saath..and tia is like dotn worry meher will help you out with it..she doesnt wanna go before getting ranveer to agree...she is still giving him khunas looks and ranveer is still smiling...thinking that tia is going to be really jeaolous now...coz she wont be able to do anything n will have to go...shyla in meantime is like...tia no its a big problem u have to come...the horrible horrible dumb shyla wants to get tia away from ranveer...and tia is like ok lets go...but before going she gives one more angry forbidding look to ranveer telling him not to even dare thinking of going with rajat...and ranveer is still smiling mischeivously...teasing tia
after that sonal maasi is sitting in the canteen with ashi and yuvi.ashi and yuvi tell her abt vrindas prob
sonal maasi says that even if she gives all her money to her sis it wont suffice
ashi and yuvi tell her that they will give the money to herbut sonal maasi says that vrinda wont accept it
ashi also agrees to that coz she knows vrinda in and out
then ashi's bhaggu helps ashi and she gets and idea as usual.she says that both ashi and yuvi will give the money to sonal maasi and she should give it to vrinda saying that the money belongs to her
maasi once again disagrees to itbut yuvi says that I have so much money in my account that I spend on all useless thingsinstead I would really happy to put it for some good use like helping vrinda ( oh my sweetheart.he is so
update for 5th jan(thursday) by hellraiser
sry ppl i missed the first 5 min 2 day.. wat saw was dat tia cums 2 ranveer n asks him nt 2 feel bad abt wat raghu said...hes like dat only..."uski aadhi baatein tia ko samajh main hi nahi aati" ranveer sez fine...he asks tia if shes nt nervous abt the show ...tia sez tht shes xcited overxcited tia n her angles(*hehe*)r bakofyin sum catwalkin crap n ashi cums n sez tht its a piece o'cake...summet ahuja who drops in fer a surprise visit asks ashi 2 catwalk ..ashi agrees the twinsy guys mess up the tias "special" collection.....all the dresses r shrunk..tia begins faintin..the usula melodrama... ashi cums up with an idea to make dreeses outa white drapes.. tia gets all hyper abt the angle theme sayin tht itll b like they re walkin in heaven(bahhh) asim talks 2 pri..pri persuades him 2 let meher anchor the show if not model..he agrees.. he asks her out on date..she sez shell spend a whole day wid him after the fashion show.. sonal masi thanks yuvi n ashi fer helpin vrinda.. after she goes away ashi thanks yuvi fer his help.. he starts braggin.. ashi sez its no use bein polite 2 him...both luk soooooo cute dere.. aashi was lukin gorgeous 2 day...waitin fer 2 sure shell rock..after all shes an x-model
Update 9th Jan,Monday by remixrulz
First scene: Ashi is walking in the corridor and her cell rings.....its Cookie...she tells Ashi that the invitations for the fashion show will reach all d parents of d students of Maurya by the evening.....Ashi tells Cookie dat she is an angel but then suddenly reaslises wat she said and corrects herself saying dat Cookie is a darling..... Then Ranveer comes over to Ashi and tries telling Ashi dat she neednt go on a date with Rajat as they hav the money to pay him....but Ashi tells him that she likes Rajat and thinks that he is interesting and doesn't know y ppl think wrong of him...
Second Scene: The angels are doing some work with d white drapes....probably they were creatin d back drop...
Third Scene: Ashi takes some white cloth to Yuvi and they both throw d cloth down and are almost ready to fight but Ranver comes and asks them to pik it up(no dialogues in d scene)
Fourth Scene: The preperations for d fashion show r on.... Sid id puttin up d lights and Pri is holding the chair up for him....but then Pri sees a plate of samosas and leaves the chairs and poor sid falls down... In some other part of Maurya....Ranveer n Tia are happily discussing somethin and Shyla sees them but just walks off from their disappointed...she tells Latty that even luck isnt favouring them...
Fifth Scene: Yuvi n Ranveer are in Ranveer's room(Yuvi's ex-room) and are discussin abt d cd's and Mitra comes in and sees the cd in d hands of Yuvi(Ranveer) and asks him abt it but Ranveer saves Yuvi by saying that Yuvi is assisting him in d fashion show...
Sixth Scene: Yuvi n Ranveer are talking where d preperations are going on and Rajat is overhearing them but then Yuvi says abt how Ashi wud luk in Tia's fashion show and hearing this Rajat gets angry and tells Yuvi dat his music is not proper for the show and he needs to redo it....Ranveer says that they shud ask a third person for his opinion...
Seventh Scene: Where the models are...Ashi asks Pri wat is this(it was Ashi's dress for d show) and Pri says dat this is ur dress....Ashi says now she directly has to talk with timbo and shouts out timbo ans Tia appers and shouts kya hai....Ashi asks her d same thing but Tia replies dat it is Tia's show and Ashi will hav to do n wear wat Tia tells her... Yuvi,Ranveer n Rajat come in....Yuvi laughs at Ashi abt her dress and compliments Tia dat d dress is really pretty...Tia is impressed....Ranveer asks Tia abt d music thing...and Tia says dat she supports Yuvi...Rajat is shocked...but Tia says to cut it out and leaves...Ashi gets an idea...and repeats"cut it out" with her evil smile...
Eighth Scene: Meher is doin a models hair and Tia comes and givs Meher a dress....Meher asks wat that is...and Tia says it is her dress for d show but Meher tells her she cant do it as Asim wud get really angry...but then Pri tells her that she talked it out with Asim and that now Meher is d anchor of d show...
Nineth Scene: Sumeet n Jumbo are talkin abt their children growin up and how he never felt nervous for any meeting but is now for Tia's show...
Tenth Scene: Tia n Meher are talking abt Ashi quietly doin her make up n hair(in d bachground they show Ashi applyin make up)....Tia says dat their is definately somethin wrong and Ashi surely has planned somethin coz Ashi n no trouble cannot go hand in hand...
Eleventh Scene: D fashion show starts and Meher comes on d ramo and then presents d first collection called-"Rainbow Collection" and then they show d next collection-"Collection N" They are also showin some man comin into Maurya... It is Yashwant Dev.....Mitra sees him in d corridor and is like Mr. Yashwant Dev.... Yashwant turns bakk and does not recognise Mitra and then Mitra introduces himself that he is the Vrice Principal of Maurya... Yashwant tells Mitra that he got a special invitation for d Fashion show...

Meher presents the angel collection pri cums on da ramp ..den vrinda..(in really weird dresses...i mean fer the much publicisised dint relly rock) nxt is ashi but shes nt 2 b found newere... tia is totally n i relly mean totally freakin out.. she sends shyla in place of ashi.. yashwant dev n mitra r in jumbos office.. ranver is called dere... shyla walks the ramp thrice juss 2 delay the show... she luks relly gud..this cumin frm a person who hates rock n roll the lites go off...ashi makes her entry.. she luks reasonable gud.... not awsum ..not crap.. neway yashwant dev finds out the truth.. poor ranveer is badly scared...... he was literally shiverin... tia gives a long winded lecture abt the animals.. sumit ahuja congratulates them n tell tia hes goin outa station yuvi goes 2 search fer ranveer n lands up in the same hot actually boilin soup yashwant dev tells mitra 2 give them ne punishment... but yuvi shud attend science classes as soon as possible poor guyz..
mitra tells yuvi n ranveer 2 go bak 2 their rooms.... hell tell his punishment in the morn as he wants to think all nite abt it(the sadist) tia n pri meet ranveer n yuvi.. tia calls ranveer camel nd all coz he dissapeared durin the show he walks away after giivin her a look... yuvi teels tia tht mitra has found everythin out..n tht their futures r in mitras hands ranveer is sittin on the steps wid upset face .. tia cums 2 talk 2 him.....he sez everythin is over mitra will xpel him.. tis sez"bharaharosa rakho" ranveer asks on whom??..on mitra who hates him??(gud ques dude) tia sez everythin will b allrite(she repeats dat like 10 times)...dat whole skool is wid him..dat tia is wid him... she gives him her moms ring which is a lucky charm...... ranveer refuses to take it.. now its sweet nd all the first time...but then they play "pass the ring" fer 10 min...... yuvi n sid r talkin ...yuvi sez itll b worse fer ranveer .....knowin hes a scholarship student... sid sez meebe it wont b so bad.. but yuvi is sure they re in big trouble this time.. he kept sayin dat it was a bad plan(duh-uh) godd...he was lukin sooo gud 2 day..not helpless nd all..but juss determined.....i was literally droolin tia goes 2 ashis room n gives her a lecture on how bad the plan was... point 2 note fer tia ranveer fans..tia sez"isiliye tia ne plan ke liye agree nahi kiya tha..tia ranveer ko danger main nahi dekhna chahti thi" shyla raises her eyebrows... tia almost gives ashi a warnin 2 get them outa trouble.. now tht i felt was mean..i mean fine bad plan nd all dat.. but ashi was juss tryin 2 as if she isnt feelin enuff bad abt it..tia has 2 put all da blame on her...
Jan 12 update by spikypriya: starts woth ashi leaving the room n vrinda sayin her "ashi ash,pata nahi kya hoga"n then shyla says oata nahimotra sir kya karenge ramveer toh scholarship student hai pata uska kya hoga" then ashi is shown in the shed she was very sad n was feelin very guilty abt wat she did ,she picks up a paper where in mmusic notes were writen n then she remembers all the things when they three decided to switch their identity.........then vrinda enters the she sayin "hey bhaggu ashi tum yahan ho!!!!!!!!!meina tumhe sari jagah dudha....waise tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?????she tries to cheer up ashi by sayin dat tia kabhi kisika bhura hota nahi dekh sakti ,leave it na plzzz ,, then starts cryin n then vrinda says "ashii ......." ashi says crying"vrinda i cant take this nemore maine kuch nahi kiya!!trust me i didnt do nething i knw meri galti hain maine hi unhe plan bataya tha.mujhe pata nahi unhe problem se kaise nikalu??????" vrihnda tries n cheers up ashi sayin dat wat u did was wrong but not totally wrong ,the only thing wrong was u took the wrong way " ashi"no vrinda,woh log meri wajah se prob me pade ill takje them out of this" ranveer walkin in the corridoor n then shyla cums n says "ranveer mujhe tumhari bahot phikar ho rahi hai" ranveer"phikar karne ki koi zarurat nahi,ab koi kuch nahi kar sakta" shyal"if u need ne help plzz tell me" ranveer"shukriyaa......" ranveer n uv r abt to go in the office (princi ka) tht ashi cumz n say s w8 ill aslo cum with u coz i was the one responsible for all this i hav to get hte punishment,yuvi says noooo ashi urnt cumin....ranveer also says pplzzz let us go u dunt cum" ashi gets frustrated by this n gets angry on herself both went in the office n jumbo shoutin "kya samjate hai aa log ......... blah blah............." both try to defend them self but r unable to speak mitra says"maurya mein aisi koi punishment anhi hai is crime ke liye is liye hume khud punishment decide karni padegi jumbo asks them to leave,"u both r dismissed" all sittin in the common rrom n thinkin why did they giv punishment dat time only why after sumtime????????? sid says "mayb they mayb thinkin abt suspension" ashi"shut up sid..aisa kuch nahi hogasimple crime simple punishment" all say together"shut up siddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" raghu ebters n says"yashwant devji ke bete ko punish karna asaan baat nahi hai rote??? waise mujhe pata tha yahan kuch gadbad hai.......mujhe amiir baap ki bogdi hui aulad ke saath rehna ka koi shauk nahi hai,khas karke un logo ka jo hum jaise scholarsip stundents ka fayda uthate hai" yuvi stands up to hit raghu but ranveer stops him.......raghu jsu b4 leavin says to ranveer to b careful of these rich ppl..........ranveer tell uv to ignore raghu,uv" but ranveer i hope u didnt raghu's talk abt rich ppl seriously co zi wanna b ur frend 4ever" ranveer"yeh i wont" mitra n jumbo dicussin abt the punishment n then sudden ly jumbo says mr.mitraa!!!!!!!!!i think this punishment is too much extreme


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Jan 16 update by remixrulz: I missed the first 15 mins bcoz there was no cable..... So il start from where i saw...... Update 16th Jan. 06,Monday Ranveer was telling Tia that mayb she is right and miracles do occur..... NEXT SCENE: Yuvi n Ranveer go to the staffroom and Ashi,Tia,Pri,Meher and Sid are standing outside the staffroom and are listening to whatever is happenin.... Mitra keeps saying that Yuvi should make proper choice and that he should not come into people's words so easily... He then moves on to Ranveer and says stuff like he knows the art to trap ppl and get every1 in his words and says that its all Ranveer's fault and it was his idea to switch and stuff but Yuvi tries to tell him that its not true but Mitra doesnt let him talk.... Outside the xpression on Tia's face was damn cute she luked really angry on Mitra and then Mitra tells Ranveer something like it was ur idea and its all ur fault wen Ashi just barges in and says the two of them are inncocent and it was all her idea but Mitra ignores her saying dat Ranveer is really lucky to hav such frnds hu are trying to save him.... Next Scene: Yuvi,Ashi n Ranveer come out of the staffroom and Ranveer tells Tia that miracles happen only in stories but Tia tells him that it wud happen in this case and both of them hold hands and its really cute... Next: All the students come out to the auditorium(or wateva it was) and then Jumbo n Mitra come out and Yuvi n Ranveer are standing on d stage... Jumbo says dat "As u all know there has been a very shameful and indisciplined act in Maurya and Mr. Mitra will tell u the decision of the authorities" Mitra comes forward and says that...."Mr. Yuvraj Dev aapki punishment yeh hai ki....aaj se ek mahine tak aapke study hrs double kiye jaate hai(as if its gonna make a difference to Yuvi....hes never gonna study if his study time in 2hrs or 10 hrs) and u will also help in the college cleaning activity for 1 week(now this was the punishment that really surprised Yuvi and was actually a punishment for him).... then he says..."Mr. Ranveer Sisodia.....u r expelled" and every1 was shocked.....seriously Jumbo himself lukes shocked and luked as if he didnt know wat was goin on and then Ashi goes like not fair sir and then Tia and Vrinda but Mitra just tells them to shut up and Ranveer just walks off..... Yuvi then tells Mitra that this punishment is not fair and stuff but Mitra tells him that u can decide if my punishment is fair or not among urselves but my decision is final" and then says Dismiss.....and Jumbo also follows his orders.....and then i dont know y he does dat but takes out his only WHITE belonging and wipes his hands.... Dats all was the episode.... Precap:Ranveer tells Varun"ab kya hoga maa ka,vasu ka and how will i show my face to my mom and stuff......Tia is messaging Ahuja saying that "pappa tia needs ur help and then Ranveer comes n says Tia".......Ashi, Yuvi n Sid are in d shed and Sid is like..guys yeh to suno...Maurya Masala ki latese edition....and luks as though Ashi n Yuvi were not all dat shocked...
17th jan(tuesday) update by remixrulz
Ok.....nams(aasma_remix) was suppose to do the update for today but as she was unable to do doing it on her behalf.... goes d update: Update for 17th Jan,Tuesday First Scene: The episode starts with Ranveer entering his room and was in a condition to start using his glycerine bottles again.... ..... kk..then Varun and Sid enter d room and Ranveer tells them...."ab kya kahenge hum maa se,Vasu se....sab khatam ho gaya" and when Varun is abt to say something Ranveer asks them to leave him alone for some time...Ranveer then thinks abt d time wen Tia gav him d ring and dat scene
Second Scene: kk....then they show Tia walking in the corridor and is trying to call up her dad...(she had a different hair style....and luked really weird)......Ranveer tells Tia dat everythin is over and now they cant do anything and he wud hav to face d punishment in any case...and then they show Tia...( one scene she wud hav changed her hair style atleast thrice)
Third Scene: Ashi n Yuvi r in d shed and then Sid comes and reads out to them the latest edition of Maurya Masala....which reads out somethin like this...."Yuvraj Dev aur Ranveer Sisodia ko jo punishment mili hai usme Yuvraj Dev/Yuvi ko to naa ke barabar punishment mili hai aur Ranver Sisodia expel ho gaya....lekin iske peeche jo kahani hai woh shayad hi koi jaanta hai....yeh punishment actually ek deal hai Mr. Yashwant Dev aur Maurya ke vice-princi Mitra e beech mai...par hum sirf itna jaanna chahte hai ki kya is deal mein Yuvi shamil tha..." Ashi n Yuvi r shocked on hearin this...
Fourth Scene: Shyla is standing outside Ranveer's room(i think) and then Ranveer comes from somewhere and Shyla tells him dat wateva happened with him was unfair and then holds his hand but Ranveer obviously didnt like it coz he stares at her sternly and she removes her hand....
Fifth Scene: kk...then Latty comes n tells Ranveer that Yuvi was behind all that happened to him and its written in the Maurya Masala but Ranveer tells her that he knows Yuvi and that he cannot do anything like that and he leaves.....but after he leaves Shyla n Latty giv a real evil smile...
Sixth Scene: d angels r in their room and Meher comes n gives Tia d MM but Tia says Yuvi cant do such a thing....
Seventh Scene: Shyla n Latty are sittin seperately and Shyla tells Latty that she has a new plan to get Ranveer....coz after Ranveer is out of Maurya n Tia in she can tell Ranveer that she luvs him but b4 that she has to do a rehersal...and it luked as though she borrowed some glycerine from Ranveer and then says stuff like I luv u Ranveer.....
Eighth Scene: Ashi,Yuvi,Tia n Sid are in the shed and Tia says mayb they can go for a hunger strike and then Yuvi tells perfect they can go for a strike but then Ashi says no and says like they r d seniors and they cant set a wrong example for their juniors....( was a shock to hear this from Ashi...) and then Ashi says somethin like they will hav to do somethin that his not their in d rulz but they can save Ranveer with it.....none of d guys understand it but still go for it..... Tia says that she will stop givin fashion advixe to others....(Ashi n Yuvi were like......hullo....dats no torture) .....but then she says every1 will do it therre way...
Ninth Scene: from here d epi was gud..... In the Arts classroom all of them are sittin facing towards the wall and not d teacher and then d teacher comes and asks them wat it is and they say that they were waitin for her only.....d teacher gets damn irritated n leaves.... Then d next teacher comes n asks them abt their homework as to wat hav they done in d name of homework....and some1 says dat they luv their country and are very proud of her and hav done their homework in their respective mother tongues....and Pri says somethin in Gujrati and then some girl says somethin in Punjabi...(i understood wat she said....she said she was proud to b a punjabi) and then some guy says somethin in Marathi and then all of them salute xcept Sid hu does a ulta salute(it was really cuteeeeeeeeee)
Tenth Scene: In the Science classroom.....all of them hav their hav their books coverin their faces and r askin d teacher to teach them......d teacher gets really pissed ofdf and is like.....Mr. Jamwal....
Eleventh Scene: all the guys n girls start packin their bags and start moving into diff. rooms....
Twelth Scene: Gloria cxomes to Jumbo's office and is like sir dekhiye kya ho raha hai.... and she tells him that somethin is wrong with all d students.....they are acting weird....and now Varun has shifted in Ashi's room(and then show a devil's face with Ashi';s naame written on it...didnt c d others....but it was damnnn cuteee and somethin else with Varun's and Vrinda's name) and that Meher has moved in with Yuvi and then show show an angel with Meher's name guitar with Yuvi and and that Sid has moved in with Tia...they show Tia's name in a pink heart and Pri's name on a toffee and Sid's name on somethin.... Gloria says dat its ridiculous...d guys and girls living in d same rooms....
Jan 18 update by remixrulz: First Scene: kk..the epi startes with Sid in Tia's room....and Tia's comes into d room and steps on Sid's shoes and tells him dat this is not d place to keep shoes and says boys r soo disorganised.... hearin this Sid calls Tia a loony and Tia is like "tumne kya kaha" and Pri comes and says "Loony"....(Pri was really cute in this scene....she is havin chocolate)....then Tia comes to the bed and is like this is not d place to keep ur clothes....and then she picks up his socks and smells them and is almost ready to faint and starts shoutin fresh air....then she goes to her dressing table and picks up Sid's brush and asks him to keep it in d bathroom and tells him that his comb is really dirty....( Pri is repeatin wateva Tia was sayin)...and then Tia is like "Pri....shut up"(and cute Pri repeats dat too..... Second Scene: Yuvi's room Meher n Shyla r fightin over space coz both of them dnt hav space to keep their cosmetics and saandals........and Yuvi tired of this tells them that they are here only temporarily but then Meher says to remember that by doing all this they are saving Ranveer..... Third Scene: Jumbo,Gloria and 2 other teachers come into Tia's room....where Sid is reading Femina and Pri is eating chips and Tia is applying make-up and Jumbo asks Tia wat is all can she share her room with Tia....and Tia says teachers arent hearing to them so they'll do wateva they wish to do....and Tia wants to share her room with her angel and this devil....and says ke..."isse balance maintain hota hai" Fourth Scene: in Jumbo's office....there is Gloria and d 2 teachers and he tells them that this is a rebellion....and asks where is Mitra....Glo tells him hes busy with d commitee members(ahhhh.....for once)....soo Jumbo says he'll hav to handle d students on his own....He asks Glo to call all d students in d commmon room Fifth Scene: now......Ranveer comes n tells Ashi,Yuvi n d other guys that wat they r doin is wrong and Ashi asks him y is it wrong....but Tia comes n says dat we hav heard u Ranveer n now it is on ud if we wanna follow wat u said or not....and Ranveers goes away...Ashi,Yuvi n others go away too.... Sixth Scene: Ranveer goes to his room and Raghu is already there and Raghu tells Ranveer that all that these ppl r doin is natak but Ranveer tells him to stop talkin abt his friends.....and Raghu leaves...... Seventh Scene: all d students r in d common room and Jumbo starts addressing them....he tells them wat they r doing is wrong and this is not the way they shud behave....they are d seniors and hav to set a proper xample for their juniors....and sharin their rooms with guys is ridiculous and he pin-points to Tia and says that u r from a very gud family and how can she do that....but Tia replies that she doesnt find anythin wrong with this....and boys n girls are the same and then Summet comes n hears this and is aghast to hear this....and tells Jumbo that he wants to talk to her alone... Eighth Scene: Sumeet n Tia go to Tia's room and Sumeet asks Tia where he has gone wrong with her and has he not brought her up properly and she comes to college to study and she has to learn to respect her teachers and the principal and she shud not talk the way and answer bak to the princi as she was doin and she shud follow d rulz but Tia tells him dat he doesnt know d whole thing but Sumeet stops her and says dat he doesnt wanna know.....he is leaving wen Tia tells him that Sumeet has not gone wrong with bringing her up and that he shud never think so..... Ninth Scene: Pri comes and asks Ashi wat if her mom is called but Ashi tells her she will think abt it and then Meher says wat shud we do now....AShi tells them to do as Jumbo says and is like....:loha tabhi marna chahiye jab hathoda garam ho".....and then is like wateva....and says she is really worried abt Tia and that Sumeet luked really angry... Tenth Scene: Jumbo tells Glo that he wants to meet Jumbo and that it is urgent.....Glo goes n Ranveer comes and Sumeet tells him dat he is really angry with him and he didnt xpect him to do any such thing just to get his choice of subject...(from where did he get to know all this....).....and Ranveer starts tellin him dat he had done well in his xam too but and then they dont tell us wats goin on but obviously Ranveer told Sumeet the whole story and Sumeet's xpression was changing and lukes as if he was going towards the students and was gonna support them.... Jan 19 update by spikypriya: it starts with aashi singin na na na na na na(na koi tension lena tune) in the locker room n then tia n pri join aashi n slowly the whole coll starts singin the same tune again n again n then in the class room (arts section)all r singin sooooooo loudly that all teachers get irritated n say stopppppp n ashi says"(singing)humne koi rules nahi tode sir .rule buk main class ke waqt gana gaana allowed nahi hain aisa nahi likha hai"it too cool while she is sayin this all in singin way then teacher goes away shotuin jambwaljiiiiiiii gettin frustrated then mitra cums to maurya with commitee members tellin that maurya students r very gud in behaviour n all except sum students n we hav seperate rules for such students n blah blah ...........appreciatin the students of maurya jumbo n his assistant enter intpo a room all the studentsall of them dressed lik jokers fulltoo jokersss stand n jumbo id lik "wt is all this .oh my god.yeah kya ho raha hai??????" gloria picks up the phone n mitra says he is back to maurya with the committe members .......glo says this to jumbo n junbo says to students"get bck to normal n change ur clothes" al students"humne koi rule nahi toda hai sirr agar toda hai toh hume app punish kijiye,yes sir cumon punish us all..punish us!!!!!!!!!" all students in hall n jumbo wonderin wat to do ??????????mitra cums n tells jumbo that comm members r here n jumbo leaves mitra is stunned lukin at the students n says"wats dis???" all say"hello sir""hi sir"..... "namste sir" mitra "yeh sab kya hai??????tia yeh sab kya hai???????" tia"sir agar aap tia se gussa hai toh aap tia ko expel kar dijye" all "haa sir hum sabkop suspend kar dijiye.its fair....." tia"to ab aap tia ko expel kar rahe hai na sir???" mitra"luk tia...agar tummne mera discipline toda to mein tumhe suss...expel kar dunga!!!!!!!!!!!" ashi"jaise ranveer or yuvi??" mitra"yessssss" ashi"lekin jab dono ne ek saath rule toda hai to ek ko punishment kyun????????" tia"sir ab to aap tia ko expel kar rahe hai na?????" pri"tia ke saath hum sab ko expel kar rahe hai na sir??" tia"to sir aap tia aur uske frends ko expel kar rahe ahin na.right???" mitra"wronggggg.tia aur uske frends scholarship students nahi hai i mean tum sab abhi bache ho tum sabko yeh sab pata nahi chalega..ranveer ke jaise students ka status tum logo se alag hai aur rehna hi chahiye!!!!!!!" all r shocked n sumeet all over hears all this n he cums in n says he wants to talk to mitra in alone so plzz excuse meanwhile ranveer goes to STD to call his mom ranveer asks"hello maa aap kaise hai??vasu kaisi hai??" maa"aap kaise hai hum dono thek hai.....aap ka coll kaisa chal raha hai???" ranveer"thek hi chal raha hai" maa"ranveer!!!!! app ko kya hua hai???" ranveer"kuch nahi bas aap dono ki yaad aa rahi thi" ranveer"maa agar hum zindigi ki daud me safal nahi ho paye to??" maa"app to sahsi hai.age badhne ke liye do cheezein chaiye sahas n sahenshakti.............blah blah too borin lecture............." all students leave n sumeet talks with mitra n tells him wat he has done isnt proper at all.he shud check his decisi0ion again n the rules arnt for the coll they r for the students .......the students want proper explainations for wat all rules r made!!!!!1 they rnt kids now!!!" mitra" plzz sir leave all that to us i hav announced my decsicion n i may stick to it!!! so plzz excuse me!!!!!!!!" 23rd jan(monday) update by lamina
ok all..this is only the tia ranveer please dont kill me....i have mentioned the yuvi ashi bits associated with them in detail too
Sumeet comes and says that everything is taken care of...he asks tia to gets some details from gloria
next scene starts with ashi, uv and sid entering ranveers room...ranveer has been thinking of remix and all the moments they shared together...while the title song is playing the background..ranveer is confused after seeing them in their wierd state.....he is like what have u done...and ashi is like we didnt break any rules...and that everything will be taken care of by sumeet..then sumeets gets mitra to cancell the punishment and every goes to ranveer's room...tia isnt shown their yet..and yuvi says..this is all thanks to general tia...and then tia enters
ranveer and tia look at eachother sweetly and smile...uv tells ranny to go and thank tia..ranny goes towards tia and says tia.i want to thank u ofr all that u have done..tia holds her fingers on his lips asking him not to this point in time the others are smiling and turn their faces around..tia says that she had to do it...coz they r friends na..and they start looking into eachothers eyes..with dil ki yeh dhadkan playing in the everyone comes in there and kinda bring the two love birds back to reality..tia ranveer are bluhsing now and feeling a bit akwards..just then uv says lets party boys and takes ranny away...tia is looking at him..tia then hugs ashi...and ashi kinda acts as if she is taking tia's pic and says smiling tia is lost and all....tia blushes and goes away from there
meanwhile...uv n the boys r teasing ranny...varun is like i toh knew ranny would be back...uv is like not as much as i knew it..but tia knew it the most..she was the most confident abt getting ranny back..and ranny is totally blusing at this point in time...and he is like..aisi koi baat nahi hai...uv is like...ya ya we know u two r just friends..and sid is like...ya ya just friends...tia sirf tumahari girl friend hai aur tum sirf uske boy friend ho..and ranny is all red at this point in time...and uv is lord yeh toh hum sab jante hain..par kya hamara client janta hai..patting ranny
then shyla gets all revenge kinds n all
then pri and meher are taking abt the good news when tia walks in totally lost..obviously in ranny's thoughts....and meher n pri call her a couple of times but she doesnt they finally shake her and are like..what up with u..u walked past us as if u didnt even know us..and tia is like not no tia was just thinking...and angels are like...oh so u were just thinking..we angels think that we rnt as imp to u anymore..some one else has become more imp (ranny) ...and tia is like no no thats not true...angels will always be together.then angels are like then u have to tell us what u were thinking abt...were u thinking of pri says "RAN" and meher says "VEER"....well we think u were thinking abt ranny....what was it abt ranny that u were thinking...come on tell us..and tia is kinda abt to give in and tell them and she is like...i was thinking of "RAN....." just then ranny n uv walk in and ranny hears her saying "ran..." and he is all blushing and smiling and tia is akward and bluhsing too....caught redhanded and all...and uv is like...oh tia what were u talking abt....y did u stop when we came in....did we make u akward..hse was saying something right "RAN" "VEER"....and ranny is liek oh god what do i do what do i do...he is blushing like crazy...same with tia....and she is like no no..nothing liek that and all...and uv is like....ok ok leave that...ranny i think we need 2 find ur luck charm and thank them...and tia is blushing...coz she is the lucky charm right...and ranny is dont need to find it..i already have it with me..n i hope woh hamesha hamare saath rahengi...hamesha..hamesha ke liye....and tia is smiling and blushing...and she just holds her angels ka hand...and rushes otu of there...blushing red...and meanwhile..ranny is blushing too...and uv is pulling his leg...


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24th January Update by Kudi420 The episode strts with mitra calling yuvi and ranveer. Ranveer tries to thnk him for changing his decision but mitra in turn tells him tht he shud now beware of him as after all this he will not leave him. He also tells him tht his and yuvi status still differs. Ranveer is upset hearing all this frm mitra. He goes back to his room and strts thinking. Varun cums there. Ranveer share his fear with him. He tells tht mitra will wont be quiet and he will try to harm him. Varun tells him not to worry as everyone in this college is with him. He further says tht they shud not worry bout mitra rite now and shud celebrate their victory. Raghu enters and looks at ranveer. Ranveer stares back and changes the topic frm celebration to studies. Varun first dun understand but when he spots raghu he too strt discussing bout grades and studies. Every body minus shyla,latty and raghu r celebrating in canteen. All of them strt teasing ranveer and tia again. Tia gets embarrassed and leaves (bachchi sharma jaati hai). Here another love story is taking place between sid and meher. they sort of make an eye contact and look away. All of them leave but sid tells meher to wait. He tries to tell her bout his feelings but end up saying tht they shud spend sum time together to plan for ranveers party. Pri cums theer and join with their plan too. they plan to party out on the sids uncle farmhouse. (sid was really really cute in this scene) Tia is in her room thinking bout her past moments with ranveer when they were together. Meher and pri interrupts and strts talking bout luv. Meher tells tht its very difficult to find true luv but once we get it why cant we speak up. She regrets tht sid didnt tell her tht he luvs her. Tia gets irritated and tells tht why all of sudden the yr talking bout all this in front of her. Meher and pri says juss generally and then the yshow tias closeup and epi ends theer 25th January Update by anvesha rulz the epi starts with ashi in the college campus.and just then yuvi comes up to her.and tells her that he wants ashi to listen to a new tune that he has composed ashi says that she wants to go for her tennis practice rite now..and will meet him in the shed at 4.30pm sid meher and pri r busy making the invites for the salsa dance party.and sid and meher r trying to get all lovey dovey in the scene..but pri often disturbs them just then yuvi enters and takes a look at an invite..and is angry with sid coz he wasnt told abt it..and he believes that no party can take place without him the true rockstarhe tells sid that he is going to meet ashi now..and will hand over her invite personallyand is smiling and says perfect to himself (the dudes totally in love with ashi yaar) tia and ranveer collide with each other in the corridor..and when tia is abt to gornaveer stops her..and asks her why she left form the party earlyand tia tries to think of some excuse and says that she had an extra lecture to attend ashi is shown playing tennis with someone.and simultaneously yuvi is shown waiting for her in the shedand as time passes by yuvi gets really angry on ashi for not turning up as promised ashi has finished her game..and yuvi is shown entering the tennis court and coming up towards her he tells her that y didnt she keep her which ashi replies that once she starts playing tennis she forgets everything else like I said yuvi is very angry on her..and so says something like tennis is a stupid gameand on hearing this ashi looses her cool..and both start arguing(totally ashi yuvi style)..ashi is like tumhe ye game stupid lagta hai.........yuvi says aur nahin to kyaitne chote ball ko itne bade tennis racquet se maarne ko stupid game hi kehte hain and anyone can play it ashi is so angry that she challenges yuvi for a game then and there.and also says that the one who looses will have to do what the other tells him/her to do the match begins..and all along its only ashi who is playing wellinfact bechara yuvi fell atleast 3/4 times while playing..but the 1st time when yuvi falls ashi does ask him ke kahin lagi to nahin.and asks him to be careful in the entire match they showed yuvi win only at one point when ashi makes an unforced errorand the ball hits the netsotherewise it was ashi all the way Finally ashi wins the match..and of all the things she tells yuvi to go down on his knees and say sorry to her racquetyuvi is like have u gone mad.I am not doing this ashi says that is the only thing I can expect out of u coz u r yashwant devs sonand its in ur blood to break promises yuvi ka ego bahut hurt hota hai ye sunke..and he goes down on his knees and says sorry..but knowing ashi she isnt going to let go off him so soonso she tells him ke ab tum kaho ke "u r the best"and poor fellow does that too..and ashi is all smiles.proud of her victory yuvi is so angry that he tears the invite that he was supposed to give ashi the entire gang is in the canteen except tia ashi and yuviyuvi comes and sid notices that he is very upset..sid sayskya hua dude tum itne upset kyun lag rahe ho..yuvi is like kuch nahin the gang is discussing abt the speaking to jumbo to ask permission to arrange for dance classesbut all this while yuvi is in his own worldthinking abt the match that he and ashi played..the task ashi asked him to doand the invite that he tore..and the epi ends with a close up of yuvi 30th jan(monday) by hellraiser it starts wid vrinda n ashi talkin..... ashi is planning her revnge....vrinda is relly gettin scared at wat ashi is planning to do... she keeps askin ques...ashi promises her 2 chocolates if she doesnt ask ne ques..(was fallin off wid laughter..shes an awsumm actress....) meher ..n pri r paking their bags.... tia is playin wid tht teddy bear..for the millionth time dey show dat cold ka scene.... pri is wondering whether she shud put her packets of chips in her bag..... meher doesnt allow her to...but she sneaks them in neway... varun is teasing...ranveer abt him nd tia..ranveer sez he ares a lot for tia but hes afraid to tell his dil-ki-baat(dude..get a life) ranveer is still iffy abt tellin tia.... ashi n yuvi ka encounter.....sid is also there...yuvi lies to ashi tht they r goin 2 his dads office.....ashi asks if she can tag along...yuvi refuses..all the while poor sid is tryin 2 say sumthin... yuvi n sid go away...sid asks yuvi y he lied to ashi..yuvi sez later... ashi sez to maurya walls"maine tumhe sec chance bhi diya tha....abhi agar inv kar lete to maan jaati......"
31st jan(tuesday) update by kudi420 Todayz eoisode starts with everyone busy with their preparations for the trip. Shyla cums with her suitcase coughing all the time. Vrinda touches her and feels tht she has high fever. Shyla ignores it and says tht she will be fine and she very much wants to go to the trip. Shyla was bout to faint and ranveer holds her. He tells her tht she shudnt cum with them as her health is more important. He takes her inside giving her support. Being sick shy was enjoying his support. Ranveer takes her to her room and shy lie on her bed. Shyla tells ranveer tht she wanted to go with him. Ranveer shocked stares at her and shyla corrects herself saying tht she wanted to go with everyone as this was the good oppprunity to know her all the frenz. Ranveer tells her tht she shud rest and in maurya this types of trips r regular. Shyla gain says sumthing keeping her hand over ranveers (BIDU, DIRECT LINE MAAR RAHI HAI).ranveer moves his hand away ,tells her to rest and goes out of herr room. Outside, yuvi and others r all set to leave for the trip. Varun asks vrinda bout ashi but vrinda doesnt speak anything. Varun then ask yuvi and yuvi tells tht she is gone home to meet kukki and she said she will cum by herself. Vrinda stares at yuvi. There were 2 cars so yuvi makes tia, ranveer pri and latty sit in one car and himself ,sid , meher and vrinda and varun in one. B4 tia cud sit with ranveer latty cums and sit with him and tia gets jealous as she wanted to sit with him. Pri tries to convince latty to sit in front but latty is admant and wanted to sit between tia and ranveer. Both the cars leave maurya but as soon as they leave a motorcycle starts chasing them. After sumtme yuvi notices tht bike and thinks tht sumone is spying on them. He tells sid and rest of the ppl in his car . vrinda feels uneasy hearing this and sid tells tht he is imagining. Finally they reach resort. Everyone is very happy. they go inside and meet vikram, sids cousin who seems to be a spoilt brat. While introduction, ikram strts flirting with vrinda. Evry person over there gets irritated and disgusted by vikrams behaviour. Yuvi taunts him and vikram was bout to ans tht sid cums between them and invites for lunch. Tia during lunch asks waiter for low cal food. Waiter dun understand . ranveer cums there and ask him whether the yhave brown bread and paneer and then tells him to make a paneer sandwich for tia. tia looks at him ,smiles and blushes. Yuv iand ranveer r also having break on terrace and yuvi sees the same motorbike. He gets suspiscious and he calls sumone and tells him tht sumone is chaing them since they r out frm maurya. He tells him to investigate tht who tht person is. Rnveer tells yuvi tht he is overreacting. It cud be anyone. But yuvi says tht he is sure tht this person is spying on them. vrinda hears this and gets upset.
1st feb(wednesday) update by kudi420 Todayz episode starts with ashi entering the resort and removing her helmet. Vrinda cums there and tells her tht she shud not hav chased them coz yuvi noticed tht the all the way she was behind them. ashi tells vrinde to relax and tells her tht yuvi mite hve noticed her but he cant do anything. Vrinda tries to make her understand tht yuvi called his dads secretay to get info bout the bike. Ashi gets stunned ththow cum yuvi got so clever. But still she tells vrinda to chill and tells tht she will handle evrrything. Vrinda tells her tht she will see wats happening inside and wil let her know soon. Yuvi and varun was walking on the pool side and vikram meets them. he ask them about vrinda and tells them mera resort tumhari dost yuvi loses his temper and strts fiting wth vikram. Ranveer sid and pri cums there. Ranveer tells vikram tht they came here to celebrate not to fight. He tells vikram to stay out of their matters. All of them take yuvi frm there and sid tells vikram to chill out. Ranveer and varun asks yuvi bout ashi. Yuvi strts making bahanas bu tranveer asks him to tell him the truth. Yuvi tells tht he didnt want to spend his weekend with her and thts why he didnt give her the invite. Every body is shocked. Ranveer tells yuvi tht wat he did was not rite and he is calling ashi rite now. Yuvi leaves frm there. Ranveer asks varun his fone and strts calling ashi but her no. cums busy. Vrinda sees it all. Vrinda goes to ashi and tells her tht every one is missing her and now she can cum inside. Ashi tells her tht its obvious tht everyone will miss her coz she is the true rockstar but she didnt cum here to party but she came here to make yuvis life miserable and she wants concentrate o her mission. She takes vrinda with her to find a place where she can hide. She sees a small hut and decides to stay there. Ranveer is confused as to wat to do .and varun tells him to talk to tia(sorry guys cudnt hear the whole seen as got a call) Tia tells pri tht whatever yuvi did with ashi was wrong as he just thot of himself not about others. Yuvi strts flirting with another gal. she tells yuvi tht he cant flirt with her as he is dating ashi. Yuvi is shocked and tells her tht its past and he is no longer dating her. She was a whacko and was so weird tht he dumped her(LIAR). And now its only him and her. Ashi is listening to whole conversation frm behind the tree. Yuvi takes tht gal and was bout to hug her and ashi pinches tht gal at her butt frm behind the tree. Tht gal screams and thinks yuvi did it. Yuvi tells her tht why wud he pinch her and then see vikram passing by. He then tells tht gal tht I know who did it and goes behind vikram and ashi is smiling wickedly .
Jan 2 update by spikypriya: it starts with yuvi goin n tellin vikram dat wat he has done is totally insane n he shud say srry to his(uv)frend(that gurl) vikram says dat he hasnt dun nething n yuvi shud go n tell that gurl srry for doin dat yuvi yells at vikram n they beggin to fight again n sid n ranveer n varun com to stop them,ranveer says to vicky dat why dusnt he understand on bein warnd once vrinda is shown sittin at a lonely place writtin sumtihng(mayb its a letter or her diary)tia cums dere n says vrinda y r u sittin here in alone???u shud b njoyin with al of u us in the resort nt sittin here!!!!vrinda woth a sad face tia mujhe sheetal ki yaad aa rahi hai mai yahan oparty kar rahi aur woh waha akeli hai :( tia cheers up vrinda n they both go backto the resort as day passes in the nite di announces guys its the salsa nite so enjoy n hav fun ,all get ready n cum at the party vrinda,prii,meher cum at the party,vrinda sees latty wanderin abt n asks why is hse nervous latty"mujhe salsa ke baare me kuch nahi pata hai' vrinda"mujhe bhi kuch nahi ata chill ,jaise music bajega u'll start danicin on ur own" latty"lets see" vrinda n uv take a soft drink n sit on a table ......ashi is behind uv(on his back side but a lil far frm him )ashi throws sum peabuts on uv when uv luks behind he sees that vicky first he ignores but then when ashi throws seconf time uv got too much irritated n then goe s n tells vicky to stop doin dat n both of em again start foghtin ,n thier frnds stop them frm doin soo..vrinda says in isharo(didnt get a eng wod for it)that u r too much................ ranveer lukin damnnn hansum is w8in for tia n varun cums frm behind n says ""tia""ranver sees behind n was like omg its u varun.varun says i knw now whus thoughts u r lost 24 hrs "ti ya ti ya "dats d way varun says n ranveer blushes varun says "ranveer tum tia ko apni feelings ke bare main apni 100th bday par bataoge kya???tum use keh kyun nahi dete?????" ranveer"ban agar woh inkaar kar degi toh???????" varun "no she wont" tia cumz to the party n varun tells ranveer to see tia whus standin behind her.must say tia was lukin tooooo gorgeous.veo tum hosh me ho na,i mean u havnt fainted na??? tia walks n goes to pri n meher all the time seein raveer,n ranveer watchin tia.n den sid announces dat the special guest to cum is ernesto)hope dis was the name he said)then they start the music n all couples start dancin b4 dat ranveer is abt to ask tia for dance btu varun asks tia to dance with her coz ranveer was hesitatin n so ranveer has to dance with vrinda.........dey danc in chaingin pair way (i dunno d proper word for it)tia ranveer were soo lost dat dey didnt dance with each other first time ,den the second time dey dance lukin in to each others eyes.......... the sp. guuest cums n says a lil thing n den dey start agin ,all couples were fantasic but the eye catchin couple was tia n ranveer.dey were fantastic ranveer was handlin tia as if she was a doll,lifting her like this n twistin her n wat not got to see this those whu havnt seen when d dance finishes tia was abt to muv ahead n ranveer says"tia rukiye" n then cum the magical words"I LUV YOU" the way he said was total non dehati types Update for 6th jan
As we all know this was a very nice episode for all tia ranveer fans this is how it went:
Ranveer propeses to tia but tia doesnt say anything and cums to the poolside..ranveer follows her and thn asks her why she came from without sayin anything tia says tht she need time to think(this is jus to tease him) and leaves from there.latty calls up shyla and tells her tht she thinks tht there is sumthin b/w tia and ranveer.Shyla tells latty to keep an eye on the 2 of them.
The next morning varun and ranveer meet in the restraunt(or cantten wateva it is ).Vaun asks ranveer as to what happened and ranveer says tht he told tia every thing but tia dint answer.On hearin this varun consoles him.The waiter cums and asks the two guys if they wud lyk to try their special drink tiavi(sorry i dont remember the name) and tells them the story on the tiavi island.Ranveer feels tht the name is gud so he decides to try the drink.Then he wants to take tia to this island and so he gives the waitor 5000 rupees......varun says tht this is too much but renveer insisits tht such chances do not cum often in life!
Yuvi gets to know tht a detective has been appointed to trace the owner of the bike.
Ashi shows vrinda the spider she has got to scare uv...vrinda tells her not to do this but ashi being ashi asks vrinda to keep her mouth shut...
Tia finally says yes to ranveer when he says tht he will go bck to maurya if she doesnt answer him.....thn both of thm go to island in a small boat and have a wonderful time over there.


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Feb 7 update by kudi420: I missed first few minutes. I started watching when yuvi and sid were in the particular dark room, scared. Ashi wears sum white cloth on herself to appear as bhoot. She cums in front of yuvi and sid with a candle in her hand. Yuvi and sid jumps seeing this and runs away. Ashi removes the cloth frm her face and smiles. She says bhoot se toh bach gaye par anvesha bannerjee ray se kaise bachoge Tia and ranveer r in the island talking bout tht endless luv story (I was really yawning in tht scene). They also show a detective with a magnifying glassdoing jasoosi all over the resort. Then cums pool side where everybody is dancing. Masti hai pal bhar song is played in the background. Yuvi senses ashi over there. Ranveer and tia r dancing on the same song on the island. Ashi is in yuvis room under his bed. She places the spider in yuvis shoes. Yuvi cums there while ashi remains under the bed. Yuvi wear the shoes and moves. Ashi smiles. Yuvi goes out and realizes tht sumthing is biting on his foot. He removes his shoes and sees the spider. Yuvi jumps out of horror and screams. Ashi behind the tree , watching everything have a good laugh. Sid , varun , pri vrinda , meher cums out and sees yuvi screaming. Yuvi tellsthem bout the spider and they also strts screaming. Yuvi is scared to death and finally faints. Yuvi finally cums out his minor koma. Vrinda says maine kaha tha naa usey kuch nahi hoga, who spider poisonous nahi tha yuvi asks how can u say so. Vrinda takes ashis name and halts halfway. Yuvi again ask vrinda tht why she took ashis name when she is not here and how the hell will she know tht here spiders r not dangerous. Vrinda strts looking for words and ashi appears. Yuvi gets pissed off. He asks her th twhy the hell did she cum here and thts too uninvited. She hugs him tightly and says tht she was missing him. Yuvi gets suffocated. sid cums there and tell ashi tht he is inviting her again and now they all can enjoy and rock the party. Everybody moves and yuvi tells sid tht how cud he do this to him. Sid makes a silly expression and runs frm there. Tia and ranveer r on the island with their tanhai and strts taking advantage of no one around. Ranveer sgets cozy and romantic. Tia then says oh no and till ranveer notices their boat was rafoo chakkar. Thts it for now guys
As usual I never see Remix on time.(My nanaji was watching the cricket Man of the Match so din`t see the beginning).i saw from where Ranveer tells Varun, Sid and Yuvi that "Tia ke kareeb aakar dur hona bohat mushkil hai Tia said sorry to her angels that she was alone at the island and she din`t say their angels anything. Tia said that she was missing her angels a lot . Pri(sweetu motu) said Tia that she hadn`t eaten her food because of her. Tia says that it was so sweet of her. Tia then Said Camel(Ranveer) was back of her and was disturbing her a lot. Tia said that Use animals se zyaada Ranveer se darr lag raha tha(hahaha) Tia then looks back and both her angels were smiling so Tia started to blush and then she said to herself that Agar God ne Tum(meaning Ranveer) ya Tia ne jo saari cheez maanga tha ko choose karne ke liya kahaan toh mein Tumhe chunungi.[MEANING- If God asked Tia to choose between Ranveer or the the things Tia wished for , Tia will choose Ranveer(So sweet na)] Sid asks Ranveer what did he do in the island and Ranveer gets angry and in a confused manners he says Kuch nahi kiya. Sid says Ranveer to tell something about the island and the time spent with Tia. Ranveer goes. Yuvi says Ranveer is now a rockstar , Sid says that he wished that ranveer would have said wht happened between him and Tia. Varun says Samajhdar ko ishara hi kaafi hota hai(hahahaha). The trio starts laughing and fall on the bed Latty (my beti ) a spoilsport Ashi dressed in a white dress(as the dress in the promo) tells about the Valentines Day. She tells that all the love fools die on this day. She tells that after the Valentines day people r destroyed. She then sys let us study the virus study of love Ranveer is sleeping on his bed(so cute na he was luking). Yuvi cums and throws rose petals at him and tries to wake him up but he doesn`t wake up. Sid also cums thr. They sing Luver boy luver jaago jaago luver boy(in the tune of Jingle bells). Ranveer wakes up and gets scared . They ask Ranveer what is he bringing for Tia on valentines Day. They ask about surprise gift to her. Sid then again starts asking about what did he do with Tia. Sid tells Ranveer to say about the island because he wants to take Meher thr . Sid wants to have tuitions with Ranveer about luv. Ranveer says pyar ka secret hota hai dil. Pyar planning karne se nahi hota hai, pyar to sirf dil se ho jaata hai, pyar mein padh jaane ke baad khudh secrets pata chal jaata hai)[MEANING- Luvs secret is heart, luv doesn`t happen if som1 plans, luv is by itself from heart. After falling in luv u yourself cum to know the secrets of it] Tia is thinking about Ranveer. She is lost in her world. Meher comes and tells is she in her dreamland. Tia smiles and blushes. Tia says spending time with Ranveer on the island was the most cherished moment of her life. Latty comes thr (looking ugly like me lol) says that Ranveer is good for nothing.(how dare she) . She tells Ranveer is not liak for becoming some1`s valentine. Tia gets angry after hearing this.Ranveer a bhikari Tia says Latty tht ranveer is the best for her(so sweet) .. Tia says Meher that Ranveer ne uski aur uski dress ki tariff ki[MEANING- He praised Tia and her dress]. Ashi was passing by the window and she hears it . She cums from the window and says Thakur ka common sense ghum gaya hai(lol). Tia says Ranveer is her valentine this year. She expect a special chram bracelet from him. She starts blushing. Yuvi hears tht and comes there then.He has a gift in his hand. He gifts it to Latty(yucks). Ashi feels jealous( Iw as so excited to see tht). Yuvi while gifting it to Latty says tht this is a small gift. Ashi then replies that this gift is as big as her head(hahaha) Latty says Yuvi tht he is a sweetheart(yucks). Ashi feels jealous. Latty torns the cover and says wow. Ashi peeks in and then goes Ranveer opens his purse. He sees only 2000 rupees there. He tells Sid that every gf will expect her bf to give her gifts and dinner. He doesn`t want Tia`s heart to be broken(So sweet of him to think like tht). Yuvi comes thr and says that he has a big information about Tia. He then says that he heard Tia saying to LAtty that she wants a Charm bracelet. Yuvi thinks that this is a expensive and rare type of bracelet. After hearing this ranveer is shocked and he tells them that he can`t do itna kharcha as he doesn`t have enough money. Yuvi then tells them to make a list of wht price and things will Ranveer need. He tells Tia`s gift will be almost Rs 1000. Ranveer is again shocked to hear it. Yuvi then says that the bill will be Rs 1000 again. Ranveer is again shocked and scared. Ranveer then says Tia humare bare mein kya sochegi, Hum unki duniya mein kharch nahi utha paunga)[MEANING- Wht will Tia think of Ranveer now , Ranveer can`t afford to buy anything special for Tia] Comments- Today was a great episode. I luved it. I would rate it 9out of 10. Today Ashi, yuvi , Tia, Ranveer and every1 were shown. I luved the scene whr Ashi was jealous. I luved the cute Tia-Ranveer scenes. Sid was so silly and so cute. Today Varun was hilarious too for a change. I luved the episode and wht about u?Preview for Next Week- Sid is talking with Meher.Ranveer invites Tia for the dinner .Ranveer gets the bill after having dinner and it is RS 1500 and Ranveer is shocked.(how can Tia and Ranveer eat so much, one day me and my whole family compromising 5 members ate a food and the bill tht time was Rs 460) Sorry for the late update.I am always a latecomer. Hope u forgive me. I would dedicate this update to Esha as she is the best bhabhi I ever got and she rocks for calling me the best updater. LOL

14th Feb

Well guys tday was the special valentines day turned out to be amazing 4 all tia-ranveer fans....

It started wth ashi(in tht angel dress and devil thing) explainin wat valentines day is all bout and given a short precap.....thn should pri who ashi mentioned as motti-roli, sittin in the canteen starin at the yummy chocolate cakes n cookies every time she wld take a step towards thm.....meher and tia's imagenary voice wld top her....finally whn she manages to pick up the cookie the shef doesnt let her eat it......poor priiiii

Moving ahead they show sid....he pulls in meher in the pool and asks her wht her answerwld be if he plans sumthin 4 thm and at this Meher jus goes close to him calls him verrrrrrrrrrry sweet and pushes him the pool,leavin him shocked but ahem.....BLUSHIN

Ranveer invites tia on a dinner,tia willingly says yes.....uv & varun are passin by and they see the lovey-dovey couple....they call ranveer and ask him if they cud go this ranveer disheartedly agrees and goes with thm....leavin tia slightli upset as she wanted to spend her entire valentines day wth him!!!!!!

Latty & vrinda r sittin in the room whn latty asks vrinda where ranveer is gonna take tia....vrinda says it wld be sum exotic place and latty says she is sure it'll be a blunder.....thn a card cums in the room vrinda recieves it...on readin it is known tht it is vrinda's secret admirer wantin to spend his valentines day wth her.....

Ranveer and tia go to the restraunt....tia asks ranveer to order as she wld take a bit long.....seeing the price of the dishes ranveer jus orders 4 a soup and thn tia orders 4 a lavish dish and diet cola leavin ranveer jus starin at her cutely.....thn a musician cums and plays the guitar 4 the end the bill leads to tension as all the money is ova and nothin is left to buy tia her present.....whn the luv birds r leavin varun calls on tias cell and talks to ranveer.Ranveer tells varun everything.....varun consoles ranveer....this is all over heard by non other than ashi.....

RAnveer and tia reach the resort and tia gives ranveer a beep watch he wld hve and the other one tia whld hve.....whneva one thought of the other the others watch wld this ranveer tells tia tht he doesnt hve a gift 4 her as all the money got ova,......thou he was plannin to give her a charm bracelet tht uv had told him bout....tia says tht all this doesnt matter 4 her as all she wants is ranveer

In the party it is known tht vrindas secret admirer is non other thn a 6 yr old boy sam whose parents work at the resort......vrinda agrees to be his valentine and dances wth him.

Ranveer-tia join everyone.Sid asks ranveer wht happened and ranveer says....koi kabhi-kabhi hum jo sochte hain woh hota nahin hai....humara pehle valentines day sabse achaa tha.

At the end a shef brings a yummy chocolate cake specially made 4 the kids of maurya...pri is rather delighted to c this

The show end wth Ashi explainin the meanin of luv...ranveer-tia r shown very happy togethaVrinda is ahown dancin wth sam Sid-meher r extremely happyand yuvi is wth LATTY....leavin ashi all alonewth no comments 4 him

PRECAP: ashi challanges vikram 4 a volleyball match and says tht the one who looses will leave the resort..... vikram taunts thm.....he says tht the match shld be paid 4 money....ashi agrees....latty calls up shyla and tells thm bout tia and ranveer (sorry don remember wht it was)....shyla is left stunned....
Update 15th Feb.
First Scene:
Tia is sleeping and is remembering all the moments she had with ranveer on d island.....
Latty calls up Shyla and tells her abt Tia and Ranveer.....dat they were all alone on d island....
Meher comes n calls Pri n Vrinda and tells dat their is a fight goin on.......

Second Scene:
Ashi,Ranveer,Yuvi,Sid and Varun are having a arguement with Vikram and his gang....(Ashi is leading all d guyz)....they hav an arguement abt being losers and stuff....and Vikram asks them to leave as its his dad's resort but says d girls can stay as they are all cute and especially Ashi....Ashi says dat Maurya girls are not interested in loosers and so they will not hang out with him....and Ashi challenges them to Volley Ball match and ssays huever looses will leave d resort.....but Vikram says dat they will make it a challenge and hav 20000 as d amt the losers hav to giv.....

Third Scene:
Ashi along with the others are sitting and discussing abt match......Tia comes and asks Ranveer how he is....Ranveer is in a bad mood and so without realising dat he said it rudely tells Tia dat he is f9 but plzz dnt ask me anythin else....Tia is hurt....Ashi breaks the silence and appoints herself as d manager for d team....
now...Ashi gives nicks to all d guyz.....Ranveer is bhuvan....Yuvi is gora(or somethin)...Sid is Gurra and since Varun doesnt know Volley ball he is kachra.....
Ashi goes n tells Pri,Meher n Tia dat they will b the cheer leaders and Latty will b responsible for refreshments n stuff......Latty is really angry with Ashi and wen Ashi n others leave calls her a bossy cow....

Fourth Scene: d match is abt to start....the refree introduces himself.....Ashi tells d others dat she thinks Vikram n his mates hav already bribed the Ranveer starts serving....they gain some points and then looses one coz Yuvi missed one....but then Ranveer keeps servong and they keep getting points....btn.,the refree luks at vikram and gives d expression like....i cant help it...they are getting fair points.......
now.....Latty wants to harm Ranveer coz she wants to impress Shyla and says somethin like....Ranveer ko uski punishment milegi....coz he patched up with Tia.....
then....Latty mixes somethin in Ranveer's d guyz need only 1 point to win....but coz ranveer drank the juice he feels giddy and atlast faints...and Tia shouts........Ranveeeeeeerrrrr.......
As usual I never see Remix from starting because I go down to play. I saw from whr The Mental Detective hanged Ashi and Yuvi on a wall. Yuvi tells that he doesn`t know who is his father. The detective tells that he doesn`t want to know and he goes away.

Sid tells Vikram(his cousin)that they will give more than the cash. Vikram tells tht he wants the cash and nothing else. Sid tells in ranveer`s ears that they have to give them the cash otherwise they will become a laughing stock. Ranveer tells something in Sid`s ear.

Vikram`s friends think that they are serring a trap for them. Vikram says to be on a safer side they have to know what plan are they making.

The detective tells Ashi and Yuvi that they will go in the jail soon. Ashi tells that this person will go in the Agra Mental Asylum for sure.

Tia and Vrinda are going in search of Ashi while on of Vikram`s friend takes Vrinda . Tia shouts and Latty comes there and they are worried about Vrinda.
Yuvi`s mobile phone rings and the detective picks it up. He tells that he has kidnapped Yuvi and that person who is speaking tells that he is Yashwant`s secretary Krishna and shouts at him as he couldn`t do anything properly. The detective is shocked.

Yuvi then says the detective that he will soon dismiss him.

Tia goes to Ranveer and the others and tells that Vikram`s friend took away Vrinda. Ranveer is shocked and tells every one not to panic. Sid asks the manager about Vikram`s Territory. Manager tells him the direction.

Sid tells the others to go there but Ranveer asks him how does he know that Vrinda will be there. Sid tells that Vikram is his cousin and for all evil things he goes there .

They go there and find Vrinda there in a bad condition. Vikram then tells his friendz Here comes the Baccha Party. He also asks his friendz to bring lollypops for them(hahaha I started to laugh, don`t know why).

Ranveer goes ahead to fight but Latty comes there and tells Vikram to leave Vrinda. Vikram immediately leaves her.(For 1 sec I thought Vikram was in luv with my beti). Ranveer asks Latty how did he leave her after she said. Latty said that they played a fowl game and mixed something in Ranveer`s drink.(She is a good lier like me).

Ranveer tells that they should leave now. When every1 left except Ranveer Ranveer closes the door and locks it. Every1 is worried for Ranveer and shout his name but Ranveer doesn`tlisten. Tia gets very tensed seeing tht.
Every one calls Ranveer. Sid thinks that Ranveer can handle on his own but still he thinks they should call the manager. Varun goes to call the manager. Vrinda and Latty goes in search of Ashi and Yuvi.

Ashi and Yuvi fall on the hay after the detective pulls the rope. Yuvi asks Ashi whether she is alright and she says yes she is(so sweet of Yuvi to ask na). The detective then tells a bhoot is coming near them. In fright Yuvi hugs Ashi(so sweet ) and even Ashi gets scared and then she sees Latty and Vrinda.

Ashi and Yuvi decide to latkaofy the Detective like a chamgadar(the way he hanged Ashi and Yuvi) but Vrinda tells them to go and tells them the problem.

Vikram tells Ranveer not to take panga with them as it will be heavy for him. They decide that they will fight. Ranveer starts opening his shirt(HE does everytime while fighting lol)
ranveer waiting for tia was so sweet....and the scene was nice too....till that idiotic shyla came up....ranveer didnt really wanna go na all...did u c tia's expression when he left...she was sooooooooooooo upset
but the best was the audition scene....when that girl called ranveer handsome...tia was so angry and jeaulous...she must have given her 0 or - something on tia scale .....think thats y she choose this guy....the one they showed in the precap...didnt he seem a bit pansy/ girly though....bobby darling kinds...and the guy asked ashi out for a date....ashi was kill going to kill him
ranveer the wrestler punches the camera if u remember ?? ........... then they show the rest of the gang i.e sid , meher and pri yelling ........ranveer please darwaza kholo !! tia is praying .....
then they show ranveer opening the door ............all of them stare at him ............. and then ........TAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAA................they shoe the ducky team ( if u guys cant guess ,ducky = loser vicky !! ) .......sab ka haal behaal hain ..... ranveer ka ek punch un paanch par bhari pad gaya !! ( now ranny u can say the dialogue of sunny deol : yeh haath nahi hathoda hain !! agar yeh kisi pe uth jaaye to aadmi uthta nahi ...uth jaata hain !!! ) ..........sid , meher and pri just stare at the ducky team !!!
ranveer comes and stands near tia .........she is too excited and hugs him !! ...........sid , meher and pri start clapping for the good deed done by ranny !!
just then ashi , uv , vrinda , varun and latty ( i shall call her creepy for convinience ) join them !! .....uv asks him what happened ......then they see the ducky team's smashed tedi medhi shakals coming out one by one !! .......( u know all looked cute in the scene ......i mean the maurya guys ........they were just looking at them as if they are seeing an expo of different kinds of aliens ) ........then uv just stops ducky !! then ashi throws the bike's key towards him and uv tells him ,that he is lucky that ranny just let him go !! and also tells him that the bike is with him for some time , once they arrange the money , he should return back the bike and asks him to get lost !!! ( well i felt , uv sounded like a principal in this scene .................and please not jumbo ......some good princi ..)

then they show the maurya gang discussing as to how they will collect the money ! ashi says abt some prime minister's calamity fund .......uv asks her to shut up and tells her that this is not the time for jokes !! even ranny does the same !
suddenly tia realizes creepy talking with ducky !!! and keeps noticing them throughout !! (good work tia bond !! )
finally uv comes to conclusion that he would ask his dad !! ..then he tells that he will go to mumbai rite then .......ashi tells him that even she will join him !! and save him from his dad !! ....uv first is reluctant ....but then later ranny tells him that he take ashi with him ........atleast aap donon ka saath rahega !! (ok ranny really liked u for this !! ) ...all the guys and girls leave !!
ranny asks tia that they leave .......he sees tia not seeing towards him .......then asks her whats the matter . tia bond points out towards creepy and ducky !! ranny becomes ranny holmes and also starts to think as to what the hell creepy is doing with ducky !! they both go to spy on the two jerks !!
ducky asks creepy as to why she did that .........and she tells him not to bother abt it .....then he tells her thanks and she shows some packet ( i.e the same pills which she had mixed in ranny's drink ) n tells it all b'coz of these !! and leaves
just then tia's angels come there and take away tia bond from ranveer holmes !! .......then they show creepy with some girl whole time holding her bag ........ranny and tia are ghoorofying (i.e staring) at her !! just then varun comes there and asks ranny as to why he is staring at creepy !!! ranny explains everything to him ........and then ...............
varun walks and ..........walks ...............and the walks.......towards creepy ...........walks .............and then finally hits her and pushes her bag down !! (phewww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) all the stuffs (specially the pills ) fall down !! creepy starts gathering her stuffs and ranny comes there and stands there like a khamba !! .......latty gets up staring at him .........he is soo angry that he pulls her and goes ..........varun is also with them .......tia too excuses herself from her angels !!!


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ranveer asks latty what is this (i.e the pills ) ...........latty tells its her vitamin tablets !! ........ranny then tells " oh yaa ?? " then asks her to have them rite then !! latty is in a fix !! ........he then tells her .......why did she do such a thing ? .......creepy is also reluctant to answer and tells shhe doesnt bother abt it much , ranny then tells her that , fine then he shall give it to her dad ( jumbo ) ..........creepy is afraid and in that confusion she blurts out that she did mix the pills in his drink !!
............. TAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAA...............tia comes there and scolds her , tells her that even though she wasnt their friend sid invited her and now b'coz of her they have lost the match . ashi lost her bike ........and then she tells that she will go and tell her asliyat to everyone !! .........latty is too scared and asks her not to do so !! ...........tia tells that she has done a mistake and now she will have to face the music !! (well done tia !! ) ...........but then ranny all of sudden asks her not to do so !! (.........for gods sake please .......why did u do that ?? ) ..........he then tells her that he doesnt want anyone's life to be pathetic because of him !! (now ranny because of u , our lives will be pathetic ,coz we need to see latty scheming now !! )

then ashi and uv are packing their stuffs ..........uv puts his bag in the diki ( i hope they spell like this itself ) ..........just then ashi shows him her bag !! uv puts that also !! she then tells him not to worry etc ......... uv tells her that he is doing all this because of her bike and also tells her that his dad is not like her mom !! i.e understanding and is worried !! ashi tells him not to worry , varna uske baal safed ho jaayenge and daanth gir jaayenge !! .......uv tells her that it wasnt funny !! he then tells her that all this happened coz of her stupid volleyball match .......she then tells him that she didnt know that their team will lose ........and then both wonder what went wrong with ranny !! (can someone inform these two about creepy and ducky's plan please !! ) .........

then both ashi and uv reach his place !! uv is still confused as to what he is gonna tell his dad !! ashi tells him that she will say if he wants !! .......he then tells her to wait outside and he will come back .......ashi tells him that if his dad starts beating him up he can yell and ask her for help and she will come and save him !! uv tells her not to think herself to be superman !! (wrong uv ......supenman nahi .......supergirl !! ) .
the maurya gang has reached maurya ......vrinda meets masi , who enquires abt the trip .....vrinda then tells her about the masti which they had ......then she asks masi abt her mom !! masi tells her not to worry and then asks her go and take rest . both leave .

then they show uv entering his house .........casually ......and then he suddenly stops !! ..........shocked to see what was happening in front of him ........then .............BBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM.......... .... they show yashwant dev , with some woman ...that too both in a fully jolly mood !! (yuck can some young woman flirt with mr yashwant dev ?? ) .......then they show uv's face !! he was soo angry .....and at the same time ashamed ( raj u get 10000000000 points for this expression ) to see his dad with that woman !! ........he then turns to go away ............but then suddenly by mistake he hits a vase which falls down and obiously it had to make noise ........then they show yashwant dev staring at his son and uv with a angry expression on his face .................... KHATAM !!I MEAN UPDATE KHATAM !!

tomorrow : ashi is pestering uv to tell his prob to her .........tia n ranny are close and suddenly shyla (i.e doggy , u know bow bow ?? ) .........comes and pulls away tia from ranny .......then they show the maurya kids talking abt some cctv and hidden camera ....ranny notices something and shows it to ashi !!
as u guys know uv had seen his dad with some other woman ..yashwant dev stops him , and goes to him and asks him not to behave like a kid !! (excuse me ?? ......... he himself is acting like a hopeless 3rd grade aspiring hindi movie hero) .... uv just turns towards him and says that he is not acting like a kid !! he tells his dad that he is not a kid , but an adult !! ....... yashwant dev tells him that since he is an adult now , he will understand him better !! ( what the hell ?? ) ......he then tells him that uv's mom has left him and uv !! uv is shocked !! he just looks at him with disbelief !! then mr . dev tells him that he was alone and since uv was also not with him ......( so does that means u need to have an affair ?? ) .....uv doesnt say anthing .....just stares at both his dad and that dark lipstick lady and leaves like a zombie !! ( well raj u again get 10000000000 points for this !! )
when he comes down , he sees ashi waiting for him .......he somehow tries to fake about his mood and goes to her and says that he is sorry coz he couldnt arrange the money ........ashi being ashi starts her witty dialogues .........uv gets frustrated and removes all the frustation on her .....throws his bag down kicks it and tells her to stop her bak bak and arrange the money by herself !! (poor chap !! ) ........ashi does get irritaed and tells her that she will get the money and she herself will go and get her bike !! ........but when she notices that uv cuts his phone when called by his dad she keeps quiet !! and both go to maurya !!

then the next day .......uv is just trying to accept the situation about his family .......remembers what his dad said and the previous days events !! just then sid comes there and starts talking about the trip , and meher ....he notices uv being indifferent !! he nudges uv ........uv gets irritated and again apni bhadaas sid pe nikaal deta hain !! sid gets angry and moves away !! ..........uv realizes what he had done and goes and asks him to forgive him and gives a bahana that he is in a bad mood coz he had a fight with ashi !! sid believes that and tells him not to take ashi seriously coz she is always saying something or the other which she doesnt mean !! uv says yes and again apoligises !!

then for tia ranny fans : ranny and ashi are together at the canteen discussing something ......tia and her angels come there ......both have the looks exchanged which ashi , meher and pri notice !! tia's angels start teasing her saying that she doesnt have her breakfast in the canteen then why all of sudden today she is there ......ask her whether there is some other reason for it tooo ......tia n ranny blush which all the three notice......tia gives a vague bahana that she is there to check whether her angels are overeating or what !! .......then meher moves ....
ashi just then tells thakur that she needs to go for a sec and ranveer says ashi !! ashi is confused as to what he meant .......she asks him whether he is ok or what ?? then tells him that she wil be back in a moment .......meanwhile tia and ranny make isharas that the other person come and sit with them ........ranny writes a letter ( on a tissue paper ) and throws it towards tia .....tia reads and is asked to come to the locker room in 10 mins ......tia makes bahana an leaves .........ranny makes bahana to ashi who knows very well what the imp kaam was and laughs .....he leaves !!
both tia nd ranny are having a cozy moment .............with shyla just jealous and angry ...........meanwhle shyla suddenly comes and pulls tia from ranny and goes and hides ..........and just then

BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M....................And there comes blacky ( mitra ) .........who starts giving dumb angry lines to ranny .......says him that he is lucky coz if tia was there with him he would have been grouned .....and then tells him that he doesnt like him mmuch , so ranny better watch out ......tia is angry and wants to go to ranny , but shyla stops her ......then mitra tells ranny that he knows what each and every student is upto , and gets the detail every sec !!(dont ask me how ?? is he fron FBI ?? ) and leaves ......

uv is walking on the corridor like a zombie........ashi spots him and asks him whats the matter ........uv asks her not to bother and leave him alone ......ashi asks him whether he is uv or some khadoos clone of him !! ......uv then again tells her not to bother him and starts walking .....ashi tells him that he is not a good actor and she knows that something has happened in his house that he is upset and he doesnt want to say it to her .......she then says him to tels the matter and she also tells him that she wants to help him .....uv tells that his jyotishi has adviced him not to take any help from a wacko .......ashi then tells him to consult his jyotishi and ask him whether he needs to cut his fathers call everytime ?? ( wow ashi !! tussi great ho !! how coem she noticed that ?? ) ......she then tells him that something his dad has done ........uv gets offended and asks her not to interfere in his business and leaves !! ashi is like " hey bhaggu ......iska main kyaa karu ......kaash aapne ise thodi si kam ego di hoti !! "

uv is in the shed remembering his mom .......all the moments .....she giving him his guitar .......telling him that she is not happy with his father .......cant live in the same house .......uv telling her that he will always be with her .......then she telling him that he stay with his dad after their divorce and he saying no ......etc ........just then he recieves a call from his dad and just takes it ........his dad tells him " uv main tumhara dad bol raha hoo " (asthough he didnt know ) .........just then uv sees something and stares at it or that person !!
todays epi was more irritating for me to see more of shyla ,raghu and latty !! .........but there were some cute moments between tia n ranny !! ashi and uv ...........nothing , but just ashi a lil worried for him !!

todays update :
well yesterday i had thought that uv had seen someone , but he hadnt seen anyone in the shed !! (well i did think that it was mitra , but thank god , not him !! ) ........uv's dad is like listen to me and uv starightaway tells him that he doesnt want to listen to anyone and wants to be left alone !! ......again his dad pesters him , and uv tells him that he doesnt know what is right or what is wrong , he (i.e his dad ) can do whatever he wants and need not give justification to him !! .uv again tells his dad not to bother him much and tells him that he wants to be left alone !! .......his dad calls him up and he cuts the phone (well the same thing is repeated throughtout the epi whenever uv is there in a scene ) dev gets angry on uv !! (duh uh !! it should have been the other way round )

ranny tells the gang what had happened and ashi starts that it is impossible for mitra to know each and every moment as to whats happening , but tia is sure that mitra knows everything !! ....ashi tells that , if so they need hidden cameras and cctv's everywhere which is practically not possible !! ........but ranny discovers a camera in the room (duh uh !! yeh mitra hain kyaa ?? ) ........and then they show mitra in the ctrl room (didnt know what to call it ) and is busy working on and seeing as to what the students are doing !!

all the students gather outside and make sure that there is no one spying on them . they discuss as to its not fair and they shouldnt be treated like jailmates ( i agree ) ....uv comes there like a zombie and sits down .....raghu as usual irritates him by asking what is wrong with him , why is he quiet etc .... uv tells him nothing .....raghu again tells him that uv can tell what's bothering him to his friends .......uv gets angry and tells him that raghu is not his friend !! raghu starts his bhashan about tameez etc !! ( you should better learn it raghu ) .......uv tells him that he need not learn how to behave from him and when the fight is almost to begin ashi asks them to cool down .......uv leaves the place

then they show ashi and ranny worried for uv . ranny tells ashi that only she can find out as to whats wrong with uv , and uv will only say his problem to her ....he also tells her that uv doesnt keep any secret from her and tells her everything !! ashi tells him that she is asking him from the previous day , but uv is not telling her !! she also tells him that if she again asks him , uv will punch her face !!

ranny thanks shyla for helping him and tia

then they show raghu bugging tia !! .....asking her for help etc ....telling her that only she is good to him .etc.......just then someone informs her that her dad has come to meet her !tia is too happy and leaves

they show tia and sumeet talking ......tia tells that she enjoyed her holiday a lot ...sumeet is like next time for a holiday for her , he need not arrange it abroad ? tia is like no ....just then ranny comes there and sumeet and ranny greet each other !! .....tia tells that even though the place is not good , the company of some special ppl is enough for a good holiday and both tia n ranny exchange looks !! (they realy looked cute ) ..sumeet notices it and again asks ranny whether he also feels the same .....ranny agrees ....sumeet then tells ranny that now he needs him back for work ....ranny agrees and sumeet leaves

tia tells ranny that he will not have time for her ......and she will miss him ........ranny tells her that he will always have time for her ........and meanwhile shyla sees them together and u can imagine her face .....both hug (i mean tia and ranny )

shyla and latty are scheming as to what to do next to break up tia and ranny and shyla tells latty that she needs to find the weakest link in the angel group who will help her out

then they show uv alone in the she once again cuts his dad's call ........upset !! .....ranny comes there and asks him whats wrong with him ?? he also tells him that something is bothering uv coz he is not the type of person who will be quiet even for a sec !! uv is quiet ....ranny tells him that he can tell him his problem ........uv is quiet .....ranny then tells him that if he doesnt want to tell him anything he can do ......and gets up to leave .......uv holds his hand and tells him that he doesnt know whats wrong or right .......doent know why everything is going wrong in his life !! .....ranny tells him that uv can make things better ......he should not lose hope and also tells him that he knows uv can make things better , set everything right and has the capacity top do so !! uv agrees to it and in full josh and determination tells ranny that now he will only do something to set things right !!
Feb 28 update by kudi420:

Ok so I mback with my updates ..

Todays episode was quite a colorful one. Mitra transformed from black crow to a rangbirangi crow .

The episode started from sid and meher sitting in the canteen. Pri joins them. pri asks meher bout tia. pri complaints tht coz of new frends they r ignoring their old ones. Meher and sid tries to cheer her up. Tia and ranveer joins them. meher tells tia tht pri was missing her. rest of the gang except ashi cums there too. sid then strts talking bout the remix rehearsals. Ranveer agrees with him and says tht its high time and they shud start their rehearsals. Yuvi also says tht this will help him to divert his attention. Sid and ranveer looks confused by this ans and asks him if everything is fine.

Yuvi says tht everything is fine and makes a bahana and moves from there.

Sid says to inform ashi bout the rehearsals.

Shyla hears everything.

Vrinda goes to her room and call ashi. Ashi replies tht she is in the loo. Vrinda sees sum packet on the table. She goes near the table and look at the packets. Ashi cums there and nervously looks at vrinda. Vrinda asks ashi bout the packets. ashi first tries to avoid the matter but then tells her tht these r colors. Vrinda says tht she knows tht these r colrs but she wants to know tht why the hell she needs them. ashi doesent tell her anything accurate, grabs all the packets and goes from there.

Ashi then showed with a gift which she was bout to give it to mitra. She speaks to herself tht now is the time to teach a lesson to mitra. After this mitra will think 342 times (to be exact) before messing with them.

Ashi with her cool jacket with hood and bag at her back(God !she was looking soooo cuteee!) was walking slowly and ranveer cums from behind and touches her shoulder. Ashi screams. Ranveer feels strange when he looks at her and ask her tht why she is wearing the hood. Ashi again doesent reply propely and goes from there. Ranveer with a confused look goes frm there too.

Ashi reaches the staff room gate (which is closed),opens her bag , removes the gift and places in front of the gate. She knocks at the door and runs away.

Mitra opens the door and finds the gift. ashi in the canteen tells everyone tht she has done sumthing to teach mitra a lesson.

Here mitra opens the gift and BOM! Ther happens as blast and and mitras face is full of colors.

Everybody in the canteen hears the blast. Everyone in maurya strts talking bout the color bom but no one knows tht it was placed by ashi. Ashi takes everyone to her room to have a talk.

In the room ranveer and tia is angry with ashi for doing such a thing but rest of the gang is happy coz according to them mitra deserved it.

Latty and shy r walking and sumone informs them bout the bom

In the room pri tells tht they shud celebrate. Everyone agrees and goes out to celebrate and party. They also says cheers for remix.

Mitra with the help of the cameras was looking at them celebrating and repeats the word remix
March 1 update by aasma_remix:

Ranveer and tia are walking in the corridor talking n ranveer tels tia that he has to resume wrok at mr.sumeet's office he cannont avoid it ..he then asks ti whether she will be able to manage everything without him. tia says she will try but she'll defiantely miss him .. then the bell rings and ranveer says he has to go. tia stops him before he goes n ranvere smiles n promises her that he will be on time for the meeting of remix!

the peon comes into uv's room n informs him that his dad wants to meet him but uv says he is not interested.. but sid tells uv to go n meet atleast.. then uv goes to meet his dad...
pri is complaining about tia not having time for her friends any more and that she doesnt care abt them anymore. meher is trying to explain to her that its not like that.. and she tells pri to relax when she sees sid caling her aside quietly.meher doesnt let pri know tht sid is around.. but she politely tells pri not to worry and tells her she'l be back in some time and she goes from ther.. pri is left alone when that creep shyla comes out of her hiding place n wickedly walks to pri n talks very sweetly to her ...
she tells pri to tell her wahtever is on her mind..she asks her why is she so tensed.. pri says nothing is wrong she is fine.. shy tells her that she is not fine and then she asks for coffee but pri says no.. then she says lets go to teh canteen and have soemthing.. n stuff.. n pri is still not interested then shy says "what abt chocochip ice cream?"

Yuvi doesnt want to talk to or even listen to his dad.. but his dad tells him there is somehting serious.. n uv gets worried that somehitng happened to his mother.
but yuvis dad says that his mother wants a divorce from him

Mitra is going crazy in jumbo's office about the colour bomb thing .. n jumbo is jjsut speechless.. mitra has come with tewo three otheers teachers n they are all talking abt his nmitra tells jumbo that he is not going to spare the studens n then he says he thinks he knows who has done this ...

Ashi was passing by the room where uv n his dad are talking nad over hears them when his dad tells him abt the divorce. uv is shokced abt the news.. n uv's dad says that she wants the divorce as well as her share in the proerty
yuvi remebers taht scene wehn his mother had told him that she is miserable living with his dad n that so many years she let it go.. butn ow its too much..

Ranny is given his work by sumet at (i think) summeet's garden or something he sits on the seat ther n is doing his work when tia comes from behind and closes his eye. rany is surprised to see ehr ther .. tia tells him that she cant do anything without him .. no studies no friends nothing... rany tells her that when she is around he cant to do anythign no raw material no cost figures(or soemthing like that) ...

She promises him that she wont disturb him at all she will sit quietly . he continues his work , she is looking at him bending towards him rite in his file .. he looks at her n she says that she didnt say a word ..rany explains that he ahs work .. she says ok n she sits on the swing seat little further away from him.. but there she hums "dil ki yeh dhadkan" they show ranny smiling n then the dil ki yeh dhakan ssong at the island.. after the song she is still shown humming n he is looking at her smiling n tells her to stay quiet...she is getting restless n then she gets ulooks at his file n says there are so many figures that she is gaoing crazy looking at them.. so ranny tells her that she must be quiet for 15mins n that she shud take this magazine n read it til then.he gets irritated n says "tum kitne boringho .. " n tia;s dad comes n asks whether they are ghoing anywhwere.. tia n ranveer both havedifferent answers.. tia says yes they have to go bcoz friends are waiting .. summet tells rany work can be done later and tels them to go ..

sid asks mehere out for a movie n she agrees to go wit him.. sid hugs meher but is worried abt cctv cams... in on the tree (lol)

shy gives pri the ice cream and pri thanks her .. but shy says friendship mein no thanks no sorry just like in love.. n pri seems enticed by the word love.. then shy tells her "friends ki kaam ke jo problme mein kaam na aaye" pri says ther is nothing like that but shy goes on .." pri kya baat hai and she kept on pressing pri to tell her what she felt. pri even told her that her problem is very personal .. but shyla very cunningly said "jst try me pri" n then she said that "thik hai agar tum mujhe nahi batana chati ho..." n stuff like that.. finally pri said .. "mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe kisise pyaar ho gaya hai" n shy are fake n chripyly say"wo-oh yeh to bahut hi acchi baat hai" pri says "nahi" n shy says tum itni worried kyun look so confused" pri says woh tha.. (i think she is refering to aseem maybe) n she tells pri AGAIN .. if u dont want to tel me then its ok... pri says that shei s very confused whether she is or is not in LOVE... shy says that soemtimes tis is not important to understad. pyaarm ein true feelings important horte hai.. dont worry ..pyar ke rules bahut differetn hote hai .. pri asks her if she is sure n shy says 100% sure n she smiles sweetly but also t ous wickedly

sid is waiting for everyone to arrive at he meeting but nno has yet come.. ashi comes and sid is all hyper abt remix being finished coz they dont turn up on practice etc etc.. ashi then goes from ther to brign the others or probably uv..uv tells her to leave him alone .. ashi tells him ok.. but she wants to as him wat is he goinag to do now ??? she asks "now that ur parents wants to divorce" he says" waht " she says she heard everything he says how dare u it was a pvt converstaion .. sshe says par aek public place mein. uv tells her not to intefere she says she isnt.
she just wants him to think what is he gonna do now ? she tells him his parents wants to divorce- its their life.. se has also lived with her parents ldecision.. uv says"so?" she says "so so wat are u gonna do ? .. tum aapne priorities par dhyan do.. apne friends , apna band apni music..dont disappoint or let yourself down. he thinks for asec or two n then goes fron hter n they both go t the shed where sid is finalyl glad to see all the abnd memebrs

he pleads to them that they now get to practice
n they enter the shed only to realise that everything is thrown apart and destroyed n MR.MITRA is standing in the middle of all of it looking at them wit his god damn pathetic fce wit that standard "wo-of" expression!
Every students is talking about mitra's dismisal. and all are wondering how did this miracle happen. Meher sid vrinda and ranveer are also talking about the same thing. Ranveer says that "jo galat kaam karega use saza to milegi hi!" and acha hua! etc .. ashi comes in and asks everyone.. "everythign fien here?" Then sid and meher tell her everything.. n she says also rejoices his exit!

Ashi gets up from the seat where they are sitting and starts thinking when ranveer also comes to her and says, "ashi hume to samaj mein nahi aa raha ki us cassette ko kisne bheja tha" ashi says that she is also thnking the same thing.. then she says shayad raghu ne kiya hoga lets go.. jsut then raghu interupts them and says

"tum log ne suna ki woh mitra gone gone going ?" .. ashi n ranveer dont react much .. raghu says that he is sorry... becasue he only sent the tape to the board room .. he was worried that mitra wud find out and it wud be too late so as soon as he came to know about the meeting he sent it ther.

Ashi tells him that he's really cool.and that now they are all friends not fights n stuff.. she looks at ranveer who is hesitant.. ranver then looks at raghu as apologises and says that he misunderstood raghu n that he didnt trust him at all. he thanks raghu but then raghu says "lekin abhi yeh khushi apne pas rahkho kyunki yeh film abhi tak khatam nahi hui hai" and then he leaves leaving ranveer baffled!

Tia tells meher she has some plans/ideas n meher asks wats but tia says to wait for pri..

they then see pri wit shyla on another table talking to her swetly..
pri comes back n tia asks pri if she n shyla are close friends or wat? n pri says they were just making some plans ,, tia says wit shylla ? how come when did u bcome such good friends with syla.. pri says "kyun friedns circle badhana acha hota hai na? Tia is suspicious while smiles in her cunningly as usual!

Ashi, ranny vrinda and raghu all come to the outside of maurya where mitra is puttign his bags into his car.Ashi taunts him by saying "dekh lijiye theek se kuch chuta to nahi na?" and "aap ko kya laga aap hum studetns ko haras karenge aur hum sab tolerate karenge?"

n vrinda said.. " aap humare col ko badal na chate the, scholarship students or dusre students mein problem create karna chate the.. lekin aaj dekhiye hum yahi hai ..aur aap..??" ranny also added..."aap akela pad gaye"

and i think raghu also said something cant remember, ashi said jaiye.. aapko dhaka marne ke liye help chahiye.. i mean gadi ke liye!"
and mitra is bugged and he sits in his car and leaves! and as soon as he goes the four of them scream n rejoice!

Shy and Pri are sitting or leaning against a tree and talking and Shy tells pri tia is not as goody to shoes as she appears to be.. pri tells her no its not liek that i know her.. and why u saying this stuff.. shy says ya all guys are talking that tnr (n she said tnr) island pe the to unke beech mein.. pri denies all this and says tia is not such a girl.. i know her she wud never do such a thing. Shy says haan uske pas apne friends ke liye time nahi woh tumhe akele chod ke .. n all.. pure din woh aur ranveer badminton nahi khel rahe hote hai.. pri gets infuriated and says to shy that she is of course angry with her but that dosnt mean that she will tolerate any non sense about her..

She tells shy to stop talking non sense especially since she doesnt know anything about tia.. and she walks away from there .. shy calls out to her but pri doesnt listen !

Yuvi is depressed and his dad comforts him and yuvi says sorry to him saying that he still cant believe his mom has done this to him .. he says that somehow he felt very guilty going against his mom in the court hearing and says that he feels like he is as evil as her for doing this.. yuvi's dad says that he doesnt have to worry he has done the right thing and all their property and all is safe.. n whiile they are talking about this ashi overhears them..

Yuvi then goes into the coll.. and at the corridor ashi stops him and tells him.. she heard he testified against his mom and asked how can he do such a thing..

yuvi interupts yells at her and says its his life and his mom .. tells her to mind her own life and leave him alone

Pri is telling meher whatever shyla told her and they both agree that shyla is simply spoiling tia's name .. tia comes in the room and she wants to talk to pri.. pri looks a lil annoyed but as soon as tia says she is sorry pri melts..

tia tells her she is sorry that becoz of studies and personal things like ranveer, she has ignored her.. and asks for forgiveness. pri tells her she doesnt need to say sorry n tia sense from her tone that soem thing is wrong and asks what happened...

they try to deny it but tia urges them to say whatever it is. Pri tells her that shy told her soemthing abt tia.. n ranveer..

tia wants to know what shyla says n pri tells her that shy is saying that soemthing happened between tia n ranveer at the island and stuf like that.. n tia is extremely hurt and assures her angels that she wud never do such a thing...


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Tia and her angels are heading out at the maurya ground wondering how can shy say such a thing.. n they spot shyla.. tia goes to her.. n shy says "WO-OH".. tia says "tum kabhi sochti nahi ho ki tumhari info galat ho sakti hai?" .. tia also tells her.. "tia bhi tumhe oh-oh oo-opps keht sakti hai! .. yeh wo-oh karne se behtar hai apna kaam karo .. " soemthing like that.. she confronts her as to why she is making up stories.. shy tells her she said only how much she knew nothing more nothing less..she tells tia that shes not lying whereas tia is lying.. n says to tia that if she was so ashamed then why did she do such a thing.. n tia is very hurt she yells that she didnt do anything, n tells her that shes making up everything .. shy says she didnt have to make up anythign it was already so spicy.. !n things liek that.. n she says that she can prove it.. tia challenges her wit pride "OK.. BE MY GUEST. PROVE IT!"

yuvi then asks his dad about his meeting and his dad says that he wants to invest in the college and yuvi asks for what .. his dad says just towards whatever the students are inclined to .. and he says ther are some complications n he awnts uv' to do him a favour and he tells uv somehting not disclosed to us..

ashi is celebrating in her room by jumping and getting excited about mr.mitra being sent away forever! ... ashi says her bhaggu is the best better than the rest!.. and whiles she is jumping the poen comes into the room n tells her jumbo has called her in his office.. n she gets worried and hyperactively goes..

Latty is very artificially talking to other gals when an army of 4 angels n a devil come towards her.. (no marks for guessing who they were) .. the devil taps latty's back and asks her to tel whatever she told her to the angels. latty says oh yeah.. "tia the princess and her day with ranver on the island.. she says that the boys were all talking abt and saying ki kuch to hua hoga unke beech mein .. aur ranveer ne kuch bhi deny nahi kiy jo tum deny kar rahi ho.. meher tells her to shut up n latty snaps and says why shud i shut up island par raat maine nahi tumahri friend ne bitayi hai.. and she goes from ther...

tiA IS very hurt.. n sad
meher n pri are criticising latty.. n tia is thinking something.. they are asking her how come she didnt tell latty anythin?? tia says she knows wat to do.. n then says the only way to find out the truth is to ask ranveer about it.. Meher asks her doesnt she trust ranveer?? she turns and says of course she does and that is why she wants to ask him n prove latty wrong.. n that we really love eachother n this relationship is real

Ashi enters jumbo's office and she sees her mom! sonia ray is very happy to see her.. n they are both seen walkin in the garden of maurya where sonia tells ashi to change her boring hairstyle.. ashi criticises her mom and taunts her about her ignoring the fact that she needed her .

sonia is trying to explain that she has to work that too for her.. but she talks very rudely n hurts sonia even more.. even though she is rite..

sonia cries.. n then ashi realises her mistake n says sorry to her mom n hugs her..n apologises n sonia promises to never again go away for long..

Tia is waiting for ranny on at the corridor.. n rany comes to her n gives her a bouquet .. she loves them n he holds her.. she says the flowers are beautiful..

n he tells her he misses her a lot wehn he's away from her n shes says the same to him..

then she says "tia tumse kuch puch sakti hai?" n rany says "hum jaante hai ki humari tia bahut khoobsurat hai" .. tia says ranveer kuch imp hai.. "ranveer comes close to her n says that when shes not wit him nothing seems good! tia reminds him abt the seriousness n he says."kahiye kya puchna hai?" n tia asks him very scared and hesitantly ... whether the boys asked him about the night that she and ranveer spent on the island??

He says yes.. so she asked him what he said? he says he didnt say anything to them. tia gets annoyed and cant believe that he didnt say anything, n she tells him "kuch nahi kehke tum kya kehna chate the ranveer?" and she almost cries and goes awy from there angrily

Ranny comes to the place next to a tree where tia is sittin n si very sad.. n rany sit near her n is abt to touch her.. when she says not to touch him and that everything between them is over.. ranveer asks her if she really thinks that he wud say anything like that abt her? but she tells him she doesnt want to think anything n tells him to leave her alone..

he tells her that she never understands him and she never will... n he gets up to go.. but holds his arm n stops him n says she is sorry but she also couldtn beleive it . but when shyla took his name.. she cudnt help but ask..

Ranveer tells her.. that since childhood he has been searching for that friend who wil understand him, in his childhood he felt that he was one of a kind (diff from others) but when he met her he realised that she is his life.. he used to smile but she was the one who taught him what life really is.. "hum to aap ko apne jaan se bhi zyada pyaar karte hai" "hum aap par kabhi bhi aanch padhne nahi denge.. aap ko kabhi akela nahi chodenge." she hugs him n is crying..

n then he tells her "humne to jo pal saath mein bitaye woh humari yaadein hai aur hum un yaadon ko ki si ke saath share nahi karenge" tia nods her head n hugs him n cried a lil more..

then rany says chaliye tia hume kisise baat karna hai.. "is problem ke jad ko nikal na hai" n then they get up n go ..

Yuvi's dad is telling him that he is rpoud of him n stuff.. n ashi interupts n says "oh my god wat a scene.. n she taunts him by saying that from mumma's boy he has become a papa's boy.. n yuvi yells again saying its his personal prob.. ashwant dev tels him to chill n tells him he has more imp work to do.. n they go from ther.
Ashi cant understand why yashwant had no reaction and wonders that ther is something strange..

Yuvi apologises for ashi's behaviour to his dad.. n his dad says to forget abt her coz he has more imp work.. n his dad gives him a bottle with some blue liquid in it.. n tells him u have to do some work for me put this in maurya's water tank.. n yuvi asks wat is this.. his dad says its just to show the administration wat happens when they reject yashy's offer.. n yuvi asks if it is dangerous ..yashy says no way wud he make his son do soemhting wrong..

he is not his mother n yuvi says nahi dad aapne kaam diya hai to soch ke hi diya hoga, main aapke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hun .. is duniya mein aap ke alawa mera aur koi nahi hai.. n he agrees to do the job.. n goe frm ther.. yashy is happy

Shy is sketching something in her room when, rany n tia come to his room.. she acts cool n says wo-oh any problem hi ranveer n says tia kya hua tumhe n stuff like that.. ranveer tells her not to worry abt tia she wil be fine and asks why is she spreading rumours abt tia n him?? shla says she didnt spread any rumours whatever latty told her hat she told .. like she said to tia nothing less nothing more..

but tia tells her.. or a lil more??
Shy says tia mujhe jab laty ne bataya tab main puri tarah se beleive nahi karti thi .. is liye maine pri se pucha aur jab tumne mujhe pucha... n then she changes her tone .

n starts worryign n pretends like as if she jsut realised that latty was lying to her.. she starts feeling guilty n teling them that she is sorry she didnt knw latty wud lie to her..

n stuff like that.. tia n ranny go from ther...

AShi is still very suspicious n she meets vrinda n masi.. n they ask her wats wit her.. n then ashi explains that yashy being good to uv is soemthing strange n vrinda is saying she is silly obviously he is his dad to he will be good to him na..

ashi is still not sure n thinks defiantely ther is soemthing to it.. n masi tells her to focus on other things .. n ashi thinks n then she asks vrinda abt her hair n masi says she cant fix it up ashi teases ehr saying its not the menu

n vrinda gets a chance to hit ashi back on the head tells her that before this job masi was a beautician! n ashi s happy abt the new style that she is gonna get!

Latty is walking out of the locker room when she see tia n rany standing in front of her..rany asks her wat rumours is hse spreading abt him n tia n she stamers n says no she isnt spreading anything..

n he tells her he knows she is behind all this n then warns her to stop this nonsense or it wil be too bad for her...he tells her if she says anything against tia no one wil be worst than him

n latty looks down n goes away from ther..

Tia looks at ranny.. n then they jsut end the show ther

ashi is sitting in class wit vrinda when she sees uv passing by

n then they show uv walking to the tank n climbing it to put tht liquid in it..
latty is telling shyla that she to trapped her in this .. n then smiling n kidding abt the whole thing.. while tia hears all this from behind the wall n is shocked!
Tia catches shyla's talking abt the plan to latty.. red handed~

her confrontation wit her..

T:Opps ab kya hoga babes? tia ne tumhari saari batein sun li .. sare evil plans leak ho gaye! woh bhi tia ke saamne
Shy: tia! (n she is abt to go)

T: oh puhlease u dirty thing.. tum ek devil ho ek idiot devil...tumhe kya laga tum bahut smart ho bahut clever ho?? tia?? tia toh bilkul stupid hai ! latty my catty god ne sirf tumhe aur mujhe brains diye hai.... hum apne dirty smelly games kehle aur kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalega..well shy fry tia ne sab kuch sun liya hai. now thers nothin to hide from tia. tumhe kya laga ki tia tumhe easily jeetne degi?? tum total fool ho agar tum apne dreams mein bhi aisi socha!

Shy: u know love main to tumse jeet hi gayi.. agar tumhe thode bhi manners hoti to tum humari bato par eves drops nahi karti aur tumhe kuch nahi pata chalta, aur tum tumahare stupid eyelashes flap karke mujhe apni best friend maanti
t: really

shy: tum mera kuch nahi bigad sakti! mere saamne tum ek complete ninkamptu ho! have u heard of that word baby "nikamptu"

T: oh puhlease drama queen yeh silly finger apne silly self ke liye rakho !
tia calls her a cow n a big loser
shy says she is a case of stupidity...

n tia agrees coz her brains might have had a beauty nap otherwise she wud never doubt ranver bcoz of a cow liek her..
shy tells her tht her plan was successful coz she doubted ranver n that proved that she doesnt really love him.. n that she is using him bcoz ranveer is the most handsome n popular guy in maurya.. tum stupid hi nahi ek total ninkamptu ho

T: ya ya tia ne ranver par doubt kiya .. but u know wat? us sily incident ke baad, tia ne realise kiya ki tia ka trust ranveer par ultra strong ho gaya hai.. aur ap woh trust koi bhi nahi tod sakta.. tum bhi nahi cow.. kyunki ranveeer tia se pyar kar ta hai.. get it ? loser??

T:Hey hey tum to tense ho gayi! dont worry tia tumahre bare mein ranveer ko nahi batayegi! Kyunki tum tia ke liye n sick insect se bhi imp nahi ho!

Tia and ranny are about to leave for the holiday when tia sees sonia aunty..

n she is really happy, sonia aunty says that she was just askin about tia .. ashi says yes the question was who is tia ?? an alien a marshian .. etc etc.. sonia invites tia n ranveer to her homw for the holiday but tia says that they are going to her place this time.. n that next holiday they will definately go to her place.. ashi hurriedly says ok.. n drags her mum aside to go.. sonia asks her why she is in a hurry n that she tells her that she likes tia a lot.. she is one her fav persons ...she is so pretty(so true), so sweet n her hair are awesome(very true) n she shud have been an actress, shes an angel.. ashi says to her mom that she is sorry her daughter is nt beautiful n so hip n stuff.. sonia says that she(ashi) is always on the top of her list. and that she is very proud of her n loves her a lot...

Yashwant dev n yuvi are at the dining table, and yashy is telling uv that once his proposal will be accepted in maurya things will be fine, n jumbo calls yashy n says that he has been given the 51% shares that he wanted of maurya.. n yashy is very happy tells uv that all this is thnks to u.. n its an acheivement for you also.. im very proud of u.. u are only my son.. n uv is jsut quiet n smiles slightly

Tia is in the canteen n orders for one orange juice , shy comes ther n says make that two!
Tia says "puhlease tum mein koi originality nahi hai kya? Jo bhi tia ko chahiye woh hi tumhe chahiye hota hai!"
then one orange juice is kept on the table n they both go to pic it but tia gets it .. n says kabhi kabhi jo hume chate hai na woh zaruri nahi hume milta hai!"
n she drinks a sip n then pics a bag n walks out of ther,,

the bag is heavy n suddenly raghu comes ther n he says that he wud like to help her to carry the heavy bag becasue if her wrist bends or anything he will not be able to forgive himself..
she gives him the bag n he kidds abt the weight asking if the entire maurya is it or wat?
she says these are some of ranveer's author's books that she was to gift to him but he n she had a small fite so she forgot to give it him ..
raghu tells her that rany is lucky to have such a beautiful caring n sweet gf n stuff like that then he says that shy is tryin to come close to ranny n that she is very jealous of them both n stuff like that,, but tia tells him that they both are just friends nothing to worry. raghu says i jsut wanted to tell u abt a ffriend n al..

Vrinda asks ashi why must jumbo have called them to the hall.. n ashi jokes saying maybe its our lucky day n that jumbo is quiting coll!

In the common room/hall

Tia see shy lookin at her n ranveer n she holds ranveer's arm tightly.. !

all have gathered n jumbo announces that he is gona introduce a new board member to the students n then he introduces mr.yashwant dev.

n yashwant dev gives n encouraging speech n says he wants to form a student council n that he wants democracy n all.. n that he wants a leader n he has chosen yuvi..

n ashi comes from behind saying its unfair n that if it is for the students by the students then why this biastness ther shud be elections.. yashy asks who wants to stand against uv no one agres so finaly ashi agrees to fight the elections against uv

everyone is shocked.. yuvi says "awesome meri opponent banne ke liye Congratulations, WELCOME TO THE RACE WACKO!"
ashi says, " ya ya dekhte hai finish line tak kaun pehle pahunchta hai PSYCHO!"


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the episode starts wit sid and yuvi in the room. Sid tells yuvi bout the poll and says ashi won it. Yuvi gets really mad and thinks of changing his campaign. He goes to his dad(as usual) and tells him tht anyhow he wants to win the election. Yeshwent dev gets happy by seeing hisso much interst in all this. He says yuvi to throw a holi party in maurya. This wud help them to gain students confidence and votes.
Everybody is in the canteen. Talking about holi and its significance. Shyla sitting next to yuvi was askig nout holi. Ranveer explains to he rbout it. Yuvi then announces tht he will be throwing the party tom. Ashi is shocked. When ranveer talks bout the burning the holi a day b4. yuvi says tht lets do tht too in maurya( as if the ydun need any sort of permission). Ashi gets one more shock.
Every one is happy but ashi leaves frm there. Vrinda goes behind her and asks wats the matter. Ashi tells tht by all this yuvi is juss trying to gain votes. Ashi decides tht she wont go for the party. vrinda tells ashi tht if she wont go for the party then everyone wil think tht u hav bcum overconfident. Ashi tells vrinda tht she is rite and she will go for the party.
Tia on the other hand tells her angels tht she will cum tonite but wont for the color holi as her skin will be infected. When meher and pri tells about ranveer tia says tht she will make him understand.
At the part all students r busy with the arrangement of burning holi. Tia cums and ranveer gets engrossed in her. ashi enters and yuvi looks at her with an attitude and ashi then looks away.
They were about to burn holi shy the haddi comes in. she asks ranveer tht they were about to burn the holi without her. ranveer says tht he didnt notice her. tia responds tht ranveer tum kya kisi ka bhi dhyan shy par nahi gaya
Then they burn holi and music. They have a dance . tia and ranny dancing with each other. shy watching them. yuvi dancing and ashi looking at him as if she had one murder free .then we all know who wud be the victim.
Pri and meher takes away tia with them. shy sees the chance and goes to dance with ranny. Tia sees them dancing and leaves the party. ranveer notices it and goes behind her.
Ranveer then tells tia tht tom the whole day he wanted to spend with her. he wwants to be the 1st one to apply color on her. tia too promises tht even she will be the first one o apply color on him.
shy the haddi is seeing and listening to their conversation and getting jealous.
Update 15 march
yuvi switches of d music after holika and says ranny wants to say somethin....ranny says dat holi is a festival of colors and some colors hav chemicals n stuff and they harm us sooo we shud use only natural colors.....tia is really happy coz ranny is doin all this for tia as tia wudnt play holi if d coloirs arent natural....shy is angry as usual....
Its party time in Maurya and yuvi tells them to njoy holi and stuff.......Tia n Ranveer are walking towards each other and others are wishin each other.....since the two said they'll appply color first to each other they go towards each other very romantically.....Shy is all jealous and is tryin to come up with a plan to stop ittt but b4 dat raghu comes like a toofan and applies color on tia n ranveer and tia gets really upset and walks off.....Ranveer is also sad...Shy luks rather pleased though....
Ranveer goes to tia and wishes her happy holi and applies color on her face and says that he fulfilled his promise and wished her holi first and now tia is happy tooo.....and shy gets upset....
Everyone is playin holi and yuvi wishes everyone holi and is really frndly with some ppl ive never seen in maurya...ashi is all irritated....Sid drinks some thandaai and thinks it is bhaang and starts acting as though he has got d nasha....and pulls meher and starts singin jai jai shiv shankar.........but then meher asks wat happend and he sayd he drank bhaang and then uv comes and says dat no bhaang is served in d party and sid comes bak to relity.....
everyone dances on d dance floor tia n ranveer are dancin and shy is jealous so she goes to tia and in front of ranveer asks tia if she can dance with ranveer tia moves away.....they dance tia is feelibg she tells shy somethin and she goes..and tia starts dancing with ranny and shy is all jealous again.....
yuvi n ashi hav an arguement abt d election campaign and ashi tells him dat she knows he has done all this coz he wants votes....
Vrinda is sadddd dat uv-ashi r fightin but meher n pri come n cheer her up by tellin abt tia-ranny and how they r nowwwww....
They all stop dancing to take a break and ranny goes to get tia a cola but shy comes in d way and starts talkin to ranny....tia ses this and xcomes to ranny and asks her ranny n tia go off....shy brings thandaai for ranny andsays dat he shudnt hav cola on holi.......but tia snatches d thandaai and says dat ranny doesnt like thandaai and shy shud know abt ppl's likings b4 gettin them somethin....ranny is confused but agrees with tia....ranny asks tia y she did this and tia says dat she doesnt like any1 behaving like this with him....ranny says ok and asks ehr yto cheer up...shy is angry and thinks abt wen tia said not to apply color on her hair cuz she just came from parlour and so she applies color on her hair by pichkaari.....tia is really angry and asks hu did this...pri comes n says dat she saw dat shy did this.......tia is damn angry with shy and starts shoutin at her and says she did it on purpose but shy relpies dat she didnt know dat and she didnt hav any dream dat tia idnt want color on her hair...but tia is really angry and she and shy start pullin each others hair and hav a cat fight...all of dem r njoyin this...especially ashi-uv-sid n all........ashi says dat this is fun and uv says that these girls shud b in wwf..........
tia goes off.....ranny goes behind her but on d way somebody puts choloroform on him and takes him away.....
The epi starts with Ranny being kidnapped and he is taken to some place in a dark room.....then tia is all worried abt him and asks uv-sid on d way if they hav seen him....they ask her not to wry and that he wud b somewhere around....Shy passess by....tia is worried and soo tells shy dat she is sry abt everythin and asks if she knows wheer ranny is....shy tries to b really sarcastic(well...she didnt manage to b) and says dat she thought only tia wud know where he is.....
Vrinda,Ashi n another girl are plannin Ashi's strategy.....Vrinda says maurya is a skool full of elites so their campaign shud b favourable to them...and tells ashi dat she shud increase socials...and build swimming pool n stuff...Ashi is really happy with this plan...whereas on d other hand...uv-sid are plannin uv's campaign....and uv says dat there wud b a lotta ppl in maurya hum he doesnt even know...and d nerds...weirdos.....pyscos...anhd duh-uhs(which meant ashi)...and they shud do somethin for them.....and uv has to b better than ashi in d debate...
Tia is walkin in maurya wen latty comes n givs tia a letter sayin dat it was in her mailbox...tia thanxx latty n reads it...its from ranny(d kidnappers forced ranny to write d letter sayin dat he shud write this letter to tia sayin he is goin out and she didnt hav to wry abt him).....tia reads d letter and is really hurt....
Tia is sittin with raghu and xpresses her disappointment to raghu...and raghu says dat tia neednt wry and ranny wud surely contact her....dats wen d kidnapper calls tia and says dat she wud hav to pay 10lakhs if she wants ranny bak.....tia is really shocked and says dat she wud do as they say......tia tells raghu bnot to tell abt this to anyone and dat this shud b btn them.....
in d debate ashi says her points regardin more socials and gym somethin.......and then uv says he wnt make false promises but can make committments and says he doesnt hav a speech nstuff but has d suggestion box in which all d guyz can put their suggestions as to wat reforms they want in maurya......ashi n uv both hav more or less equal suporters.....
Tia calls d bank and asks how much she can withdraw and d manager says she can withdraw only 50,000 without her dads sign.....and then kidnapper calls again n says dat tia shud giv money 2day b4 12 and shud come alone....
In d corridor ashi-vrinda n d othetr girl r walkin and uv-sid...they meet each other n uv says dat he knows dat ashi is scared n sad coz she knows dat she is gonna loose and then d guy comes n givs a sheet of paper sayin dat d results hav come in.......uv sees it and is shocked.....and d result is BOTH GET EQUAL VOTES(i thought so tooo)....and uv is kinda sad but ashi is quite pleased.....n says cheap gimmicks ne mere voting bank pe koi asar nahi kiya.....
n then tia has to arrange d money n all.......
Update 22 march 06
The epi starts with uv talkin to sid and tellin him dat they somehow hav to convince ranny to join them coz if he joins...a lot more ppl wud support them....
Ranny n Shy r studyin and shy is tryin to impress ranny n tells him dat hes got an awesome handwritng and tries maskafying him.....
Ashi,Vrinda n the other girls come there...n ashi tells him dat he has to b ashi's party's planner and he wud plan everythin from strategy to all and they wud xecute it.....
Then Ashi gets kinda serious n tells ranny...dat she knows dat he is uv's frnd and he shud do everytrhin as he wants from his heart after all this is a democratic country n in a democratic instituition he has d rights to do things as he wishes....
but then ranny tells dat he is with them....and everyone is happy.....
Then Ashi is in her room with all d girls n Sonia aunty comes....Ashi tells her dat she is contestin in d elections for d post of Maurya's president...Sonia sunty is very happy n says her life is dull n she wants to do somethin new n challengin...and dat she wants to do theatre.....but she is doin musical drama and needs musicians....dancers n choreographers n stuff but no1 is agreein as she is a diva n they think she wudnt come for rehersals at time.....
Ashi then tells Bhaggu...dat y did he send her a drama queen for mom.....
then...tia comes in n sayd she has a solution but ashi isnt ready to listen to her...and calls her bimbo,timbo,timblet n all dat n keeps movin wen she comes to tell but atlast she listens n tia says dat remix wud perform for sonia aunty....but ashi says dat this is not uv wont agree...but tia says she wud handle all dat....
Then next comes ranny is in his room n sees d books packet dat once upon a time raghu carried for tia(if u guyz can remember...atlast it reCHED ranny).....neways ranny is damn happy and thinks he cud hav sent this...and tia comes n says she did....ranny thanx her n asks her wat she is doin here at this time....tia says dat she needs to talk to him n xplains abt sonia aunty n remix performin for her...ranny says dat this is gr8 but wud sonia aunty agree as she is a gr8 actress n remix is still a buddin grp....but tia says dats no prob but they hav to convince uv....
so tia n ranny go to uv's room n say hi sid...which comes to sid as a shock n he gets scared....n then tia n ranny tell uv dat they need a favour from him n uv gets all in campaign mood n starts with his dats all im here for n that d future maurya president has to help his fellowmates n all dat(it was rather cute though).....tia n ranny tell him abt sonia aunty n performance...sid is rather shocked abt it n disapproves of it but uv agrees.......n everyone is happyyy....
tia goes n tells ashi dat uv agreed n ashi is like how did he...n ranny tells her dat they r doin this for sonia aunty n not her dats y he agreed.....n ashi,tia,ranny n vrinda start walkin to go n tell sonia aunty abt it....
btn sonia aunty is gettin tensed.....abt how she is gonna manage...??
then....ashi,tia,ranny n vrinda meet uv n sid...and a man comes n says dat d results for pre polls hav come n d party which is leadin by 75% votes is E.R party n ashi is happy n all d girls r happy for her(includin tia).....n uv is shocked as he luked quite confident dat he wud win.....neways....d man says dat _____ Party(didnt hear d name properly) has got only 25% votes....
Tia is very worried about being able to rescue ranveer and is telling raghu taht she cant believe that even though ther is so mcuh money in the account she cant withdraw anything. Raghu tells her to talk to her dad but she says she cant involve her dad in all this coz her dad will call the police n she canot risk ranveer's life...
Sumeet is rite behind her n tells her that he has heard everything. she hugs her dad and her dad says he cant beleive that she is in such a big prob n she didnt tell him, he says that its a good thing that raghu called him n told him everything she says thnks n she is ready to go but then when her dad is coming along she says tht she cant take the risk coz they have called her alone but her dad doesnt allow .. raghu then says that he will be going wit her n that bcoz he is a student they wont doubt him if her dad wud go then they wud think police is involved..tia agrees but sumeet is still thinks that its not safe n syasy that he will follow them n he goes from ther.. then tia is abotu to go when raghu is coming wit her n she says that she is very thankful to him n sshe knows that he promised her dad to accompany her but she will never forget what he has done for her but this time he must stay back n she goes...
There the goons n ranveer are all dozing suddenly one of them wakes n asks the other the time n when the reply comes almost 12 he smiles n says in sometime their destiny will either change or this guy (rany) will be dead.. n then the other guy said that the fun will be in seeing whether this guy's chamiya will have the guts to come here wit the money n ranveer is geting bugged n asks them to stay away from her but the goons see tia coming n then tia come n sees ranveer tied up she is really petrified n ranveer is shocked to see her .. he tells her to go away but tia has seen the gun on ranveer;s head she is really scared n the goons are asking her to give the money.. n then in panic she throws the bag at them n then ranveer asks her to run n she runs out n clashes wit her dad n is trying to explain that the goons have ties ranveer..
n then the goons drop ranveer on the ground n are abt to shoot him but raghu coems from behind n pushes the goons n they both escape out of ther n come to tia n her dad .. .tia hugs ranveer n sumeet is relieved ranveer thanks raghu bt raghu says it was sumeet's idea to follow tia ... n then sumeet says that b4 the goons come again they shud all leave...
Tia, Rany n raghu have returned to coll.. n raghu says we must all go to our room n not to tell otehrs abot tis when they hesitate raghu says that ranveer might still be in danger n they may come back ... n then he goes from there...
Ranveer looks at tia n tells her that he knew that she cud do anything for him.. he tells her that she was really courageous to come ther all alone wit the money...
tia tells ranveer that if something wud happen to him then she wudnt be able to handle it..
she says soemthin abt the money n he says that he is disappointed that they got the money..
btu she tells him that thts not imp only he is imp to her.. n they hug..
she tells him she is worried abt tehm coming back for him but he tells her that this issue is over now itself n nothing like that will happen..
Next scene is tia sleeping in her room but geting nitemares abt the days incidents n she cant sleep.. she wakes up n is crying.. meher n pri are asking her wat is wrong n she is still crying n telling them whatever happened... they ask her why she didnt tell them before but she says she was worried abt rany..
then they tell her to sleep everythign will be fine, but she cant sleep so she gets up takes a blanket n tells pri n meher she is going for a walk...
she goes to ranveer's room n ranveer sees her n is surprised n he quickly checks outside if anyone is ther.. n then asks her why she came like that wat if soemone wud see her.???
she just hugs him he holds her.. n then he again worries abt them both geting caught n expelled.. so then she goes out of his room but the security guard is around n someone comes n covers her mouth n takes her aside
Its ranveer..
he asks her why is she out at this time.. n then she tells him that she is very scared and worried she cant sleep.. she is worried abt someone taking him away from her ...she says to him that she loves him.. he is really happy to see her love..
he wipes her tears n then he comes close to kiss her n she doesnt look away he stops n says that he knows she loves him n he also knows who is tia ahuja.. she doesnt have to prove her love for him.. he says he she has always been his love.. n he loved her loves her n will alwys love her.. she is the biggest proof of his love..
she smiles n hugs him n then they go towards the rooms..
Day time scenario.. on the sidewalk is yuvi sweeping the floor wearing the poen;s uniform ... ashi is dressed as a typical politician n ppl are chanting her name is victory.. n she is very happy
Nite scenario .. ashi;s bed ashi smiling in her sleep n even giggling ... ashi is woken up by vrinda who is asking her wats happening.. n ashi says that she saw n awesome dream n till tht dream comes true she wont get sleep.. n she comes out of her room for a stroll..
when she is out its dark n she sees some shadows.. she feels like she is being followed so she starts walking faster when she suddenly comes across this poster of her voting campaign.. which has a knife on it n blood dripping out on it..
she screams n comes running into her room.. she switches on the lite only to see there is blood on her bed n she screams in total fear...
d show starts wid ashi goin in d room n screamin wen she sees d blood on her bed sheet. she runs away 2 call sum off her freinds. wile she is gone sum1 cums removes d blood stained bed sheet n puts a clean one.
ashi cums wid a no of gals n says u wont believe it d bed sheet is covered wid stains. wen she switches on d light the bloodstained sheet is gone. she says plzz trust me there was blood on d bed sheet.latty paases weird comments n says trust is 2 big word 2 use. but finally no1 believes ashi.vrinda tells her 2 go 2 sleep.
in uv's room, sid says 2 uv-dude u vud've seen that wacko's face...pehli baar maine ashi ko daraa hua dekha. uv says awesum dude n dey cont makin fun of ashi.
next day ashi is sitting in d canteen wen a gal cums n says ashi i want sum blood...can u giv me sum.d whole canteen makes fun of ashi.just then vrinda cums n scolds every1 4 sayin all this.ashi tells vrinda that no1 trusts her.vrinda consoles her n says she shud 4get all these things n concentrate on elections.ashi says that she has given up hope.vrinda says no its not over yet n v can still win.
ranveer goes 2 uv's room.there he learns abt d prank wich uv n sid played on ashi.he is not amused.uv asks y.he says he still hasnt decided whom 2 vote 4.uv says wat.ranvir then says that he has 2 meet tia n rushes out of d room.uv asks sid wat does ranvir mean....he still hasnt decided..wat is 2 decide.sid says mayb v shud leave him alone coz he is relly truobled.uv agrees wid him.
tia n ranveer r roamin around,wen shy cums n tells ranvir-do u hv any idea how much studies u've missed.ranveer is kinda worried.she is abt 2 take ranvver wid her wen ran stops her n says 1 min shy.he kisses tia n says that studies r also imp naa. n i'll surely meet u.n goes away wid shy.shy wile goin givs a cunnin smile 2 tia.tia remebers all those scenes where she had cum 2 know that shy was creatin differences bet her n ranveer.
in d common room sid is readin a scary book wen meher cums n astonishes him.she says sid u r sucha fool itnee jaldi darr gaye.she says ye toh kuch bhi nahi,u shud've seen ashi's face yesterday.meher becums suspicious n asks wat was sid up2.first sid doesnt agree 2 tell then givs up n tells meher abt d prank wich he n uv played on ashi.meher says thats ridiculous.sid makes meher promise that she wont tell anythin 2 ashi.
n chem lab ran n shy r studyin.just then tia cums n sees shy n ran studyin.she is just movin 2 wards then...wen sum policemen cum n ask ran is he ranvee. shy n tia r equally shocked.he asks him kii kal ke incident se pehle how many calls did u make?n 2 whom.ran ans that he doesnt hav a cell n he uses his friend.....he stops in bet n asks y r askin me all this. d police man says that it is abt d incident. tia cums in bet that ran doesnt know anythin abt it n plz leave us alone.v both r already in tension after that incident.police man says that he is only tryin 2 help but tia waves him off n d police goes.she then cums n hugs ran.shy says wow tia tumhari ran ke liye kya loyalty hai.loyalty ho toh aisi!! tia says u r rite shy tia kii loyalty sirf ran ke liye hai...aur ran kii sirf tia ke liye.
next ashi is seen sittin in her room n is v tensed.just then laila along wid meher cums n tells her that d prank in wich she had saw d blood on her bedsheet was planned by uv n sid.meher had promised sid not 2 tell u,so she told me.n by d way ran wasnt 2 happy wen he came 2 know abt this he probably b teamed wid us.ashi says omg uv itnaa gir sakta can he do this 2 me.then she says wid ran on my side i'll take a nice revenge from uv n comp destroy him.....thats where d epi ends


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The epi starts with sonia tensed abt her show n then tia,ranny,ashi n uv come there n tia tells her dat remix will perform for her....but sonia is a bit wary of this n tells them dat they r still budding starts n she is a diva n dat it wud interrupt their studies n stuff...but d guyz say dat its k n sonia all of em start rehersing.....n then tia hums d startin of aaye hum jhoomke yahaan....n ashi joins in...but then uv comments dat wen tia hummed it ,it sounded kewl but later it sounded chaotic n so ashi in turn comments dat ranny's keybvoard is awesome but d guitar isnt gud and this eventually leads to a arguement btn ashi-uv.....
Then tia is in her room along with angels n is deciding wat to weear n ashi is with vrinda n is commentin on sonia's choice...... d corridor tia meets raghu n he is tryin to maskafy her by sayin sopmethin abt history assignment...n tia sais she forgot abt it n hasnt got time now...but will finish later if she has time n she d other corridor shy meets ranny n is tryin to pataofy him by sayin dat she didnt understand d expt. they did 2day n if ranny cud xplain it to her....ranny tries tellin her dat he needs to go somewhere...wen tia comes n tells ranny dat they r gettin late n shud leave...n they leave...leaving shy behind furious....
then.....remix performs with sonia on aaye hum jhoon ke yahaan....they r basically in d same costumed....xcept sonia hu is also wearin d same color n topi just dat she is wearin those persian n arabic kind of clothes....but d choreography was new.....n it was quite gud....n the way ranny n yuvi were flirtin with sonia aunty in d song was awesome along with ashi n tia hu were gettin jealous n were also sayin a lot of loosers n ewwwwwwww loosers wen uv said dat hum kya kare...aap itni pretty hai ki hum apne aap ko rok nahi coollllllllll
Thenn the guyz r bak in skool.....raghu meets tia in d corridor n givs her d histy. assignment dat he did for her coz she was busy...n tia is damn happy...ranny comes there...n is kinda jealous but wen raghu says dat he did it for ashi too....ranny loosens up n starts his thank u bhashan....
n then ashi,ranny,vrinda,shy(i dnt beleive it) n some other girls r sittin n discussin their strategy for d elections....n then ranny says dat they need to do somethin by which all d guyz wud b attracted towards them...n they shud b able to trust us n all.....n he suggests dat they shud hav somethin to do with money...coz they need to get d money for d election campaign....vrinda suggests auction...but ashi says dat they dnt hav anythin for auctionin.....n then ranny suggests which d prizes cud b stuff like laptop,digi cam n all....everyone happy with this idea...n ashi says dat ranny wnt b able to handle all this presseure on his own n needs an shy suggests her name n is happy as she can spend time with ranny now.....
n then....tia goes to meet ranny in his room...but raghu is there(as its his room too....)....ranny isnt there so raghu asks tia to wait...n then tia sees d bag in which she gaV d thugs money there n is shocked....n then raghu like an innocent child asks tia wat happened as she is quite shocked n her xpressions change...n then raghu realises dat d bag is there...n his chidkofyin namak on tia's wounds......tia tells raghu dat probably its bcoz of some reason like d finger prints of d thugs or somethin dat ranny has d bag....n leaves from there sayin she 4got some wrk....
After she leaveas.......Raghu's real identity is reveiled n he says ki....tia tum bhi ussi jaal main phas rahi maine beechaya tha ranveer ke liye(which obviously proves dat raghu is behind all this....n we will b seein many more things like this in future).......
Update 29th March,2006
The episode starts with....d police officers comin to arrest ranny....but ashi asks them y they r doin so....y they r arrestin they r arrestin d victim which cant b possible.....(i wanna did ashi get to know abt this??....)But the officers sharply reply to her n in a rude voice tel her to keep out of this n talk wen she is asked to.....Tia is shocked....Raghu pretends to b shocked but is very happy....Then d officers arrested ranny n ranny luked really shocked n luked quite angry with tia....
Then Ashi meets Vrinda n tells her abt all dat happened...n vrinda is shocked....ashi tells her dat she needs to go n save ranny n vrinda shud take care of d election n everythin in maurya....then Vrinda meets pri n meher hu ask her where ashi is.....vrinda replies dat she has gone somewhere due to some work...but all of them shud get bak to work as d lucky draw is comin soon.....
Then Ashi n Tia r talkin....where tia is really sad n Ashi is kinda furious with Tia....tia replies dat she didnt know wat to do n she saw d bag with ranny n all...but ashi tells her dat they shud hav talked itr out.....n luvers r suposed to tell each other everythin....but tia said dat she was confused...n ashi tells her dat she b confused...but she is leavin to help ranny....
Then they show sonia hu is givin an interview abt her musical play n is praisin herself n all....wen ashi calls n tells her abt ranny bein in jail.....sonia is shocked n tells ashi dat she will b there.......
then they show latty n shy talkin n shy is insultin tia n favourin ranny...n latty tells her to use her dad's contacts to save ranny...but shy said dat she cant risk her family's prestige but her luv is true n shy's luv is true but not blind......(shy's luv i think is only present ween ranny is gud n not in trouble....n now dat he is in trouble...shy is stayin away from him...whereas tia is always there with him....n she says dat she luvs ranny d most......)
then tia is with her angels n vrinda....n is cryin n all n all are tryin to console her but meher is kinda contradictin n tells tia dat its not sure dat ranny is inncent but tia says dat ranny is innocent n she beleives dat he is......
Then....ranny is in jail.....n is furious with tia.....n then d officer tells him dat they hav proof against him n all......but ranny says dat he si inncent n d officer says dat everyone hu comes to jaIL n is a criminal says d same tyhing......then ranny asks them if he can make a call.....d officer calls another officer bntells him dat ranny thinks dat this is a PCO......but neway asks ranny hum he is gonna call...ranny is blank,...n d officer says dat he is sure to call tia...n dat ranny had pataofies a nice girl as tia is rich n d only child n she is really beautiful too...hearin thias ranny gets quite angry but doesnt let his anger burtst out.... d lucky draw begins....n latty goes near d bowl....she takes d ticket out of her pocket n pretends to take dat out from d sid sees all this n records all this in d cam attached to his jacket.....laty calls out d no. of d icket...n its nobody's n then she checks her ticket n its hers(we all knew it though)......n then ashi n vrinda congratulate her.....n jumbo givs her d digi cam.....uv comes n sid tells him dat latty cheated n uv is happy....sid also says dat he recorded all this....
then.....raghu comes in tia's room...n pours namak over her wounds by sayin dat ranmny's case is too complicated...but ranny is inncoent n if he wud hav been in tia's place he wud hav thought so too.....but he just got to know from his sources dat d goons testified against ranny.....n tia is shocked...n says dat she doesnt know if she shud beleive her mind or her heart...but raghu just puts moremirchi on it....n leaves tia behind...thinkin abt it....n tia is thinkin if ranny cud hav really done all this.....
Update 30th Mrch,2006
Raghu goes to d jail n asks d guy wat he told d police.....d goon says dat he said dat ranny was behind it n he is there leader...but then d guy says dat he cant keep d secret for a long time as d police is beatin him up n hurtin him....raghu scares him by sayin dat he wud hurt his family if he didnt shut his mouth n ultimately d guy agrees to keep quiet.......tia finds her angels n tells them that she needs to go n talk to ranny in d jail.....first meher n pri get a lil tensed abt goin to jil but later agree as they say dat angels r always there with each other n they almopst leave wen raghu comes n stops tia n tells her dat it wont b safe for her to go alone to meet ranny in jail...tia says dat she isnt alone n her angels r with her...but raghu says dat 3 girls shudn't go there alone n he wud accompany them....tia refuses but later agrees n allows raghu to come with them....but raghu as u know didnt stop with that...he stopped meher n pri to come n said dat now dat he is there with tia they neednt come.....n tia seconds him.......(now.....i didnt like tia over she first asks her angels to come n talks to them.....but later herself tells them not to come bcose shes goin with raghu.....well i know dat tia did this for her angels gud but i still dnt like it....coz raghu got wat he wanted....)
ok....then comes r very own catty.....latty... with d person hu won d award for puttin on d most make-up........shy,....n shy asks her wat she is upto now....n latty tells her dat sid had been fo.,llowin her all this while with a spy cam n he saw dat she cheated...n shy is blank as to y latty still cheated...n latty tells shy dat she wud know it all in some time n she hopes dat sid recorded it all....n says dat she pities yuvi copz he thinks dat he is foolin latty but actually latty is playin with him....n she sees uv talkin to somebody n leaves....leavin shy behind still thinking......latty goes near d notice board n starts lukin up somethin.....(actually she is tryin to make uv see dat laty can follow her plan).....n she succeeds as she leaves....uv goes behind her.....n shy remarks dat she is very impressed with latty n she thinks dat latty's plan is workin.....uv stgops latty n tells her dat he recorded everyhtin dat she did in d lucky draw n latty pretends to b shocked.....n tells him dat she was made to do all this by ashi n uv thinks abt it......n says dat ashi is very brainy...she collected her money for d election n also she didnt hav to giv away anythin....n tells latty dat if she wants to save herself....she will hav to confess everythin in front of everyone n laty agrees.....
Then....they show Sonia sittin with cucumbers on her eyes....n somebody calls...she picks up her phone n withour seein hu called or listenin to their voice....says somethin in bengali which obviously was referred to ashi coz she said mammum...n says dat she is dyin to see ashi.....n ashi says dat only if she opens her eyes will she see ashi....n sonia suddenly opens her eyes n her cucumbers fall off........ n they hug n ashi tells her dat they need to save ranny......n sonia says dat she is an actress not a lawyer...n ashi says dat thery need to hirre a lawyer n wats d use of bein a diva if she doesnt hav ne lawyer fans....n she starts maskafyin sonia....n sonia comes to a conclusion dat she has 3 lawyer fans....n ashi replies sayion dat she needs d no. of d lawyers n not d no. of lawyers....n sonia calls some Mr. Mehra.....
Tia n Raghu arrive at d police station in a cab.......(i cudnt beleive my eyes,....wen i saw tia comin in a cab)...neway raghu tells tia dat he wud wait outside n tia can go inside.....tia goes n meets ranny...n ranny is damn happy to see her...n then they talk....n this gets tia says dat she luvs ranny but she is confused....n hearin this word ranny gets a bit upset n leaves tia's hand......n asks her y she is confused....n if she does not luv ranny.....n d most imp. thing in luv is trust n does she not trust him.....n asks her if she thinks dat ranny is guilty....tia replies dat to some questions there isnt a yes or no answer n ranny is angry.....n asks tia to reply from her heart n not mind.....n tia is blank n does not say anythin....ranny says dat he didnt think dat tia wud take soo much time to reply to this.....n scolds tia by sayin somethin(i dnt remem,ber wat he said) n tia starts cryin n she leaves....n ranny turns bak n tia is gone......
Tia is prayin to god and asking her to help her to follow the rite direction n differentiate between what is right and wrong.. and sumeet has entered her room n hears all this. he asks her what his princess is askin god! tia is relieved and she hugs her dad that her life has gone topsy turvy when he was away.. and she tells him about ranveer's arest. Yuvi and sid are saying something to the crowd at the hall.. and talking about keepin their promises. Yuvi says to them that he cares about their problems and he's not like his opponent whos forgotten to turn up at such an imp debate. the crowd boes ashi.. yuvi adds thats not all and says that this last section is dedicated to his opponent and her wonderful actions.. vrinda n all are wondering what he is talking abt. Yuvi calls latty on stage and says that latty has something to say SOnia ashi and a lawyer are discussing about ranveer's case. the lawyer says the case is complicated but nothing that cant be sorted out. SOnia says there is nothing to worry abt the amount jsut ranveer shud be released. the lawyer says around 1 lakh is his charge n also now to bail ranveer they need Rs;10000 Yuvi is encouraging latty to say whatever she is supposed to ... latty hesitates and even vrinda encourages her to says the truth (thinking that latty is innocent n that there is nothing as such) Yuvi asks latty whether she won due to luck or..??? latty finally says this was all a scam taht was planned by ashi Sumeet says that he will do everything to get ranveer out of trouble and Tia is really regrettin doing all this and says that she is responsible for all tis and that ranveer is sufferring because of her. and that "instead of meeting him tia apna relationship.... " tia says she shud have trusted ranveer.. n that its too late then suddenly she asks her papa its not too late na ? pls papa tell me its not too late na ? her dad says not its not late. and that ups n downs are a part of life but u have to walk through them and that he is there for her always Shy comes to the police station to meet ranveer.. ranveer smiles when he sees her n then she says that she is cudnt keep herself back n then she holds his hand n says that he shudnt worry coz shes tryin her best to get him out of there.. ranveer looks at her hand on his hand and takes it away n says to her that she neednt bohter n that now it will be rite for her to go politely.. n shy says that she is fine but ranveer still tels her that she must go now In college everybody is carrying uv on their shoulders and cheering him and vrinda meher n pri are wondering where ashi is when she is suppossed to answer these ppl.. TIa is talking to her papa on the phone n she sees shy n latty talking so she hides behind the wall to hear them but shy has already seen her so when latty says hey hows ranveer tum usse milne gayi thi na ? she says dramatically.. "poor thing maine ranveer ko itna worried kabhi nahi dekha hai.. woh to keh raha tha ki woh jail se bahar aana hi nahi chaha raha tha." tia is really surprised n gets very worried. Yuvi is dressed up like a greek king in his room and is giving a speech to a fictional audience n sid.. he states that all of them are fools to believe him n that he easily fooled them that he cares abt their problems etc etc.. n sid is cheering him n then they sing wacko wacko wat u gonna do wehn we get u (lol) But yuvi cant digest it that ashi is hidin some where .. he is wondering where she is and what she is upto he thinks that ashi is a wacko but never a loseR! yuvi starts thinking about all her times with ashi n t here was a long but lovely session of the song love is in the air. People are rooting against ashi and saying that she is guilty of a FAKE raffle.. vrinda tells the crowd to chil down n says that anyone is not guilty until proven n must be given a chance but one guy says that if she isnt guilty why is she hiding from us .. varun (WHO HAS SUDDENLY COME BACK .. n im somehow happy about that) says to them taht u all know that she isnt the types to hide even if she did anything wrong .. she is stuck in some imp work .. but the students say that how can anything be more imp than elections of maurya.. n varun tells them that she has gone to help someone.. Sonia, the lawyer n ashi enter the police station and they give the inspector the bail papers the ispector checks the papers n then says "AB ISKI KOI ZARURAT NAHI HAI"
Update 5th April,2006
The episode starts with shy n tia talkin after ranny leaves.....Shy tells tia dat she feels sry for her n dat tia is ranny's past....n dat d two of them will neva get together again but tia says dat she will patch up with him....
Everybody is in d hall n they r all talkin n ashi is standin there......they r all askin ashi questions but ashi stops them n asks them to ask her d questions one by one......they ask her y she didnt attend d debate.....n ashi says cuz she was helping her friend....n they say dat ashi left d maidaan n went....n ashi starts sayin dat if helpin her frnd means leavin d maidaan so she did....n if any of them need her tomm. she will again leave d maidaan....n eevryone luks kinda convinced....but then uv comes n starts testin ashi's temper n ashi gets angry n she pounces on uv n starts pullin his hair n all(it was kinda cute....n yuvi's hair is goin longer day by day....its almost as long as ashi's).......n then uv says dat did d guys want such a violent leader n ashi n her supporters leave.....but b4 leavin uv asks ashi to tell all of them hu her special frns is n she says dat she cant tell as she cant risk his reputaion.....
Then......Ranny asks everyone to assemble n he tells dem dat ashi had come to save him n told them everythin abt his gettin into trouble n stuff n they all luk guilty n again start supportin ashi......
Sid tells uv abt ranny bein in jail n uv feels guilty abt blamin ashi wen she was savin ranny n he his uv's frnd too but yashwant dev tells him not to fweel guilty as ashi is his rival.....but uv gets angry n just leaves......
Yashwant Dev asks Sid abt d scenario outside n sid says dat everythin is sufi n everyone is chanting for yuvi but Y.D says dat he thinks d silent crowd will vote for ashi n at this point of time his own reputaion is at risk n yuvi has to win anyhow........n he tells sid wat to do....
Ranny is walkin in d corridor n tia comes behind him n is tryin to talk.....tia says dat she wants to talk to him but ranny says dat he doesnt want to n tia says dat they cud go to d canteen but ranny says dat he doesnt wanna go anywhere with her n just leaves tia goes behind him but raghu just stops her n says dat tioa shudnt go behin ranny as he is already angry n will get more angry.....she shud just leave him as it is....n they cud talk to him after d elections.(mann.....this raghu is tellin tia all ulta things n tia is just soooo innocent n beleived him...)
Then, d election day comes n everybody forms a que to vote....d votin starts with uv.....n he comes out n then ashi goes....there r two teachers sittin at d counter givin d person hu goes to vote a peice of paper which has Yuvraj Dev written n a Y next to him.....n Anvesha Bannerjee RAy n a A written next to it......they hav to go in a seperate area.....which is covered by a curtain....n they go in there n put a stamp on their choice of candidate....n then there r two cardboard boxes with Anvesha Bannerjee Ray written on one Yuvraj Dev on d other......they hav to put a stamp on the name of their choice of candidate n then put it in d box opted for their candidate....dat is d name on d box.....
ok.....after uv n ashi tia goes to vote....she votes for ashi......n so do pri,meher,varun n one more unknown girl......whereas one unknown boy,sid,latty(she goes in there n starts admirin uv's name).... they didnt show hu shy voted for(but it wud hav to b ucv....most probably)......then after everone has voted.....the teachers come out n d seals d ballet boxes n locks d door....n they leave....d teachers go to d staff room.....n sid enters d votin room.....he has a bag with him which has d papers in which they hav to vote stamped for uv.....he goes in n first opens d seal.....then he puts loads of papers in uv's box.....n seals it again......(dat idiot....yashwant dev made sid do all this n sid poor guy did it for his frnd without even realisin wat he did) Update 6th April ,2006 by Remixrulz


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The episode starts with d counting n then jumbo n all d students assemble.......n jumbo asks them to guess hu d president is n there is a mixed chorus which includes both ashi n uv....n then they show all d faces one by one in anxiety...n then he says........Yuvraj Dev is d new president....ashi is simply shocked n uv is elated.....n so is yashwant dev.....everyone starts congratulATING him n Y.D tells jumbo dat this is possible only bcoz of latika.....n then ashi congratulates uv n says dat he is a looser....n uv says how come??ashi lost n how can uv b d looser.....n ashi replies sayin dat....d person hu looses is not a looser but d person hu plays dirty tricks to get wat he wants is a looser n dats u.......n uv kinda luks angry but then he won so just 4gets it....n then ranny congratulates him n ashi n all her supporters leave.....
In Ashi room....ashi is lyin on d bed.....n then they giv d background music of a cow mooing...
Vrinda starts cleanin the room.....n ashi asks her wat she is doin n vrinda says dat she is cleanin their already clean room....n ashi says dat vrinda neva did dat b4.....vrinda then comes to d bed where ashi is lyin n pulls her pillow(which was kinda very cute n really friendly types)....n ashi goes n pours water for herself......n then vrinda walks up there n opens d drawer n takes out a box of chocolates n says dat ranny gav it.....n ashi says dat she doesnt hav to do this.....n ashi anyway wasnt interested 2 b the president n she did this only bcoz d way uv was becomin president was unfair....n then sonia comes(she is lukin very happy n pretty as usual)......she tells em dat she is gonna do somethin again(i think come on d cover of soome magazine) n then she asks ashi wats wrong with her as she is lukin very sad.....n ashi says dat she lost d elections....
In uv's room....everyone is cheerin for him....n uv n sid r standin on d bed n sid says dat this isnt enough they need a party n uv says done.......then yashwant dev come n conratulates everyone n is damn happy.....sid leaves.....n yashwant says he is proud of uv n takes him near d window n shows him a yellow car(d car waS sooooo cooooollll...........i wish i had it)....n uv asks if it is for him n yashwant says is for d president.....n uv is really happy n starts huggin his dad n leaves d room......yashwant is happy n all......
Then Ashi meets latty in d corridor n hold her hand tightly n asks her if ashi had told her to cheat in d lucky draw..(everyone is starin at them now)......latty says dat she doesnt wanna talk abt it....n some teacher comes n asks wats happenin n ashi leaves latty.....n then d teacher leaves....n then ashi tells latty to stay as far as possible from ashi coz she isnt gonna 4get this easily.......
Ashi is in d locker room.....n all d guyz come there n tell ashi dat they want their money bak.....but ashi says dat she cant giv em d money coz she spent it for elections.....but d guyz say dat they dnt care n neways it was a hoax lucky draw so they want it bak........n then ashi says....dat she needs time till tomm. n then she will return d money.......
Then.....Tia(in a baby pink dress) n Ranveer (in a turqoise shirt n black pants) r sittin in a candle lit place with a rose on d table n r starin into each others eyes.....n d song naa jaane kaise is played.....n they start dancing with each other(ballroom dance)......n then shy comes(in black shirt n pants) n takes out her famous faltoo paint brush n does jadoo on ranny n ranny leaves tia(poor tia just falls down n isnt able to get up........ ).....then ranny n shy dance n tia finally manages to get up n tries to free ranny from shy's changul but tia does magic on tia n her hairstyule changes(it becomes short n uneven n tia luks bad.....n she spots big fat spots(p***les on her face).....n then tia tries to come4 to ranny but two men in black clothes n mask hold her n shy comes to tia n strangles her n then tia SCREAMS........n she is in d classroom wen everyone is listenin to d teacher n tia suddenly screams(it was cool to tia scream like dat)
tia starts all stuff like checkin her face out in d mirror.....n starts sayin dat shy was gonna strangle her n she wud b dead.....n d teacher asks tia to get out of class n dream there.....but ashi says dat tia ka nut dheela hai n relationship kya kya kar deta hai.....n d teacher says dat u guys r impposible...n d bell rings n she leaves.....all d others leaVE too.......n pri tia n ashi r there.....n tia starts tellin pri dat shy was stranglin her n if this came tru in real life n dat she had p***les on her face.....n starts sayin her trade mark....oxygen oxygenn ashi just stuffs her fingers in her ears n leaves........
Update 10th April 2006
Tia, Meher n Priare in their room n Tia is upset coz she didnt trust n help ranny wen he needed her n Ashi n all d others helped him......but meher says dat tia shudnt wry coz her dad helped ranny get out of d jail......but tia retorts saying dat only if tia hadnt testified against ranny he wudnt hav undergone all this.......meher asks tia to 4get it n tells her to get ready for d class....tia says dat she isnt in d mood.....but pri n meher pull her n tell her dat angels always r together.....
Sumeet n Ranny are at sumeet's plce n ranny is thankin sumeet for helpin him out n he still canbt beleive dat tia didnt trust him wen he needed her.....wen sumeet tells hiim dat he always trusted this pt. ranny remembers d moments he had with tia in jail wen she said dat she cudnt tell ranny if she trusted him n not all questions hav an answer to them with a yes or no....
Tia is walkin in d corridor wen her book falls off n Shy comes n picks it up......shy n tia now hav a heated arguement over ranny n tia's relationship n shy tells tia dat she needs to go n hav a break n shud go to an ashram where she can do yoga n concentrate on her mind n out here in maurya shy can concentrate on ranny........on hearin all this....tia gets damn angry n asks shy to stay out of tia's business n shy replies dat this one thing she cant do....n tia walks off angrily.....while walkin tia hurts her leg by walkin into d bench n shy smirks sayin "poor bench" n as tia is already angery n her patience is out of her hands she throws d book....n shy jhust moves out of d way n it hits d teacher in whose class tia had screeched n d teacher asks tia to meet her in d break(awwwww.......poor tia...everythin is goin wrong for her...)
Sumeet Ahuja is in his garden readin a file n his employee comes n tells him abt d happenings of d new project n shows him d pic of their new model.....n its Sonia Ray.......n sumeet is shocked......!!!!!!!
Sonia is walkin in d corridor of maurya n takes out her bottle of perfume n starts sprayin it......dats wen sumeet comes form d other side n d perfume unkowingly goes into his eyes.....n sumeet gets all hysterical n starts sayin dat sonia wanted to blind him n all rubbish soo sonia in turn starts sprayin more perfume into his eyes.....n summet just walks off from their sayin dat he wud file a case agasint her for illegal harm done to him.......(this scene was choo chweetttt)
Tia is sittin in her room....n Meher comes n asks tia to smell some lavender perfume or somethin n then pri comes n asks to smell somethin else.....n pri tells meher y uis she here.....pri is tryin to help tia......n pri n meher start arguin wen tia gets fed up n asks them to shut up....
Sumeet comes into Tia's room n tia runs to him n hugs him.....
Now Ashi leaves n sonia gets a call from vikrant(sumeet's employee)....he tells her dat his boss wants to replace sonia n sonia says dat how can some1 replace sonia ray.....n wats d reason for this....well vikrant says dat he doesnt know d reason but he thinks dat its d face.....n sonia asks him hu his boss is.....n he says dat its Mr. Sumeet Ahuja.....n sonia is simply shocked.......
At d same moment Sonia comes into Ashi's room......n sonia tells ashi dat if ashi doesnt tell her she needs help how wud sonia know dat she needs help.........n ashi tells her dat she doessnt like borrowin money from anyone....hearin this sonia says dat sonia is her mom n ashi her daughter.....n its her oney n dat she shud order sonia to giv her d money.....on seein sponia get hyper ashi says dat yes ashi wud borrow n corrects herself n says dat she wud take d money from sonia...
Meanwhile Sumeet n Tia talk n Tia tells him dat nothin is goin properly btn her n ranny....n dat everythin has gone topsy-turvy......n hearin all this sumeet has got frown lines on his forehead n tia asks him to stop doin this as it wud cause wrinkles.(aww.........chiooooo chweeettttt.........i temma dad d same thing.......).....n sumeet inturn asks tia to smile....
Now....a girl comes into tia's room n tells her dat ranny asked her to meet him at d bak of d skool at 8.....n leaves.....tia thinks dat as its bakl of d skool.....its gotta b d shed.....
Ranny is chkin somethin on d notice board wen sumeet comes n they start talkin n sumeet asks him if he has forgiven tia yet??ranny says dat hes just lost all hope from d time tia didnt trust him....n starts sayin dat everythin was so perfect btn them wen sumeet says dat nothin is perfect n dat every relationship has its ups n downs n one has to cope up with them......
Tia goes to d shed......n finds a letter there.......she starts readin it n it reads out dat tia had never understood ranny n tia has always been a doll....a mere doll hu doesnt hav ne feelings for others n doesnt understand others feelings.....poor tia she is just to hurt after readin all this......n then Raghu peeps through d door to chk out if his plan had succeeded n it obviously had.....
Ranny is walkin in d corridor tryin to figure out d way to sort things out btn them.....wen tia comes from d other side.....n is very very very angry(beleive me....i dnt think u wud hav seen tia so angry till date).......n ranny asks tia wats wrong with her n tia asks him y is he bothered n adt she is perfectly allrite......n they talk n tia surely under d influence of wat she read in d leter starts talkin very rudely n says dat its all over btn them....n dat ranny thought dat always ranny had taken d first step towards their relationship but this time she wud n tia says dat its all over btn them.......n just walks off.......ranny is left shocked....(beleive me.....this scene was just awesome....i mean not d concwept of them breKIN up but just d way they acted n especially tia.....she was awesome with her acting....d way she xpressed it.....its was mind-boggling.....)
i didnt c the whole Angel's part properly cuz i was attending a call)..
da episode starting wid the three angels in their room
Ms.Ahuja..a.k.a Tia is crying n Meher n Pri.. are asking her as wht the matter is... finallly.. tia gave up n said " Angels,...Tia ka ranveer ke saath breakup ho gaya".. n this sentence was heard by Ms.Rock n Roll-- Shy Da Fish Fry, no ms WOH-OH a.k.a Shyla Seth...she was quite happy hearing tht..

we c ranveer sitting in his room.. n varun is reading sum book n says.. hey mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha..assignment kaise karoonga?
he sees ranny upset.. n asks him as to wht happend.
R-kuch nahi bana.. Tia aur humara breakup ho gaya
V-kya?kya keh rahe ho tum?
R-haan bana
V- jaake usee manao..
R- nahi..
n then Raghu enters
R-humme kisise kuch baat nahi karni..
n ranny leaves the room

n the next scene.. v c Yuvi n Sid in thier room..
Yuvi is writing his speech.. but is not getting the exact words..
He asks Siddy a.k.a Sid for help.. he gives him a nice speech..
at this time Yuvi is thinking .."kash meri victory celebrate karne ke liye Mom yahan hoti"
sid interruptes.. hey dude tum sun rahe ho na??
yuviz like haan dude.. bolo.. (he is ready wid the pen in his hand..)
Sid-- kya soch rahe ho dude?/
Yuvi -- kuch bhi to nahi.. tum bolo..

next scene... Yuvi.. is walking sumwhere when he meets sum guy congratulating him for the president post..
then he c's ranveer
Y-hey dude.. sorry main tumhe help nahi kar saka..
R-its ok bana... (then he sees tia cuming.. shes standing at a far distance...)saache dose hi help karte hai(he said sumthin like tht)
..Yuvi did notice it was tia standing there
Ranveer leaves.. n Yuvi goes to Tia..
Y-Kya hua Tia??
T- KUCH NAHI.. leave tia alone//..(n she leaves)
Y-hey hello> mujhe koi batayega ki kya hua hai?

then we c yuvi n sid in their room
Yuvi is saying his speech.. while sid is holding a folded paper in frnt of him..
he finishes.. mr dev claps frm behind...
yuviz like hey dad aap yahan?
haan bete..(n he says sum ****.. im sure u don wanna knw wht...anyways i too dun remember wht he said
n they spk.. n one of the 3 cumz up with an idea of having JAM party every saturday..
yuvi says - dad but Jumbo ko kaun samjhyega??
YD-- mein unhe sambhal loonga..
S- ok dude.. mein bahar jaakar.. situation dekhar aata hoon..n he leaves

then yuvi n sid are sumwhere... n yuvi is saying his speech..
Y- hum ek JAM party rakhenge every saturday
evry1 claps
Y-- and dun worry mein hi aapka next yr ka presiddent banoonga...( every1 claps n dere like yooo"
n ashi n mate enter
ashi cumz up n says"mujhe kuch finicial announcement karni hai.. aapko aapke lucky draw ke paise wapas mil jaayenge.."
everyone claps again
ashi n yuvi says sumthin to each other..(they luk cute )

n next we c ashi sumwehee.. n ranny cumz
R-(he said sumthin regarding da election.. sum sorry...)
A-- its ok thakur
they say sumthin.. n ashi says .."u knw what thakur.. tum is loosers se bhare college mein ek only acche wid brains dude ho"
R-- aapka matlab Yuvi rite?
A-- haan Yuvi se bada looser maine aaj tak nahi dekha
R-- aap yuvi se pyar karti hain na?
A--shez totally shocked..n gets up n turns away.. tum theek to ho nah>?? actually im wrong tum ek dude kabhi nahi ho!
R-agar aap yuvi se pyar nahi karti to woh jo karte hain unsi fikr aapko kyun hai?
A--(she says sum thing,.. n the convo is on for abt like 8to 9 mins..n ranny is then spking abt friendship,pyar etc)n after all this convo.. ranny stnaches the tennis ball which she had in her hand.frm her.. ashi starts fighting for it..(this scene was too cute to b cute )n ranny says "HEY Bhagu"!

n finally the last scene(im tired of writing sucha big update.. now i understand why didnt any1 post an update


tia is in her bathrobe..n a towel tied on her head
she sees a bonquet of flowerz on her pillow..
she thinks tht ranveer had send them.. but shez like no.. ranveer kyun tia ko flowerz gift karega .. she had a sweet sad expression on her face

she goes to c the flowerz..n therez a paper...( i really dunno who send it n wht was written.. if anyone knws plz tell me i';ll update it..)
Update 12th April,2006
Tia is sleeping in her room n Meher comes n wakes her up.....n tells her dat she has good news n tells her abt uv's jam session.....n dat they hav to decide d look.....Pri in d same room is checkin out her dress.....she says dat she either has to loose 10 kilos in a day or alter this dress.....meher replies dat pri doesnt hav to alter d dress but her diet otherwise within a few yrs only circus tents will fit her........ n then they start arguin n tia asks them to stop n tells them..."abhi tak to tia ne apni aankhen bhi nahi kholi aur tum log tia ko aise wake kar rahe ho".....pri on d other hand is doin somethin with her hair n it gets tangles n she cals meher....n meher asks tia whether she met raghu yest. bcoz raghu was loiterin around in their room corridor yest. n wen meher came out he asked her abt tia.....but tia says dat she didnt meet raghu yest. at all......n thinks abt hu wud hav sent her flowers.....
Sumeet is in his house in d lawn n Sonia comes very angry n calls him Mandeja.... n asks him "Mr. Manmeet Kukreja....tum yeh contract kyon todna chahte ho?"......Sumeet as he doesnt want sonia to do it......just makes an xcuse dat he wants some other look for this ad.....n sonia asks him wat look n without realisin sumeet says younger n sonia gets very restless......n starts repeatin younger n all dat sumeet can say is was awesome....daamn good).....n sonya says dat she has signed a cintract n will not break it.....n she leaves....
Uv is in Jumbo's office n Jumbo shouts out....jam every saturday....."Mr. Student President....har weekend ek festival weekend" n starts shoutin at uv.....n Mr. Dev is standin at d door...n comes in n hai president apna job bahut acha kar raha hai n tells jumbo dat as he has more shares he can giv uv d rights to hav this....n (jumbo's face was worth seeing) jumbo is like ofcourse ofcourse....(but from inside is not quite happy) n after uv leaves he startes at Mr. Dev.....
Sonia is at her shootin n this lawyer comes hum sonia had called.....she asks him abt her position as per d contract....n d lawyer tells her dat she is strong coz as per d terms of d contract both d parties shud b ready for d cancellation n then they can..otherwise not.....n only if sonia agres can they cancel d contract n sonia is happy
Shy is with Latty n chekin out her yucky fur jackets n decidin wat to wear.....n laty asks her wats d matter n she tells her abt tia-ranny break up n dat now is d right moment for shy to strike coz ranny needs a frnd now....n she said poor ranveer(i thought dat seriously poor ranny....hes gonna hav to handle shy now)......n she says hes hurt n all dat n now shy will b his true frnd.....n d right move at d right time will get her wateva she wants n this is d time....n says dat she has to look like a bomb(i was like baddd maannnn) n then she said her usual.....kyonki jab shy rock karti hai tu duniya roll karti hai.....
Uv n Sid r in their room n sid is praisin uv as his pic has come in d newspaer in d politics section n says hes he-man.........but sid retorts sayin hes uv-man..... n they start singin this song.....smoethin like this....(dun remember goes on d tunes of spiderman).....n they start singin uv-man uv-man here is ur uv-man..(n then many lines come p....sry dun was damn funny n seriously d best part of this epi).....n then uv sits alone n thinks abt his mom n says to himself dat his mom shud hav called him up atleast once........
Ashi is in her room lyin down n vrinda is there too....(btn wats witrh it...i thought shy was ashi n vrinda's room mate too......but she just doesnt seem to b with them,....i mean she shud hav been sleeping with them too at nite 1 am.......but dats gud news ofcourse but thers a blooper dat i spotted out)......n vrinda is praisin sonia as she helped them with d money n if she wudnt hav helped they wudnt hav cleared her name n stuff........wen this girl knocks on d door n tells ashi dat she has to talk to her alone n dat its very imp. n she cudnt wait till d morinin........ashi tells her dat she can tell in front of vrinda(choo chweettt).....n she tells her dat uv cheated n dat she n everyone thought dat she had cheated in d lucky draw but only after she returned their money did they realise........n ashi is like"tanyaaaaaaaaaa y didnt u temme d results hav also come out".....n says dat she has to teach uv a lesson par kaise n starts thinkin....
whereas in uv's room everyone picks him up n uv stands on d bed n tells them dat they hav d jam session tomm......n dat everyone has to assemble in d common room n its d president's orders.....ranny is standin at d door....n tells uv dat he is happy for him but he shud remember dat with a great post comes greater responsibilities n dat he has to stand uup to their xpectations n says dat 800 pl hav shown their trust in him n dat he wudnt break it n dat in d beginnin he had taken it as a joke but now its really important.....


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1st May Update

Credit - Kanak (indya forums)

Show starts with ashi and yuvi holding a meeting with a group of students for discussing their problems in college they give the usual "more reference books", "study time" crap that u can here all the time from pining discouraging students in school (I hear in college and believe me, im totally bored by that usual "this place needs more" crap.) btw I hope I haven't stuck any pin on anybody's sentiments plz forgiv me this one time
Ok so going on with the story ashi during the meeting announces that she will try and get the best things for their sports facilities she makes it a big deal yuvi takes her aside and blasts her saying that the students did not ask for any sport related thing and she by herself went on announcing sports reforms the usual ashi-yuvi famous bickering starts they call each other names like "granny", "reformer" for ashi and "nana" and psycho" for u know who!! They end up shouting at each other and ashi walking away! (there goes another chance of us seeing any ashi yuvi romance not that I mind!!)
Sumit Ahuja is next shown with a guy to whom he orders to chuck Sonia ray out of the ad campaign in any way possible the guy is at a loss seems as if he fancies Sonia (just my psychotic brain saying he does don't worry!!) the guy goes away after taking the orders from an excitedly angry Sumit Ahuja
Cut to Sonia where she gets a call from her lawyer telling her that they had lost the case to Ahuja and the contract had been terminated
Cut to Sumit Ahuja who is rejoicing his win over Sonia ray (I don't understand they shud now start falling in love yaar but I think I like this there will be more confrontations that wud be very sweet we will here "cement Ahuja" and "makhija" "taneja" all the more!!! Im gonna love it wont u?)
While Sumit is celebrating with a vase of dried up flowers imagining it to be Sonia ray and talking at her saying that she has lost to him, Ranveer comes and behind him comes Tia (why do I get a feeling that Tia is following Ranveer everywhere?... but let me tell u it doesn't look like they have come together) Sumit greets them in a very "im-on-top-of-the-world fashion" Tia asks him and he tells her Tia isn't happy to hear it but she pretends to be happy (doesn't his papa know that Tia likes Sonia aunty a lot and wud never like to see her sad what's up with both of them?!!)

Well just then Sumit gets a phone call which makes him go outside (some video conferencing) Tia sits on a couch and Ranveer sits on the table Ranveer works and Tia pretends to read a magazine while stealing glances at her "camel" the glances were saying "hey u better not look at me since I wanna stare at u at this moment!) btw at this time even Ranveer felt as if he was being watched with careful eyes so he tried to make sure whether Tia was the one who was staring at him!!.( Hey im kidding he knew Tia was staring at him)
A little later Tia decides to come near Ranveer and maybe she wud have hugged him from the back if Sumit wudnt have come back after he was done with the phone call Ranveer by then has finished with his work (in those few minutes he had finished the whole weeks' work looks as if a top journalist has just said there wont be any news to cover for the next week!!! Weird!!) Sumit thanx him and Ranveer is just going when Sumit asks him to take Tia back to college with him Tia says she is not going to go in any safari with the camel Ranveer leaves and Tia's mouth is open maybe to say "come back, I wanna go with u" but "train nikal chuki hai beta"!

Then Sonia is shown dreaming that she is modeling for the saris and the camera man is having a blast taking those pics just then a waiter comes, wakes her up and gives her a pink colored drink (presumably strawberry but the thing to watch out for is the spiral straw that looks cute with the drink!!!)
While drinking she is thinking and is very sad (she looks so beautiful when she is sad!) she turns some pages of a magazine in frustration and suddenly sees something in the magazines due to which she is shocked she has seen the tacky model who will be doing the ad campaign for Sumit Ahuja she gets all worked up and decides to go to Maurya (for god knows what reason!)

She enters Jumbo's office where jumbo in his mind thinks now what has this woman come for? Jumbo finds out soon when Sonia complains to him abt "makhija" and tells him that she needs something to distract herself
She comes up with this bright idea
She goes to look for ashi but instead finds yuvi and tells him her plan of organizing an exclusive acting workshop in college yuvi thinks it to be a gr8 idea
All this while YD has been happy that he has been able to oust yuvi's mom from yuvi's life and tells a dumb woman who seems to be his mistress that yuvi is his son and he will not believe anything what his mom tells him if she ever is able to meet him
But after that he sees a news paper where a news was printed showing yuvi smoking and drinking in that bar he went with Sid on Thursday
So that's it


2nd May Update

Credit - Indya Forums.. n RG...

Jumbo reads the news paper n is shouting @ yuvi. Maurya's president drinks n smokes! Jumbo asks him whether his night outs n all r also 4 this only. yuvi says no sir.. jumbo asks him 2 keep shut n gives a big lecture! yuvi is sorry 4 what he has done n knows that smoking n drinking isn't good n appologises 4 it! Jumbo shouts n leaves!
Soniya giving a leacture 2 the students abt acting n all! Tia looks @ ranny coming with shy so tells pri that some ppls fashion sence is so tacky. Pri asks whether she din lik pri's ddress n tia replies saying that she was talking abt some ppl, not Pri. Ranny tells shy that some ppl lik showing others low n some ppl do it coz they have no other work 2 do! thn Tia says that some ppl lik putting their nose in everything n whn pri asks whom shes talking abt she says that she was talking abt those ppl who dun value their friends n who find spending time with a random chick more imp than a band meeting!

Sid waiting outside jumbo's office. Ashi sees him n asks him whether he was waiting 4 yuvi's final judgement! She starts talking about Yuvi n the punishment jumbo will give him!
Yuvi is suspended.. sid feels guilty 4 have sending yuvi there n yuvi asks sid 2 relax n says that it wasn't sid's fault!
Tia is removing all her dresses 4 her cupboard. when her angels ask her she says shes bored of these cloths n "Tia Ahuja hona koi aisi vaisi baat nahi hai" Angels think she should go 2 her house this weekend else she'll get upset seeing ranny in maurya.
Yashwant dev comes 2 Maurya. yuvi is shocked seeing his dad there. Yashwant shouts @ him.. sid leaves! Hes giving a lecture abt yuvi not being a normal person but a politician's son n stuff. yashwant is goinna punish him by taking away 4m yuvi his most priced possession n leaves!

Ashi talking abt 2 much homework with some girl. Siddhant asks her out this weekend with him.. she agrees n thn shouts loudly. She remembers that jumbo has banned her 4m going out this weekend. Siddhant has a plan n wants ashi 2 be with him. Ashi is with him. Siddhant asks her 2 be ready 4 the date this weekend!
Ranny standing on the door very upset. Shy comes n asks what he was talking abt. Ranny doesn't tell him. Shy says sry 2 disturb u n is abt 2 leave.. ranny holds her hand! shy turns, looks @ him n thn @ the hand.. so thn ranny leaves her hand n tells her that he din go 4 the rehersals coz it was his data's barsi n he was remembering him a lot!
Yashwant talking 2 jumbo n asking him now not 2 do nething coz hes given yuvi the right punishment! Yashwant leaves n Jumbo says that the problem is that in Maurya there r spoilt brats of big ppl.Latti asks jumbo 4 some money.. jumbo shouts @ her.. hes very ngry already n tells her that hes busy n he'll deal with her later!!
Shy asking ranny 2 cheer up n asks him what he can see in her eyes. shy only says that in her eyes u'll c only trust n appreciation 4 ranny! she says that even ranny can atleast trust her na n asks whether he trusts her. Ranny thinks.. says yes. Shy says that whenever ranny gets sad.. even she gets sad.. n asks ranny 2 smile 1ce 4 her. Ranny even smiles n thn rests his head on her shoulder.. n jumbo sees it!!
Angels tell Tia abt ranny being seen by jumbo with shy in a so called compramizing position!
Sid Yuvi n vrinda r also talking abt it n say that they dun believe ranny will do it.. shy is lik fine!
Ashi tells Soniya n they think its Tia n ranny.. soniya tells sumeet abt tia n ranny doing that!
the news of their suspension is spread and everyone is talkin about them....tia hears abt it at first she is a bit upset then she remembers that she had promised to move on so she stops thinkin abt the episode...ranvir has no place to go and varun offer shim the keys to his frnds flat but ranvir refuses

ashi doesnot beleive ranveer cud have done something like that so she goes to yuvi...and she says that as they r the presidents they shud stop such injustice and stand up for ranveer..but uv says that there is nothing that can be done as jumbo spotted them red handed...ashi is very upset and she is talkin to vrinda when sidhant comes from the behind....and blindfolds her with his hands...she is taken aback and almost goes to punch him after that she and sidhant have a fight(yippee) ..actually ashi takes out her anger and frustration on him and leaves vrinda says that ashi is in a bad mood so he shud stay away frm her(i have a feelin ashi will go to say sorry and them will have some"romanyic" scene)...

sonia is in a press meetin and she is very angry with kukreja..oops i mean ahuja as everyone is curious to know y she was rejected from the campaighn .....but she said she had date problems...and she swears(in her mind obviousli) that she will take revenge

sonia visits ashi who tells her that ranvir was caught with his chicklet hugging and kissing....and dat they shud save him....sonia thinks the chicklet was tia and tells sumit....sumit doesnot beleive her

on the other hand tia and her angel or shud i say they were dressed in this weird red pink green costumes that covered there head ...they plant this wen shy fry opens the door red paint fall on her...shy sees that it was tia and is very angry..

precap--tia is called as jumbo comes to know abt the trick(poor jumbo..1st-butt shaped sculptures from one presi then a report of smokin and drikin from other presi then the compromisin position of ranveeer and shy ... and now tia..really feel bad for jumbo)

sumit is called he thinks that sonia was not lyin...he meets ranvir and shouts at him coz he destroyed his daughter and his reputation and den he slaps ranvir...tada thats it...full on drama...
Update for 4th May 2006 (apple14)

Varun asks Ranveer where he will spend the suspension days. He even offers Ranveer the keys to his friends empty house but Ranveer declines.

Mr Ahuja on entering maurya, bumps into Ranveer and scolds him for bringing shame to both him and Tia. When Ranveer tries to explain, he slaps him and warns him never to meet him or Tia again.

Mr Ahuja totally misunderstands the situation and scolds Tia for indecent behaviour. Latika changes Shys home number so Jumbo is unable to reach Shys parents.Shyla and Latika meet Mr.Jambwal and lie about Shylas parents being away. So Shylas suspension is put off for later. In the mean time father and daughter sort out the misunderstanding and Mr.Ahuja apologizes to Tia and goes to find Ranveer to apologize to him. Ranveer is at the gates of Maurya and Mr. Ahuja catches him right in time. He apologizes and invites him to spend his suspension time at home. Ranveer declines.

Tia goes home to spend the weekend while her dad is off to London. Its raining terribly and she is reminiscing some old moments with Ranveer.

Suddenly she sneezes but is shocked to hear someone else also scream. She looks up to find Ranveer completely drenched..standing at the doorstep.

Without saying anything, a teary eyed Tia goes and hugs Ranveer.

wednesday and thursday update by Reema 19

tia comzzz to koee as angels tell her abt ranny and shy getting suspended...ashi mom sonia comz to meet her....and ashi tellz her that ranny aur uski dumb chicklet ka saath kiss kiya and jumbo saw sonia thought that it was tia...sonia calls ahuja and tells himm..tia and her angels shy ka uper colour daal dete hai...shy complains to jumboo...he calls ahuja..he thinks that jumbo is calling him for ranny ....he goes to seez ranny..he sayzzz to ranny stay away tiaa...ranny sayz sir humne aise kkuch nahi kiyaaa..then ahuja meets jumbo and scolds tiaa...then she tells it was shy not he with ranny...ranny has no place to stay...then jumbo is asking for shy ka ghar ka shy sayz my parents r in she stayed in coll...tia is upset...rany leaves the coll and no places to go...then summeet comz and sayz that he is srry..he didnt koe anything....u can stay at my house.tumhe koi prob nahi ho ge...then he sayz itz ok sir...tia is at her home remebr good times that she had spend with ranny...itz starts raining.....ranny comz to ahuja place..tia sees him shivering...and she runs and hugs him..ay also hugs her then
Update for 8th May 2006 by Lamina

It starts off with Tia and Ranny hugging....then slowly Tia remembers the be strong Sonia thing...also the shy thing and letter etc...(scenes not shown..but u can make out from her face)...she pulls away from ranny and run in her room and locks the door...ranny is confused as to y tia did this...tia is talking to herself in the room...telling her not to think about ranny and hurt herself again...mean while...ranny is upset...he comes to the door...he is about to knock the door but stops....ranny tells tia that he shouldnt have come there...he didnt know where to he came there...but that he will go away now and not bother her....ranny starts to go away slowly...tia is hurt..almost crying...she has the expression where she wants to open the door and stop him...but is hurting too much to do it..ranny goes away from there...tia comes out after some time...and see that its still raining heavily...she starts talking to herself...saying that its raining so hard...where would ranny will he be..then she stops herself...and says tia be strong...dont think abt him....but then she hears a thunder sound...and cant stop herself from thinking abt him and worrying...she comes out and sits on the steps..worried..almost crying coz of that...ranny meanwhile is walking in the rain...shivering...then a car comes...and he bangs against it and faints..a lady comes out (face isnt shown at this time)....and turns him around..

sid is sleeping..yuvi is playing his guitar...feeling low...he goes to the window...and sees its raining heavily....he then says...i miss u mom..where are u....and keeps staring sadly in the rain...putting his hand out in the rain

ashi is sleeping in her room....she keeps on getting sms after sms...she keeps on waking up...checking each sms...them getting angry and banging the phone and going back to bed....after this happens for 3-4 times..vrinda gets upset...she is like...who is sending u all this sms at this time in the night...ashi is like siddhant...he keeps on saying sorry sorry sorry...arghhh...vrinda smiles....they go back to sleep...then more sms start coming..ashi gets upset and switched off her cell...vrinda looks at her doing this and shakes her head and smiles...ashi throws her cell in the bin

at soniya's place...soniya is pacing ...then the bell rings...its tia..tia says aunty what happened...y did u ask her to come so urgently...sonia is like..u look upset...what's wrong...tia says her life has become so exctiing that she need a break from it...soniya asks what happened...tia says first her dad got mad at her...for doing something so silly...soniya is like..this isnt silly at all...tia is like...what are u talking abt...all i did was paint shy with some color..coz of the shy ranny issue...soniya is like...this isnt some small thing...ur dad didnt get mad at u just like that..u did wrong as well..and tia is like...jumbo saw ranny n shy hugging or worse kssing...i got mad...and angry at i put my fav color on her...she saw tia doing this ..and complained to jumbo called papa...then soniya finds out what actually happened...tia is like i donno why papa got mad..soniya is like may be someone told him..tia is like who...soniya says me...tia is like could u do that to me....soniya is like...come on lets go in...i will tell u..they go in...and ranny is there lying in the bed..sleeping..tia is surprised..and worried

tia then remembers shy...n asks soniya why ranny is there..soniya says he banged against her car and fell unconcious...tia is still upset over the whole shy she turns to leave..soniya stops her...tia asks her why she called tia there...soniya is like i have to go...but doctor has said ranny needs medicine at proper time...and food etc...u never know what will happen if u leave him alone....tia is worried after hearing this...just then ranny comes out and says he is fine...adn that he cant take care of himself..and that he doesnt need any one to help him...but soniya patient doesnt know that he really needs help..she tells tia..tia take care of ranveer...and tells ranveer...let tia take care of u...and leaves...ranny says he doesnt need tia's help...tia is standing there...a bit upset and a bit worried as welll..ranny turns to leave..but is about to faint...tia rushes to him and holds him....ranny looks at her being so caring...tia is really worried abt him now...she hold him...and then touches his hand and says that he has fever...she holds him tight and helps him get back in the bed...and puts the blanket on him...ranny keep on looking at her...he says he is fine now..tia doesnt need to bother....but tia picks up a sandwich and put it in his mouth...ranny says he can eat on his own..tia is like tia know what she is doing...ranny is actually blushinh at this time when tia is feeding him....tia too is totally shy...and puts the sandwich back in his mouth....ranny is like this is the last thing i will bother u with..tia is like dont tell tia what to do...tia knows what tia has to do...and puts the sandwich back in his mouth...actually close to his mouth.....ranny holds tia's hands and brings it to his mouth and lets her feed him...then he goes to sleep and tia is sitting next to him...being very caring towards him..

then ranny wakes up..and see tia get a huge tray...tia has a bowl fulll of water..and cleans ranny's face and hands with a wet sponge..then wipes his hands and face with a towel...and says that now they can have lunch...she starts feeding ranny kichidi or something....and ranny is like i wanna talk...tia is like after u have lunch...and keeps on feeding him....then ranny says ok i am full tia puts the food away..ranny says that does she believe that something happened between him and shy...and tia says she doesnt know who and what to believe any more...ranny says tia please trust ur feelings...nothing happened between shy n me..jumbo saw something and made something totally diff from it...and that he doesnt have any feeling for shy...he is like...when we (he and tia)..are together....they feel so wonderful...even yesterday..when tia saw him like that (wet and a bit sick)...she was so concerned...she couldnt see him like that..he asks tia y....tia doesnt reply back...tia is feeling really shy now.....ranny says he will tell y...coz she still loves him a lot...tia says...but u...shy...ranny says that tia ..u know who i love..tia gets a bit naughty now...she wants ranny to say...she says...ranny who do u love..and close her eyes...ranny comes close to her..and says tia ahuja....they look at each other smiling...feeling shy..totally lost...
epi starts with tia and ranny discussin who the culprit is....they decide that tia will watch shy and ranny raghu...then they practice for boom...

ashi and vrinda are shown walkin and vrinda is teasin ashi abt sidhanth....then ashi says that she is not datin sidhanth coz he gives her no space is too poosessive and dat gets on her nerves...this sidhanth over hears and he decides he has to do something to get ashi back....

on the other hand latty sees tia and ranny together and unnerstands that they r together again...

shy arrives in her silver car with her weird cap...she and latty has a major showdown in which latty says that shy goes for loosers like ranny and she goes for the best that is uv(i was clappin durin shy and latty fite.....their actin was real good)

sidhanth goes over to ashi's room..ashi asks him to leave(good girlno one is allowed in her room apart from uv) then sidhanth has this weird"heart attack"...his actin was soo pathetic(both real and reel life)..ashi gets the doc..


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May 15 Update by apple14
Vipul realizes that Ashi is his own daughter when he sees a magazine containing Soniya and Ashis picture. He decides to get a makeover and teach as Maurya as Vipuls identical twin Vishal.
Latika catches Yuvi flirting with Shyla and shes boiling mad. She interrupts them but an annoyed Yuvi tells her to mind her own business.
The gang decides to pick chits to decide on responsibilities for arranging the concert and party. Ranveer gets catering, Yuvi gets guest list and invitations and Ashi gets decorations. Tia is worried about what kind of decorations Ashi will do. Vipul comes to Maurya as Vishal Khanna to meet Jumbo. Gloria says that there is no appointment but he sweet talks her and she agrees to give his CV to Jumbo. His appointment is fixed for the next day.
In their room, the angels are busy looking into the latest fashion magazines and getting ready. Ashi on the other hand gets bags full of decorations and with Vrindas help is putting them up. Raghu comes to her and inquires if the band requires any help, especially backstage. Ashi is suspicious but tells him that Tia is in charge of event management so it would be better for him to speak to her.
Sid is dreaming of dancing with some hot chic in the concert but Yuvi comes and wakes him up. In the canteen Tia is keeping an eye on Shyla while Ranveer is sitting at a distance. Raghu comes up to her to talk and Ranveer is alerted by Tia. However Shyla gets up to go so Tia is unable to talk to Raghu as she has to follow Shy.
Everyone is ready for the concert and Meher and Pri, upon seeing Shyla discuss loudly about how cute a couple Tia and Ranveer are. Shyla walks off but Raghu who is standing behind them swears silently that after today they will never be a couple. While everyone heads for the concert, Raghu meets a drug dealer and purchases some drugs from him.
At the concert Ashi finds Yuvi flirting with Shyla and Latty is watching them angrily from afar. Probably a little jealous, Ashi interrupts Yuvi and Shy and drags Yuvi backstage while Shy goes to taunt Latty.
The foursome are ready to start the concert but Tias dress strap comes lose so she goes to fix it while Sid kicks off the show and Yuvi and Ranveer start by playing the dholak. The girls enter and they all perform Boom. During the performance, Raghu enters the green room and finds Ranveers bag.
The concert ends and just then Tias dress strap comes off again so she rushes in to fix it.

May 16 2006 Update by apple14

While fixing her strap in the greenroom, Tia finds Raghu lurking there with Ranveers bag. She pulls him up and asks him what he is doing with Ranveers bag. When she tries to pull it, drugs fall out. Tia tries to scream for help but he cuffs her mouth and tells her that he has informed the police who will be coming anytime to arrest Ranveer for illegal possession of drugs.
Somehow Tia frees herself and screams for Ranveer. Yuvi, Ashi and Ranveer come running and find Raghu cornered. Ranveer catches hold of Raghus collar and tells him to leave at once. He is almost about to punch him.
The next day, Vipul comes as Vishal to Maurya to meet Jumbo. He takes a stroll around the school; while waiting for him. IN the corridors he sees Soniya Ray. Soniya also sees him but fails to recognize his clean shaven face. Vipul also does not reveal his identity to her but tells her that he might be the new professor at Maurya. Ashi finds them and Soniya introduces Vishal but Ashi too does not recognize him as the same person who almost knocked her down with his car.
Tia and Pri meet Ranveer at his locker and are generally relieved that the whole Raghu saga is over.
Yuvi tries his best to get Shyla to go out with him for breakfast. But she says that she doesnt eat breakfast. So he invites her for lunch or for dinner but Shy gives him a hard time.
Soniya and Ashi have a talk about love and men in Soniyas life. Soniya tells Ashi about Vipul and also that she didnt marry Ashis dad out of love. Ashi is happy that her mom shared this with her and asks her how she was suddenly reminded about Vipul. Soniya says that Vipul looks a lot like Vishal.
update for may 17th by shelly

i wud love to gib fulll ten on ten on todays episdoe why??bcoz......

today was fultoo tottaly ashi uv day(finnaly after sooooo many days dey were given d imp dey needed)
ashi gettin maha jeaous was awesome n her witty answers just rocked
ashi n shy showdown
well it all happeend like dis dat yuvi comes to ashi to tell her dat he need him for a joint presidentship agenda bout appointing a coach ashi tells him dats he has gt brains after turning president nd both leaveshy sees em n lattie taunts shy dat uv n ashi went before u n u cudnt do a thingden shy purposely pushes ashi while walking(yeh toh baat huii naah khud kuyen mein girna)n ashi gets mahamadd

(sowee cudnt hear all d diloges coz i was busy rolling on d floor due to fits of lafter ashi simply rocks)ashi tells shy watch where ur goin

shy--i totally c wat ur doin wid my boyfrd(in ur dreams sweetie yuvi is only for ashi)

ashi calls shy a spy takes her paint brush n says wats up wid dis dandiya huh(i just cudnt hear after dis)nd she also makes shy smell her shoe n warns her dat baby u n i share room kahin raat mein sote sote suffocation nein mar naa jaoo nd she comments on like evrything nd shy just stands dere saying woh owh(kyaa karein ashi ke saamen sab apni vocab bhul jaate hai)yuvi comes dere nd takes shy away nd hsy puposely reminds him bout d nite date in frnt of ashi(thank god for dis angelic soul first she helped ti ranny get together nd looks like she will play a huge role in bringing ashi uv closer i can see dat happenin)nd ashi acted so like shy nd said woh ow in a funny accent

vishal played a nice role too dat proudness of yeah im ashis father glints in his eyes wen he sees ashiwell jumbo denies him job but den vishal mentions mr singhania nd jumbo changes color like a chameleon nd readily agrees
sonia tia scene was cute beyond words tia goes to sonia wid a boquet coz she read in paper dat sonia was unwell (soo dotty like)but well ti was a rumor coz sonia was healthy n fittia apologises for wat her dad didn thanks sonia for wat she did to bring tia n ranveer back
sonia says soemthing like true love cant stay away for long (sowee i didnt pay attention)to wich tia asks didnt u eva fall in lovesonia is urpriced coz ashi asked d same thing frm her too nd she tells bout vishal to her too tia says if he is her true love den ull b destined to meet (havent dey met already so sonia sumeet gettin together plans r no omore)

ashi n uv hold a meeting on how dey need a coach (uv was loking so damn cute)jumbo comes frm behind n asks yeh kyaa ho raha hai(jumbo was strollig wid vishal wen wishal was having double thots bout being a teacher wen dat peon informed him )nd takes em to his room n tells dem dat dey had nt even thot of taking permission nd dey rent allowed to appoint teachers teachers r appointed by d scool authoritiesashi says can we talk alone she doesnt like strangers gettin invlove dhere(vishal was sittin dere just adoring her dotty)nd den tells em dat jumbo nd u are quite right in ur own ways so jumbo shud think twice before gibin his decision jumbo says he will think bout it(yay popsie saved dotty)jumbo asks dem to leave nd tells ashi to escort vishal .vishal thows a ball to ashi nd she catches it(it was dman cutebut dunno frm where vishal gt d ball frm)den dey go outside nd walk ashi stops nd vishal says tumhe gussa bahut aata haind she simply says left frm deir nd tells him d route vishal thnaks her ashi thows d ball back to him
well dis was d end didnt catch d precap propeerly

uv takes shy to d same place where he took ashi for d love is in d air performancend ashi is showin her read colors reaches d same place n says uv dahling come to momma
may 18th update

The show starts with uv and shy havin a candle night dinner at joeys then Kevin appears and shy starts makin her moves on himshy makes yuvi spill his drink on her and den she excuses her from him and goes to Kevin and starts flirtin with himthis wonder woman aka ashi spots and she is really happy and goes to find her uvuv by this time is now looking for shyashi suddenly comes and tells yuvi that his love is with Kevin.

Then wat exactly happened I dont know coz there was a break b the scene and I was watchin discovery channelso I have no clue but Kevin is shown knocked out on the bar..i have a feelin uv hits himthen ashi comes..looking smug and happy and tells shy something like enjoy and finishes of her drink

Sonia says hi to uv but he completely ignore hersonia says how rude todays kids are..and she bumps into vipul..they have a lil sweet talk..then vipul wants to talk abt ashi and sonia shouts at him sayin that

She will not hear a word abt her.

Shy meets ashi in the arts room the next day and they have a huuuuugggeee fight as ashi is screamin at shy who is on her ay outvipul entersand he asks her wat the prob is to dat she says nothing .. vipul says that he wud have a talk with her after the class(class being consistin of vipul starin at ashi and ashi trowin a ball of paper)

After thatashi meets him and he tells her she has a lot of anger in her and must not be so rude ..calm down a bit and go to anger management classes.etc etc..ashi escapes sayin that she has counseling classes..

Uv rings up his dad..and his dad comes and gives jumbo the talk and says that whatever the student council wants the school has to agree uv is on his way shy abducts him and she tells him to forgive her which he does not(finally his brains r back!).latty comes and tells shy that finally her way is clear to get uv as ashi was already out of the pic(ya rite!!!) and now shy is out tooso uv will now bcum heres(whateverbut I love this---girls fightin over uv)

it starts with tia who is waiting for ranveer...she sees a note book in which directions r given to the garden....there on a tree she finds a riddle(green grass ke upar hava main jhoolo) nd she goes 2 the swing .in the swing she finds another riddle(green hearts) she concludes its a tree with heart shaped leaves....she goes nd stands under it sayin dat shes goin mad searchin fer ranveer..nd a paper cums flying down...on it "upar wale se jo bhi maango mil jaata hai"is written..she looks up nd ranny is standing on the tree..
he comes down nd they hug...
sonia is standing in the canteen....yuvi comes nd sez hi..she asks him y he din acknowledge her earlier..he sez he din c her...den turns out both r lookin fer ashi..
shy cms nd sez shes with sociology proffesor...yuvi tells her 2 shut up....sonia is fuming tht the prof said nethin 2 ashi despite her warning him..
sonia finds ashi..she talks non stop abt wat shes goin 2 do with vishal khanna...ashi sez shes fyne..nd askes sonia why she comes daily 2 maurya....
sonia replies tht she is lonely..ashi doesnt blive her..
yuvi cums there nd tell ashi tht they hv appointed a proffesional coach....ashi is jumping with joy.....she hugs sonia....yuvi luks upset tht she hugged sonia nt him..
they go off 2gether...sonia sez (2 empty corridor)..tht she is really lonely....
vishal khanna hears her.....
the guys r playin football....sid is lukin relly cute in this scene....
a dude wearin a jerkin in the middle of the summer stops the ball while they are scoring a goal....jumbo comes nd tells they guys tht he is shashank..their new coach..
shashank sez tht the guys hv 2 b up every day at 5 fer jogging....yuvi sez he has already started torturing them
tia comes there...she lks relly gr88 full white...ranny give her a wave...the coack luks at tia appreciatingly.
tia nd pri go bak 2 their room......meher asks where they went..pri replies tht tia..pri nd pris stomach went jogging.....
tia sez tht they shud b cheer leaders..shy hears this...
tia stops ranny nd asks him when he is free 2 meet her..the poor guy is harrased nd sez he can onli meet her at night due 2 al this football coaching...
shy stops pri nd asks details abt the cheerleadin thingy.....tia is team captain ....shy is jealous(god knows y...considerin shes nt after ranny nemore)..she decides 2 take advantage of the weakest link...
the foot ball coach wants full control over the guys shcedules...vishal hears this nd sez tht he doesnt agree..nd tht they shud hv more freedom nd less control..
ashi is makin drawin of a happy family when jumbo comes in nd tells vishal khanna dat he wants 2 meet him in 10 mins..
he sees ashis drawing nd is is of a family all in the loo..
...she sez a happy family does everything 2 gether...
tia is walkin down the stairs....thinking abt ranny..
ranny also is walking out....
he hides behind a tia turns the corner..he pulls her into his arms..
tia complains ht ranny is 2 busy for her....
ashi is also wandering out side....
meanwhile in yuvis room.....sid is snoring veryy loudly..nd yuvi cant sleep..
so he comes out..
he grabs ashi frm teh back n she screams...
yuvi tells her dat d new football coach is hitlers relative....
ashi tells abt her xtra classes with vishal...she sez she wont go.....he tries 2 tell her dat she better go or shell egt into unnecessary trouble...she walks away....
all this while the whistle tune of luv is in the air is playing
tia nd ranny r still romancing near the window...
in his hand is a mirror..nd he shows tia....tht in the mirror both of them 2 reflected 2gether....
yuvi drags ashi 2 teh ground...where tia nd ranny r also tehre...ranny is carryin tia in his arms.......they both luk highly embarrased...
neway..they go up 2 the roof.....nd tehy r talkin in teh roof....tia is lying in rannys arms..nd yuvi is sleepin wid his head on ashis back........they r talkin abt d fact dat hvin a dad is imp.....ashi luks a lil everyone sez they luv their dads..
then ashi sez tht remix members make a promise dat tehyll b 2gethr in sukh nd dukh....
nd evryone starts laffin
nxt morn...
sonia is foldin sum clothes..tia comes in..she sees all the retro clothes nd asks sonia if she went on a shopping spree.....sonia sez they r clothes which r 16yrs old..nd she kept them fer ashi..but she is sure ashi will nvr wear them....she luks very upset..
tia calls ashi(whu is roller blading in maurya)..nd tells her dat sonia is upset nd she shud cum..ashi sez she cant do nethin abt dat...
she meets vishal whu asks her abt an assignment on a happy family...
ashi gives a blank paper nd sez tht she thinks dat no such thing xists
vishal tells her tht he wont tolerate such behaviour...ashi sez if hell xpel her itll b better fer her..
he asks y she stays in maurya wen she doesnt want 2 ...she tells abt d custody issue with her dino dad....
he sez tht her punishment wud b 2 meet sonia.....nd tht he knows she wants 2...
update for 24th May by Fate(Tia)

Episode starts with yuvi playin football(all wet with sweat..his hair messy..hmmmm)umm there were the others too also.and everyone is very tiredranvir falls down to exhaustion but the coach pulls him up and orders him to keep playin..he doesnot allow neone to take ne rest.

Tia is walkin in the park wen she meets shasank dats the coach and she asks where ranvir ishe says that ranvir is bz practicing..and wants to talk to tia abt the cheerleading squadtia says that she is very excited abt all thisand shashank says a pretty gal like her wud make ne team win..tia asks him y he at such a young age is coaching a team and not playin himselfshashank tells tia that he was always crazy abt football and he was in Europe playin football.where he came within the first 3 best footballers but one night in a bike accident he tore his ligaments in his foot and the doctors told him he cud never play football again.

Tia is very upset to hear all this.but shashank again starts flirtin with her ..telling her that he wud neva let a team for which a pretty gal like tia is cheering loose

Tia amd ranvir are romanicin in a room wen shashank spots them ..and shashank is very upset seein them.ranvir tells tia not to trust shashank

Ashi is with sonia and ashi is givin sonia a massage..sonia is very happy to c ashi..sonia is very unhappy due to makhrejas comments regardin her .. ashi tells her that sonia shhud not give up and face every one

Tia is practicing with few girls for the cheerleadin(they were wearin their old dance suits,ashis hot black one and tias sweet pink oneI looooved the black one)..shy spots thempri is very upset as tia asks her to stand last..everyone laughs at pri as she is looking fat in the outfit

Sonia is asked to help the girls with heir cheerleading.

Shashank makes the boys workout really hard and ranny is finding it difficult and thinks abt switchin over to cricket coz he is not getting netime to studyhe rebels against the coach ..he says that even though they r practicing very hard still he is not happy with thmshashank says that as he is on scholarship he has no choice but to play football
25th May Update By Shellz

ok fate cudnt update tpoday nd she asked me to update
hope its ok wid u drish coz u were gonna back up

well it strts wid pri treating herslef wid a cadbury choccie nd sitting n thinking
shy finds an exiting offer to brainwash pri she goes to her nd tells her shes soo butiful nd all
pri doesnt gib a damn nd says wat is ur prob iam tias angel
shy says dta y ur sitting here alone sad shes says u rprob is dat u have a low self esteem nd blah blah blah...
shy doesnt gib up she keeps on brainwashing pri nd says all bad bout tia like she goes wid u so dat evryone thinks
shes more butiful compared to tia looks tolliriable after dozen of makeup but ur natural beauty
nd den she tells pri to make tia get out of d cheerleading squad soo dat she beocmes centre of attraction
pri sort of agrees to all dis (gib her some brains)
tia is sitting in frnt of her mirror wen pri comes nd asks u nd ranveer are together agn naa(as if she didnt noe)tia says yess pri
but y r u asking pri says aise hee den she tells tia dat she shud leave cheerleading squad nd shud spend her fee time wid ranveer
he wud feel sad dat ur in cheerleading squad u wud b between so many boys he wud feels jealous tia asked did he tell u all dis
pri says yess but dont tell dis to ranveer nd tia agrees dat shell levae d cheerleading thing
shashank jumbo nd ranveer r talking ranveer says he just finshed practising he hasnt got time for studying wen will he study
nd he likes criket more dan footbal hes nt good at football but he has played national games fr criket hes a very good batsman
but jumbo doesnt dether nd says he has to follow scholarships rules
tia hears all dis
sonia is busy wid chart papers nd all in d staff room vishal enters sonia asks him cud he help her out wid some motivating slogans for d cheerleading squad as hes a sociology
teacher he shud b noing all dis
vishal gets tensed coz hes nt trained to teach socilaogy if he got caught
sonia says wt ahappedned
he said hes thinking sonia w8s nd w8s no slogans comes out
vishal says hows "go boys go boys maurya bos go boys"
sonia is nt impressed he thinks harder sonia says one will do too
he says he has a class nd dis need creativity hell think nd tell her l8r
sonia says to herself who d hell appoined him as a sociollogy teacher nd vishal just smiles nd leaves
ranveer is discussing wid yuvi nd sid dat he doent want to play football nd sid says u can improve just kick watver u see nd hits himself
uv syas dude ur nt soo bad just den tia comes dere nd yuvi sid leave e gives ranveer a paper
which is a admission form ranveer says wats dis bout
tia says dis is solution to all ur probs ill talk to papa he cud pay ur fees u wont b a schoalrship studnet den
ranveer is nt impressed nd says he doent like to take udhar fmr ne1 nt even frm tia
tia says ranveer y r u like dat im trying to help u only but ranveer says he doent need d help
tia says he was just trying to help himm
29th May Update by Reema

vishal was giving lectures to ashii.....then rany told tia sry...he asked tia how is her cheer practice going on??she sayz she is not doig cos she wants to spend her free time with rany...then ranny tellz her to practice.....shashank was listenening

then yashuuu comz and givez the newzz that tourement hae been prepond...shashnk was sad.. due to venue prob...and the tournemeis in 4 dayzz,......then all the gals practising for the dance...sonia is teaching them...prii and shy is happy os tia is not therer...sonia ask for tia..but nobody koess........then tia comzz...and shy and prii is shocked cos they dosent wanted tia to come..then tia sayz to prii babes tumne tia sa lie liyaa...

after the dance.

tia , meher,prii talking.solvig their prob..babes tum bateooo shy na tumhare saath aise kiya..prii sayz yes..tumhe pata hai priii vo devil aise he karege..then she sayz tia luves her angels....she cnt leave them..shashnk was listeig again...then meher sayz kya hua....then they all wee laughing...tia sayz ill catch u later...i have to meet ranny,.....

then in the playgrnd

ashi,vrinda and all other gals playing cricket....ashi is ddoinfg battig...vrinda is bowling...then rinda sayz be careful...jumbo ka room haiii...then ashi playz.....the the next ball goes to jumbooo rooms...i mean then after a few ballz it hits the windows and brks and vrinda sayz bhaggu kya kiya ashi tumnee...then ashi sayz yeh mere line haii then they both hide .....and vishal had the bat in the jumbo didnt say anything...all the gals sayz thanks sir
30th may update by ashiandyuvirock:


The epi starts wud Shashank making the guys run arnd in the field... Pour souls are

puffing and panting but Shashank doesnt give a damn bout them...Ranveer is lyk uske

2 assignments pending hain (Kya baat hai...Yeh itna padhaaku hai..Meri toh puri

notebook pending hai)...Yuvi says that the exams are also rounf the corner...Okay.....I

missed few dialouges as I was on the fone...

Yashwant Dev calls all the guys and they assemble in the common room I

suppose...4get that...My SASURJI aka Yashwant Dev says that the guys have to win

the tournoment no matter what...Yuvi says that they'll try their best but YD

says...He doesnt care...Maurya ke leader and 51% share holder hone ke naate main

tumhein yeh kehta hoon...This rubbish continues 4 another 2 mins 9 seconds....(Okay...I

dint realli sit wid a stopwatch...Just an estim8...)

Shy meets Pri and calls her spoilsport n stuff cuz she cudnt even convince Tia 2 quit

the cheerleading squad...Pri tells her that she has a betta plan....She opens he buk n

takes out an envelope...She rips open the envelope n shows one of Tia's pic in which

she's hugging Ranveer...She says that if they show dis pic 2 Jumbo, he'll himself kick

Tia out...Shy is amazed to see wat a mastermind Pri is....Jus' then Latty calls up

Shy...Shy is busy attending to her call...Meanwhile Pri places the envelope with another

identical one and givs it 2 Shy...(See how crafty Pri is...)

Tia is jus' walking in the corridor when Shashank spots her...He asks if she's searchin 4

Ranveer...He tells her dat he's damn luck 2 get a gal like Tia...(The guy who wins ME

over will be more fortunate than Tia...!!! After all, Choco hona koi aisi vaisis baat nahi hai!!!) He invites her 4 a cuppa coffee if she aint 2

busy...Tia agrees..They move out n Shashank asks her abt the cheerleading squad and Tia

gives him every minute detail....

The Thomson kiddos arrive....Shashank tells them abt each team member...Intro shintro

kara deta hai...Btw, those thomson guys look gross man...!!!

Maurya's team assembles in Jumbo's office...The guys crib abt the pre-poning of the

match and also the exams are round the corner...But Jumbo and shashank are adamant

and stick firm 2 deir decision...Sonia arrives...She is in the favor of the boys...Finally

Jumbo's brains get back 2 wer they r supposed 2 be...And he says he'll postpone

the exams...The students are relieved, though Shashank isnt realli happy...

Tia's angels n Vrinde r practicing when Sonia n Jumbo enter...Jumbo asks Sonia how r

things goin on. Sonia says when actress SONIA RAY herself is training the students,

there shudnt be ne prob. Shy n Latty enter. Shy says that Tia doesnt deserve to

be in the CLS (Cheerleading Squad). When Jumbo asks her what makes her think so,

she replies dat she's got a realli dirty pic of Tia; and after seeing dat, he'll also

change his opinion. Pri has a smug luk on her face. Shy shows Jumbo the pic; and

seing that he's realli annoyed...ON SHY...!!! He shows her he pic in which Tia is wid a

TEDDY and wonders what made her think it is a dirty pic!!! Jumbo says he doesnt

have time 4 such non-sense and that they shud do sumthing constructive rather than

doing all this detective work. Shy is all frustrated n blasts Pri and leaves the room

stomping wid anger. Seeing Shy's reaction, the angels giggle.


Ashi tells Vishal dat she's unlucky in such things. She tells him dat h's talented @ onli

one thing -- BUGGING STUDENTS! Vishal says he knows what HER prob is.

Sonia is wid the angels discussing abt the CL thingie. And Sonia asks wer is Ashi to

which Meher replies she's wid Vishal. Shocked Sonia curses Vishal and rushes 2 find


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31st May 2006 Update
by Remixisdbest

Maurya boys welcomed Thomson college boys n jumbo said tht rival team will share rooms with maurya boys..n thn jumbo said all the best to all boysthen jumbo leaves and he followed by shashank n mauya boys..after they leave,one person said we dont hav to practice,coach of rival team thn said tht we hav to know maurya boys weaknesses..Ashi talks wid vishal n they hav a big argument , and in last vishal took ashis hand n tak her somewhere in his car..sonia n jumbotelling tht they hav only 3 days to work n do hard word to tia,meher,pri,vrinda.Now jumbo decide tht beside practicing in room, they should practice on ground thn sonia ask tia pri meher vrinda if they had seen mumum meher told sonia tht vishal sir ashi ko apni car mein kai le gaye hain thn sonia shocked n said tumne pahle kyun nahi bataya thn meher ask tia in shock ki mene kuch galat kaha kya?.

I missed remix of 10 mins in sorry 4 tht but I m updating last scene 2

In last, sid,yuvi,varun,ranveer irritating their room partners of rival team(Sid neend mein Robert ki tarah chal raha tha aur weird sound nikal raha tha ..lik keechu keechu n all n thn yuvi n sid starts snoring loudlyon other side ranveer is saying hum vikram nahi hain bhume(it was weird name cant remember) hume mat maron n varun was coughing loudly n thn in the morning rival team was practicing on d ground n thn tia n all (chearleeding girls) come n start practicing,thn rival team look at d girls..ashi was also thr..n thn one of d boys said cool chics yaar,ranny get angry but sid controls him..While playing matching(maurya boys) shashank had a call from rival team coach as a trick thn one boy throw an egg on yuvis back.thn all get angry n go towards rival team n thn yuvi said stop it nahi toh

yuvi si very angry asks d bunch of loosers who threw d egg nd dey denied dey didnt d coach comes d defend his team yuvi asks himm to smell his shirtden comes shashank nd resolves d matter saying our team need to practise

now comes d best scene of all

ashi tia vrinda pri nd all r cheerleading nd ashi is nt at all in mood to do it

she tells sonya she cant do it nd sonya tells she has too nd amkes tia nd ashi d leaders till she comes back (she gt some errands)nd says music shudnt stop

dey began practise agn ashi says 123 down 123 down nd everybody does wat she tells den she gets devilsh nd keeps on saying down down nd everybody does soond den she plays out wid dem nd irritate demden enters shynd says d dance moves r all wrong

tia says ohh yeah wat do u noe bout dancing tia can teach u in free time if u neednd ashi njoy d catfight shy says says dat shes pro in ballerina(i beg ur pardon u gtta b joking)den both call each toher cows floozies nd wat ntashi bulb twinkles nd she tells dem y nt have a dance competiton to c whos d best floozy i mean dancer

den strts d dance tia was gud nd shy no comments

cheapo team comes dere nd sees em shy tells lattie to do something(cant c herself lose toh akho hee akkhon mein isharen huye)lattie opens d bottle cap nd tries to throw it near tia to make her tripnd ashi sees datnd tells lattie to try her silly tricks somewhere else nd announces da d winner is timbo d dumbosorry tia d princess(in her inncoent voice)nd shy lattie leave in disgust(becharo ke saare plan flop hote hai)

maurya boys r sitting in d canteen tia enters she asks kyaa tum ti ko dekhar happy nahin hoo d boys says dere thning bout d game itn imehnat ke baad haarna nahin chhate tia motivates dem nd says ul only win

enters d team of losers

nd says have we neters a nursery scool kyaa is dis a canteennd comments(rather taunt)to yuvi dat see his mom told him to drink starberry shake nd bla blah blah yuvi gets angry nd says ur mom told u to marro funny jokes nd beocme a joker(my yuvi)nd den all of em face each toher wen dat stupid coach enter nd says bos calm down be good visitors even if hosts r nt good(haha very funny)shashank enters nd tells maurya boys to b sprirted nd shake hands den tell em bout a party thrown for guest team

d loser team is thiking stratergies wen d captain(has doggy ear)hears dat some is coming nd den dey plan that whoever will come wilthrow a blanket on him nd beat him nd dat unlukcy person is jumbo

he shouts at dem for dis uncivilised thing dey did nd d loser act a melodrama ki sir hamaari dukh bhar ikahan inuniye apke college ke boys ne humein room se kal bahaar nikala blah blah(LOOSERS)nd jumb osaid hell look into dis matter

d party!!

evrybody is dancing

sid says he doents get enegry wdiout beer uv says sid bro kaam chalo kal match hai remeber wat happened prev time we drinkedlets b appy wid juice d silly goons miz something in driks datll make em forgt even deir faces dey mix in deir drinks nd gib dem some silly looking girsls frm loosers grp come to d party t cheer for de d loser team captain intros dem wid yuvi nd she says ur cute kassh tum mere college mein hote nd yuvis like hota tohnow dery gettin really drunk

on d other side tia nd ranveer r njoying tia says im soo lucky to b wid u ranveer pulls tia towards him nd says ehs lucky to have her

tia says sorry she isnt getting time t spend wid ranveer nd ranveer" tia promises"datll hel ake her for dinner after match

nd shashank sees dem furiosly

ranveer comes to yuvi nd says banaa ur drinking yuvi innocently says noo its only juice(poor yuvi been tricked(:( )nd he says ranveer banaa u also drink he even gives it to isd

den dey all mad dacnceashi pulls eveybody saying timeup

tomm match all need to sleepgoons r happy datl d boys wont wake up early tomm

june 5

shashank enters nd sees everyone sleeping

meanwhile both d teams r being cheered by deir respective schools

shy in pink costumevrinda looked cute

shashank gets a bucket nd throws water at everyones face to wake em up nd scold dem for staying up late nd drinking

yuvi says humein nahin pata tha juice or ckore peene se yeh sab hoga


maurya maurya clap clap clap

thomson thompson clap clap clap

is goin on soniya is very nervous ashi tells her to go sit in visitors place vishal comes nd greets d firls nd ask if dey r fine or not vrinda wanted to say something but in nervousness forgets it soniya says pehli baar aisa hee hota hai mujhe toh rashes aur p***les oh jaate the on hearing dis ashi teases her nd vishal coments dat shes just trying to say that pros get nervous too

nd ashi says yeh right circus ki best peropfrmer soniya re soniya tells vishal to nt mind coz ashi nervousness mein kuch bi bolti haiashi asks where timbos were nd den tia pri meher enter(think of angels...)ashi says lo aagaya triangle

shashank asks d wats wrong wak eup guys nd dey cud even stand up in pain nd shashank says y did u drink nd ranveer says sir trust us we didnt drink shashank goes to get medicine

thompso teeam r enjoying deir temporary victory calling themselves rlers nd calling maurya team loser who dey r goin to crush(watever)dey say hum inhe girls ke saath kabaadi khelne layk bhi nahin chodenge(look whos talking)

eveyrone is w8ing for maurya team to show up jumbo makes a boring speach bl;ah blah bout fair games nd all nd delcares d tournop open

ashi says boring mumbo jumboguys mujhe hee lag raha hai ki something is really missing wheres our team(how chweet missing yuvi alreaady)tia says tia is worried too nd soniya tlls em nt to worry nd strts chanting aum to which tia follows ashi stops dem mumma apni nervousness mein hume nervous mat karojumbo sets vishal for lookout of d team vishal sees shashank sitting nd asks watsup nd shashank tells him d whole story he brionks some coke thingie like liquid nd tells d team to drink it everyone just passes it coz its smelling wired but den shashank n vishla force it in everyones mouth

nd tada

miracles of miracles

thanku luckky drink

d team is upstanding tall

vishal gives dme a long motivating speech dats it d matter of deir scools prestige which is in yuvi shand coz he d presi nd d captain(my heman)nd motivates ranveer dat hes d best example of courage den evryone says deir motto nd our ready

yahswant dev tells jumbo to announce dat our team canot perform ude to unvoidable circumstances nd wen jumbo opens d mic our tema is here

minus varun coz hes seriosly nt well

nd d game begins...........

ashi gives sonya d pom poms to cheernd thommson gets 2 goalsahsi scmreems cmon yuviden after d second goal evryone gets derpessedn din d end dey show uv kneel down sort off
thompson was 2 yesterday nd finnaly we scored a goal yuvi was hurt nd was taken away d game continues nd d scores r tied 3-3

during half time maurya girls perform deyr cheer

after dan both teams come up nd yuvi joins in too all ready to fight wid 30 secs remaining ranveer maroes d final goal nd maurya wins dey hold d trophy nd cheer out loudely for ranveer nd thomson teams disgustely looks on

inside maurya evryone is cheering doin hip hip hurray

vishal shashank enter too sid says credit goes to yuvi nd our hero ranveer nd ranveer says iska crdit hamaari heroine ko jaata hai nd tia blushesnd shanky gets jealous den yuvi says d biggest credit goes to vishal sir nd shanky si shoked after d hip hjip hurray vishal says its nt possible widout shashank nd dey cheer for him as well

now i saw

vishal is strolling in d campus corriodrs wen ashi enters nd asks his secret nd vishal says kaisa secret nd peeche se soniya enters nd hids to listen to deir convo vishal says u hafta look aorund deyr r soo many probs around u dont think of only urself think bout old age people kids who dont have parents blah blah nd den ashi sees soniya nd asks her wats shes doin here soniya says she came to congratulate d champs nd runs away vishal says ur mom loves u very much dont leave her shell b lonely nd goes soniya comes nd warns ashi to be beware of dis chap ashi gets irritated soniya says shes only warning nd ashi says too late

devil is very happy nd says inform evrynews paper about maurya wins wid headlines dat maurya champ yuvraj dev future leader jumbo feels uneasy nd says but dis was team effort nd devil say dont gib me bashans do as i say

ranveer is holding a letter of her mom in which she wrote dat shes missing him nd her sis vasu has got jaundice nd she needs money ranveer is sad hearing dis wen tia enters he tries to hide his face but tia guesses something is wrong nd thinks y does ranveer hide frm tia tia is mature now nd tia keeps on asking wats wrong nd ranveer just hugs her nd says tia dont eva leave me tia says how can she leave her rajastani unthnd dey hug
Ashi had ealier threatened to leave the band if they dont play in the venue where she had decided. Yuvi tells Ashi that she can
QUIT the band. They have no qualms abt it! Ashi is making her move towards the exit. Ranveer tries to stop her and tells Yuvi to
atleast listen to her proposal, but Yuvi refuses. Ashi says, "Dekhte hain ki tumhein kahan se aur kaunsi COW milti hai!" and

Yuvi says that they'll hold auditions to find a gal who can replace Ashi. He assures Ranveer dat dey'll find a better lead vocalist
than Ashi.

Ashi and Maate r in d canteen. Ashi tells her abt d band meeting. Vrinde asks her if she told abt the cause of the performance.

Ashi retorts that she cud have donedat only if she was given a chance! She says let dem play in deir snobbish party. Looks like
one day dey'll auction themselves and Remix! Vrinda asks her wat she'll do 4 the performance now. Ashi tells dat she'll form her
own band. Vrinde asks how she'll do all this in such less time?! Ashi says, "Humara samay shuru hota hai ab!"

Yuvi is auditioning Ritu who is real real REAL PATHETIC! Sounded like she was singing some nursery rhyme! Yuvi tells her dat
dey'll tell infrom her if she's been selected. Sid says dat dis gal is pretty gud enuff. uv told sid dat deyll go girlfrd hunting domeday l8r

Meanwhile, Ashi is also auditioning ppl and is totally bugged up by the presentation of their vocal talents. Vrinda says dat she too wants 2 audition. And wen she starts singing, Ashi tells her dat she'll call her 4 the next jaagaran. Right now, they're auditioning
for a ROCK BAND! And den dey realise that no1's left 4 d auditions.

Back 2 Yuvi's auditions:

Shy cums n says dat she wants 2 audition. Tia asks Pri if they r holding auditions 4 a Circus show. Anyways, Shy gives her
auditions and her song seemed more like an FAKE ACCENTED LULLABY. Nearly put me 2 sleep. But I woke up remembering dat
I hafta update tonite! every1's in favor of her except Tia. Suddenly Meher cums. She says dat she too wants 2 audition and
finally MEHER is selected. The Angels and Ranveer go upto Meher and congratulate her and Yuvi goes upto Shy and commends
on Meher's performance. He tells her dat she was far much betta dan her. Well, I cant give my commments on who was better;
cuz we cud only hear Shy sing. Meher's performance was MUTE!

The next morning, Yuvi wakes up and is shocked to find his drawers rummaged thru. He realises dat sum1 has stolen deir music
CD; bcuz of which dey cant perform! He says dat der is only one person who'll benefit from this and he knows who it is.

Ranveer feels dat Ashi needs him. But the show is also important. They need the money. While he is lost in his thots, Tia calls him
4 rehersals.

In the common room:

Maate is designing the posters n stuff and Ashi asks her how things r goin on. Suddenly Yuvi enters, totally FRUSTRATED! He
is so angry dat he tears her banners. Sid, Ranveer n Tia also come dere. Yuvi says dat she's d one who stole deir CD. NO
CD=NO MUSIC=NO PERFORMANCE! Ashi says kya CD CD ki ratt lagayi huowhai! And she starts crying. She asks him if he
even knew what he jus' did?! This concert meant a lot 2 dem. It was 2 raise funds 4 the old, for their medicines, for their
accomadation. After hearing this, Ranveer says dat he's with her, NO MATTER WHAT. Tia is also in favor of dis. Yuvi
apologises 2 Ashi and says dat dis was totally un intentional. He had no idea dat al this was 4 a cause. And den Ashi slaps him lightly on his cheek and things settle down.

The 4sum r rehersin 4 BOOM in d shed. Everythings going how its supposed 2 be...UNTIL JUMBO ENTERS THE SHED AND
lattie's intro

--princis dottty nooone liked her but noones hates her too

she asks nakul if hed go wid her to d party nd he says waise a girl just asked me but i have no prbs wid u nd she kisses him

den ashi tells evryone in d class bout d party nd how deyll hide nd go evryone is ready yuvi nd ashi have an argue wich was mute

vrinda tells ashi nd mp day she gave chai to d watchman mp is confused ashi says dat she always gives dis to mom when she irritates me n den she sleep

tia wants to show ranny she doent care nd tells nakul shes giving him a second chance nd will he go wid her to d dance

n nakul frgets lattie nd is all tiiaaahe tells lattie dat tia asked first nd lattie says she hates being second choice ashi overhearsnakul doenst tell her wats up

she sees lattie goin to jumbos room nd warns her nt to spoil d party nd somehow lattie agreeshe doent tell jumbo bout it

tia nd angels r dicsussing deir dresses nd pri doent wanna go but tia makes her agree da tshes butiful frm inside dats wat amtters

evrything ready nd dey leave too deir is dis dance competition dere tia sid vrinda(she looked awesome) nd some more ppl on tias side (tia looked cuteveo where r u)

nd ashi ranveer aman on one side nd dey danced tia was trying her best to make ranveer j nd ahsi ranny dance was cho chweetsoon vrinda nd sid too join ashi leaving tia alone buring in angeryuvi was nt in mood was just sitting nd looking(thinking bout ashi abhi se)

however in maurya dere a diff story rd sir)so gud ot c him )asks varun wher all kids r nd he tells

meanwhile lots of policing nd stuff ahppned in party nd sumit reaches dere ofcourse angr yat d kids soniya comes dere too n asks how was d partyranveer says awesome(pri was in his armsraheja nd soniya ifghtnd dat recpa waali girl who use to speek during recaps earlier says jab betiyon ki nahin patti toh parents ki

next day everybody is asked to stand nd pri nt well jumbo tells dem dat if d party orginaisers owns up hell nt cancel dere weekend nd everybody just bombards ashi ranveer nd yuvi fight nd rd sir is introduced finnaly ashi agrees nd goes to jumbo nd tells d truthjumbo is like anvehsa remeber we talked dat well get to noe u nd ull noe us better but uden comes mp ranveer nd vrinda nd tell dey were equally responsible in d party punish us too

den d voice says aur phrir pehli baar poori maurya ne ek saath awaz uthai nd d scene was like everybodys hands up nd ranveer nd yuvi come forward

24th may - Episode starts with yuvi playin football(all wet with sweat..his hair messy..hmmmm)umm there were the others too also.and everyone is very tiredranvir falls down to exhaustion but the coach pulls him up and orders him to keep playin..he doesnot allow neone to take ne rest.

Tia is walkin in the park wen she meets shasank dats the coach and she asks where ranvir ishe says that ranvir is bz practicing..and wants to talk to tia abt the cheerleading squadtia says that she is very excited abt all thisand shashank says a pretty gal like her wud make ne team win..tia asks him y he at such a young age is coaching a team and not playin himselfshashank tells tia that he was always crazy abt football and he was in Europe playin football.where he came within the first 3 best footballers but one night in a bike accident he tore his ligaments in his foot and the doctors told him he cud never play football again.

Tia is very upset to hear all this.but shashank again starts flirtin with her ..telling her that he wud neva let a team for which a pretty gal like tia is cheering loose

Tia amd ranvir are romanicin in a room wen shashank spots them ..and shashank is very upset seein them.ranvir tells tia not to trust shashank

Ashi is with sonia and ashi is givin sonia a massage..sonia is very happy to c ashi..sonia is very unhappy due to makhrejas comments regardin her .. ashi tells her that sonia shhud not give up and face every one

Tia is practicing with few girls for the cheerleadin(they were wearin their old dance suits,ashis hot black one and tias sweet pink oneI looooved the black one)..shy spots thempri is very upset as tia asks her to stand last..everyone laughs at pri as she is looking fat in the outfit

Sonia is asked to help the girls with heir cheerleading.

Shashank makes the boys workout really hard and ranny is finding it difficult and thinks abt switchin over to cricket coz he is not getting netime to studyhe rebels against the coach ..he says that even though they r practicing very hard still he is not happy with thmshashank says that as he is on scholarship he has no choice but to play football
tia was nice to usuall..she is nice to everyone..the coach got ideas...

tia told ranny that she spoke to coach...he said tia be careful..dont meet him...u know what happened with raghu...she is like...i didnt speak much with him at all...i just spoke abt the cheer leading thing...n that i had actually come there looking for u..abt selection...ranny is he saw u in cheerleading outfit....tia is like no one selects tia...then tia is like..ranny u know y i came to the practice..coz u look cute when playing football...meanwhile...coahc hears this...and peeps in the room and seems them together...

ranny comes really close to tia.says bas football kehte hue.ya yahan..aise aap ke paas...they come really close...kissing kinda close...and then hug eachother sees this n goes away

next day makes everyone pratice hard...ranny after some time is like..we r tired we need to go finish is like..u wont have this problem if u didnt stay u late..ranny understands that pron this guys knows abt him n tia...he is like i dont wanna be in football is like u r scholoarship student...u dont have a choice


coach says ranny has no choice..n he is going to make ranny work harder....(as in take him aay from tia)..jumbo says..ranny u have no choice..u have to be in football team

tia is show telling ranny..."ranny tum aise kyu ho" look a bit upset...ranny hears this and gets upset...i think another mis-understanding.. in addition to the kabab mein haadi - coach on the way
gues ranveer knows now dat shashank is really dangerous neways yest he was so possesive of tia"tia kya usne appko cheerleading outfit mein dekha " "tia appne unse kab baat ki " tia yeh tia woh so many qts he was asking abt shashank


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